Matthew Harris

Experienced, committed, articulate
Ready to serve on the FCC
I believe that I would make an effective member of the Federal Conference Committee. Our conferences must be both a forum for grassroots decision-making and a shop window for the Lib Dems’ role in the Coalition Government, of which I am a loyal supporter. Having spoken at most Lib Dem Conferences since 2002, I know what members look for when they come to Conference and I strongly value Conference’s policy-making role. I would bring my professional experience of organising events at a range of different conferences to the FCC. Working as I do in public relations, I understand that Conference is a major showcase for our party – something that must always be remembered by the FCC. Please give me your first preference and elect me to this committee.

About Matthew

• • •

A public relations and policy professional who knows our party well A Parliamentary candidate in May, when he was also member of the General Election Night Team at Cowley Street Has drafted motions and amendments debated at previous party conferences

My promises to you
I would aim to attend every meeting of FCC and take an active role in the committee’s work. I will work hard to ensure that Conference remains a vital forum for internal party debate, while also being an event that makes the party look excellent to the viewing public - especially now that we are in government. Contact Matthew -

Email: Tel: 020 8440 5866

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