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Hatchery Manual

Hatchery Manual

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Published by: Burton Kirsten on Oct 10, 2010
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If the male begins dancing around a female and she joins in the
dance there is a good chance they will breed soon. Once they have
bred, the female will have a mouth full of eggs and will not show
much interest in eating.

When a female is observed in that state a note should be made and
then in three or four days time she should be gently removed from the
aquarium and placed in another aquarium until her eggs have
developed into free-swimming fry.

The best way to do this is to take two 6-inch by 6-inch nets and very
slowly herd her into one. Then, gently hold the net against the side of
the aquarium and bring it up over the side and transfer her
immediately into a bucket with water from the aquarium. Quickly
transport the female and pour her and the water into the waiting

The nursery aquarium should have water at the same temperature
and from the same source as the breeding aquarium.

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