RADIOLOGIC FINDINGS There is obliteration of the normal cervical lordotic curve. No evidence of fracture nor gross osseous abnormality. Disc spaces, pedicles, transverse process and rest of the structure are intact. CONCLUSION: Findings suggestive of muscle spasm. PELVIS AP Normal study CHEST Essentially Normal Chest

FACIAL BONE CT SCAN Clinical Hx: Motorcycle accident Clinical Impression Technique: Multiple axial cranial CT slices are obtained without contrast The followinf findings are noted: 1. Complete fracture, body of mandible near the symphysis menti. 2. Right maxillary bone fractures wi involvement of the alveolar process, the inferior orbital rim, the anterior, medial and lateral walls of the right maxillary sinus with associated hemoantrum. 3. Left maxillary bone fractures with involvement of the ipsilateral sinus anterior wall showing depressed components, the medial and lateral walls, with extension to the hard palate 4. Nasal bone fractures involving bilateral 5. Nasal septum fracture with angulation to the right 6. Soft tissue swelling and subcutaneous emphysema, bilateral mandibular, bilateral maxillary, right orbitofrontal and left infratemporal regions. 7. Soft tissue swelling, nasal and right frontal regions.

NORMS 4.6-6.2



27-0.2 4.2 41.16 0.04 Normal Normal Normal Normal -Low level Normal -Decreased Creatinine level y Decreased level of basophils y Decreased level of creatinine PROCEDURE (URINALYSIS) Color NORMS Yellow to deep amber RESULT Yellow INTERPRETATION Normal Transparency pH Gravity Clear 5 7 1.00 276 53.72-132.60 13.5 1.030 g/mL Hazy 7.48 0.015 -Hazy -Increased pH level Normal y y Hazy urine indicates Increased ph level .07 0-0.33 0-0.74 Normal RBC Normal WBC Lymphocytes Eosinophils Monocytes Basophils Platelet Creatinine 5-11 0.003-1.10 0.05 150-400 70.02 0.6-6.12 0.01-0.Hematocrit 40-54 4.

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