Elective 4

Foundation of Education

The differences among churches, sects, and cults.

-tends to be the large, with inclusive membership, in low tension with surrounding society. -tends toward greater intellectual examination and interpretation of the tenants of religion.

-has a small, exclusive membership, high tension with society. -it tends toward the emotional, mystic, stress faith, feeling, conversion experience, to be ³born again¶. -fundamental, literal in teaching ±biblical passages are the literal words of Godmean literally what they say, people are to do what the passages say.

-are referred to by Stark and Bainbridge (1985) as the more innovative institutions and are formed when people create new religious beliefs and practices.

Elements of Religion
1. Sacred -refers to the phenomena that are regarded as extraordinary, transcendent, and outside the everyday course of events-that is supernatural.

-sacred is represented by a wide variety of symbols, which may include a god or set of gods, a holy person; various revered writing such as the: y Bible y Koran y Torah -holy objects such as the Cross; and holy cities like Jerusalem or Mecca.

Profane -refers to all phenomena that are not sacred. -while water from River Jordan in the Middle East is considered by many to be sacred, to the Jordanians and Palestinians, it is not.

2. Legitimation of norms -religious sanctions and beliefs reinforce the legitimacy of many rules and norms in the community. - the deep seated conflict over abortion on demands relates to this kind of religious sanction and legitimation.

3. Rituals -are formal patterns of activity that express symbolically a set of shared meanings, in the case of rituals such as baptism or communion, the shared meanings are sacred. -are heavily laden with symbolism, reinforce the beliefs of the community, cements relationships among the community of believers.

4. Religious Community -religion establishes a code of behavior for the members, who belong and who does not. -the members often share the same interest, values and beliefs.

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