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Location: Located between the north latitude 110 27’ and 150 58’and east longitude 750 47’ and 700 27’, district of Wayanad is on the southern tip of the Deccan plateau. On its north, south and west lie the districts of Kannur, Malappuram and Kozhikode. To its north and east, it borders the Karnataka districts of Coorg and Mysore. Further to the southeast lies the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. Altitude: 700 to 2100 mtrs. above mean sea level. Area: 2132 sq. km. Main Towns: Kalpetta is the district headquarters. Sulthan Bathery and Mananthavady are the other towns. Climate: The district enjoys uniformly pleasant climate throughout

the year. The period between December and February is rather chilly (avg 15oc).

Annual Rainfall: Average over 2300 mm. Wayanad, like the rest of Kerala, gets two monsoons. The South West (June - September) and the North East (October - November). Lakkidi, the place which gets the highest rainfall in the state is in Wayanad. Main Crops: Cardamom, coffee, pepper, tea, and of the late,


between December and February, it is advisable to carry warm clothes.
Language: While Malayalam is the local language, English and Hindi are understood. Kannada and Tamil are also understood towards border region. STD code: + 91 (0) 4936 Getting here and away: Wayanad is accessible from all parts of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by road.

Clothing: Light summer wear for most of the year. However

Closest railway station is at Kozhikode. Rail distance from major cities to Kozhikode: New Delhi: 2851 kms. Mumbai: 1425 kms. Kolkatha: 2334 kms. Ahmedabad: 1875 kms. Hyderabad: 1425 kms. Kozhikode is also the nearest airport.
What to shop for: Spices, coffee, tea, handicrafts, honey, herbal

plants, etc.

Wayanad showcases its proud biodiversity. culture and customs of Wayanad-that is different from other parts of Kerala. There are many places of historical importance in Wayanad Distirct. making it ‘The Land of Paddy Fields’. immaculate water bodies. These sanctuaries are also home to many endangered species. Heritage The Western Ghats standing as natural shield for Wayanad separates it from rest so there evolved and survived unique way of life. unique cultural heritage and great natural resources. The greenery is splendid with River Kabani and its three tributaries. A few destinations were pristine beauty of this fairy land is reveled are: » » » » » » » » Banasura Sagar Dam Chembra Peak Chethalayam Falls Meenmutty Falls Neelimala View Point Pakshipathalam Phantom Rock Sunrise Valley Wild life Wild life sanctuaries in Wayanad are rich in flora and fauna. Phone No. tangled jungle and deep valleys. Wayanad is a hotspot of tropical biodiversity. where the lofty ridges of Western Ghats intersperse dense forest.India.Wild and Beautiful Wayanad is a beautiful land in Northern Kerala.Wayanad . forests. The tropical greenery. along with a salubrious climate rejuvenates senses and soul of every visitor. 04935-210265 094430 23320 04936-280261 04936-203953 04935-277900-03 04936-277120 04936-329302 04936-349541 04936-221860 04935-220008 04936-217550 04936-202001 04936-203145 04936-217404 04936-220512 096560 56215 095625 07840 04936-257004 04936-203431 96328 23133 95442 01249 04936-329800 04936-206096 04936-255860 04936-220244 04936-255366. rivers. Sanctuaries of Wayanad are home to a variety of wild life including many endangered species. some of them are:- Wayanad Tourism Organisation is a non profit organisation. They are in two locations: » Muthanga » Tholpetty Liesure Geography of Wayanad with mountains. initiate and support meaningful steps that lead to growth of tourism in Wayanad. with the objectives to plan. Thirunelli Paingatteri Agraharam Outdoor Pure air. WTO propagates the message of ‘responsible and sustainable tourism’ in Wayanad. is registered under the societies act . lakes and waterfalls provides wonderful opportunities for variety of adventure activities. Below enlisted are the member hotels of Wayanad Tourisim Organisation: Hotel Agraharam Cottages 5000 year old inscriptions on the wall of Edakkal cave. and the tropical biodiversity of Western Ghats makes Wayanad an unparalleled tourist destination in South India. The folk etymology of the word Wayanad says it is a combination of Vayal (paddy field) and Naad (land). Some of the locations that are suitable for leisure and recreational activities are: » » » » » » » Kanthanpara Falls Karalad Lake Karapuzha Dam Kuruva Island Pookote Lake Sentinal Rock Falls Pazhassi Park . 661 04936-256716-18 04936-202547 04936-320630 95442 01249 04936 207248 Annapara Homestay Aranyakam Homestay Ayurkendra Banasura Hill Resort Banasura Island Retreat Blue Ginger Wayanad Resorts Coffee Acres Plantation Resort Edakkal Hermitage Ente Veedu Homestay Glenora Homestay Green Gates Harithagiri Hotel Hill View Homestay Issac’s Regency Meemutty Heights My Garden of Eden Orchard Holiday Resort PPS Tourist Home Planet Green Plantation Resort Pranavam Holidays Raincountry Royal Palm Resorts Stream Valley Cottages Tranquil Resort Vythiri Resorts Vythiri Village Woodlands Wynberg Adventure Tourism Operator Muddy Boots Vacations Hospitality Product Supplier Radiant Hospitality Products » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb Sultan Bathery Jain Temple Thirunelli Temple Thrissilery Shiva Uravu Valliyoor Kavu Temple Wayanad Heritage Museum RARS (Agricultural Research) Chain Tree Edakkal Caves Jain Temples (Ruined) Korome Mosque Muniyara Pallikkunnu Church Papanasini.

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