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With a bloodline that's desc.ended from b·oth lhe Sedan and the SUV1 you can onlv expect the best And the TATA Ar~Q ooesn'r disoppoint. lts an ollov of ,elit,e pampering and aggr'S'ssive instincts, .A.n eclectic mix of features that assure safety. deliver performance ond d!leflne luxurv, To make sure that wherever you ore, on-road or o·ff. YOLf're never out of ploce in Q TATA .. Ano.

oned muscle meets smooth curves.

The lATA Ari'a is a visual choreography of b,o!,d propoetlons ond unco,m,prolmising ossthetlcs. The front' ViSOgi9 fs distlnct, solid ond 'i'n'imidaling wlth wrop-oround duel borretled heodlomps that enhance the si'gnature' Toto grille. This ag,gr,essive stance is tempered by a unique ~ung,ing silhouette, and dynamlc roof I~ne" With Q touch of pre'm,ium class afforded by the chrome ,detomng throug'holJt. Each sweep ot meto'l hinTing ot the, power and' pertorrnonce ~t, can deliver.

lmposlnq Head lamps

E lee tr'ilc,alily ~etracta ble & Adj ustoble O'RV Ms

Ailloy Wh~els

H·' 1r I Sit Ch G 'II

-I· .'"..' -". . .", .' ." . ~ - -~>"I I -. :

onzon 10 ,as, rome xsn

Bru eorce meets

ThereJ's a beast under the hood here. The 2.2 DleOR en,gine has 'Va r'i'a b,1 ,e' Turbfn,e. Tel'c:hno~ogy. l6 volves & rw~n Overheod Ccrnshoft w'i'h 32 bit EClJi~ genera'ing "40 PS Power & 32,0 NM Torque, Puttlng the reins in 'Your hands Is the new G'90rbQ,x (Marl~ ~I) thors perfectly synchronised wIth the eng~nel. of'fer~ng smootn power delivlery, and crisp, gear sniftl'ng. Then thereJ,s the Dual Mass FI'lw'heel that makes vi= brotlons a th~ng of the post, maintaining Q peoceful calm inslde the, cobln A boon on ind'ian roods, we fhlnk.

E -h-· I- I'

,X"'" aria ron mees ca rn.

The TAT A Aria possesses o rare confidence", W~th t'Me' selectoble Adopterro All Whe,el Drhl,e and Torque on Demand, I't can get around the meanest of obstacles. with the 'great,est of eose. And this connoence isn't just limited to, ott-rood condnons. it displovs iiits. sure-tooteoness in urban env~rolnments too. offer'iing you great cirectloncl control on winding roods, Damp!te'lr1'ing the shocks along the way is the lndependont Double Wlshbone Front Suspension ond ,5-Li"nk Rear Suspenslon Besides ensurirlg Q jolt-='free ridel they otso maintain ef'f1.ciiient control andl sto,bility on the rooc with low rof choroctertstks and h~gher socknq abfliity,

lndep eo nde nt DoubJ e

W'j slribon e Front S u sp e n sian

5 Link Rear Suspension

Space meets luxury.

To say that the TAJA Aria is specious, isn't saylMlg enough. B,ec,Quse the ,GeneroUls Storag,e and St,QWQI9,e spoce is compternenteo by seven Erg,on,o'mica~ly~design,ed Seats that f,u,lly support your bodv wiiith omole ~ei,groom one heocroom. tt con QdliSO cccornmodcte vorlous sizes of ~uggag,e without crornplnq It. thonl!ks to the ornple boot spoce one fiexib.llie se,atlr1l'g ortereo by the Arto, YOIU! 'ho've the olpt~on off'lat=fo~drng the second one the t'hiirdl row

into a ~arg,e flat' bed or spiit-'fo,l,diiin,g the rnlddle row olonq with the, thitd row to occomrnodcte those extro Iiong pieces of luglgage+

lend,ing to the "[In'fer](),rs an flnnate sense of sophistlcotlon is the plush l.eother Upholstsrv whi'ch finds resoronce In the hi'gll quolltv tr~lmS'il pane!!ng Qtlld carpet+ This metal and le,ath1er tapestry is nrther occentucted by the e1le·g1ont D'oshlboard wIth brushed metal accents .. The '~In~strumlent ponel centre console and floor console reflect the some sense of oesthetlcs, The lnterlor sty~lngl :iJn the Aria se,amiessiy blends with ergonolml~cs,. ,Everyth'~lng her'e has a sense of' ploce, The way eoch control has been thoughtful,~y poslftoned yo,ulll~ reach tor it almost insfnctivelv Control has never be'Glrl. such a deUght.


f~at folding second row and flat foldIng third row

F~at folding second and third row

Indu gence meetsU'nct"onaIUy.

lhere are, two focets to luxury. One is closs and aleglance;' th'@ other; comfort and convenience. And they both e:xis,t in the, TATA, Arlo, The in-dosh Sate,I~Ite, No,vig,at'ion System shows you the way to anywhere through Q simp~le int,srfolc,e and unporolleled coveroqe. Ra~n sensing Auto W'j'lpers switch on lnstonttv with the sUgh'Tlest drizzle. And as the sun sets and the ~ig,ht dims, the Dorkness Sensingl Autio Hea,d~ights come to ~ife. Then there's the Autio Clirnote Control to k,eep you cool ot the desired ternperoture. And of course, a Reverse G,uide· Camera. to hleip you pork without worry or hassle. But tt doesrrt end 'there. As you ocquolnt vourselr wIth the luxury trapp,~ngs ot the lATA Arlo, you willi tlnd a host of: features that are both spl;enld~d and thoug:htf'uL

GILlS· N ;. t·, S· . t

_ r',.~· 'OIVI'gO' IIOIn'_·,ys 'eml

Dorkness Sens~'n,g

A· rto ILJ ea-dll~gh-l!-,e'

, U II'.!, 111.-:-::'-: •. 11111:;)

R ,-, ' '.,-., : -,; -. G····, id .-.. ·C· - ,-_ c -c' .-., a, ,-_

'6VeIrS6'_'UII_ e '_omera

The TAT A Aria hi bullt on the premise that convenience isn't 0, luxury, but a necessity. Re·ason 'why the .2 D'IN Inte'grat·e·d Musl~c System finds pride of place here .. WIth 6 hi-fidei~ty speokers, ports tor l-Poo and -U-'S:~'B in'p'-"u'fs and" 'TA·TA ... ·· CO'o' nne:' C" t B' hila" to r -h' C" nos-tree c:··o·II'ln··g·: ~t lte:' '·e· :'p' "5 vo :"U e' n·t,·e:'lrta:·~lli'iIe··d one co nne:' c ted The"

'"" ~···'''·II'I. ~; . .d!'" ·',h~: " .,,1111 .. " I "-'~"_:I ~ 11\':, . ..:, 'f" ". - .!IIII.·· ... ' .. : '- .... _-' .. _-'.+ 111-

on-the-pulse Driver Information System constomlv 'leeds you witlh reol-nrne information and olerts about your vehicle's 'fuel consumption distance to ernptv engine performance and other critical data. The Cruise Control ollows 'Y0I'LJ~ to sst 'Your cruise speed and relax on those long drives. For those who love to stowaway small lterns w~thin easy reoch the Ro,of U'TiUty B~ns are, a handy and' unique Inclusion" The G~ove Box ChUler is onorher 'Thoughtful addition to ,keep your drinl~s cool cod close by.

'2 Din Integrated ,MusIc System

Audio & phone Controls on Steeming Progressive Cruise control

Roof Utility bins

Chrome Inner door handles and OVRMs controls

Glove Box chiller

Magzine holder

vcnltv mirror with Hghts

Cup holder

THt Steerinq

Puddle lamp

Luggage room Hght &, 12 v charging point


.. eat Belt HeIght Adjustment

Driver Seat He·Ight Adjustment

The seating In the TATA Aria is built to give you the most luxurious. ride possible. Which 'j's why olrnost every feature is desiqned to adjust to vour requirements. The driver's sect is height adjustable for a better road view and safer driveability. And that's not the only feature which offers that facHity., The seotbelts too are helqhtoojustoble. getting rid of that tight fee~~ng over your chest. The level of lhe armrest con be set to your wlsh. and the ergonomically-designed front seats even offer odlustments for better iumbar support. Extra 'egroom too is no ~onger the exclusive privileqe of front seat possenqers. as the middle row seats slide forwards and bockwords. openlnq up oodles of spoce for extra comfort. An in a~L Its like s~tting in your favourite armchair, on wheels.

Hand Rest Adjustments

Midd.le Seat Slide

Lumbur Support Adjustments

ESP w'ith TCS

eberon meets rest a·n .

Before we put the TAJA_ Ar~'a oUT or the rood. we extensivelv researched every ospect of the' car inside a loborctorv, Here we looked ot every likely' hazard you could encounter at the wheel, and then creoteo an oppropriote response to the same. 'The Arlo's advanced safety features are the result of this conscientious [ournev. We put in the Electfonic StabUity Programme [ESP} and Traction Control System {TCS}f.' for instonce So when a surprise crosses your poth, and you make a sudden swerve to ovoid 'it ESP and lCS ensure thot yo;u don't spin out ot control, Ario is equipped wllh Disc Brake on al~ four wheels gi'ving 'you superior brokinq effecriveness and moximurn control, What' more, the AntS-lock Br'aking System end Elec,fr,onic Brake Fore'ed Di'strib,ution prevents skiddlnq ev'en on sHpp,ery surtoces wh'~le reducinq :braking distonce,

ABS with EBD

We- h- ope vc u n- e- ve r In' eed -10'0 p ut the TA- 'lJiA' A" rio ~ s p- o ssive sotetv teo tures to the' . test DU,ji. 'it '"IS defin itelv recssurinq

.... -. ::'''.:/' " ' ," _ , r .. :'_ ".'" ".- ' ~ " _ _' _'" .J" ·~r.: ,", _: '.~ ~:". ," · :,1·.-···· .. ,: -.-: .. , ~" "111 ;." ." ,-""_. ". ~ l_~- :., _ ,,' : -:"llll! D .. .' ~ ~ ", "" ". _I - _ '" _Ij,~:: !; ,.,1,'.,"', ," ,'_ • '.:<' ..

to know thot your tomlv 'ravels inside a Crashworthy vehicle that meets a:~1 current crash safety norms in 'he Indian and Euro,pean morket. In the unfortunate case of ,0 crash, the force ot the impact wnl be dompened by' the odvonceo Hydro-formed frame Members and the Sti'frfened Body Sheil with Crumple Zones built 'infol it, The' Aria is equipped with S~X Alrboqs ~ driver and pa.ssenger air :bags, s~'dle and c'urto'in, air bags ~ which offers protection 'from frontal as well as side inpocts, And then there's the Collopsible Steer~ng, and Sidle lmpoct

Beams *oir added sofet - R' eoss -r"ng isn't ... t?·

>~_ I III_II' .' '.' '.'- .. _'1,> >'__ y.. .,'. '.~ ". ,'u ~_I~ 1< .' ~ I ....



. . .

Exo,ctl'Y how would y,ou I"ike your TATA .Alia? Ch0058 your Chassis Colour, and Upholstery Scheme. Throw in Accessories of your choice. and vour TATA Aria is. ready for the smooth, and fhe rouqh,

Black and Plum

Black and Black.

Black. and Be,ige

Costelle Gray

Sordlnlo Red

Surf Blue

Arctic Silver

Quartz Black

NI'ght Shade Black

Walnut' Gold

P,earl Whrte



Rack and Pinion with Power assistance

Technical Speclflcatlo,ns


Type Displacment

Max Output (Ps@rpm) Max Torque (Nm@rpm,

2~2 L DICOR~ BS IV Compliant with Dual Mass Flywheel 2179 cc

140 @ 4000

320 @ 1 700-2700

Dimensions and Weights

OveraU Length [rnrn] Overall W'idth [mm] Overall Height Wheelbase (rnrn]

Ground Cleorcnce 'mm) Gros.s Vehicle Weight {Kg) Seating Capacity

Turning Radius [m]

4780 1895 1780 2850 200 2720

7 Persons 5.6


Drive system



Front Rear

IndependentDouble 'Wishbone with con Spri:ng 5 link suspension with coil spring



G-76-5/4~ 1 Syncromesh with Overdrive. Torque on Demand 4X4


Front Rear

Ventilated Disc Brokes 'with twin pot coliper Disc Brakes


235/65 R 17

Fuel Tank Capacity

60 Litrs

Pride 4)(,4

Safety & SeCiUr~ty

Comfort and ,Conv·eni·e·nce

Fun ctlono I

IP lea sure 4x4

Anti-Iocki'ng Braking System with Electronic Brake forced DIstributIon

Hydro'form chests 'frame & Reinforced body construction Engine Immobilizer with Perlmemc alarm system

A II Disc Brokes

Prestige 4:x4

Air bags Driver & Passenger

Anti-locking Braking System with Electronic Brake forced Dis.trib utio n

Hydroform chossls 'frame & Reinforced body construction Engine ImmobIlizer with Perlmemc alarm system

All Disc brakes

2 DIN music Syst'em wlth CD/MP3 plover and 6 speakers 2 DIN music System with CD/MP3 player and ospeokers

A udlo Switches on !5't,serrng

USB and Aux In port on centre console

Driver Info System

Ultrasonic Reverse Guide System Dual AC

HeIght Adjusted Drivers Seat Rear Wash~ wipe & demlster

Keyless entry wlth remote integrated key

Flat Floor fold 2nd & 3rd row seats with Sliding 2nd, row

Roof Storage Bins .& Goggl,s Cases Follow me home [Approach lights] Electrically Adjustable Outer Mi'rrors

Audio & Phone Switches on Steering USB and Aux In port on centre console

Toto Blue Connect (5 phones pairing capable] Driver I nlo System

Ultrasonic Reverse Guide System

Dual AC with Automatic Climate Control Height Adjusted Dr'ivers Seat

Rear Washl wipe & demister

Keyless entry with remote l'ntegrated key

Flat Floor fold 2nd &. 3rd row seat's with Sliding 2nd row

Roof Storage Bin.~ & Goggle Cases Fa lIow' me horne (A pproach Iight5'~

Electrically Adjustable & Retractable Outer Mirrors Ral'n Sensing Wipers,& Darkness sens'ing head light·s Glove Box Chiller

Black & Beige interiors with Wood. inserts

BeIge Fabric Upholstery

Chrome inside door handles

Three Interiors Options - Black & Plum with Brush Metal Inserts Option of Block & Block wHh Brush Metollnserl's Option of Black & Beige with Wood Inserts

Full Leather Upholstery in Black &. plum and Black '& Black lnterlors, Fabric Upholstery with Black &. BeIge lntenors Chrome, inside door hondles

Air bog's Driver & Passenger

Side & Curtain Air Bags (6 Air Bag,~)

Electronic Stability Program & Traction Control System

A nti-Iocki'ng Braking System with Electronic Brake 'forced Distribution

Hydroform chassis frorne &. Reinforced body constructlon Engine ImmobIlIzer with Permetrlc alarm system

All Disc brakes

2 DIN musk System with CD/MP3 player and 6 speckers Satellite Navigation svstern

Audio & Phone Switches on Steering USB and Aux ln port on centre console

lata Blue Connect (5 phones pairing capable} Driver Info Svslern

Reverse Guide Camera

Dual AC with Automotic Climate Control Height A,djusted Drivers Seat

Rear Wash, wipe & oemlster

Keyless entry with remote integraied key Cruise Co ntrol

Flat Floor fold 2nd & 3rd row seats with SlIding 2nd row

Roof Stora,ge Bins & Goggle Cases Follow me horne (Approach lights)

ElectrIcally Adjus.table & Retractable Outer Mirrors Rain Sensing W'ipe-rs & Darkness sensing head lIghts Glove· Box Ch1Her

Two Interiors Options - Black & Plum with Brush Metal lnserts Option Of Black & Black wah Brush Metollnserts

Fu II Leather Uph olsterv

Chrome inside door handles


16'~ Steel Whe·els

Dual barrel headlamp with projector beam Fog Lig hi's Front" & Rear

Chrome Surround Grill

Body Coloured Rub Rails.

Chrome waistline on wlndows

I?" Alloy Wheels

Dual barrel heodlornp with projector beam Fog LIghts Front &. Rear

Full Chrome Grill

Body Coloured Rub RaHs With Chrome Insert Chrome wolstllne on windows

1 '7~. Alloy Wheels

Dual barrel head lamp with projector beam Fog Ugh 1'5 Front &. Rear

Full Chrome Grill

Body Coloured Rub Rails With Chrome Insert Chrome waistline on windows

F,or ,any furthler dleta'iliis or to book 01 testdrive pleose I,o[g on to wwwJamoari'(tco,ml or SMS us ARIA to S61616'1., For any ossstcnce. p~jeas,el call1l] our' ton 'f'r[se number: 1,80,0\00,:209797'9 or email us 01 uvpmgl@tatamo1or5~com~ Aria corrles 10 warrolnty of 3 yearrs air 1100000 krns". Iinsist on ] year/5C1,O'OO* krns exwendled worrcntv option" Val(~anm$J COllars and specifications are .s.ubjec:'t to c:hangle without nonce, Colours shown mOly vary dlue to print'ing Illi'm'itoJtions., Plea,s[e' check tnese dlemons w'~thl your locct oeoter prlor to plociing orcer ('* - Whh:::hever 'is ,ear~~ier',)