This week, we talked about our observation in class and outside. We touched on similarities and differences between real life and in class. Making the atmosphere of the class stress free is beneficial for students’ learning. Students should be encouraged to read English by using some ways. For example; teacher can mention his/her purpose in reading passage. After some reading activities, teacher can reward them. Reading passages should be interesting for students. We read some techniques different teachers used. Some of them are good, the others are boring and classic. In pre-reading, brainstorm, discussing the topic, reading it once very quickly etc. are the some ways. Each of them motivates students and gets their attention into lesson. In while reading, students read the passage, can underline unknown words. These help students to learn some techniques in reading time. In post reading, students answer the questions; write some sentences about the topic, role play, group work and games are funny ways to check understanding of passages.