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Social Media,

Social Networks and Social Capital

Speech by
Bruno Mueller
on 29 September 2010
at the
American German Business Club
in Munich

Development of this presentation was done with the support of Social Media
Applications, in a team located on three continents.

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Social Capital is a sociological concept, which

refers to connections
WITHIN and BETWEEN Social Networks



Major challenges:
 Increase Productivity
 Improve Learning Agility

Today we are still working on platforms from the

Industrial Age.

People / Planet / Economics have to come

together and we need to develop collaboration
platforms to achieve this.
Source: PeopleStreme Human Capital Management ____________


Megatrend, the combination of Mobility, Cloud

Computing and Social Media, are supposed to
have a major impact on sociology and the existing
business fundamentals.

The question is not

Should we deal with Social Media
The question is
How we deal with Social Media

Source: Chad Mairn

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Where should we focus our Attention?

Hundreds, maybe thousands of Social Media
Applications are available today.

Most importantly, which sites and tools are best for

promoting our personal interests, and which are
not worth to consider (from my point of view)?

 Promoting our business

 Branding our company, our Name
 Attracting followers and customers with content
and by delierving true value add

Our focus today: Volume Applications



Lean Social Media Landscape

LinkedIn and XING are Social Networking sites for
professionals, offering a variety of applications and
As such, using these effectively can help build your
brand‘s professional presence, as well as connecting
with customers.

August 2010: More than 75 million registered users,
spanning more than 200 countries.

1.b) XING
August 2010: More than 10 million registered users,
mainly used in Europe.


Communication with friends, networking partners A multinational Public Cloud Computing-, Internet
around the globe and to some extent Brand Exposure, Search-, Adversiting Technology Corporation.
is the main focus of Facebook. Google runs over 1 Million servers in data centres
Big advantage: Very User Friendly. around the world and processes over 1 Billion search
requests per day.
2.b) NING
Provides the opportunity to create one‘s own network 4.b) YouTube
and involve customers and followers on an individual The largest video platform including Networking and
relationship management platform. Relationship Management features, owned by Google.


Allows easy web conferencing by using online Owned by Google, free of charge communications
demonstration tools. platform, using Voice over IP Technology.

A Broadcasting Tool. A Web based Hosting Service, which uses Cloud
Twitter offers opportunities to support brand building Computing to enable users to store and share files and
processes by sending out messages with a max. folders online across the Internet.
lengths of max. 140 letters/ characters (called
MicroBlogging). 7. DELICIOUS
Is the market leader in Social Bookmarking.

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Web 1.0
One way Communication
APPLICATION: The advantage of sending
Electronic Mails

Web 2.0
Two-Way Communication
APPLICATION: Dialogue is possible with people
connected to the internet


Source: Dion Hinchcliffe

Web 3.0
"Semantic Web" or "The Internet of Things"
APPLICATION: 1. Better results on Search
2. Everything will be connected

WEB 4.0
Connecting Knowledge and Intelligence


Source: Radar Networks & Nova Spivack


Semiconductors underlies Moore’s Law and

the Economies of Scale Forces:

TODAY: 100.000 transistors cost less than a

grain of rice

1952: 1 transistor (7 Euro)


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Demonstration of mobile phones:

 S3 (Introduced 1993)
 iPhone (State of the Art today)



The Internet of THINGS

Everything and anything will be connected:

 M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Technology

 Intelligent Sensors
 Improved mobile Transmission Technologies



First: Definition of ...

 one’s profile (Unique Selling Proposition /
Product Services / References/ Partners /...)
 target market, target clients

IT Resources
(Homepage / Blog / Social Media Applications / ...)

Go live by sending out content aligned to your

company philosophy. Attract followers, and clients.

Check out people visiting your Internet profiles

and react promptly and accordingly

Stay in touch with people.

Content! Content! Content!

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Meet customers in person, if possible:

Create trust between yourself, and inform

customers what your company can offer in terms
of services.

Personal Branding is the KEY-TO-SUCCESS.



Major obstacle we have to overcome:

"Industrial Age"
"Co-Creativity" Management Styles.



EXAMPLE for a Co-Creativity Management Style

to achieve results.

Tools used to achieve the results presented in this


 Telephone / Skype
 Dropbox, Delicious
 Meetings in Munich
 No mail but instead Facebook for fast realtime
 PR: LinkedIn / Xing
 Facebook as realtime Communications Tool


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The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) captures an

expanded Spectrum of Values and Criteria for
measuring Organizational and Societal Success
(Economic, Ecological, Social).

Objective of the TBL is to have fair PROFITS,

together with PEOPLE on a regenerating and
viable PLANET.

 Equitable
 Bearable - Manageable
 Viable

Intersection of all circles (the "Sweet Spot"):

 Sustainable


Are you interested in learning more about us, our

Business Enabling Services?
Please kindly contact us.





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