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Weekly Bulletin
October  11  –  October  16,  2010  

Quote of the Week: “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.” ~~ Unknown
No Advisory, All Periods
Monday October 11 - 7:45 PD, B203,B204, Library
- 9:00 CELDT Testing, MPR
- Vista staff (5) to Woodland Hills MS
Advisory, 1,3,5
Tuesday October 12 - 9:00 CELDT Testing,MPR
- 3:10 Faculty Meeting
- 4:30 SSC/CEAC Elections, PC
Advisory, 2,4,6
Wednesday October 13 - 9:00 CELDT Testing, MPR
- Adv, 2,4 PSAT, selected students
- 3:10 Teachers New to Vista meeting, PC
- 3:10 School Activities Committee meeting, PCR
- AVID Parent meeting, LH
Advisory, 1,3,5
Thursday October 14 - 9:00 CELDT Testing, MPR
- Title 1 Coord meeting
- 3:00 Tomorrow Scientists at CSUN
Advisory, 2,4,6
Friday October 15 - Norm Day
- 8:00 ELAC Meeting, PC
- 8:30 Administrative meeting
- Initial Planning Sheets due
- Time Reports due – Semi-monthly
- 9:00 CELDT Testing, Library
- Adv., 2,4,6 Signature Fundraiser Kick-off Assemblies, MPR

Saturday October 16 - 8:00 AM –1:00 PM, 6 Grade Math Meeting

Birthdays of the Month: October 15 – Erika Garcia, Evie Stone

Tobacco Facts: Although lung damage, such as that caused by chronic bronchitis and emphysema, cannot be reversed once it has
occurred, its progress stops if a smoker quits.

For Your Good Health: Try to get enough sleep.


IMPACT GROUPS ARE FORMING! Thank you to the Vista personnel who referred students to IMPACT. Pleas ocntinue referring students. Groups are starting this
month! Referral forms are at the Dean’s Office, mail room and counselor’s offices. Please place the IMPACT Referral Forms in Mrs. Dye’s box.
Forms for Master Calendar Reservation and Maintenance Requests are now available. They are on the bookshelf next to the fax machine. Please remember that
all school activities must be requested and reviewed by the Activities Committee. Please plan ahead and give sufficient time for the approval process.

Oct 18 QEIA Technical Asst. Meeting Oct 22 Pay Day, Semi-monthly
Oct 19 1:30 Articulation Mtg @Panorama HS Oct 22 Time Reports Due, Classified
Oct 20 Guest Science Speaker, MPR Oct 21 Augmented Staff Mtg.

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