Week Three Vocabulary List

You are responsible for knowing the root word/prefix/suffix and its meaning. The next quiz will be cummulative from weeks one, two, and three. It will have: • All ten word parts listed below • Ten more word parts from weeks one or two (review)

Root Word -man-

Meaning hand

Examples manual, manufacture, manuscript, manipulate



demote, motion, motor, promote



pedal, pedestrian, pedestal

Prefix ilimimin-

Meaning not into not not

Examples illegal, illegible, illegitimate, illiterate, illogical immediate, immerse, immigrate, implant, import imbalance, immaculate, immature, immobilize, impossible inaccurate, inactive, inadvertent, incognito, indecisive Examples careful, fearful, joyful, thoughtful comic, historic, poetic, public ageless, careless, thoughtless, tireless

Suffix -ful -ic -less

Meaning full of relating to without

Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010

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