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The Amazing NEW product from THE ACME REIKI CO.

Over several years now, numerous Reiki-Folk have expressed serious doubts as to the existence of the Tendai Buddhist nun - referred to simply as "Suzuki-san" who, so it is claimed by Chris Marsh, is the direct source of the teachings presented under the name: 'Usui Teate'. The primary reason for this doubt is simply that no-one, other than apparently Chris himself, has ever seen this nun...


In early July 2008 a team of Reiki Masters came together to investigate the 'Suzuki-san Mystery' (From the outset, we knew that this was going to be a difficult task - especially as 'nun' of us could see her...) We had theorized that perhaps the reason for Suzuki-san's invisibility was that she was a practitioner of the ancient Tendai Mikkyo 'Discipline of Bodily Concealment' - a mystical practice involving the performance of a series of ritual gestures, intonations and visualizations - not unlike the 'kuji-in' (another Mikkyo Buddhist practice, yet more commonly associated with b-movie Ninjas!). Then one of our team, through a brilliant piece of deduction (and no doubt a little Reiki-based inspiration), realized that the reason Chris could see Suzukisan, where others could not, was possibly due the spectacles he was wearing. Further investigation confirmed this theory. It seems that by sheer fluke (or otherwise) Chris's particular optical requirements had resulted in him being prescribed a unique pair of spectacles


- ones having very special light-refracting qualities [not dissimilar to qualities found in both the famous X-ray Specs and the slightly less popular 'Aura goggles'] which enabled him to see through the Tendai nun's mystical 'cloak of bodily concealment'. As a result of this breakthrough, we proceeded to 'appropriate' of a copy of Chris's actual Optical Prescription. And, with the assistance of a qualified and highly skillful optometrist, produce a prototype batch of spectacles which, whilst no longer specific to Chris's particular optical requirements, still retained the necessary light-refracting qualities to enable the wearer to see the hitherto invisible nun.

We have named these amazing new 'visionary enhancement aids':


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We at the ACME REIKI CO. acknowledge that the Suzuki-san Specs (pictured above) are perhaps in need of a style makeover, and so are currently in discussion with designers at the world-famous Rei-ban company, and hope to go into production of a complete range of Designer Suzuki-san Specs, sometime in the next few months We are also currently looking into the financial viability of producing Suzuki-san Contact Lenses. So watch this space! (preferably whilst wearing your Suzuki-san Specs)
___________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: Not only will these precision-engineered 'visionary enhancement aids' enable you to see Suzuki-san - they will also enable you to see several other 'hidden' Tendai nuns, including Kawazaki-san, Yamahasan and Honda-san. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of a couple of current members of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai…