jOrderfng number: EN5479

Monolithic Digital IC


3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver for VCR Capstan Motors

Overview Package Dimensions

The LB 1980 is a 3-phase brushless motor driver Ie that is unit: rnrn

particularly well suited for driving VCR capstan motors. 3206A-QFP34HA

Functions [LB19BO]

• Three-phase full wave current linear drive

• Torque ripple correction circuit with variable correction ratio

• Current limiter circuit

• Output stage up/down oversaturation protection circuit (no external capacitor required)

• FG amplifier

• Thermal shutdown circuit

Pd max - Ta


f- IC
7 <,
<, "" O.46W I

g 0.8

-0 0.1 c,

d o

'a 06


'" '"


~ 0.4





:g 0.2

~ :;;:

o ~20







Ambient temperature, Ta -"C


Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C

I. 40 ~I


Parameter Symbol Conditions Ratings Unit
Vee max 7 V
Maximum supply voltage Vsmax 24 V
Maximum output current lomax 1.3 A
With an arbitrarily large heal sink 12.5 W
Allowable pawe r dlssipatlon Pd max
Independent IC 0.77 W
Operati ng Ie mperature Topr -20 to +75 ·C
Storage temperature Tstg -55 to +150 ·C Allowable Operating Ranges at Ta = 25°C

Parameter Symbol Conditions Ratings Unit
Vs 5 to 22 V
Supply voltage Vee 4,5 to 5.5 V
Hall input amplitude VHALL Between Hall Inputs ±30 to ±BO mVo-p
GSENSE input range VGSENSE With respect to the control system ground -{).20 to +0,20 V SANVO Electric Co.,Ltd. Semiconductor Bussiness Headquarters TOKYO OFFICE Tokyo Bldg_. 1-10, 1 Cherne, Usno, Talto-ku, TOKYO, 110 JAPAN

D2897HA(OT) No. 5479-1/6


Electrical Characteristics at Ta "" 25°C, Vee= 5 V, Vs = 15 V

Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit
min typ max
V cc current drain Icc Rl ~ =, Von, = 0 V, - 12 18 mA
VUM = 0 V(When stopped)
Vo(sat)1 10 = 500 mA, Rf ~ 0.5 n, Sink + Source - 2.1 2.6 V
VCTL = VUM = 5 V(With saturation protection)
Output saturation voltage
Vo(sat)2 10 = 1.0 A, AI = 0.5 n, Sink + Source - 2.6 3.5 V
VCTl = VUM = 5 V(With saturation protection)
Output leakage current 10 leak - - 1.0 mA
FR pin input threshold voltage VFSR 2.25 2.50 2.75 V
FR pin input bias current Ib(FSR) -5.0 - - ~A
CTLREF pin voltage VCREF 2.05 2.15 2.25 V
CTLREF pin input range VCREFIN 1.50 - 3.50 V
CTL pin input bias current Ib(CTL) Von, = 5 V, with GTLREF open - - 4.0 IJA
CTL control start voltage VCTL(Sn With RI = 0.5 n, VllM = 5 V, 10 ~ 10 rnA 2.00 2.15 2.30 V
With the Hall input logic fixed(u, v, w = H, H, L)
CTL pin control Gm Gm(CTL) With RI = 0.5 0, 6.10 = 200 mA 0.46 0.58 0.70 AN
With the Hall input logic fixed(u, v, w = H, H, L)
[Current Limiter]
LIM current limiter offset voltage Voff(LlM) With Rt = 0.5n, Vcn, = 5 V, 10;:: 10 mA 140 200 260 mV
With the Hall input logic fixed(u, v, w" H, H, L)
LIM pin Input bias current Ib(UM) Vell = 5 V, GTLREF: OPEN, VUM = 0 V -2.5 - - IJA
LIM pin current limit level llim With Rf = 0.5 n, VCTl = 5 V, VLIM = 20.6 V 830 900 970 mA
With the Hall input logic fixed(u, v, w ,. H, H, L)
[Hall Amplifier)
Hall amplifier input offset voltage VoH(HALL) -6 - +6 mV
Hall amplifier input bias current Ib(HALL) - 1.0 3.0 ~A
Hall amplifier cornmon-moce input voltage Vcm(HALL) 1.3 - 3.3 V
Torque ripple correction ratio TRG For the troughs and peaks in the At waveform - 9 - %
at 10 = 200 mA(Rf = 0.5 n, ADJ: open)(note 1)
ADJ pin voltage Vadj 2.37 2.50 2.63 V
[FG Amplifier]
FG ampllf!er Input offset voltage Voll(FG) -8 - +8 mV
FG amplifier input bias current Ib(FG) -100 - - nA
FG amplifier output saturation voltage Va(sat)(FG) For the sink side and the Intemal pu lt-up - - 0.5 V
resistor load
FG amplifier voltage gain VG(FG) For open loop at f = 10kHz 41.5 44.5 47.5 dB
FG amplifier common-mode input voltage VCM(FG) 0.5 - 4.0 V
Saturation prevention circuit Vo(sat)(DET) 10 = 10 mA, RI = 0.5 nThe voltage between 0.175 0.25 0.325 V
lower side voltage setting each OUT and Rf when Vcn, = VUM = 5 V.
TSD operaling temperature T·TSD (Design target value)' - 180 - "C
TSD temperature hysteresis 6.TSD (Design target value)' - 20 - "C Notes: ·ltems marked With an asterisk are deslqn target values and are not measured.

1. The torque ripple correction raflo is determined from tho Rf vo1!age waveform as follows.



2· (Vp-Vb) Vp+Vb







No. 5479·216


II: [] OJ w 1: + Top view
.. z ,. ,.
.. -e .. s ~
II: l!:
.. .. ...
.. II- Pin Assignment

'" " ., "

[] ., II:

.. :> ..


Note: For ground potential stabilization. the FRAME pins must be connected to ground.

Truth Table and Control Functions

Source ..... Sink Hall input FR
V-4W H
1 H H L
W-4V L
U-4W H
2 H L L
W ..... U L
U-4V H
3 H L H
V-4U L
W ..... V H
4 L L H
V ..... W L
W ..... U H
5 l H H
U ..... W L
V-4U H
6 l H L
U ..... V L '" ,.

.. u It v .. ,.

Note: An H in the FR column indicates a voltage of 2.75 V or higher, and an L indicates a voltage of 2.25 V or lower. (When V CC ;::: 5 V.)

Note: For the Hall inputs, H indicates that the + input is 0.01 V or more higher than theinput, and L indicates that the + input is 0.01 V or more lower than the - input, for all phases.

Note: Since this drive technique is a 180· conducting technique, the phases other than the sink and source phases are never off.

{Control Function and Current Limiter Function] Control Characteristics





GIn~O.58A/Vt Y P




234 Control voltage. VCTL


Current Limiter Characteristlcs


Slope" 0.5 AN (typical)

2 3

Limit voltage. VUM




No. 5479-3/6


Pin Functions

Pin No.

Pin name

Pin functions

Equivalent circuit



Forward/reverse selection pin.

Forward or reverse Is selected by the voltage applied to this pin. (Vth = 2.5 V (typical) at Vee = 5 V)



This pin allows the torque ripple correction ratio to be adjusted externally. Applications that adjust the correction ratio should apply a voltage to the ADJ pin with a low-impedance circuit.

The correction raUo falls as the applied voltage Increases. and increases as the applied voltage decreases. The correction ratio can be varied over a range from about 0 to twice the ratio when this pin is leftopen. (This voltage Is set Internally to about Ved2. and the input impedance is about 5 ko..)

6". 5000 Elk.







Ground for Circuits other than the output tranststors

The output transistor minimum potential Is that of the resistor Af.

FG1n (-l [+l
6 FGin+ This is the noninverting input when the FG amplifier Is used as
a differential input amplifier. There is no internally applied bias.
8 FG-OUT This is the FG amplitier output. It has an internal load resistance.
Vcc vee
12 FC Frequency characteristics correction for the speed control loop
9 CTl Speed control connection. Speed control is implemented as a
Ilxed current drive in which current feedback is applied from RI.
Gm = 0.58 NY (typical) at Rf = 0.5 0.
10 CTLREF Control reference. Although this pin is set to about 0.43 • Vee
internally, it can be changed by applying a voltage with
a low-impedance circuit. (It has an input impedance at about
4.3 lin (typical).)
11 LIM Current limiter function control. The voltage applied to this pin
AO .. O",!"Ii
changes the output current linearly. Slope ~ 0.5 AN (typical)
at Af = 0.5 0..
13 Uln> U phase Hall element input. IN> must be higher than IN~ Each (+) input Each (-) input
14 Uln~ for a logical high input level.
15 Vin+ V phase Hall element Input. IN+ must be higher than IN~
16 Vin- for a logical high input level.
17 Win+ W phase Hall element Input. IN+ must be higher than tN-
18 Win- for a logical high input level. AD150!!l:!li
Continued on next page. 5


When the FG amplifier is used as an inverting input amplifier, a feedback resistor must be inserted between FG-OUT

and this pin.

No. 5479-4/6


Continued from preceding page.

Pin No. Pin name Pin functions Equivalent circuit
19 Vee Power supply for all IC Internal circuits except for the output
block. This voltage must be stabilized so that ripple and noise
do not enter the IC circuits.
22 Vs Output block power supply
24 Rf These are the output current detection pins, and the control
(PWR) block current feedback is applied by connecting the resistor
33 AI RI between these pins and ground. Additionally, the lower side ~ Vcc
(SENSE) oversaturation protection clrcu It and the torque ripple correction Lower side saturation
circuit operate according to the voltages on these pins. grevention circuit input
j_ Each out lock
In particular, since the ovsrsaturatton protection level Is set by Vee
the voltages on these pins, if Ihe value of Rf Is lowered 200D
excessively, Ihe effectiveness of the lower side oversatu ration 1'3Ol<Q 10,.A
protecuon In the high-current region wlll be degraded. 2000
Note that the POWER and SENSE pins must be connecfed 0----'0\',
together. ,
27 U-OUT U phase output. (A spark killer diode is built in.) ,-,ClIJg5.111
29 V-OUT V phase output. (A spark killer diode Is built In.)
31 W-OUT W phase output. (A spark killer diode is bu ilt in.)
34 GSENSE Ground sense. By connecting this pin near the ground for the
Rf resistor side of the motor ground wiring that includes Af,
the Influence that the common ground Impedance has on
Rt can be removed. (This pin must not be left open.) Block Diagram

ult; ....


Hall amplifiers

1< Fe




e n,

GSENSe ~--------~----------------~3~

L 1101 11 t----------------.J


FG arnpldisr

c<Jr---------l: ~ .:


"'0 II 0 '!I iii

No. 5479-5/6


Sample Application Circuit

E -e
8 "
" e
"" '"
rca. E
"'5 Q)
~o. in
~.E .>,
-<U 0;
i!:11 ~
00 0
"-> Il..
I [
- " Q)
.a. rn
S '"
'" '"
c .~ 0
E :>
~-~ 8, "0
_0. 11 "
"'- E
c::::), 0 E
EO. > 0
:..=.~ u, 0"
cl!l, w ~.i5.
to ~~ -' ga
o 8~ ....
> U t--.~
~ ~ ~ N ~ ru '"

a OJ IV rl





o m OJ


c: a.

c~ +---+--{:] ~ c::;; r--c;;; ~~

'--+---1~-t---{=:J '"



co _j



.... ::J .. '" III

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No. 5479-6/6

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