The Harrowing of Hell Pages to reference 45, 46 48- The early Christian hymn in Eph.

5:14 may present Christ's triumph-song on entering Hades. (J.A. Robinson and M.R. James, The Gospel according to Peter and the Revelation of Peter. BS2860 .P6 R66) 49- In his comments on Hebrews he says, " In all these passages, no doubt, the writer is thinking primarily of Christ's sacrificial death, but do his words not gain in clearness when we assume that he had also the descensus in his mind? (Loofs, Descent to Hades, Hastings' Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics. Edinburgh, 1908-1921. BL31 .H35 1928) This line of argument would point to a belief of the writer of the Epistle that the righteous of the Old Covenant had been taken to a better state or made perfect." Important Scriptures Eph. 4:9; Philemon 2:10; Rom. 10:7; 14:9; 1 Cor. 15:55-57; Heb 13:20; 11:40; 12:22ff; 9:8; 5:9; 6:20; 9:24; 10:20; Fathers Origen, Comm. in Rom. v.1, vi, 10. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, 3.23.1; 5.21.3; 2.20.3; 3.21.6; 3.19.3; 3.21.3 -Epid. c. 83. Justin Martyr, Dial. 39.