AT: Framework/Fiat is pretending Counter interpretation: We are resolved that the US should withdraw bases from South Korea

Definition: Resolved: to make a firm decision fro Merriam Websters 07 a. We as individuals should be resolved around the resolution b. Means we call assumptions into questions before evaluation our actions Reasons to prefer a. Ground- acess to performance, K, disad, and CP b. Fariness- provide ground c. Education- Depth v. breath. More in depth edu is better d. Limits- we limit the debate to one of the countries

1. Framework inherently is a form of masculine domination in the way that it takes one view of how things should operate in debate i.e. discarding different positions. 2.Ext. Hyndman 2K4- The best way to incorporate feminist ideology to improve women in a masculine society is through democratic processes i.e. the 1AC, which is the political statement of us that incorporates this feminist ideology into a system of democracy. 3. Ext. Morgan 94- Framework is problomatic in a sense that it represents the masculine drive for war, which leads to the irratication of difference. rattlers

Gender Trouble Butler, Wendy Brown

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