Case Study: Ben’s Chili Bowl Apps4Bens iPhone App Contest

Phase 1: Define Brand Ben’s Chili Bowl: Historical Washington DC landmark Brand Strength: known for excellence in service, food
quality, and community outreach.

HALF SMOKED , Ben’s Chili ,
President Obama,

Ali Family,

NextDoor Restaurant-Bar, DC Cultural Tourism Center

50 years of Service ,

Phase [2]: TABS SURVEY

Owner was asked to take TABS (Technology Assessment Baseline Survey). From the data collected from TABS, Applicist was able to design a marketing strategy based on how Ben’s utilized their brand within virtual markets (websites, Facebook, etc).

Phase [3]: Define Brand
Increase Brand Visibility
Establish Twitter and Youtube Presence

25 Videos



Ben’s Chili Bowl + Twitter = Brand Amplified 1 WEEK on Twitter = 1192 Followers

Phase [4]: TABS SURVEY Enter Virtual Goods Market: iPhone App
Virtual Goods are defined as intangible goods and/or services purchased for use on a consumer electronic. An example of a virtual good is an iPhone App.

After increasing the virtual brand of Ben’s Chili Bowl, our goal was to increase the equity of the brand by designing an iPhone App.

Applicist designed the contest “Apps4Bens” as a method to increase consumer participation and brand visibility with the design of an iPhone App.

Phase [5]: TABS SURVEY Establish Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Applicist acquired the partnership of iStrategy Labs and Disruptathon for the Apps4Bens contest. Both partnerships were key for community outreach and iPhone App development.


Apps4Bens was inspired by a project designed by iStrategy Labs: Apps for Democracy. Statistics: (DC Govt / Apps Designed / Return on Investment)

Phase [6]: TABS SURVEY Media Blitz
By entering the Virtual Goods Market (iPhone App), Ben’s Chili Bowl received additional media coverage. Applicist enabled both viral media (Twitter) and conventional media outlets to increase community outreach.

NBC News

Washington Post