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Published by Vijaya Kumar

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Published by: Vijaya Kumar on Oct 10, 2010
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The following enhancements are available:
• The software automatically groups connectors based on a hole series in a separate
folder. Editing any one bolt in the group applies to all bolts in the series.
Create a bolt for one hole in a hole series. A dialog box opens to let you propagate the
bolt to all the holes in the series. Click Yes to propagate bolts to all holes. A new folder
containing the set of bolts appears in Connections .
• You can dissolve the bolt series and break the link to allow editing each feature on its
own. You can restore the bolt series after you dissolve it.
To dissolve a bolt series, right-click the folder containing the series and selectDissolve
Bolt Series
. To restore the series, right-click the same folder and select Reestablish
Bolt Series

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