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FREE BOX (12) ... with every 12 Ass’t 5Lt

DIESEL OIL BOOST... Diesel PMO Oils purchased
DPB5L Diesel PD 5w40 Fully Synthetic
- Synthetically fortified oil additive, designed to Service Classification: ACEA B3 API CF
revitalise engine oil between oil changes.
SYD5L Syner D 5w40 Fully Synthetic
- Provides increased level of protection, allowing the
oil to maintain its key lubricating properties for longer. Service Classification: ACEA A3 B3 B4 API CF
- Increases engine protection. DIL5L Diesel Lite 10w40 Semi Synthetic
- Reduces engine wear. Service Classification: ACEA B3 B4 API CF
- Reduces the risk of oil leaks.
EUD5L Euro Diesel 15w40 Semi Synthetic
- Reduces oil consumption.
- Protects against oil oxidation breakdown. Service Classification: ACEA B3 B4 E3 API CF CG-4
GML5L Longlife 5w30 Fully Synthetic
Service Classification: ACEA A3 B3 B4 API SM CF
Application Guide Or with every 3x 20Lt Packs

+ Added bonus
Available with qty rate pallet / ass’t pallet prices

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