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Sample Table of Specifications (Quiz

The following is a table of specifications for a French 1 quiz. The numbers in each box under the item types refer to the item number on the quiz. Standards 1.1 Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions Objectives Demonstrate how the French greet one another formally and informally 1 5 16 19, 20 8 pts True/False (1 pt each) Multiple Choice (1 pt each) Identification Fill-in (1 pt each) (2 pts each) Correction (2 pts each) Total Points

Identify features of a conversation (self-introduction, greetings, etc) Identify elements of simple sentences and questions with rudimentary vocabulary (selfintroduction, greetings, etc.)


6, 7

10. 11


7 pts

3, 4

8. 9

12, 13, 14, 15


10 pts

CAESL Assessment Modules

Create a design on the coil pot that has primary and secondary feature. Create original design on pot. It was created by Iver Henning. primary and secondary and design design Standards/Objectives Artistic perception T S W B AT: Recognize and demonstrate form and primary/ secondary design on a coil pot.Sample Table of Specifications (Performance Task) The following is a table of specifications for a coil vessel ceramics project in a high school art class. originality. Task Components Integration and communication of Concept. Coil built vessel with balanced and even form Craftsmanship (Skill level of design and execution) Creative expression T S W B AT: C r e a t e a c o i l p o t wi t h even and balanced f o r m o u t o f c l a y. Historical and Cultural Context T S W B AT: Draw on cultural influences to add content to the project. Demonstrate good c r a fts m a n s h i p o n t h e coil pot. a student at San José State University. CAESL Assessment Modules . The task components refer to parts of the corresponding rubric.