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Published by: Erick Dustin on Oct 11, 2010
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Power-pack construction allows easy, quick, and clean application Water soluble for quick dissolving in dishwasher

Powder and gel in each pack provides multiple forms of cleaning action Two powerful scents One pack per load $4.19 per 16 packs

One product to put in dishwasher Clean shiny dishes Quick use to save time… no presoaking dishes. scrubbing. measuring amounts. no mess No spots or residue on dishes after cycle Fresh smell .

 Quick dissolving pack: Blend of cleaning products with Surfactants: Each pack pre-measured: Powerful scent:  Compressed powdered detergent  Liquid dawn soap  Starts cleaning at beginning of dishwasher cycle  No over or under estimating amounts  Residual scent left in dishwasher and on dishes  Meets new government regulation Phosphate free: Septic system safe .

Pros: Excellent Cleaning Powerful clean scent after cleaning No streaks or residue leftover No pre-rinsing needed Clean easy packs No measuring needed Coupons Cons: Expensive Pros: Cleans dishes decently Cheap Cons: Not a powerful scent Streaks left on glasses Must pre-rinse Messy Must measure amounts .

coupons.Television adds on multiple highly viewed stations Magazine adds Excellent. well organized website including videos. and product information Multiple coupons from a wide variety of sources Free samples .

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