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Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of business Department of marketing

Name: Francisco A Moral Jr. Mary Grace T. Ong Laurence H. Cruz Alvin Salomon Lovely Etulle Rowena Perez Maricel Magdaraog


September 30, 2010

As a new company entering the industry effective marketing effort must be considered in order for us to attain our goals and objectives. Current Market situation A. MARKET SITUATION For the taho industry in the Philippines. II.32% target market share at the end of the first year of our operation. The product unique selling proposition. But just like mention above back when we are kids indicates that today¶s market we often think that the taho were just for kids that¶s the reason the company has produced a taho product that has a mixture of liquor to give a curiosity to the market that the age ranging from 18 above who were not that much drinking taho.I. Dissolve company will use different consistent marketing strategies in order for us to create awareness and build customers acceptability and loyalty. today many of us were very much surprise because of the different stall in the mall that is now offering taho the solidified soy milk that we used to drink every breakfast back when we were kids. the most competitive pricing strategy. . adequate promotional tools and choosing the proper distribution channels are given emphasis in order for us to achieve the 1. This Taholiquor is specially formulated to mainly cater the segment of the people aging 18 and above who are thinking drinking taho is only for young ones. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Taholiquor is another unique product in the taho industry.

28 1028. We have projected the total demand of our target market for our first year production.039 558.034 38.375 7.656 1.847 276.181. LOCATION TOTAL POPULATION Population who purchase taho/ target market in supermarket and groceries 805.590.781.36 7292.78 2.390.39 1.131 486.937.409 2. Taholiquor is the new innovation of taho in the market.05 18.37 212.621 105.785.646.864.271 MARKET SHARE 1.875.597.28 418.434.DEMAND AND SUPPLY DEMAND This present the project demand for the Taholiquor for the month of November 2010 to November 2010.331 185.747 424.245.641 251.43 2.466 684.961 321.653 423.169 106.039 374.28 9046.932.02 8.18 3.22 11.245 211.64 4.571.523.238 15.445.342 325.1 37.890.74 .56 2.61 5.872 601.12 4. therefore our company decides to cater the segments of the people aging 18 above.14 209.56 8.667 60.64 514.86 5.750 15.914.373 317.298.28 4.51 4.401 439.474.490.32% DEMAND Manila Caloocan Las Pinas Makati Malabon Mandaluyong Marikina Muntinlupa Navotas Pasay Pasig Paranaque Quezon City 1.534 342. Since our competitors could not meet all the segments of the market.680 58.571 1.700.

079. .64 11363.95 4. We get the 1.632 606.62 In particular table it shows the demand for our product in each target geographic location.609 683.32 5.000 at the end of the first year of operation since the product is only at its introductory stage.San Juan Taguig Valenzuela Pateros 128. SUPPLY Since the taholiqor has many direct competitors.079 each year the company will have an ending inventory of 40.079 pieces of taholiqor each year the total demand of our target customer of 369.132.358 430. There will be a possibility that there will be an increase of demand for taholiquor in the succeeding years when taholiquor and company had already been established in the market.424 41.891 843.451 324.35 22.32% of our target market or market share and multiply it with the total purchase of each customer for the whole year that is two pieces in one year.39 549.618 11. we based the total supply of this particular product with the demand of our target market.098.681.70 TOTAL 369. Market Share The taho industry is competitive and there is many taho business in the Philippines "purchasing power" is the major factor that affect our products market share (taholiquor).264.282. Our company will produce 409.78 1.647 63.9 8.564.

13. Based on the group surveys and observations projected on the market size of the taho in the market we come up with the following market share for the taho industry: Taholiquor. 29. 35.11% Quickly.82% Taho Station.32% Others. There are many existing products and companies in the market that can indirectly affect the sales of taholiquor.There is no company in taho industry focusing in the segment of the people aging 18 and above.53% B. PRODUCT SITUATION The taho industry is competitive industry right now.22% Taho (Masoya). only taholiquor. The table presented below is some of the top existing taho products and stalls in the market as well as their current retail price . 1. 20.

.Focusing on health prevention rather than cure. not to mention in this modern age people are very much concern regarding their life and for that reason they are having doubt on drinking alcoholic beverages. Because of the above statement we can say Taholiqor would be very competitive in the market for the reason of we combine the two products that is highly patronize in the market.Price Taho Station Quickly Taho (masoya) Othetrs Taholiquor P 25. . Competitive Situation The industry of Taho in the market now a days is competitive because of the different business stall concerning taho that is recently sprouting. And the sale of the liqor in grocery and supermakerts sold every month is at high rate. .Increasing of health awareness among the people .Large cases of stroke and other illness that concerning liquors.25/ piece P 5-15. for it may affect their health. the company saw this kind of problem and come with a solution which is Taholiqor's These are the following reasons why we can say that the benefits that the taho give are needed by the many: .The unknown diseases were emerging.00 /piece P /piece C.00/ piece P 50-60.00/ piece P 17.

MACRO ENVIRONMENT There are macro environmental factors that will have a large impact on our products market acceptability¶s of demographic factors about market acceptability of taholiquor are the income. location. Leading groceries and Mercury Drugs that around Metro Manila will be the company¶s another distributor which includes the following: *21 Puregold *8 Savemore *3 Puregold Jr. They had keep i9n their mind that taho is a snack for young ones. This belief will go to change from children into teenagers and above by adding liquor ingredients at the taho. Another factor is the socio-cultural.D. DISTRIBUTION SITUATION The right distribution strategy and channels are very important on how a company attain its target market share We have chosen leading supermarkets and groceries within metro manila to distribute our products. and age. . E. People whose age ranging from 18 and above will get curious that taho is not just for kids. Filipinos used to say that taho is just for the kids/children. *80 Mercury Drug. It will be easier for our company to reach our target market because the two leading supermarket is already established. Around 22 SM and 19 Robinson Supermarket that around metro manila will be our main distributor.

People are just used on drinking plain taho.having a lack of brand awareness. . .We could not cater all the segment of the market. SWOT Analysis The following SWOT Analysis captures key strength & weakness within the company & describes the opportunities & threats facing the ³taholiquor´ STRENGTHS Taholiquor is the first taho within the content of a wine/ liquor y y y also we could include the health benefits that taho gave the uniqueness of the product accessible distribution of the product in the market where all our target customers can buy our said product within big supermarkets scattered all over the metropolis y We could also include the price as our strength because it is very reasonable for the mass y The product creates curiosity WEAKNESS: .Limited budget for the promotional ads.III.People will find it weird for a taho having a liquor mixture in it. . . .

. Also the company wants itself to cater all the segment / untargeted segment in taho. . IV.As of now taholiquor is the only taho in the Philippines that has a mixture of wine of liquor & it will be a threat if our competitors will copy our product.The Filipinos are already used on drinking taho but are not aware about the benefits they could get from it. . Objectives The dissolve corporation listed the following goals and objectives for the product and the company GOALS: The taholiquor wants to cater its product to the people ranging from ages 18 and above.Because our products also promotes a healthy way of living to its target customers. .OPPORTUNITIES: . the people were not aware that while their drinking taholiquor they were getting the benefits that they can get from the taho.Declinations of the taho industry in the Philippines. The company wants itself to occupy a good market share in taho industry. THREATS: .having a new set of competitors.

. steady growth each.OBJECTIVES The company has the following objectives for the company y y y y The main will be a positive and steady growth at the taho industry. Experience and increase in new customers who are turned into long term customer. MARKET STRATEGY Marketing Mix Objectives 1 2 Increased brand awareness. Create awareness to our products Attract a larger number of adult drinkers every year To develop and introduce more variants of taho that will cater the nerds of the other untargeted y Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into a long term customers y y Reduce the variable operating costs To balance the financial & financial human needs of our employees supplies and customer V. 3 Maintain positive.

The product will be launch in supermarket s and groceries around metro manila. On the big sliver buckets the peddler¶s always carry were they put taho. . The taholiquor had a two variance this are chocolate and strawberry syrup. When the consumer patronized the product or the product already saturates its target market a wider distribution area will take place around the country B. The taholiquor packaging: we base the package of our product. The unique selling proposition of the product is the taho had a content of liquor. The front of package is translucent & has a sticker that shows the brand name & logo.Product Strategy A. Information Transmission. nutritional facts of taholiquor & its expiration date. THE PURPOSE OF PACKAGING AND LABELS Protection of product. you can also see the company¶s information at the back above is the nutritional facts of taho liquor & for the safety of our customer We include the expiration of the product.In taholiquor packaging it disseminates the information needed by the target market such as the company¶s information.Taholiquor is protected by its packaging to be safe and maintain its quality.) PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/INNOVATION PROGRAM The company¶s product is taholiquor. The liquor will be the putting mix on the syrup of the taho.


* to inform the market that taho with liquor have different functions and health benefits that can affect the lifestyle of the users. publicity and merchandising. These are Advertising. . Also by the help of media. public relation. this can remind our target market that our product exists in the market. The objective of this is to build brand switching to costumer to buy the new product with its function. MEDIA PLAN To promote the new product which is taho w/ liquor in the market that creates awareness to the customers.PROMOTION Promoting the essence of the business and inform the market that new taho with content liquor is now available in the market. The objectives of media are: *To build brand awareness and urgency and persuade the target market to buy the product. It is the main source of awareness to the potencial customer that could be the patronizer of our product. ADVERTISING Advertisement is the primary way specially when the business is in its introductory stage. The following are the list of media plan of the production for the first year. and benefit that can get from it. usage. Also creating publicity and relationship to consumer and build long term market shares maintain market position and increase the sales. The following are the tools including its plan that creates product awareness towards our target market. sales promotion. media plan.

It consist of television. radio.hula .Strategies / Implementation: The firm shall use the tri-media as medium of advertisement.75-hula Every Sunday 29.720-hula The Philippine Daily Inquirer Printing days: Cost: Every Sunday 26. print ads and also flyers and posters as a non traditional mediums. News paper) The Manila Bulletin: Printing days: Cost: The Business World Printing days: Cost: The Philippine Star Printing days: Cost: Every Sunday 18.480. Media Schedule: Kinds of tri-media *Television (30 seconds) Weekdays Eat bulaga (GMA 7) Airing days: mon and wed Showtime (Abs-cbn) Airing days: Tue and thu *Radio (30 seconds) Weekdays Love radio: Airing days: Mon Wed Fri Energy Fm: Airing days: Tue Thu IFM: Airing days: Mon Wed Fri Print ads: 5 times a day 10 times a day 5 times a day twise a day twice a day (Magazines.910-hula Every Sunday 26.061.

usage.000. and benefits and get a free small cup sample of taholiquor Coverage Duration Budget Assigned Marketing department 2 supermarkets For the first 50.00 SALES PROMOTION Sales Promotion Plan for Taholiqour I Title: ³ A healthy Kick to your life ³ II Objective: y To increase its market share during the post promotion period and its trial rates in three months. y y y Gain higher level rate in total distribution outlet Creates good relation between consumers and forms To bring higher impact to the market and dominate the competitors.000. Offer Free taste Mechanics Just simply attend and listen a short talk about the products function.00 of selected two weeks Puregold Branch of 10supermarket of SM Super malls 4 selected branch of Robinsons mal November . and cause higher sales for the month The following are the activities of the company promoting taholiqour product.Posters: Printing cost: 10.

000. is For whole month October of the 150.Buy take 1 1 Just one purchase 3 supermarkets flavor of of selected For month the of 50. with Puregold.december SM Super malls 4 branch selected of Robinsons mall 30% discount Just purchase glasses taholiqour two Limited twin SM of Supermarket. and branch 3rd week 20.000.00 Marketing Department booth open for all the participants who will join the events .00 Marketing department taholiqour get one and Puregold free Branch 6 of November another flavor.00 Marketing Department of JanuaryFebruary different Robinsons flavor and get only 30% discount National Cancer Month Participating our product as one of the sponsor of The the event.000. supermarket .

PUBLIC RELATION: OBJECTIVE: The following activities below are the strategies of public relation that participates our product offer emphasizing its health benefits and creates positive and good image to the brand and also to the company PR activities National nutrition month The taholiquor will sponsor several activities. relating taholiquor that can lower the risk of cancer promoting a cancer free society Budget P 50. Also after the seminar we will give sample taholiquor at the audience whose aging 18 and above. We will also thigh-up with Avon for promoting awareness at cancer and will sponsor these events in the form of will be giving sample of our products to the participants. Also in that seminar will have a short message for us to promote taholiquor health benefits and its unique selling proposition.C.000 In-charge Marketing Department Cancer awareness Fun run P 50. Such as seminar and symposium concerning proper care for their health.000 Marketing Department .

BUDGET P 20. We will be inviting press people for them to write some articles about taholiquor and TV shows such as Kapuso mo Jessica Soho. and Rated K.000 P 3. ACTIVITIES In the grand launching of taholiquor.PUBLICITY . Also we will invite Mel and Joey to feature our taholiquor at their show and the audience of that time will taste the taholiquor.000 MERCHANDISING OBJECTIVES y to gain and attract customers in groceries and supermarket that can be our possible customer or the ones who patronize the product y To create brand and product awareness especially in the outlet where we put our products. y To have good comment and impression on the customer while they are purchasing in a groceries or supermarket y To dominate the customer ambiance while they¶re visiting to the outlet The cleanliness and proper arrangement of the product with a sales talk of sales person are given for the customers and should have suggestive selling technique so that we .

.are able to gain customer satisfaction. Compared We have per cup is very affordable to our target market We will go through a strictly quality control this is also serves but competitive edge. we put our product into clean shelves and also clean processing from raw materials to finish product particularly we have sanitizers as well for protection and posters that indicate the health benefits that can get in taholiquor. customers. our product is the first to introduce a taho with liquor which is the product¶s competitive edge. Since we are food handlers. we focus now on customers whose age range from 18 and above. We have used the tagline a healthy kick to your life to establish awareness to our target market that our product has alcohol content but still it is healthy to drink Because our competitors focused on satisfying young customers. The company will not rent a special island for our product for it will be more expensive. POSITIONING Although there are many taho product available in the market. Since our target market comes from class c the price Php. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY Objective: To be able to make our product accessible and reachable by our target customers.

. Save More Mercury Drug VOLUME: 218 pieces of taholiquor will be distributed in the 153 distribution outlets monthly. Because our target customers mostly are in metro manila the light drinkers. teenagers and above and the people who always want to try new things PLACEMENT The products main distribution outlets are all leading supermarkets and our another distributor are grocery stores and Mercury Drugs in metro manila. A total of 2621 taholiquor will be delivered in each outlet monthly and 401 079 pieces of taho will be produce for the whole year.COVERAGE: TAHOLIQUOR will be distributed in all cities of metro manila. There would be a total of 153 distribution outlets namely: 22 19 21 3 8 80 SM Supermarkets Robinson¶s Supermarket Puregold Puregold jr.

The reason with our company produces or innovates the taho again and also for them to know that the taho is not only good for the health of the younger ones but also for the old ones but also for the adults and older ones. The reason we mix the liquor on the taho to meet such demand. DEMOGRAPHICS: Male & Female Ages 18 and above Class c GEOGRAPHICS: Metro Manila BEHAVIORAL FACTORS: *Light drinkers *People want to try new things *Are cognizant about their health ..Market Segments Targeted Taholiquor is mainly focused on segment of the people aging 18 and above who are think drinking taho is only for young ones..

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