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Anne Hooper - Lovers Weekend Guide

Anne Hooper - Lovers Weekend Guide

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Turn up the heat by planning a steamy weekend getaway


J magi ne thai rOll and your panllC'r a~ holed up ill a C'Oi!.},. snowbound chalet or ;ellljaying a lazy afternoon on ,1 ~k5.i:rlcd beach. Or perhaps the id~~J n{ ~p~nding the wee~nd ill a hrsurious hOld makes ~·our heart skip a beat. ~"'1arb" vou'vc ,l]w.n' dreamed <llxnn e-'!;capillg to J romantic bed 8< breakfast

sornewh ere d~~p in the ((IilJlur~':SidC'. ''I'h'H;:'~ ),ol.lr t"aniJ5Y, bestselling sex author Anne Hooper knOh'- how io get you there,

This delfdoll~h.' di erent book provides bund r~-d~ 01 \ cari\'i! ideas: to spice up rour wcek...-nd" \,·h ';1l'h:r "'t:lU il~<!'d help in planning an exonc adventure om of town

or t rans(ormi ng ~"(ItJ r ho rn e Lf'1l0

an eret ic hi deaw·ay.

$~.5.00 r $20.00~



. .. i . -, 1

[)(-'ig!1;r~ a lid ,,(!iro;ti, Ill' Cot-ling, Brow!,!

Ca~:t'go:ry P\Jblisi1~r CoriDn~ Itobm~ :;"'I~~r M~oogi~ Art [diHH 1.)c'lnellr,gw~ ~ni<.lr f..di1:OT I\o=ler Ja~5

1)$ [:.<ijl<)r Marsam I"~rrish ~~iw [);.~i~j1<" Ros;ummd, S'U.lIId;;rs

~~~s~"r Ci!Ji~ Del'l.lm1i DTL' ~rm ConSHl:nlq ~rod~ctioo I((yjn \\Iud la;f]o,q Ed~lor Eklh, "'rpl;:

lii<:'~f O)";";gntf" Nnl Cobomn~

Fi~f i\n)er~n [dilion. ~OO3 OliH{l~.j)60il~ W9Si6:'~ Jl 1

!'lit-limed in ,hi; u",r<)il Sf3~1!. Ii!'r OK Pllhiisliing. In.::,

.}is Ihil!.lWn S!I'(l(i .

MW York. i'\{'W)'(I'l~ lU014,

C~'rislit e ~lKJ~[).orJin~ Kinrllif.ley l.imised l~~t ~~yjWiC G> ~ AnlliO! l'I~'r

,~II .i~lrn~, ~rY!NI und ... r inll'mOlio~lla1[!~ 1'i:!!l·An1~rPr~n t;.,p\',,~hl GMI'I'J:nti.,l};;' No part of ~~,i5 publ ic~~l"n m~~' be ~p!'(;(iU«'''( ;>!MOO i II ~ :r~lrL:c"~l ~ttm. or ~r~">41)'iu;:tI ilii 'l~!'ann ll\' ~!'W "i~ns, d~trOln(. m~(h~~q(i!l. ~lbotorup~'Ing. ~';;~"""l1g. (>j' (;th~'r\\~~; \'<if~om Ilhc prior pl'<Tmi",,[ol!l or the .,)gPl"ri>L~' ,~,,'n"r.

ri1.1!),~'4! .. ·d ,iii G~l IIniain L~' Dor:lkn~ ~'iOOt:rsl~y. I.imi1i'!l.

A (:a!31u1Pn:~m. PllblK~l k'f! r~~~ ~)r ~i1is lll<Ollk i~ a\·~.la'bli!' from the I.ibr~rr 01 ComGrl"1S.

1$.S:-';O·78.9oI.%aI-X ReprOOl!(C>:i il] U",I>' br ~'RB. It~k 'I'ni~l.-.l ~~d oo~~dllJ.y Gr~phi)(:(.rn. ~q"l:

$...,.. Otl r «mlp1e1~ pm<j.«:! liil~ ,al

www.dk, com

lnt reduction -; Summer in the Country II.) Phly Weekend J;Winter Wonderhl nd :',' Grand Passion :-1 Murder M}'srery ,sl) Dancefloor Drama I 0 ~

Gourmet Hideaway l ~:; Spirhual Retreat I ~13 Bondage Escapade I. 61 Sex in the City 17Y Motel Lust I. <.); Home Alone 2.1 5-

Enjoying S.,fcr5cx .::.~ ~ L':;ing Condoms ,~J.j lndex ,~~1' Acknowledgments ~.p J



lI/Vho needsa lovers' v.1~k(l'Jild?' A ImS'lllcr:, every oae of us. We need it to cdebl'iille the joy of ,(.111Iing ill love; lilt' deligllt of sexual expression; the intimacy of body on body, and filesl1

on I]csb. \,\'c may also need i~ be<:3US-C i.lV~[ytlar ]i fe hils become messed, or mundane, or de-eroticized, 1'0 t~rveouttiffje specifiC-Idly jor lovemtJking, which is what a lovers' weekend entail!), is to make 3:1ii1 impm:tant statement U says to your pllnner, "Yon are J;t!',l'lny dear to me. I Vl'lll!Jl'~ yOll enough to t~ke time out especiallr f'Qr YOLll. ] want rot! to myself sothat we can have a f~bul'(jus ,'i,ue ,together.n This, su rely. is what most men and women want to hear, l know I do.


Getting a7.vay from it all

Choosing a fh eme

n you \ ... '<I~n inspiration asto where to go (sho1..l1!dI you be able to afford a break), that's what this book is about. lt's not possible

to mendon sped fieresorts, but there are suggestions '1.0 hclp you choose s'llitable sexuel terrain, G UVe"D1, that' sex seems to have become both a .IuxlII·Y and a rccreation. T have eome up wi,n ten v('rl' d iffcrel:lJt rhemed weekends, pJus a stay-at-home sceaario,

Yes, of course it's possible to, h1il\ll~ s,reltt sex ali hOIlUI on 'the weekends, too, .Many of us adore this relaxed time togethe:r, Btu not a'il ,of us, Spare a lhought for the bu- i·n.cssrnm1 01' woman \'\1~lOcan't spare' much time off; or for tb,e p,lrel"llS of youag children - how do you ever get 3\'iI.aJ}' from the little darlings? You (lIl1't. So my me Sllg'l'! is, if you cam possibly afforo

it, set up ~empom'l'l' coverin the offlee or baby-care arrangements, ,at home, and escape. Every wupk sllimuld do this, on .wer<l(ge ever)'. six weeks, After all, we're worth it.

Each weekend is set in special surroundings, such as in a st:c~Jny 1totel 'in a throbbing ,city like New Orleans, 01: in the pristine cold ofa :oki resort, [f you feel 'Uke e.xpk'rhl,iJ a liu~.e light bondage, you mi,ghl enjoy a hOI.cl that has fantasy rooms 01::, if }IOU prefer your sex

III be "geod old-fashioned dirty," then the rO.fldsid.e motel n:~ an obvious choice,

1 NiTR'ODliCTlon 9

I ~1ROiD U C T 1,0 N 1.'1

Each chapter contains ideas For equipment you might need and love you might It'la.k.e!

Wha,t if you can't afford it?

The- finalchapter deals whl:! this, dil emma by exp.iillBing that you m ightl'eU everyone that YOUilre go~ng away. tu rn off allthe phones, pull down the blillds. and stay resolutely in your OWIlJ apartment - nOl Sivillg tlte outside world 1'l1:lOther tlwuglu until Sunday night

I NT iii 0 D U CTI 0 N 1.3

Preparing for seduction

"I' I< :

YOU[' weekend su rroundings will allec-t your feelings. [I' the hotel YO'IJI choose tu rns out to be seedy and mu:omfortable. you may become tense, or even feel di~,gt~st. 5nch sentiments

do not enceurage red-hot passion, So think beforehand! about t be kind of weekend yOoU w'OllId like toexplore and the: £d'elll p'iacg ln which to do it ]f. for example yOoU love the ideiii of 1.mle<lshing }'ou. darker side, pick a ,<;uit<lbl~. g!()lthk cstehilshmem Of go for the brothel-style hotel room - 'Ihe~. do exist.

Clearly, it's not a gnoo idea to lake a partner on all S&M weekend if }~ou then discover th1lt 1\(;' or she is i i mid. The best rule is to take turns rn~:k]ng die arrangements, Do, this So that one of you cannot know '~ ... hat \,d ll happen. Part of

6 he fun of a s~xy \\~eekel'lditS 110VeltY. and pleJ~tr of good sex is e~'o1ked by amiciPtJtio~1 tlnd surprise. So be prepared either to. play the organizer Or 10 let yourself be led ..

lV1N) s,l:!o'uld tJril"ti 1:18'0 the 'week-efla?

Sound each other om to get a fair idea of what would be e:;:dting .. Try to do this .$.ubtly. For example, when you are making love' one evening, you might $1iIY, "I've ah'ffl)~s wondered what it would be like to experience a bit of fU'I), bondage. Have you ever thought about

it? DQ you have i111}' st rong feehllg.st'


Practice makes perfect

lt <:an't hun to fit in a bit of seductien practice before the planrnedweek,end. Try taking Huns being dle "Clive and 't:he passive partner Youl' task is to sti:m,'l1!late }'O'ur lover whh your haads a:n.d~:Oin.gue so that he or she is ,despem te for sex, This wil~ come in useful later because )"Qu will be familiar with his or her arousal patrenr.

P'rolongir.lgro'tJ r plem.tlre

Many ,~ex games call for staying power, so if your man finds it hard '10 resist yom magic hsnds, famili:ariz'~ YOlllfS:dfwith the "sqtleil'zeP te:ch~lique, At~he "point of no return," \.v:~,ich yO~1 wiU leam to, recogn ire or ile' will signal

is near, squeeze the head of his penis ham between )''Our fingerend thumb. with the thumb just on or below tile coronal ridge. Thls prevents ejaclliation. You~' next move

is to stlmulate your mail's intel'e.~t again.

Praet ke on a pend I to. get perfect,

Plamri'~g a srenari,j')

If you have special itnterecS!S, you may I ike to do II ~iul.c extra adVl'iI'lCie planning. I f. for el<:an,ple, you wall'~ to play il gamewhere one of YOll ls a p'o.li.c~ officer and the other is in. tl"{lUb~.C' wi.l:h t~!~ laJw> ron JlIlJight want to parchase .. truncheca (there are' somevery suitable I<u:ge vibrators), not ~:O mentian special uniforrns. If you look forward to a sexua] banquet, you'l] want to visit rhe fruit and ice cream sections at the grocery storm.

When you pack to go '3~'ffly; there are three :mustsJor the siliitii:'ti:se: good qu:dity ~U!b~k.un.~; an inventive assortment ohibrotors; a:n.d 11 trusty rack of ecndems, If you ore too bl!l~l' or too timid to, venture into <lex shop in reality, try doing so in virtuality. Good web addresses are: \\'WW.al~ l]SumnlcrS.COI1l; \"W'I'''''. eondomenia.com, \,\",.'w.passion8,.oo.l~k;; www.g.oodvibes.coln; or \"'''!I\''~'.the'toolshcd.OOIlll,.au..

Looking the part

Gf.rys: we're talking abom more thall j\ls~ the .ordinilry ha.th or shO'\\~cr routine hem. Thitlk about your appearance, ]s your body "ttractive? Arc there \'.V3fs in whkh }~Ou might please 'Or S1J11:lri$e your lover byohiilllgi:ng ~mTi;~1hi.ng about it? For ,examplc, ]f you a t'~ veryha iry. you Dimight be curiousto shave }'Ow' body and discover whllt it feels. like to be smooth, And mol only wDrn~fI go for fOi.le tans, meI11l-eI~d'i( from them.too,

lVmrum: consider taki'I~£ a leaf out of the )'oung.llf gC'I1er.nio:rn':> book, '(.ou might .experi·meUiLI wifh tlia,e sorprise of lethng: your mom discover you have a. daVUtlg tattno in a very private place. You don't have to' gt) for !Ii permanent tauoo, you can appl yllilmpora ry transfers or use felt-tipped pen. lf you have noever :>tylcd your pubic balr, think about h. One woman I. know d}'cd her pubes in overlapping sha!CJles 'of rose and pioilk.


COllples: part of the fUll of all this relaxed Ibue togetheris that you can ]adly gmom each OIlhe.r. Fr-ollil sQaping and shampooing to ha.ir ii:l1d beard n-.lmming. there lire Inml}f gmomingrit~Js tot can be cerried out alone - but lire a lot more fun done together. Treat yOl~nehre.s. to a few luxury toii.e1ries so th!lit YOI.l. wiil f'l;-el trl.l~Y pampered,

S the"

G ree n fie lds and trees, birdsong, and the delll;.vy

ft1J· shuess of the early ]norning- these all gladden Y')e heart. The co u n tryside is the perfect pi ace to

! -.

uiiwind~ go for beautiful walks, and picnic in the

o~g grass. A country weekegd gives you time

commune with nature =and unashamedlv


explore eac other's bedies ann sexual moods.


Creating the atmosphere. ,I I

True ~ensuality :~s p:teceded by relaxed Jeelings. h's ~mp(lr!anllo pidk the dghl venue with the right amblenee because this wi~ I affect you r mi ndand how you react Sil'Xnlll1~f. Choose a country hO'td where you ·can c,ombine the pleasllr~ of modem cuisine \\'i~h th¢ trsditional delights of a four-pester bed a:lld a roari'lIiIg [.og fire, shcnld the c'll'CllinSSSJl'Ow celd II


!W!iiii!1!I!!~WI"'~l~_c. I~ in.aw ,,0 iufJibi~:i,O'n$ 'vlrniAt~r about - brollkFaslin,g ill bed, [\~Iiring to the bedroom

. i:n. the a he.moon. In~_k:ili~ thernost of reem service, Or gO']rlg to bed t1UII.!!!;UJ<lUy early. I.DilteirH1.ptkms can alse be passion .• kill.~rs - so if you like 10 have II drink during lovclnakilflg,. make· .sor-.e the bcvc[.a.ge of '~'our choice is already '..rail~J:1g for YO'11 ~n }'OlI/r roem,

I:'r to ensurethat }'O'!i-t are u~l]kely to .!Wleet - anyone you know at lb.(_' hotel - )f'OU should

P~ck yo ~~ r yog;a t.,JtU': it rn ighl (lOine inh8Jl'ldy 1[1 the' great eutdoors,

lnd!.lde a copy o/t'lut· Kama Sutl'a: it "llltains some lovemilkillg positi.ons that .-nuld be great for yom ceunt ry&ide j,ml:l't Take a pi:C11ic: of(S~1 the heaviness of tile ,h.tlupllgnl" boUle with dainty sandwiches ind lightl.'i'e1ghl glasses,

ReU:I('lftJber )I,our ivalkir-r,g s.l~o.es: you'll enjoy ilndiJ:lS a quiet spot on 3. remote hillside where "lll h'OIl't be m'<1::rl.-o.oked. It 'may be some

J I~mnce awa.y.


The Power of a Kiss

You are j uSI back from your hike and glo~"..i['lS with the ~re~h air and exercise. This is an op'portunitry to :gendy rmdr:e.ss your iQ1le1', Ease those w.orts down hisfh.eT thighs. Slip the shirt up over his/her head. And kjss. Don't forget tile power of the klss. .it can be so wonderful that it reduces a lover to jelly and makes him/her desperate to get as dose to you a possible. [l.e:rhaps }'OU will have OIJI:readry succumbed to lips an hps d Ilriflg your country walk.


Sensational Touches

&te.n:d your kiSS;fJg to other parts of tile hoay.

Kiss d:u~ roes, inside the 8.Kh ()if d'n.,(l' foot, llip dl£ inside leg as far asthe thigh, th_£'n travel lip to the breasts and nipples, Combine YOlJr kis:s~ng !lit one end of her body with finger stl milia I ion ilt the orllie-.r so that,

for esample, your lover is turned on by }'Our touch illong the inside of her ilrmpits while you arc $im.llIJtaIi,~uslyki~il1g her thighs 311ld genitals.

]t creates a dO'lfhle w:lldmm,. of sensation,

Some of the mosterotic SpOI:S lie nowhere near the genitals, For example, the back of the neck, around the ears, and 'I:h~ ears themselves ClUI be so sensitlvc 'that rome individuals climax from cal" 10'1 iniulation alene Always remember, everyone possesse-s, different seasual zones, 0 what gives ene perscn II fantastic dimaxmight leave anot:her cold. Feel free. therefore, to explore even the most Innocent-seeming body sites. Don't worry

if your roaming finge-rS, do not provokeaninstant reaction - this is j ust a joumey of disco'very.

Z6 LOll E Ii! s ' WEE K c M D G U IDE

Exploring Erotic Spots



The Art of Arousal

New moves need to be handled tactfun}'. One useful rule is. to do something new on]y when your partner is v~ rtually g~sping for it. This hi, on the grounds that on]y then will he or she be aroused enough for that next

move to be made. So if you are kissing your WII)' around his buttocks just ,hint tit touching his anus before actll11ltly doing 50.- If you are ki~ing her inner thighs, wait until she positively arches her pelvis toward YOli.

Getting More Intimate

As· your loving grow's hotter, start workingyonr way toward those IliiI.OS~ sensiti\'e erogenous zones of ;)]1 - dle gen~tllis, Thi s is mutu(Ji ,exp.llOM tr,on. Hut lake

)'OUf time even 110W. [f you think. he's desperate for you,. explore his waist and kiss down altlllg hils abdomen. This can be an ,acutely t icklish~ area. but of~enl kkllsh ness jU~l add to the experience. And don't forget the hiddelll zones - the right ki nd of touch on the back of the knee, tor example, can drive a guy out of his mind.


Animal Passio

'Vh~n finall.y you reach all e pia ive point of sensuality, theoughstroking lind touching, this is a wunderful time to slip jmlio intercourse. Ma}'be )'ou'U \,;'ilnt to try eut s-ome ()f the animal post ures from the Ktl'n1',€iI S~'tra (sud1 as the ·'C'[01lV~ Or "6i9~ poslrlon,

p. i 5'0), perhaps you need !lothi ng except the hCTC and now, the slip snd slide of two feverish bodies, He",!?1 in "Our human sesual lastinct, By rnaldng Love jin the

COI,mtrys.iae you are tndyl'lt onewlrh nature,

]4 LOVEll 51 WE E ~ END G U ID E


~fter the weekend ...

lite, remember the ",,,·"'",r>nt

conteu.tJ'UeH t after orgasm.

lovemakieg, lovers remain savoring

tile winding down of body and mind. Never instantly jump up and shower. Alwilr~ rest, cuddle up together, and embrace ach '2Ither as you slip into brief sleep, H o~ you have after Qrgasm makes a stat rnent about yuur sC'll)SlIal]ty, Remember that ideal I)f a wonderful sen sual experience ends, sensuaUy as .~H.

Play Weekend

There's nothing like the new or the unknown to stimulate erotic sensi,bUity. Staying in

a friend's sumptuous loft apartment.for

xample, even in your own town, puts. you

in unfarnilar surroundings. You wHI feel a little like strangers together. .. ,



Creating the aimosphere ...

U:wins all entire apartment iU your

dispo ,11I1le<lns. you GIll spruad yourselves oul and e1Jljoy adopting someone else's lifestyle tor a while. Perhaps tha'l person has 3 diffenm'l kiad of love lire. So if you have alWays wanted to pursue certain seductive pleasures, now might be the time to step ord$ide yonr own ciu?r1!?cter afld ill Itl thilt of your "other !WeI [n

A little advance preparatlen oolllM assist this personality tr::msoo,rmatioll. So ~fyo'U, have an irr~'sisli[)le urge to smorheT each other in ice cream and then $1(l~lIIy end deliberatelj lick u otT, visit tihe t;ro<:err store fi rst, [f erotic masS(lg;e mall y "ppeals, titeR include licllt hers, silks..

snd satins in your suitcase.

The s'~m t of your sur rouncli !'Igs wil] deeply affect you. mood - so if you W<lnt 10 [cd Sotx}'> you will be aided by sensual smells, Se! the scene \\I'Wl some perfumed candles, Invest

in sweet-smelling massage oils.

Ensure tlhH'l' apartmen t is W(lrm and check tile figihtung. (; faring bright !igh!s:l ee ~Ia rk and unflattering, whereas a soft, pillkish g,low is cozy and complementary.

Exotic Ice Cream

With ice cream available in subtle new flar\l'o{$ mike cardamom. mocha. and lavel1.der. you'll enjoy taking your lime over Jiding.it. ·off your partner's body. Choose foul"h:wcr's most erotic spot and usc' it as a plate. US'f' [lIii·~ tmm;g,u,e I ike a p-'lieHe IOlife,. and w.ith .bmt.ld $we:eps'paint: ill 'pro\l'{lc<lt~v·e pictun~. ] f yonlkk the ni pplt's.you'lJ know your technique iswoFking

\i hen you see them swell upward and outward. The

..sltme3[1true of other lrey spots of th£illllla:tomy. too.

The art of exa..I!llining tour pati.ent. is ltcy tothls game, Stay in role and insist that yOl!lf patient sublj'li~' to your tests. Expl.a~n that you need

to clrneik w}a,e,tller your pati,eilt is fu.nc~ioni:n;g pm:p-ed.}. and. imJ, order UI do this, he (lr she must

submit t'O y01!.lf pro(.edur,e. For her; check out her breast and clitoral, response. Poi"


him:cheok out his testicles, penis, and artal

response, If tile patient obj~tli> MreS1S~hal th is is necessary for the sake of thei]"~'u~aJltll.

42 1.01.1' ERS' WEE H.N Il G U J Il E

Role Play

44, lOVIE RS' WE E I< END G 1I n [) E

Soft Strokes

Silk,.veiv:e;t~ and pea,r;(u:k feat'h1efs <lir·e the sensuous m~terjj,;lls for an erode ma~!ia.ge. These hrxurious substances glide aeross YOl,[r l1:d<ednt'#, provoking tetnptLl'Ig sensations, Skim, ~he skin with these soft te:dufe$ bdo:re :moving on to use fOur hands, You miSJhl even bLindfold Yi)/ur parUl:er, and ask her ~o idelJilwfy a \!,l'rriety of dlfrcvcnt meter ials, On~~ p~ an:emi'cm

to the genitals ;lifter petting i1fJ:d pll' . very otHer inch of lHea;,il6rsl. A really good I!'Iliissag·e c~'\n be so arousing that l~ i~l sensation jmt blurs into

- of OI;!¢[.a.1J heave:.!i. AU t.his \lll'i,'~hcn.lrt ~ :reachrng org~m! ...

Mutual Masturbation

Goaded into OJ sensual frcli1l.l.Y by touching your lover's body. move on to mutual masturbadau. \,\1'ith subtle thlige.S~ pay serious aUendon to the g.enitai area, Stm,ke:j C_,l'lr;m~ aJ:u.t (J,i,l" jl.l;S'~ as you might the rest

of the body. Build 011 your lovees responses and

be unafraid to try firm srrokes as well as fingertip caresses, Imagine that the V:Jgin<Jj is a clock and

try pressing the' key "hours" on its rim .. Treat

the entrance to his ,UlUS in the S'1l11l1e fashion"

48 LUii' E RS' WE EKE MD G U mE

The Deer Exercise

ACco'ldLng to "f."IO sexual insrrucdon, the Dee. E:>;ercise facilitates semen production in men, You might 3sJkyom man to sit cross~l~gged and flex: lhis anal musdesto build up control A fe,,,,' men are ,capable o'fpnr:\I"el'l'ti.ng ejaculation by denching those perineal muscles so hard thai: they actmiLly cut o:ff the passage of semen. Rztbb:iRg the abdomenwhile cupping the genitals iLs said (by the anelenr Chinese)

to en hance the qUAlity and quantity of semen, You might offerY01i1rself as 0] 'Wi.lling '')!essel'~'I'!ilh \',rl'llomyouf :miln

can practice his se1f~control


Slowing Down

The best sex: is unhurried - time' is ,01" your side. The

eat thing about 3 weekend away is that you have two entire days removed from ordinary cares. Tills means mat if you ' ..... nt tu spend hou rs p~eillsu.r.i:rlg each other's ~ies\'i'jfh m<l!ss<!Ige' and for,eplay. you can. There is

.:bso]utely no clJl~~p,ldsian to IlU[':r-y into 'o~~~m.

e build-up of fhis long-rena loving often means I tlie whoJe ood)! becomes wonderfulily sensualized. ~ ....... ~" ymem is heightened - and when orgasm

luaU}' happens, the experlenceis lneredible,

After the weekend ...

in new surroundings is no exception, and

3. ~'i'tlel«J..fld devoted, to sex oftten introduces, you to an erotie "scM" you may have dreamed about before but only now f(?ali.z.e. 'tou'L!

'find that YOU[' mood has lifted, You fed more glamorous and adventurous. Your ,confidence has soared. Best of aU, you feel attractive 1illld sexy. In the future, you will be able to call

Oil that siil:Xual self-belief:

Winter Wonderland

now is energizing. You ca 11 bury you rself ~ 11 a nowdrift and feel great You (an exhaust yourself on the ski slopes yet come home toa lazy) sa}' evening. The Icy touch of the white stuff draws

J toward the warmth of a giant log fire and the Intimacy of a candlelit evening, It's so romanticl


ting the atmosphere ...

It's cold outside and warm indoors and the very thought of ice next to the naked skin

is nrousing. So 1t's little surprise that rhls type of environ menr cen promote some serious practicing of sexual technique,

It's worth remembering that for an}' fo:rm

of sensuality to \~'O .k well. be it massage 01' all-out sexual ~oying, the body needs k) remain warm. This ts because nerve e!1din.~ in the skin cotlstrkt when affected! by th.eoo]dtllna tfu:erd\Yoo t0UCh. is expe't,ienced as painful rather than pleasurable.


So make sure that your room -taY5 .J!'e.ll,y cozy", Crank up the st(OVt'tIlll.d enjoy a. st:ea:ming hot driink Be<ar ill m][ld that gliJiHvein has long been eensldered the perfect apres-kl l'ev]\I\"er =and when }lOll

feel j't warming ,'(IU from

he inside YOIl'11 begin to

nderstand why,

S8, LO\!' E U' WEE KEN D Go U I DE

The Warm~up

Aft.er a\'Ii'odcQut On tb,e ski slopes, the first thing

to do when you get home is to rolltJPse Of I' ,to tlUl s(Jf{J~ By 'I:he time you've enjoyed ,a w,arming drink and sluatped againc$t each Qth'f'r's shoulders, :ifli amaziing how energy levels power up ag, .. jn, Don't be surprised if he starts pulling off your ski, clothes. Don't be amazed When she starts caressing those trusty muscles - just to. make you feel better" of eoursel This is the time for kisses and caresses.

In the Shower

The next move is to remove traces of the day's e)!ertioRS tll <It linger on the skin by hiking 11 shower ~ to'gethe.r. AI] that iO<lip~ng and tllbb~ng puts }'O!lJJin a slithery kind oi mood and the fact that the show.e<r ·cubicle is reaLly t·QQ s:malil for two just adds to th·e eNc:i'~e-m.·eliJt. lt turns out: W be vltal that you rub your body against your 10\<1:r's - h's the 0111y way you can both fi~ into the tiny space. \<\Tel.I, thllt's the excuse anyway.

Pillow Fighting

Perhaps you start, haltlu~anedJy. to get dressed! for your evel'liing out andthen one of you just

hap elliS to east your eye on those tempting. plu_mp, down-fined pmows. Oh dear. H.ow eould an}' feisty loves re~is~~ A Iter the ,ootll'rne t and ~i:)jughter of

J. pillow fight you SiDpJ}' faI1 on each other help]essl'yand then. somehow, you find that one tilling leads to another. Perhaps it's the $urprb.e oj,the attaik or die playful hlo~~ Qf the pillOI.'f that have made you eel se:ty. iut'-pj]Jaw fights 3rf frangeoly arous! flg.

W [N T£ R WO N DE R L.A N 0 6,5

The advantage ~r staring i11. a chalet

in 8 hotel is thaI yOll are in chin~l' environment. There's no one to complain when

dmg tile m(lffre;s Qmo flu! floor and lie bathed in heat rei aware that lusr outside the ... , .' ,,,.,,_. is deep, deep SIlOW. [ust resting fol' ;I while in

a (tackling log fire eases muscle fatigue and latent sexual feelings to rise to ~he surface.


Bathed mily by the ftkkering light of tl,,e fire. it's easy to lese any in~ibitiollS thanks to the semidaekness, The heat of the' flames on your nakedness seems to draw DIll' yours~nsua]illf. This is ~,ow },Olif primeval ancestors

must harv·e made love, baekthere i nthe C1I1\I"1::. ¥OIJ fe.el primitive and tha~- how you act, swa~g and bending. lind shift:ing frem position to position .in. a way you might rnlQt drea nln, of in the bedroom bad home.

Cuddling can leadto gre-al:e-r things. Remember that lying together in the Spo,Ol'I.S p'O'sit.j'o,i:j: and synchronizing your breathing means 'that the l\'ffl of you h~otne qnietiy attuned to each other's I:nood. And once YQU iu,e in s~ep with each other. you relax and to red so very senSlUJIL III this pOI);ition

After the w'ee kend. · ·

You want to stay glued together to the .

are in the' throes of a tempestuous love affair. and you are longing to devour one another. A weekend in a grand hotel. is 'what you've been ream rung for with .a ll your heart

7:2 LOV ER S' WE E IU N n G U I DE

Creating the atmosphere ~. '.

Your choice of hotel is important b~c'lllll.se j,t needsto ~ erotic .. So tl~ink baroque, t"alilitasy. (1[" high·da<S$ brQtiitel~strl,e. lmagins the fl'orid grtlllde,l~u' of the type of eslllblish Inent you

I might find D n an Anne R]~ !lOV(!'] - a pliloe dl1lrt fuels the sexual ilma,gination (not (bart it needs lilI1Ilu~h ofa trigger).

This is the lllatigluy weekend - the onewhere perbspsyou shoul.dn'tt."Vlm r~]ly be meeting one anQther but YOll sre Im,O,.,T so desperate for each erher th,1l absolutely ]'DiOt~iJlil,g can stop yOIl. This is the' enoou'fiIte ..... 'Wru YOt] m~gllill wear the wiekedest of u nderwear and paek extra, Tliiat's because you'll need a s are after the first pair gets torn off the minute you s~ep inside the botel . edroom,

If rhls l'ier-e orre 'of dl 'old eapttals of Burope rOll! would be <I,:.I:Ul,rul1:1:'l ill ... jut coat \,\!cilrip:g only the veq' lJlim!l&iest brassiere and panrl'k uadernesrh, JUS'I: wa]kl g through the hotd lobby gives fUll a buze, [f you'vene\l\er tried it, you should. And when he ]ull,ges a ~'u, aucmpting to shred the ,glrm.cnts his haste, don't be afraid to t,Mse hi 11 <Ii liulc' - you hold bsek, Thar's a&Sulm:in.g you are capable of restraining YOlll!fself i III such

a volceule atmosphere,

',1;1 co VIOR SI W!::E KE N 0 G U IDE

Naked De


Clothes just ,gel 1[1 the way. And yet .... pr,tlling; tugg,in. I and lifti.ng garmen~ from each other is all part of your ]ntcnsity. Perhaps these efforts get hijacked by ki ~'Sirlg e<lch other sopnssiom.ately that ~~1I can't standi up <lfllf longer - suddenlp your legs giw w'ay. I?~rhilps you long to S'ublRit to ene another, to serve and seduce so nul the other has not the s]igl1test chance of resisting.

Si I'Iking onto 'fOu]" bendedknees, YOll longingly slide your lips down to your partrter's genitak

Steamy Bathing


B;:Ubi['!Jg, $hQ~veti~g, and grooiG'iti:llg bec()im.e sensual :IslPects off sediuct]cm .• Soop.i~g each other 3]1~V{\r, $~.owly CQIJ:llb.i:I1,g the hai.r, even cutting the hair with sharp SlI;ls.~ars, ~~une erotic propnrtloas, ~o would have tnougiJit thet shsmpcoingin \1I'1.lr.m w,,"k§,wjth your I.over~s slippery

lorm uJ'Jaiulating aeound fOUl'S, ~~rowd be so hol?\Nbo ,,"'Ould have dreamed that you mlgh:~ send wat:cr cascading onto the floor as you slide help]essly inl'O each ot~e.r's bodies? h~s hot, .~It:,and st~amy ][1 the ha:thmom.an.d mat's ju~t how you feel inside-ie:s 80 pa5!5jmlat~.


In the Ho

Perhapsjou d~ide to tailoo iii Unit! break. A Stl uglle ;tog:eM:er 011 the gl'llnd chaitI' brilllgs you dose, and Ina}tle the two of )f(lll mel the :flash of hear sparked by skin (U1 skin, He shows ill certain interest, she finds she' cal1>t help movi ng backward and forw rd across him, She shows a eertai nrestlessness: he finds it so simple, All .. 'OU have to, do is to slip into that warm welcome and let yourself be engulfe.d. A lirtde sl(!w, lingering loving is ill order,

Stockings and Garters

One of the great ad"antagc-s of a. high - passion \~'.eel\;ellJd" away from everyth~ 1'113 that «rOJ nts as e'I'eryd1JiY Life, is the oppon un ity to YMt,d inll'ib,itionos and act. as you've never allred befeee. ][ you have always dreamed of being one of these erotic, a fOlI.sin,g. plu,e.y $ex~(l' beings, now is the opportua ity. If Y0I;II have ah .. ra'Ys wanted your partner to do. or wear romet11Ii:JOg a little different Of U'IIlUSlla~, this

Js the time. Stockings and garte1l" belts are

a &,'iucy stl1lrtilllg peinr,

Silks an

The sexiest women know that their men gel turned 011 by the stl:l,j}oth~ness of satin Of 8i lv:i:sp' of silk. ' ven the act of :s.]i.pping these shirl)' fllbJ;ics over your naked body can aeouse yo{~tr gl~y. But tanra ~izi.ng; textures are 110't anly aLlllJbrDg to' men. For \irlO.mCIl, men's b WI necks "I'e' more $ex~IAlly app ttl li tJg than any other part of the mele anatomy, and viewing them clad in shiny silk briefs inspiresa sIJlprisi1'lg amount of ma~agc practice,

Taking the Lead

The sweetness of passion grows obvious ""hen she- (ll'ar"'~ en top of his naked body. cradling his head, and kissin him :p.a.ss:iofia:tely. There's som ething stimulating about even tJ~i:nJci"g albout inching yon. way across your nUH, let alone doing it. And }lour gLly is 1,IIolikdry to obje-ct Nearly ~V'~ry male ",rjJ] adore the idea orlll:s wema D laking the initiative .. Especially wlilen he knows she is motivated by unadulterated desjre,

,86 L OVERS' WE E.KE N I) G U ~ DE

After the weekend ...

Whel1 you Iilve with intense sexuatl emorlen, there are times when '!he experience bKO!m.'(!,S 1:00 nlU'ch to oo.ntai.n. One ,Of the outro:m':;5, of a passionate ge1l:t\,\f3,)' tegether is thaIl\Yllu often reliveke-y fn£ln:l:en;tS' everend .over again dnring the following weeks, sometirrres reaching. eeen in your lover's absence, further peaks of sexual desire. '. 0 how do you handle $l.I.ch desperate ycunings? The answer is to think abo'UtplenSf,l'r,;ng yourself as yom mi rid takes, yon,. kiss b}f kiss, once mo~e through that charged \wekend.

"'1 umer-mystery" weekends are o&el'l organized by rotels for guests who enjoy playing the s,le,uth atll ' selving make-be]iey€ crimes. \Vhat the hosts don't kno\,. tlIllQ you do, is that the skuldugg; ~r of "murder" inspires SOUle exciting bondage and

eduction. games in the privac-y of your own room.


ating the atmosphere ...

Agatha ChTisti~ was almost as daring as some o:f du~ charact,~rsshe invented for her crime JiJO'\I'ek Pe:rliJaps. then, she w'o!,d.dnot h!lI\IIe' been too surprised by the pO$silbilit ies Qffcm(l by a classic muro.er wookend"

The il'lgjn~dients you need are as follQws:

an old-fashioned boed" prefeliabty with wooden bedpo ts. 3 few si'lGlm ropes and ti~; a couple of soft ,blindfolds; a mirro,. in wbich yon am w/lll::h 'fOu~ e¥e-ry mov~~ plus o~t ional I!~'e$i> to 1.1 gmud pitmo. This la<$l i. .~o tJ~ clI1Jjoyed llen$\J.aUy - rether than as tiu~;,~' at compotiersprig"naUy intended-

Please take care not to do alJythi~g that will ",£fend other guests jn the party, HoweVle:r ~nSpir1J.lionill 11 In uTjer weekend m~gh'~ be to vnu, it i . not intended to be a. sex (!irs}'~ and lile:Si:her participants might jusUfi.ably object This means, ]11 practice, that your personal del:ect~ng should take place in the prhrac.y ,of yONI' bedroom,. w'ith the doors locked and room service Olil hold. Getting in.lo the private side .of a murder suspect's character, however, 3S ym.t"$t~ugg~e wh~le tied "'bnJtdly" to the bed. n,li1Y lead tosome i:n5,',i~' slend i~J~

Tying up Your Victim

How does it fe-el. to be ;tru~se(J up lInd help,less, ]ike a "nulir4er victim',? Help yom .Iove. find oat by telling hi m that he will be given a very sexy time indeed" provided that he aJgree.s to have his hands titul behind him andthst he submits to ,a, bl'i'ndfold.

at beLI'J\S able to see \,;riUinc.:rease' the acuteness of I:i is other senses.

fill U RIDE R MYSTIE FlV '93

Piano Duet

Wilen you ar,;;: ccrMitl that the other g:ucsts are safely ebsent, sneak m.nto the muslc room and practice a fe-w scales on the pill['to.. Remember the movie, Pretty Woma~1> and that passionate scene on top of the grand! played by Richa.rd Gere and Julia Roberts? Well. here's }'Our chance 1:0 copycat. BUl there',s III twist: as you leaa meliadllgl.y across your lover, plant the suggestion in h islh,er head that he-/slw just might 'become Ilw "murderer's" next casmll.ty.

Hidden Pleasures

Have you ever p:layoo tile game of sarcdines? That's the one where lots of you cram uno a tillY spa'ce and bide'. wilho1!l!l mOw]['ig or sayi.ng awerd, The last one ro find the glfoup is tille IOiS~[, - and ~n more l~ than one. He'sm.issed out on those breathless. overheated moments (If being """"""'''.,,,.,,-'

by and squeezed against tille bod.il's of his ft' 'ieQ~~~ • QW is your chance to "hide from tn,e mu Make the moot of it.

She who disobeys. ~ ,~

The ·'j.ob" of the dOlllitl:dtO'f is to' find f,m]t \'l:ith till? victim, however perfecdy :sbe (Ib!)1YS. This meens fining. her for misdemeanors she didn't even know she was committing, How to pnnlsht YO'U migltt; stroke her \.ihern she's ticklish, spank

Iter 011 the backside enough to sting bln not so

take your hand away just as it's ~euilig il.lie'lI'eStin. Much of the snmulanon comes in waitiJ1g fl' ,1je; purdshmltl1.t, radler than, Nmn I:he act j{scl'"f:

Sofa Antics

The dominator might Id;ema~rI,d' thAt his vretitl'l p~easnl'es h.i'm exactly as hew<i5hes. This does

not guarantee that he ~u anti re~y what he wants, of course, because' she mary anticipa:~e in~rest'i['Dg pU:llIishmmm,1:S and dev,ia~:e' frem his inslruoliOlns. But she will abo want to' p~,e3$LlIre him, so' she maf beat him. at' his own game. If she is giv:ing, hLm (m:'i.lsex, for example, as he si.ts on the' sofa. she might take himte a fover p'itdl of e;.~citeme.I\I't and then .refuse abisolu'ldyl'o go aH)1 furthCf!

Playing "dead"

One ver-y apt challeng,e :lQr 1.1 murder we~kend is ~o see how lQ['IJg you can lle ,1lbsolutely still while YOIIl[pilrtole:r ,caresseS' yo:u Qn' o'l,I:el': Taketurns being the ffC'QrpSe.~

~t's surprisingly dlffleult to remain motionless if you

Me' being stimubtedl so expertly that you are not nL becoming seriously aroused, but are all$oilil serious need of a climax. When it's the man's mrn. he is altQwed hiserection; but 1,1:0 other type of m()wm~nt

After the weekend ...

]I O]ilJy one of you has experienced being blindfolded end then submitted '~ S~.NU81 "~ort~re:'lhe other might like to try this out ~,vll,e:rJJ YOM get back to Nall:ife and real time. It's worth ~gr;eeifJg in advanceona code umrd' t:lla:t you call use if YOll really want

the: actionto cease. This means you can scream out desperately, "Stop, stop" without reall}' Hleanin,g it But the code word is (Ill ab.sQ,tute .signal.


There's something about performing the tango. strutting the rumba, or holding each other tight to the strains of Cuban rhythms that gets the heart fiadng. Just a few simple steps to the throb of dance music is enough to launch you into

a weekend of movement and passionate sex.

Creating the. aimesphere .' ~ .

......... ,---

'fh~ sitlht of a talentedoouple perJ&tm"ing (he ;t(i fJlfi# is so a~d"using ieiS: ~;i~ollgh 'ID itmke ,gl'own men Jnd~vom~]1l fan on each other

in II fro:l1l:ZY of lust "Ille hal1mark seM~al" gy.rati1llg mO'\I\emeJl!t~ Oif th~$ erotic d!lJnGe

COm. pare to a kindl of -vrsual font2'·a,y. SrnaU. wvo:nid~r, t[h:a:~ I!lIDlk dancing a:~;p>e .. ls to c()up.les illitellt ow sp.whlDg deer passinIT w~th]n their liveS' J~ h t][e~ouRd 0$ the melodic hp,f;'? Or the Y]Siofl of ]Ol1g, ~QQ~ limbs e~.dr,dmg other slim bQd.le"-S? Oris l( the simul~ ti,ou of sexJl.Ii!l~ i:tl:te,l"OOuue.YOl1 see: befo.re yon on the dance Ooonhat g,etf rOil[ sO Wiot?-

1llItin Ammican dance daillle-c$ and workiliops .[U¢ held .in dance $ludiQ$ llnar PlIO tneC\O.'Odd. Opt ro.r a wo.rk~Qlpil1l enesetle dityalld do a. little home~~'Ork to find yQm·sel\f.~-S ;lI~,acue!1d .. • style h.Q~~, preferably dose to the dance premiees, [~ between your danee classes

and ~.1.'J~:~~;,Ik~ng, fe.ast.~O!!H pilbtc on rome n~emo;~lbl~ Latil~Am;e:~ic<!!n "CuiJs:i'n.c. I( you adore mo'vement and rbyth:in. surround yourself w.itl wo;~dI~(f(J~ mU$k ]nyour hotel ro<O'll Del! don't be ",(raid tll practice. A~(lv~ altd()1i't Ir;rge.t ;thero.se - }'Qu'U need ilt to ,~lliSp' bcn"reelil. ]'Our tee-thl



There's something about latin musjc that brings you :dive. U's So upbeat that it makes you :Eeel happy and flirta tious, even if you were mi:sernMe befbre:h:and. [.<lughing and jnkingtogether can start some ofth~ best sex, So. thillk. of },oll!rlirst d<l}' of dancing asa wonderful \,\fa}' to enliven your mood.

bandon YOUl:Sc]vcs to the sensuality of the music. Have fun, laugh. htl!;, and

, nugg]e. This flirtatious behavior will put }'OU in a sexier, more :relaxed frame of mind.


Nonstop .Tango

the tango must be the: hettest dance ever invented. Small wonder that, havi:r1g turned each oilier On during the practice session, you simply have to continee YOU[ performance in the bedroom, You might rehearse YOill[ steps naked in your suite

or hotel room. As you slither around each other and let the Intlsk throb th:roughy,our v'ery being, you mar gr-ow so inflame.d with aes,ire that you Oil1lnot resist sliding ~ut of your dance position and into Some truly hot s.eD~Q~h,

Slow Waltz

Tile waltz eontains a suggestIve and sensllal pattern of steps, When the danc~ was first introduced, decent yOll~g women were forbidden to per~on~l it fur fcarr

t hat they w01lJld be co. rupted. As }lUll hoM each other dose, feel your partners evcry mornent by

pre sing i.I:1 tinm tell' 3.1Yii.nst his Or her th ighs and pelvis, The' d(lser you move. the 1fI:1Or,e opportuility }IOU have to kis and nuzzle your lover' neck and faCie.]t' v.err easy to get lost as you glide along in such lnrimate proii(imir~'.


fresco Inte

Physical exercise, such as dancing. relaxes couples and helps them fed comfortable and trusting. The intimacy of dancing m:ighlie<arl rn.o<st $llli~fact:o.riay to different kinds of sensllal mO'l,1\es - those invoh'iflg )'Our mouths. Try the delicious experiment of sipping W"j~le from each other's beny buttons. 0]' n~bb]e on an oLive together .. The best elttra~virg]1l oli!.l'e oil has more uses than you ntighl think ... liCking; .sudd,rg,. and I'u:bb~ing i.t into. tender skin can be de:1i.dollS~ J1ia~1 mil.lk£ surethat no one else ·caili seeyou~"'h,en l'OU decide to assuage your appetlte,

Stairway to Heaven

When you return, hot iIItld sticky, from your dance

class, don't head st:rn:ig,'lrdF()or the shower. PUl the beat you have gener:ale« rowerk by launching into an aile'J"I'I<lt:ii\\',e type of exercise" Perhillps YOIll will be So eager tlhat you l;Voill'ts:omeho1lV quite make the' bed mom but eollapsewitlt desire on the stairs. There arc time when the sensation of eold marble against not skin makes, yoti want to g~t as ,dose' as humanly pO$sib And if h,e needs a. l:iul~ i.nspimtiol1. u:y stroking him gently with a beautiful red rose,


rand Finale

As you become-more i n step, anricipat Ullg each other's every movement, the greater is your capabIlity to become more men tan y attuned, Some people a:dlrievea kiad off ~m'rQtiQrud et:'SlttlS}, through ,I blend of danc,eand sex. Tiley fed 00 enriched by their dancing that they am already close to nirvaea .. Tile experience of quiet I,Qwmaking, wher,fo you !.ie dose or nibble yol,l:l' l.ovey>s neck, can be eneugh toprolongthe sensual mood begun earlier during the dance.

After the weekend ...

Dencing is good ex'ercise> so when

you return home. don't be tempted to become immob]],e again - 'try to bep phy.s£c.a:l~,y activ(l', [mIli'lQbi:~ity~ead!ii to, ~tifflless. And stiff h1ciividurus don't become terribly passionate, There's a real link between bo'dy flexibility and great lOl!emakiJ~g. So gct up, stroll aeouad, flex yom arms and legs and, if you an", lucky 'enough b) be at horne with your partner, s.'IlCCP him or her ~.f1matiinta~'i2:ir:i;g tango,

Gourmet Hideaway

Renting or borrowing an out-of-the-way apartment tor theweekend means you can be assured of complete p'rivulcy - and a kitchen, ihould you he serious "foodies," you'll adore the

dea of puttin:g each od1,er on the menu.

Creating the aimosphere ...

hiak about the provisions you moght need for your gom·met weekend, Fruit is ideal for tempting "pucnu.cs" because it can he, prepared to look exntic. A platte! of grape'S, pear sikes, jewe.I-liil«· raspberries, split bsnanas, and luscious strawberries is an erotic s~gbt ]11 it~Jf_

You might have a taste for the lovers' b'tJ'lquet, where you decorate each other with delectable frlJ~t, creara, and honey',

• md then hc._kyour war through the spread.

GO U P.:MH H D o E AWAY "121

ln addirtlon to this s£l1SlIal feast. make lime for a long ~'th - togeth;e:r - in which YOy drink

1.0 rig fiwt:es of rhaft!p'Igne !lIml d r.ibble it down each ether's bm:Hes.}\1Ithusus the perfect fllieli.millllry to some gourmet lOlremaki'UI;g later,

Don't be afreld to make these: arrsngcmcnts beforehand. There is 11tnhing \'I'tong with:ll little forward planning, There lIn~ taJjta:lizi"g plem;lll"eli (0 be had nom (UUidpcat:it!g a sensual g'e'taway '"' 101'1,& befu:re you've even len town .


In the Kitchen

Perhaps you toY€' the tum-on of coming across yOll![ partner, in the Hude. doing the ,housework. Maybe YOli want to sec hislh.~1i naked body sitting up on the counter wl:um~ you prepare the evening meal - irs the cnntrast ofideatS that gives you 11 real jolt, Or is i'~ the antidpatJon of 11 Liul,e food and a liule sex that makes your mouth water? Or perhaps )'OWLr naked meeting

in the kitcbe:n just gives}'Oll a tl!l1d€r1' "iOfr,e~t?


Raiding the Icebox

Equip yourself wid} an kg cube and a hot d"iJ"k, First, rub the' ice cube aoo1lhnd rOmi lover's nipple, Take a gulp of stea.mingliquid, and then encircle the n ipple in your hot moeth. The stark contrn~t of hot and cold sensation ]$ incredib.le and affects not .only the breasts but most of the body. Alternatively, ice your mouth first, ratber than !lpp1'y:ing icc directly to the body.


Sensual Massage

You don't need rhe full-bod)' experience 10 get

~;;:--1!1~~~9li4,;~scru;ation frum a massage. A head. neck, or facial massage Gill product' t'l'liquisite pirickles of iI,eUg~1 f that flood the 'eIlili re terse, Tile head is <11:5.0 a good place 'to start if you VI~ra'D1t to ease your partner into a relaxed, sensual mood. A:fler ge:nt[y massaging the scalp, 'Y01ll can g.o on to more d" rin;g strrikes.. s!.l!c;h as rubbing the shoulders, the abdomen ... and ,eventually the genital's.

Turning up the Heat

Mo,villlg on to cunni,ling~t$ r~ght <ltit'Cf a rn<il~ag~ feels like a natural progression, Ha,v~g sthnulated the who~,c:t body wllh)'Q'!,]~ ha ads, now you want 'to get more specific. Perhaps she is in a hurryto get to 'th~ bedeoom and fOU havet ... rayiaid her by giving her such unexpected or:alplea5fll'e tha:t she has stopped right there' in front of you .. "Iou have a very good idea thatin a minute she might $hip to the floor and beg for more.

You. m~ght use'your hands toO llD.oM. her O:pf:lll as you ,lick up'warn.

Anal Massage

Over the weekend, yOIll want ~Q introduce ¢'3cti 0 tier eo new' sensatlon, ]f you've never tried it, anal rnas.sage· could be the novel <lctivhy. The anus has no natural hlbd"'l1it of its· own 00, llsi:ng a h''eI~-lulbric~tOOlD1lnge:r, begin to ,'robe t/lle, ord~r riu:J' of her anal p.a£'5age. This is ful.1 of mfrve endings and Si1llilply by st retching 'Ihe rim you offer a sensation-laden $!tarting poillrt. The wider she is stretched. the neaeerjeu g,etto being able to slip, inside for ana] intercourse.

If he is ""ery visualiyrespo1'l:s.ive, you may know wha:t effect you have when )'(Ill strip, slowly end stns[:{ously in frOoIlI: of him, find an area that you can IlIS~ for pre<te'Itl.Clpol.e-dancing, lift YOUlt legs a~p high" curve,

and bun. Slowly disrobe as YOll Inov;e snd SWiilr>', then offer him a boule of mas age oil. Ask him to rub it ,]1]

down }'Oaf gleaming body, :IS yot~ stand naked in ~~~-- .....

front of hi m, Only do this if YOI1 ki'io,w he'll love it.


After the weekend ... ,

Relaxed weekends are a reminder that loving touch i~ good fur us. It calms and soothes us and lifts our $pirits. And just <IS it hdl?~ to ligh~~liil our mood, ilfoU~}VlI:S on that' lt makes us fed sensual, too. fJ'o'tJ',t forget the power a/a hug; ~H ,(!lnb,r;ace, or a quie,t suuggle., YOiliU l?'<Ilftners loving touch has the power

to relieve depression; restore )lOur selfconfidenoe. and make YOll fc·d good

.. bout yourself once more.

Spiritual Retreat

to a different way of experiencing sex.

144, lOVERS' wE EI(EfH) GQ,JlOE

Creating the atmosphere ...

A_n imponant part of 'Iannic sex is to "fcrln l-rllat )lour partner is fueling " ... hen )'QU touch and stroke hu rnJher, The longer }'OU care$~, the more ,ill tu.tle you become with their thoughts as well a:S~U'Jr own. I rn percepn hly, y~)ur sensuality becomes Iflerged ,.,'ith theirs. You become "as one." In order to. achieve this stare of 1,I1'11'on> 'Yom' rime needs to be unhurried,

A long weekend, away fro m people and telephones, ,is the perfect opportunity.


At the bcgi:rmil\g of your weekend, take long \,\'O'Ilks and get plenty of sleep, You MM to be completely relaxed for the lal'ltric sex exercises se that you G11'l, attempt to oofltai n }'Our orgasm. Unlike the Western practice of climaxing fast, Tantra drtlws (mr the process, believing that there is greater spi.rjmaUl}' in keeping youuelf on the edge for long minutes. even hours, If you can cast your mind back to blissful occasions of ,ex-trem',e arQf,rSCli when you were almost climaxing, you call see that. the ancient priests had a 'point. Tantea a lSin teaches 3 process to prolong dli max.

1,46, lOY E II: S' WE. E ICE N I) G U WIE

The Tantric Kiss

~.t is far morethan simply an adjunct to, the important business of sex, Kissing isvalued as a 1/iIttJk et(jtic txpr:rien,O!. in its ewn rlghr, Semit ive kissing can set the body on fire and fe.d so. incredible that SOn'!H'! women even climax fi:om it. So don>t be in OJ buny to move on from the meeting of the llps. Savor th.1it experience ;J!;Id let ~t lhap~elll. again and again.

S Pl RI r Uti!. Fl: E TFt ~AT 149

Merging Orgasmic Emotion

it a ,rQSS from each other .ilil ill warm room, and take turns ,sJ(I~\'ly sn'oking each etherall ever, Use m<lssage oil to make )'OU'l" hands slippery. At; 10U str-oke, instead of feeling the sensation your hand is receiving, time imo ;th:e SliiR5ation his skin is getting rrolill you. On the

second and third occasion, make this mOr~ senml !"'~'\."""'=",)'.iII'lILC:!'"'=' don't be afraid of ,stroking to the point of org~sm - the squeeze '~h]1Jiqu(.' (squeez'ing t'~.e penis hard between

finger and thumb) to prevent elaeulanon,


Exchanging the Vital Force

Ancient Tantric belief has it that a mixture of love juices, or the secret LOllS of mouth and ngina. creates all exd~,wge of nle frm;{t. This is because when sexual juices arc absorbed by the mouth during mutual stlmularion, the masculine and feminine energies, or yill and !,mg. combine to form a whole. The "69" position, known as Utile Cro . "in 'Iantric manuals,


so :strongly you call I1Q longel: walt, The act off orgasm is believed to allow :Io\\'erti to "dissolve" into eaeh other's irulivid"u;d souls.,

1.54 LOV Ell S' Vi' 6E K E. fHl G U I I:) E

The Tan! Athlete ~~PI\H'iI

Taatrlc 'erotic pos-es we-ru designed to CJ'eIUe ,equ;i:iitiritun in bodyarnd spiri,t '\l\fhy do e need sexual balance? The anelents believed that itled to self-realiaation, perhaps b0C'81!lSIC we can only reach a peak when we no longer struggle: ,.,.ith diffindty. A common pose in erotic Hindu artjs the intertwin.ed "Sexual alhkte'~\'ihere the woman perehee hal.twa'}' up Iter sramHllg man, supported by his arms. Onlyuy this ifrou possess great suength.

partners, they are considered,v ... here TmlI:ra is concerned, to have a special Tespoil'lSibiIJty. Wllium he enters her from above, he is sbleto savor his OOM~ of power and strength" ¥e>t p'recise~f because of this. he is OlJl$o eMho:rted to rem,~iJ\t seHsiti ve to his woman's needs. The man-en-top position (w1hich affords deep peaetraden) offers fu:r better sensation when interceurse is deliberately unhurried and drawn out. So practice the prillcipl,e of taking YO'Uir time.

Sf Iii: nUA L Il E Til EAT 159

After the uieekend. ,. ,.

At home. YOo]!] coulduse 'Iantrjcrituals to teach yourself, by exploring yom body and its c'roge".,ou$ zones, how to reach " higher

, ]f you ~olYg for a ret urn to your splr iu.:t.a~ ''''",,,1.: ....... 1.. you might 0(" happy one e~'("nD ng to

caress your own body and sex org."IIls,. Through touch <'I nd deep breathi ng, open up YOlJjr sexual response as far las you can. You are M)rking tCi'w<lrJ <I Tantrlc wholeness.


Bondage Escapade

You'v;e longed to experience the pleasure and pain of being: rendered helpless, A 11 d you've met ¢I partner ",! .. hose desire dovetails perfectly with yours. It is with heightened anticipation (and some trepidation) that you I repare to succumb to your partner's power,

Creating the attn 5 here ....

To gel the most rom your weekend, YOll'lI want rqpur some thought iNO choosi ng rour Mli'l1b:!te:g3jrni)ent:s.1)ese are 110t clothes ,,,"'-"'1',," wet-look plastics and be uitra- tigh r and

haJlldc;\ifl'f,iiildl .... variety of W 1 ps, ties, and

harnesses, If he fo.t] 1:0 treat rnim

like the r,dtiml1 te doormat, ste~ple-lilgtl heels are a must.

But when you slip 011 the link}' eufflts, you abo need ~Q don a new attitude toward sex, Should you be the dominant partner. you need

80 N IlIlGE E~SCAPA 0 E :U3

to "th in k dominant." This means issuing d upped and precise i nstructions, It means tolerating no nonsense or diso,bedie.ru:-e.,

H esptcilli!y me_<H1S being .aluho.rit:alive - Or certain asto how }'oUU will instruc! your slave. Run through a couple of scinrillatlng scenarios in your mind before packing the nipple damps. You'll sound a let more convincing if you've thought about what you're

going to. say.

lA!;4 L 0\1 EIRS' WH.KE N I) G U mE

Dressing the Part

fa.ced with it gI,e,euning, rubbe1~dtJd woman, a number of powerful emotiO!lS Ait througltil th,e male mind - apprehenslon, admiratloa, saeaking desire, and sheer nervousness, Glist,ening, high-heeled boots iind a matching whip complete the outfit. but the

os only works if you hold yourself €'rect and make i learth,lt }'our partner is Ole-rely a worm who

c wi UpOl1 the earth, Dressing the part ,defi.ni.teIy

Means of Punishment

Use only paddles, whisks, Or soft tlajjls.

for punisbment - dley .. rouse the flesh p]easa:rJJtl.y but don't hurt. Yon might order yom partner to keep sLi]landwhen you discever he hils moved (3 fr,acrion), reprimand him. Alternatively, you might ask your partner where: he would m"e

LO be punished. Andwhen he' tells rou], direct )'Q'ur strQ,kes to a site other than die preferred one. The idea is to tab )'QUI.r .over by :s;urpr:use: ,.~rhh your i1Ictions.

Your slave is expected to carry eut }-'Our

sUgh test lViki,ftJ, he it to liek the gmund dean in fro~;I'~ of you, or to pleasure fOl] wi:th hi.:slher tongue, You might use 3. hamess or cord to strap IflPYOLI[ partner in 3. provocative manner, "l'Idlng the material in and around the genitals II ld (if female) around! the breasts. As 11 kind

o payoff yournight stimu.late YO&"'I:ov:er in nv, m<tnneJ fbl! choose. telling him/her that

h [btnit to w'ila,'tever you do,

Some men (anda fe,'" women, too) llil'~ shoe fetishists, The best shoes for sex are those wjth ultn'l~high heels, preferably made from roughened perspex, that look as if they would create serieus damage should YOll walk ant 01,l\C!" your .m8Jn in them. The trick is to tlilfMten to .~.tep ou him,

to press the shoe in ~uiste[ rnshioll into rhe flesh, but fj·ot aetuallyto PUl }'Our full weight on them. h is the idea. 01:' Hllpressio1n. of cmelty that you want to give, rather thalli the actual experience.

1'12 LOIol' Ell S' WE IE I<E fHl Go U lID E

Breast WorshiF

Wi.nding straps around yOU_[ W'OIlI<lIl'S fuJI breasts. or squeezing them into rubber g'3Jtmellts and then fondling them while they are trussed up. sadsfies the .d,eepest fCU! tnsres of many men and sosae womJli1fD, 'bu nught try b[1ea8lITh~ss<lge duriag t!he-$e explorations" .\.n.ere you not on~y stimolate the full breast, btu also stroke OO\·m the sidles of the breast; sliding yourfiingertips acress the breast like a spider, and end:ing by d~illg your fingers on the Ilipp!~ and drawing them.ac"",..y;. Try gently rub-b,ing her nipp1.e;s' "..nilemovillg inand out of her dl]ril!lg i nterccurse,

Taking Control

If you have beenplayi.ng the dominatrix,. the tilne willi come when you wautlo ride ymu ;man in oid.e. to ebrain four supreme pleasare, He win understsnd that: he has to fa1lI in ~.~,jthlfOur oommaads and do everyth:ing that yon ask. This

is not for him, you tell him" as yo'u \I;I(I'lrk woo:rd your own pleasure, He' is, .merely a willitlg ve-sstd - heexists only tn serve YOl~. Maybe OIften-rnrd you will reward him, but don"~ tel1ldm til<lt right now:,.

After the weekend ...

BuildLJli& on the success of your bondage weekend, LIse some of the action s and t:echnilqnes tJMt r:eall.l' worked for the two

of ]rem. [f amd sex \,Vas what ttl moo you

on. then don't be afraid of being rcaUy ,~,ugg,stive the next time you are relaxed togetl:'iiEr.in the bedroom.]! using vibrators is what did it, then jnvest in several different models, bearing in mlnd there are many now for men as wei] as women,

Sex i


e City

There are many thwarted exhibitionists -unen and women - among us, who long to explore

sex in p , but who do not do so

because it m.i offense. One way of

meeting this need 1, to play out special sex that (in your mind) you feel to forb idden territory.

Creating the atmosphere ...

YOll might lovethe idea of having sex in a puihlic place where YOll risk being caught, But smce you wil11110t want ~o bUaJk 9/ny laws, u "",UI appreciate the val.ue of iIilctingQut fantasies

, or scenarios. as 3n alteruative,

The next best thing to having se-x in the public libr:ary>or in the oofficeafier dark, is to p]<liY at it. In practice, this involves up certain situations to lend a real

SEx IN HIrE crr« 181

U your partner adoresth eidea of sex in the office, arrange ~o take him to a friend's apart ment where one of, 1 he roomshas been converted i nUl an office.

[f love among the book stacks is your idea

of heaven, explore the possibility of bOr'l'o'\\'ing ill libmritm'S key so that you can use the premises after dark,

Meeting as~~tmugtfll/j; in a. real bar, wth her p~.etendling to be the \cVO.:rl]llg gjrl and him actil:lS as the john, is su[p:~isingly amusiing. And when she takes him "home;'; it could

be to It frj·end':S place where the bedroom has been exoticaLly decorated for the night <lind where he had l'Ihsoll.l.~e]y no idea he weuld be led. It IS tlns dement of t:he' unexpected that provides the important sex~HtI "frisson"



Hiliu: a'S 3 ~stm.nger:·

stand dose to }'Ou:r la·ver Orn a crowded train, YOU!ooghil slide- your hand dlOwrnil the' back of her skirt (provided

itt cannot be seen) and stroke underneath it. Watch hey face while you do so.

Her: make a pomt of pi-cking up something from the floor in front of him, [f you are weari illS a short skirt and high heels, the act of bending willpul] the skirl up sr the back, Are you\'i''earing anything underneathi


Sex Between the Bookshelves

SU':ictly aft,er dosi'fl\g tillle. visi,t t1~e ,libmry for 01 ]iule e.xtmOi.rrkul<!r stud'y: On t.his. occasJon. she migh'~ pleasure him, patying clO$e attention to his penis. To

be partkuiarly proV'ocatme. he might Ft'.ad while urging her on to greater efforts. Using her ~rJlgue as 11' &llitar pick, she might strum it acress.his penis, letting it catch and pulE a~ollg the fnml.l.lum (011 the underside of the head of the: penis) arid the coronal rid,ge. Hop~fully. he will find i'~ so hard to concentrate that he drops his book.


5e-t. 11 New Age scene \""ith pa]IHS; peaceek ('Cathers, and panp nHJ.~ic. l'\s1ii fier to lie down and start b)' Miding your weU •. Qiled ha;:uu (jja.gonalJy across her back. Then graci1111!t,e to her front. Make spir.a1s on her breasts with your fingers. Slide your Eil'lge:r and thumb toward each other across the breast. meeting up and l.if'ting off over the nipple. Then b.lirl'tlfo,ld her; tell her your colleague must now practice his massage strokes on her, andl lealY€' the mom. Vfhen)l'oll return, pretend to be the colleague.


Hell's Angels

There's a surp.r:ise for your man. You hill\\\e had your nipp.l,es pierced. ([f you don't VO'IIll!t the real t.1l ing it is possible to fuire it.) Exp]8Jin that you have undergone this rliete demenstrete how demt~d you are to him,

HlU will IN him t<lUOO your body with any motif he likes arutoffef him a blue marker (indelible pencil ,,\'OI15 also well here), Then tell him" very quietly, that vou wi II submit to any kind of sex he desires,

Playing Boss and Secretary

](s late and the staff hasleft the office'. '111te Hg1mts are l,ow and the COi.fjrnputeo: :U5 hUlled ofl "Miss ~o['ies," he iust ruets, "take off fOur clothes" Then. "Sit, Miss lones and spread YOUi!' legs:' Ax. you wai'l obedi'~lltl.y ,;;rirh sharpened pencilin hand, he gives }Iou dictation in the form of tongue ()H clitorls, "Miss Jones,"

l:!£ tells YO'l], haUway through, "you are ab8ol~telly fo:rhiddeJm to cry ou~." You are forced to experlence a silent orgasm. Such hardship!

1,9'2 lOV E iii!>' WIH IU N II} G U I I}E

Sex in the Elevator

This gam{: is 'Qn[y to be perfQrmedill tile middle of tbe night III a friend's home where there is an elevater, Even theugh you have set this upte be totOl!Ll.y prIvate, tell ~'OQU lover '~:ha;t you I1l~SJh't bcinmrrupted ilt <lny moment, Yet i:lJilsi$t thart }'0'1.1 get j,t Oil either in the elevator Of outside ~t 1"0 add to the flow of adretwUnoe., pu-s-s the call button iI couple of times so tlla,t the

eI vatnr travels between floors. It's M':l'Il:'y y~t safe.

Jl'94 L(I'I,i' Ell S r wE U iUHl G U IDE

After the weekend, ...

for any game to wo:rk wen. it must have an aspect of n:ul'elty . And back horns, there's

no reason why new 3ctiv"iti€:5 cannot sti~,1 be lnteoduced &mn time to time, [fyon ]oa~n;t y€t used one w~rhcr~a vibrator is an excellent toy to p]lIIY with, There are r.itJ,g=shapea vibes that fit around the base of his penis. giving =--=-==-_-=_..J pleasLlI'e to you both during mteecourse, double vibrators

Explore ,WHIr !Vild side

Motel Lust

UnashamtulJ p'W1e sex is one \t'fry good _;:',~"',n" for spending the weekendwith your lover The seediness of the road ide motel adds strangely to your pleasure .. U encourages you t liberate . rourse]f and be more extrov.ertly sexual than per ha ps you could be in normal su rro und i ngs.

no-holds-barred weekend, you won't have t@ stock up on .m)' special equipment, Hut since you will be spending the majority of your rim~ ruiked, you migbt take spedal care he'mrehalld to make sure YOLlf body looks as attractive as possible. And yes, this does appJr to men. too!

If you are male YOoU might, as 3:1!1 experiment, try shaving rour body so that a glell.miflg,

ha idess individual sweeps hlsparmer off her reel. Don't forget eo treat yourse.lf to a selfmassage using a good ql.l:il:~Dty QUI. ToGe: really, irnaginatjve, try 5lu'ayingyoursdfwith stardust or bod}' gleamer. Take a look around your pharmacy for s ell products or research them online.

If you <I!.1e female you might like to go .. 10,.., .R-OV" ...... :K:~g treatment and some mte['est.1

depilation around tile 'pub'. area,

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