All acclamation to Allah who has empowered and enabled me to accomplish the task Successfully first of all I would like to thank our Allah Almighty who really helps me in every problem during the project. I would like to express my sincere and humble gratitude to Almighty who’s Blessings, help and guidance has been a real source of all my achievements in my life. I would like to admit that I completed this project due to parents who pray for my success. I also wish to express my appreciation to my supervisor Muhammad Younas who helps me a lot and introduce me to new dimension of knowledge.


My project is dedicated to my beloved Parents, teachers, brothers, sister and all of my well wishers.

What is Business Research Data and its types Objectives of Decision Making Elements of Decision Making Relevant costs of Decision Making
 Future  Incremental  Cash Flow  Other Terms

Opportunity Cost Practical Study at Unilever Limited Introduction of Unilever Limited Products Units Costing Department SWOT Analysis Reference

What is Business Research?
‘Research’ has been defined in a number of ways, depending upon peculiar interests and demands of the researcher, his professional training and skills and, of course, the nature of the problem being examined or analysed. In this sense, there is no one standard definition of research (same is true of the dictionaries defining research). Similarly, there is no one way of doing research. Research can be done in numerous ways, from chronological to descriptive to analytical, from qualitative to quantitative, from explanatory to predictive, from exploratory to evaluative (cost - benefit analysis) to instrumental and action-oriented, to theoretical to applied research. There is a whole variety of research possible. In a similar vein, the term ‘methodology’ has been defined in various ways, indeed ‘normatively’ and ‘structurally’. Normatively, it has been defined in the sense of theory of knowledge (epistemology) or philosophy of science. The dominant theory, of course, is ‘logical positivism’, a philosophical tradition that holds that all ‘facts’ are derived from ‘experience’, defined minimally in terms of senses, and that all knowledge is based on experience. Judgments of ‘values’ cannot be accepted as knowledge. The main argument of the empiricists as a whole remained, as always, their emphasis on experience, empirical experience. That is, an experience brought forth by facts which could be ‘observed’ and ‘verified’. In operational terms today, it means identification of the problem (research problem), formulation of hypotheses (the relation of ‘independent’ variables to one or more ‘dependent’ variable/s), collection and analysis of data to test the variables in a measurable relation, rejection or validation of hypotheses suggesting a relationship (ideally ‘causal’, that is, ‘cause and effect relationship’), and generalization of the findings or conclusions into a ‘theory’, ‘model’, ‘system’, or an ‘approach’. This process of inquiry that tests against reality in a disciplined manner, with each step in the process quite explicit and integral, is described as the ‘scientific’ method, or, more specifically, the ‘empirical method’ (after the empiricists).

B. E. Records and relics Observation Experimentation Simulation Ask people orally Ask people in writing 5 . they are raw material for analysis.DATA & IT TYPES Data are facts. behaviour. occupation pattern METHODS AND TECHNIQUES OF DATA COLLECTION Secondary data  How to Scrutinize  Published & unpublished  Methods where used A. figures. knowledge Practices. F. preferences. provide basis for testing hypothesis. Content analysis D. D. Meta analysis B. serving as basis for study and analysis. opinions Awareness. Historical method C. C. Informetrics E. intensions Organizational data (organizational sources) Archives Manuscript library Museums 3 Territorial data Economic structure. enumerations and other materials. Use studies Primary Data A. developing scales and tables Data help researchers draw inferences on specific issues/ problems Quality of Findings depend on relevance. past and present.      Demographic and Socio-economic characteristics Behaviour variables Attitude. Personal data (individual as a source)      2. adequacy and reliability of data Types of Data (not in Statistical sense) 1.

ILO etc. Secondary data Published or unpublished Retrospective panel study Letters Unpublished biographic / autobiographics Library statistics Raw data like invoices / log data for expenditure & use of data bases  Published directories for (i) study funding for research activities (ii) statistics about publishing industry  Published reports of UN. WHO. J. H. I.G.e. Panel study Projective techniques Sociometry Case study • Interview / Depth interview / schedule • Mail Survey / questionnaire • Mechanical devices How to collect data? I. Use existing data Already collected by someone else for different / general purpose (paper method) i. IMF. world bank.       Use Secondary data  As supplementary data  For reference purpose  As bench marks (for comparison)  Rarely as sole / main source Advantages      Quick Cheap Wide coverage (space and time) Broad database leading to generalizations Cross check Primary data Disadvantages     Suitability Up-to – dateness Accuracy Availability and accessibility 6 .

Adequacy Level of accuracy Narrower or wider than present study  Completeness in terms of methodology and sampling design Types of Secondary data 1. published (literature0 2. evaluation and synthesis of evidence order to establish facts and draw conclusions about past events Deals with the evidence of man’s past acts and thoughts Attempts to test the truthfulness of the report of observations made 7 . Historical Method Systematic and objective location. Unpublished A Diaries Letters Unpublished biographic Meta analysis Analysis of several analyses A way of extracting meaningful (statistical) information / data from lots of small studies (trials). B. scope and nature of survey 3.Scrutinize Secondary data for 1.   Suitability  Definition of terms  Units of measurements  Objective. Reliability  Who collected (possible bias)  From what sources  Which methods  What time  What accuracy 2.

chronicle . memoir. legend.museums C.deeds. archive catalog. tools. utensils. weapons. i.e. Remains or relics . buildings. register etc . written and oral testimony . pictures. 2. Content analysis ( a quantitative method) -Both for collection and analysis of data -Developed in USA for communication research -Useful for historical research Definition:• A quantitative analysis of contents of written documents. i. fossils. Items that have direct physical relationship with the event being reconstructed. non quantitative document into quantitative data Systematic and quantitative description of manifest contents of communication • • DATA COLLECTION THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION ON THE SUBJECT EXPERIMENTATION (& OBSERVE) • Basic design of logical proof to test hypothesis with three basic principles:Replication –Repeated Several times Randomization – protects extraneous factors of chance Local Control – Deliberate wide variability to measure and eliminate error • • • Helps finding causal relationship between variables Employs a set of control and experimental groups Administration treatment / stimuli 8 . furniture.annuals. etc.e a multipurpose research method meant specially for investigating a broad spectrum of problems in which the contents of communication serve as a basis of inference Transforms verbal.PRIMARY SOURCES FOR HISTORICAL RESEARCH 1.Skeletons. coins. manuscript.

• Controlled observation of change / deviation in variables (Adequate control is the essence => reduce bias increases reliability Types: • • Lab experiments Field experiments – A real life situation Simulate the condition Simulation (& observe) • Cheaper and suited to systems with interrelated and interdependent components Types: • • • • Man simulation (role / game playing) Computer simulation Man-computer simulation Used in war strategies.g.g themes of most contemporary best –selling novels are based primarily upon sex or violence” Identify activities characterized as sex or violence Quantitatively analyses the themes (content) Test the hypothesis Hypothesis testing is facilitated when a comparison is sought in a study between or among elements of various documents role of mass media in moulding public opinion Stand of newspapers on current issues • • • • • 9 . political economics and business problems Applications • Earliest use involved work counts and usage rates of words (i) throw light on authenticity of a source document (ii) drawing inference about inner emotional states (e. behavioral. anxiety) • Personality traits from logical and cognitive characteristics of verbal communication • Aspects of culture and cultural change probe hypothesis pertaining to the contents of material e.

authoritarianism. concepts or beliefs of writers • • • • 10 . creativity. etc through analysis of both available materials and deliberately created materials of protective type Propaganda technique (marketing) Literary style. values.• Philosophy of saints. authors etc Themes and values of novels and short stories Socio-cultural life in ancient times • Measuring behaviour variables like need. leaders. attitudes.

the restaurant support centre in Karachi. Similarly. management decides on different strategies. commitment to quality and dedication to customer service and value.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY During the past four decades Pizza Hut has built a reputation for excellence that has earned the respect of consumers and industry experts alike. Building a leading pizza company ahs required relentless innovation. The employees and the management know what they have to achieve through the targets which have been set to them and the strategies they have adopted help them know the way they will achieve the objectives. These strategies are divided into many sub-parts and are useful for the running of the business. pizza hut looks forward to more success in future. These targets are set by the RSC i. Targets pass down the hierarchy depending on the nature of the business. These targets fall within the organizational structure in which there are many people who have different targets to achieve. 11 . its culture and its people and franchisees.e. There are different objectives of every organization. In order to achieve these objectives different targets are set. These targets are passed on to the RGM (restaurant general manager) and he passes them to the workforce. Pizza Hut has different targets set to them and they have adopted different strategies to successfully achieve the targets set to them and they have adopted different strategies to successfully achieve the targets set. Through the strength of its heritage. In order to successfully achieve the targets they need to co-operate and work in a friendly environment. Therefore. The qualities of entrepreneurship. in order to achieve the objectives. growth and leadership have characterized Pizza Hut’s business through more than four decades of success.

But perhaps as much as anything. Bon appetite Introduction and history of Pizza Hut The legacy of pizza hut began in 1958. Although the concept was relatively new to many Americans at that time. known to be lovers of fine food and wines perfected and imported this terrific dish to America. 12 . Form here it quickly endeared itself to mass production and re-export to the rest of the world. frank and Dam carney. some will tell you Italy. It took the qualities of entrepreneurship.After borrowing $600 from their mother. they purchase some second hand equipment & rented a small building on a busy intersection in their home town. growth and leadership which have characterized our business through nearly four decades of success. The result of their entrepreneur efforts was the first pizza hut restaurant and the foundation for what would become the target and most successful pizza restaurant company in the world.History of Pizza About pizza. to be sure. when two collage student from Wichita kankas. Pizza hut a division of Tricon Global Restaurant has more than 7200 units in the US and 3000 units in more than 86 other countries. and it took a commitment to quality and a dedication to serine and value. That’s wrong.Over the post for decades they have built a reputation for excellence that has earned them the respect of consumers and industry experts a like. their products have boon voted number one in the countless consumer surveys patrimonies and their accomplishments as an innovative business leader have been cited by such respected publications as restaurant business. What did it take to build successful business of that magnitude? To took hard work. What you know as Pizza came into vogue around the time of Napoleon and the French revolution Italians. were approached by a family friend with the idea of opening a pizza parlor. the brother quickly shows the potential of this new enterprise.

13 .L. respond to the voice of the customer. Accountable for growth in customer satisfaction and profitability Recognize the achievement of others and have fun doing it. safe Working Environment. Every customer says. Advancement. “I” II be back!” We are the employer of choice offering team members opportunities for growth.E. and rewarding careers in a Fund.A.R. P.S • • • • • Passion for excellence in Doing everything Execute with positive energy and urgency.MISSION STATEMENT We take pride in making a perfect pizza and providing courteous and helpful service on time all the time. Listen and more importantly.

Damini Strips Pizza Products of Pizza hut which prefer more in Islamabad • • • • Double Cheese Country fest Exotica Veg.supreme In Islamabad city double cheese pizza has big market than any other products of Pizzahut.Major Competitors of Pizza Hut • • • • Domino’s McDonald KFC Taco bell Recently pizza hut declared that they capture 40% market share among pizza hut industry in whole world. 14 .e. Five Major Product of Pizza Hut • • • • • Pan Pizza Thin ‘ N Crispy Pizza Hand –tossed style Pizza Stuffed Crust Pizza Yorker Pizza Recently pizza hut introduced new pizza in market i.

If the performance exceeds expectation. the customer is highly satisfied. METHODS OF TRACKING AND MEASURING CUSTOMER Satisfaction: A company tools for tracking and measuring customer satisfaction range from the primitive to the sophisticated. and hire a patient advocate to handle patient grievances. Studies show that customers are dissatisfied with one out of every four purchases and less than 5% of dissatisfied customers will complain. supply comment cards to exiting patients. Many restaurants and hotels provide forms for guests to report their likes and dislikes. A hospital could place suggestion boxes in the corridors. pleased. Customer satisfaction they are creating.BRIEF VIEW ON THE TOPIC Customer satisfaction: Satisfaction is the level of a persons felt state resulting from comparing a products performance in relation to the persons expectations. 15 . As a result customer will shift to other organization. If the performance falls short of expectations. These information flows provide these companies with many good ideas and enable them to act more rapidly to resolve problems. If the performance matches the expectation. i. Thus the satisfaction level is a function of the difference between perceived performance and experience one of three broad levels of satisfaction. or delighted. the customer is dissatisfied. Customer satisfaction survey: A company must not conclude that it can get a full picture of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction by simply running a complaint and suggestion system. the customer is satisfied. iv. ii. iii. Complaint and suggestion systems Customer satisfaction surveys Ghost shopping Lost customer analysis Complaint and suggestion systems: A customer-centered organization would make it easy for its customers to deliver suggestions and complaints.

. The solution will be helpful the analyzer to find out the current satisfaction level for the pizza of pizza hut. OBJECTIVE • • • To know the satisfaction level of customer on pizza of pizza hut. It is right said. Ghost shopping: Another useful way to gather a picture of customer satisfaction is to hire persons to pose as potential buyers to report their findings on strong and weak points they experienced in buying the company’s and competitor’s products. “the comparative study on customer’s satisfaction level with special reference to Islamabad city. the research requires. Lost customer analysis: Companies should contact customers who have stopped buying or who have switched to another supplier to learn why this happened. It is notices that pizza hut company has adopted various schemes to satisfy their customer satisfaction is a special part of any marketing research. represents translating the management problem into research problem. 16 . from the researcher’s point of view. To know the visit of customer in a week of pizza hut.Therefore. “a problem well defined is half – solved. This will help them to known and tackle their weak point. Problem Definition To find out problem is the first stage of the research process. By studying consumer satisfaction level of the customers.” Problem identification. They will also solicit buyers’ views on their competitors’ performances. These ghost shoppers can pose certain problems to test whether the company’s sales personal handle the situation well. companies cannot use complaint levels as a measure of customer satisfaction. Therefore. Thus companies give due weight to customer satisfaction because in today’s competition if the customer are not given importance then it sure that the company will plummet to the bottom rock. To know which type of taste customer likes in pizza. Responsive companies obtain a direct measure of customer satisfaction by conducting periodic surveys. without it you can’t complete your research. They send questionnaires or make telephone calls to a random sample of their recent customers to find out how they feel about various aspects of the company’s performance. the marketers can easily come to know about the needs of various types of customers and accordingly he can satisfy them. It represents translating the management problem into research problem.

making deductions and reaching conclusions. so we are assuming them to be true.D. a movement from the know to unknown to unknown. 17 . During study researcher get large experience and introduced himself in front of new people. It is actually a voyage of discovery. The finding of the survey is strictly based on the responses of the respondents. The Webster’s international dictionary proposes a very inclusive definition of research as “a careful.” Some people consider research as movement. The advanced learner’s dictionary of current English lays down the meaning of research as “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. is a systematic attempt to push back the bound of comprehension and seek beyond the horizons of our knowledge some “truth” or some reality. which is uncontrollable. it is difficult to find the euthenics be true.LIMITATION • • • The survey was conducted within the limited time frame. to keep on extending as also consolidating these horizons without end. organizing and evaluating data. The respondent’s personal bias may be another factor.” Redman and moray define research as a “systematized effort to gain new knowledge.” Research. formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions: collecting. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY • • • The study is helpful to company for knowing that how many persons are satisfied with pizza of pizza hut. According to Clifford woody research comprises defining and redefining problems.According is an academic activity and as such them term should be used in a technical sense. and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. critical inquiry or examination in seeking facts or principles. In fact. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY GENERAL INTRODUCTION Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. so few shortcomings may be expected. diligent investigation in order to ascertain something. research is an art of scientific investigation. shrouded in a subtle why and consequently. Company can make the product better as per customer suggestion. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. stated otherwise.

All items in any field of inquiry constitute a ‘Universe’ or ‘Population’ A complete enumeration of all items in the ‘population’ is known as a Census inquiry. correct or verify knowledge. It may be defined as selection of some part of an aggregate or totality based on which judgments or inference about the aggregate or totality made. Stephenson in the encyclopedia of social sciences define research as “the manipulation of things. in Islamabad city. which should be reliable and appropriate for his 18 . The systematic method approach concerning generalization and the formulation of a theory is also research. It is pursuit of truth with the help of study.”Research is thus. Thus. the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is research. formulating a hypothesis. The problem considered by me in the present study is “Determining the customer satisfaction regarding pizza of pizza hut. Research can be either applied research or fundamental research. Sample design is determined before data are collected. observation. comparison and experiment. SAMPLE DESIGN A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. In short. SAMPLING As for purpose of research I have selected the random sampling.” The research implies the way the companies are being affected in terms of customer services and satisfaction and profitability due to the lack of certain innovative measures. I have used the following research design for carrying out the research for this particular study. As such the term ‘research’ refers to the systematic method consisting of enunciating the problem. When field studies are undertaken the respondents selected should be such that is a miniature crosssection of the total population representing the total population. whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art. Researcher must select a sample design. the method consisting of the selecting for study a position of the ‘Universe’ with view to drawing conclusion about the ‘Universe’ or ‘population’ is known as sampling. collecting the facts or data. analyzing the facts and reaching certain conclusions either in the form of solutions towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical formulation. It refers to the technique the researcher would adopt in selecting items for the sample. an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement.Slazenger and m. Applied research aims at finding a solution for an immediate problem facing a society or an industrial/business organization whereas fundamental research is concerned with generalization and with the formulation of a theory. The survey. concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend.

2)2 = 245. Now an optimum sample is one. A list containing all such sampling units is known as sampling frame. Sample Size The size of sample refers to the number of items to be selected from the universe to constitute a sample.84 = 250 (randomly) D. In the present research the researcher has paid attention to the following points. B. Thus sampling frame consists of a list of item from which the sample is to be drawn. 19 . Sampling Frame The elementary units or group clusters of such unit may be the basis of sampling process in which the case they are called as sampling units.05)2 = 0. It should be optimum.80 X 0. This is a major problem to be faced by a researcher. their nature happens to be of compensatory type and expected value of such errors happens to be equal to zero.research study. A. The sample unit for this research constitutes the organization that is the sole dealer and distributor of pizza of pizza hut. C. respondents. I have derived the sample size of 250 respondents by adopting the given below formula and calculation:pq (Z/E)2 = 0. Sampling unit A decision has to be taken concerning a sampling unit before selecting sample sampling unit may be a geographical one.16 (39. They occur randomly and are equally likely to be in either direction.e. Sampling Error Sampling error are the random variations in the sample estimates around the true population parameters. nor too small. The sample frame fro this research constitutes all the customers and non customers who may well be eating the pizza of pizza hut. which fulfills the requirement of efficiency. Other characteristic is that the sampling error tends to decrease with the increase in the size of the sample.20 (1. The size of the sample should neither be excessively large.96/0. a social unit or it may be an individual.. The sample for the purpose of the present training project constitutes 250 customers and non customers i. a construction unit. representative ness. reliability and flexibility.

is systematically planned and recorded and is subjected to checks and controls on validity and reliability. Interview Method The interview method of collecting data involves presentation of oral verbal stimuli and reply in terms of oral verbal responses. Private individuals. and thus they are original data. The various methods of collecting of primary data are:• • • Observation method Interview method Questionnaire method Observation Method Observation becomes a scientific tool and the method of data collection for the researcher. research workers.RESEARCH TOOLS The task data collection begins after the research problem has been defined. Telephonic interviews are used to collect the information from the customers. In their method the questionnaire is sent to all the persons concerned with a request to answer the questionnaire and return it. The researcher draws the inferences for the research the questionnaire. Questionnaire Method This method of data collection is popular and particular in case of inquiries. A questionnaire consists of number of questions typed or printed in a definite order. There are basically two types of data: • • Primary data Secondary data PRIMARY DATA Primary data are those. are adopting it. private and public organization and government. when it serves a formulated research purpose. which collected a fresh and for the first time. the information is sort by way of investigator’s own direct observation without asking the respondent. Under the observation method. This method can be used trough personal interviews and if possible through telephonic interviews. A 20 .

SECONDARY DATA Secondary data are those. For the purpose of conducting this research.schedule questionnaire with multiple choice questions was designed which were both open ended as well as closed ended questions. which have been already collected by someone else and which have been passed through statistical process. I have used various secondary data such as: • • • Books Articles.67% 37.33% 100% 400 respondent 300 200 100 0 Respondent % male female Male Female Total 21 . Newspaper Websites DATA COLLECTION THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION AND SIMULATION GENDER WISE ANALYSIS Gender Male Female Total Respondent 188 112 300 % 62.

33 16.33% are female. AGE WISE ANALYSIS Age Below 18 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 Above 56 Total Respondent 48 106 49 52 27 18 300 % 16 35.67% are male respondent & 37.33 17.the above chart shows that 62.34 9 6 100% agwise analysis Respondent 150 100 50 0 18 26 -3 5 Be lo w 46 -5 5 Respondent % age Comment:-the above char clearly indicate that the teenagers and age between 18-26 are more interested to visit Pizza Hut 22 .COMMENT: .

23 .67 29 100 100 Comment:.33 4 16 14.Occupation wise analysis Occupation Student House wife Professional Employee Businessman Total Respondent 109 12 48 44 87 300 Occupationwise analysis Total Occupation Businessman Employee Professional House w ife Student 0 29 14.33 109 200 Respondent 300 400 48 100 87 % Respondent 300 % 36.67 44 16 4 12 shows that businessman & student are visited more than any others.

67 13 100 24 . FREQUENTLY EATING ANALYSIS Time <=2 3 to 5 More than 5 Total Respondent 193 68 39 300 % 64.33 22.67 21 17.67 100 Income Wise Analysis 2501-5000 5001-7500 7501-10000 10001-15000 Above 15000 Total Comment: .the above graph indicated that people with above 15000 income is big segment of pizza hut.Income wise analysis Income 2501-5000 5001-7500 7501-10000 10001-15000 Above 15000 Total Respondent 3 14 63 53 167 300 % 1 4.6 55.

Fre que ntly Eating analysis 200 Re s ponde nt 100 0 <=2 3 to 5 More than 5 Tim e Respondent Comments:.33 13.67 11.33 5.67 100 25 .the above chart shows that generally people visit pizza hut less two times in a month ANALYSIS OF AFFECTING FACTION IN BUYING Factors Quality Customer Care Delivery Services Packing Total Respondent 209 34 40 17 300 % 69.

ANALYSIS WHERE EATING PIZZA Place Responden t Restaurant of pizza hut 189 Home 67 Parties 30 Others 14 Total 300 % 63 22.Analysis for affecting factors in buyers Packing 17 Delivery Services Customer Care 40 Respondent 34 Quality 209 0 50 100 150 200 250 Comment:.67 100 26 .33 10 shows that consumer of pizza hut always desire quality than any other factor.

analysis where eating pizza Others Parties Hom e Restaurant of pizza hut 14 place 30 67 189 0 50 100 150 200 Respondent Respondent Comment:. DISSATISFACTION CHART Satisfaction Yes No Total Responden t 33 267 300 % 11 89 100 Dissatisfication Chart Respondent 300 200 Respondent 100 0 Yes No Dissatisfication 27 .the above graph indicate that people likely to it pizza restaurant of pizza hut.

33 % respondents are satisfied with the services of pizza hut providing.above chart shows that people are rarely dissatisfied to pizza hut.above chart shows that 96.Comment:. Occupation Student House wife Professional Employee Businessman Total <=2 24 6 37 46 69 182 3 to 5 29 6 19 16 22 92 >= 5 7 0 14 2 3 26 Total 60 12 70 64 94 300 28 . ANALYSIS OF LIKING OF THE SERVICE Linking of Service Yes No Total Respondent 289 11 300 % 96.33 3.67 100 anaylsis of liking of the service liking service No 11 289 0 100 200 Respondent Respondent 300 400 Yes Comment: .

above chart shows that businessman and professional more time go for frequently eating. 29 .Occupation vs Frequently Eating Occupation Businessm an Em ployee Professional House w ife Student >= 5 0 20 40 60 Respondent 80 3 to 5 <=2 Comment:.

ANALYSIS OF OTHER MAJOR RESTAURANT WITH PIZZA HUT ABOUT LIKING FACTOR Restaurant Pizza hut Smoking Joes Sugar ‘n’ spice City Corner Others Total Responden t 192 47 21 15 25 300 % 64 15.the above chart shows that 96.ANALYSIS OF LIKING OF THE SERVICE Linking of Service Yes No Total Respondent 289 11 300 % 96.67 7 5 8.33% respondents are like the services of pizza hut.33 3.33 100 30 .67 100 analysis of liking of services of pizza 300 Respond 200 ent 100 0 Respondent Yes No liking Comment:.

16% 192. ANALYSIS OF TESTING BETTER PIZZA THAN PIZZA HUT Restaurant Yes No Total Respondent 97 213 300 % 29 71 100 analysis of testing better pizza than pizza hut better test 213 No Yes 0 97 50 100 150 200 250 Respondent Respondent 31 . 5% 21. 7% 47.analysis of other major resturant with pizza hut about liking factor 25.the above chart shows that pizza hut is top in Islamabad for giving best quality than other restaurant. 64% Pizza hut Smoking Joes Sugar ‘n’ spice City Corner Others Comments:. 8% 15.

67 12.67 2.67 Occupation Vs liking pizza Occupation Businessman Employee Professional House wife Student 8 5 7 4 40 39 61 15 14 No Yes 107 50 100 150 0 Respondent Comments:.Comments:.67 5 20.above chart show that 29% people test better pizza than pizza hut and others 71% are never test better pizza than pizza hut.67 1. 32 .above chart indicate that student prefer pizza more than any other so student is a big segment of pizza hut.33 87.33 13 13.33 2.33 No 14 4 7 5 8 38 % 4.33 1. OCCUPATION VS LIKING PIZZA Occupation Student House wife Professional Employee Businessman Total Yes 107 15 61 39 40 262 % 35.

INCOME VS PREFERENCE PRODUCT Income Above15001 1000115000 7501-10000 5001-7500 Total Double Chees e 51 24 14 3 92 Countr y fest 25 31 18 7 81 Exotica Veg. 33 .generally people are choosing pizza according to their income level.suppe Other s 14 5 15 12 46 9 12 14 18 53 8 11 6 3 28 Total 107 83 67 43 300 Income Vs preference product Preference product Others Veg..suppe Exotica Country fest Double 5001-7500 7501-10000 10001-15000 Above-15001 0 20 40 60 Respondent Comment. People with income of above 15000 are choosing double cheese pizza most.

the above chart shows that quality is the highly affected their buying. 34 .INCOME VS BUYING AFFECTED FACTOR Income Above15001 1000115000 7501-10000 5001-7500 Total Quality Price 55 3 28 23 15 121 9 17 18 47 Customer Delivery 17 29 28 15 5 65 12 8 2 51 Packing 3 6 4 3 16 Income Vs Buying affected factor Buying affected factor Packing Delivery Customer Price Quality 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 5001-7500 7501-10000 10001-15000 Above-15001 Respondent Comments:.

35 .25/300 = 0.  Students are more prefer pizza from pizza hut.> 1.  General visit pizza hut less than two times in month. P = 0.  A people with high income (more than 15000) visited pizza hut more.= 8. we reject null hypothesis FINDING  People from GHOD DOD road are often visit pizza hut in month.  People refer quality more than delivery. And 11 respondents do not satisfy.21 √0.  People prefer pizza from pizza hut more than other restaurants.75 Q = 0. I have found 289 respondents are satisfied. = | p-P | √PQ/n = |0.HYPOTHESIS TESTING I have taken 20 sample before survey for pilot study in which 14 respondents are satisfied about pizza of pizza hut and 6 respondents does not satisfied about pizza of pizza hut.75 | √0. n p = 300 = x/n = 289/300 = 0.  In surat city very few time people test better pizza than pizza hut.025 Z cal.  People are satisfied about the services of pizza hut.96 Z cal.25 I have taken 300 sample size for survey.96 so.  Male consumers are visit pizza hut more than female consumers.75 x 0. service & packaging.4 Z cal.  Generally people with businessman+ and professional visit more than employee.96 – 0.

36 .  In international market domino’s is the biggest competitor. In Surat city smoking Joe’s is the biggest competitor of pizza hut.

veg in separate restaurants. Regular consumer of pizzahut always wait for new product of pizza hut. Students are likely to visit pizzahut in morning time also they suggest that you should open restaurant in morning time like 9 a. to regular time.veg pizza also and some of them suggest that pizzahut should start non.m. so some of them suggest that you should launch new product time to time. • In Islamabad city many of consumers prefer non. Some regular customers of pizzahut suggest that you should some complementary to your customers at festival give • • • • • Some well wisher of pizzahut suggest that you should arrange party for your regular consumer and also participating in social work also so you can build up new image in the city. Your biggest customers are age between 17 to 30.Recommendation Recommendation according to consumer of pizza hut. 37 . so always care about it.

e.SWOT Analysis Strengths • • • • • • • • • • Largest producing company of consumer products in Pakistan Enjoying economies of scale Good will in the market Strong financial position Some of its brands have become the generic name for those products as Dalda in ghee & surf in detergents Market leader in tea industry with Lipton & Brook Bond Capture 70 percent market share of ice cream industry Highly sales brands in skin care i. Ponds and Fair & Lovely Have Strong distribution channel in Pakistan Wide product line in home wash Weakness • • High rates of skin care products Ratio of success of new product is low 38 .

• • Huge inventory stocks of raw material and finished goods Few new products are introduce in the market Opportunities • • • Capturing food industry by acquiring Raffan Best Foods Wide scope of confectionery business for Unilever Unilever is looking to acquire Tapal tea  39 .

Threats • • • • • Facing tough competition in Ghee and Cooking Oil Facing tough competition in ice Unilever is facing a very tough competition in personal care and detergents by P&G There is very tough competition in detergents and soap markets High inflation rate is increasing the cost of imported raw material day by day References • • • Cost Accounting Planning and Control 7th Edition Matz Usry 40 .

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