Ashley Louviere AP World History, 5th period

Chapter One Notes
---History and Culture in the Ice Age y Early creative abilities discovered 1940 near Lascaux, France y ^ cave paintings discovered (also in Spain) y Culture- dwellings, clothing, tools, crafts, beliefs, languages y Humans- instinct less important than tradition y 1st recognizable cultural activity- tool making y ^ made of stone y 2 million- 4,000 years ago- Stone Age y Tools made of stone, bone, skin, wood & other natural materials y Paleolithic & Neolithic periods of the Stone Age y ^ older ^newer y Most early activity centered around gathering food y depended heavily on vegetables y change evident in the ice age- growing consumption of animal flesh y increased eating & tool making- connected y 1st tools- homo habilis y ^ found in great rift valley, Africa y Homo habilis made tools by chipping flakes off edges of volcanic stones in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania y Probably obtained animal flesh from already killed animals y Homo erectus- also scavengers, smarter than homo habilis y Hand ax associated with homo erectus y ^multipurpose tool y ^superior intelligence& finely made variety of tools y Homo sapiens could have caused mammoths and mastodons to disappear y Modern foragers of the Kalahari desert get food from vegetables y First cooked foods between 1 and 1.5 million years ago y Clay cook pots- 12,500 years ago y 2 parent family- homo sapiens y ^Physical & social evolution linked y Humans- long term bonding y Early humans lived in highly mobile bands

000 years ago in Ukraine Iceman found in 1991.000 years ago ---Agricultural Revolutions y y y y y y y Domesticating plants and animals.e.10.32. wild grasses .series of separate transformations across the world New tools made for agricultural purposes Farmers used fire to get rid of unwanted undergrowth by 8000 b. artists in southern Africa Art suggest well developed religions Deliberate burials 100. 15.000 years ago Food producers over the next millennium Food gathering food production ^Neolithic Revolution. medicine. twine.c. dyeing Verbal communication Oldest cave paintings. building materials.y y y y y y y y y Camp holding 50 people. from 5. 300 years ago Had plenty of social and artistic time during the day Animals used for clothing.hunters. gatherers.000 years ago San.

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