The first form causes river pollution is industrial waste; industrial waste can be described as any solid, liquid

or gaseous product. It can be in treated or an untreated condition. This liquid is discharged from industrial process, the effluent contain include many type of chemical such as organic solvents, suspended solids, dissolved chemical compound and other viscous elements such as oil. The industrial waste can make the river water become dirty and turning to highly toxic and will create an organic sludge that highly poisonous. The toxic organic sludge can enter the river ground and it can destroy the fish habitats and in seriously fish or other living organism will die because of poisoning water. The second form of human activities that causes of river pollution is sewage effluent. The effluent usually comes from sewage dam or at sewage workplace that not being treated or not having filtration but being discharged freely into the river. Although some company are still discreetly not awareness about the sewage effluent, they only discharged the untreated sewage into the river. The sewage effluent strongly can create pollution of stream and river. The highly toxic and poisoning can damage the underwater living organism in order it loosing foods and habitats; this will lead the death of living organism in the river and the toxic water also can make the living organism death because lack of oxygen other useful gas to enter into the river for living organism to make they life process. The third form that causes the river pollution is the personal care product and household cleaning product. The term of personal care product and household cleaning products can be detergent, bleach softener, toothpaste, mouthwash or antibacterial soap. We must remember that all of our household cleaning will straight goes down into the drain and river, especially when we do laundry or other myriad things that use household water. Unfortunately, most wastewater are not enough equipped to filter out all of the household materials, more sadly a large portion of those things a freely release into the river and the effects is really bad, study show that scientist are finding fragrance molecules inside fish tissue. How if human eat the fish? It will greatly make us gets sick and from the case also make the fish or other living organism in the river death and will cause the extinct and our new generation will miss to saw the creatures.