Introduction to Toyota Afghanistan

HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILE The history of the automobile actually began about 4,000 years ago when the first wheel was used for transportation in India. In the early 15th century the Portuguese arrived in China and the interaction of the two cultures led to a variety of new technologies, including the creation of a wheel that turned under its own power. By the 1600s small steam-powered engine models had been developed, but it was another century before a full-sized engine-powered vehicle was created. In 1769 French Army officer Captain Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot built what has been called the first automobile. Cugnot s three-wheeled, steam-powered vehicle carried four persons. Designed to move artillery pieces, it had a top speed of a little more than 3.2 km/h (2 mph) and had to stop every 20 minutes to build up a fresh head of steam. As early as 1801 successful but very heavy steam automobiles were introduced in England. Laws barred them from public roads and forced their owners to run them like trains on private tracks. In 1802 a steampowered coach designed by British engineer Richard Trevithick journeyed more than 160 km (100 mi) from Cornwall to London. Steam power caught the attention of other vehicle builders. In 1804 American inventor Oliver

Evans built a steam-powered vehicle in Chicago, Illinois. French engineer Onésiphore Pecqueur built one in 1828. British inventor Walter Handcock built a series of steam carriages in the mid-1830s that were used for the first omnibus service in London. By the mid-1800s England had an extensive network of steam coach lines. Horsedrawn stagecoach companies and the new railroad companies pressured the British Parliament to approve heavy tolls on steam- powered road vehicles. The tolls quickly drove the steam coach operators out of business. During the early 20th century steam cars were popular in the United States. Most famous was the Stanley Steamer, built by American twin brothers Freelan and Francis Stanley. A Stanley Steamer established a world land speed record in 1906 of 205.44 km/h (121.573 mph). Manufacturers produced about 125 models of steam-powered automobiles, including the Stanley, until 1932 AUTOMOBILE IN THE 20TH CENTURY For many years after the introduction of automobiles, three kinds of power sources were in common use: steam engines, gasoline engines, and electric motors. In 1900 more than 2,300 automobiles were registered in New York

Selden. In 1981 Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) introduced an on-board computer to monitor engine performance. . traveled 3. Of these. he collected royalties from those who did. A solar-powered vehicle. Illinois. But development of gasoline cars in the early 1900s was hindered in the United States by legal battles over a patent obtained by New York lawyer George B. 1. Boston. Advances in automobile technology in the 1980s included better engine control and the use of innovative types of fuel. Although Selden did not manufacture engines or automobiles.864 mi) in Australia in six days. He then designed a similar one and obtained a broad patent that for many years was interpreted to apply to all gasoline engines for automobiles.000 km (1.City.170 were steam cars. and Chicago. Selden saw a gasoline engine at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876. Gasoline-powered engines eventually became the nearly universal choice for automobiles because they allowed longer trips and faster speeds than engines powered by steam or electricity. SunRaycer. 800 were electric cars. Massachusetts. and only 400 were gasoline cars.

the car s brakes automatically slow the vehicle if it is following another vehicle too closely. Systems already exist in some locales to prevent intoxicated drivers from starting their vehicles. in the engine and the rest of the vehicle. Looking ahead. Further reductions in vehicle size are not practical. manufacturers trimmed 450 kg (1.000 lb) from the weight of the typical car by making cars smaller. In some. engineers are devising ways to reduce driver errors and poor driving habits. such as plastics. and carbon composites. Anti-collision systems with sensors and warning signals are being developed. Engineers are working on ways to keep the converters warm for longer periods between drives. New infrared sensors or radar systems may warn drivers when another vehicle is in their blind spot. Catalytic converters work only when they are warm. aluminum alloys. coupled with more efficient engines.OTHER IMPROVEMENTS During the 1980s and 1990s. . so most of the pollution they emit occurs in the first few minutes of operation. The technology may be expanded to new vehicles. doubled the gas mileage obtained by the average new car between 1974 and 1995. or heat the converters more rapidly. so the emphasis has shifted to using lighter materials. Less weight.

This company has recently started its activities in kabul and will extend to other provinces of the country in the future. The company is 100% owned by Afghan nationals and is operated by Afghan management. .These functions are followed continuously and simultaneously at the highest level of performance. Objectives: To bring world class Toyota line-up to Afghanistan To provide best quality back-up services for the satisfaction of customer Challenges: In order to achieve our objectives.TOYOTA AFGHANISTAN Afghan Auto Limited (AAL) is authorized distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation in Afghanistan. AAL will provide best quality products. high quality services and high quality customer Contact.

. Chairman. AAL. 2007. Japan acknowledges the performance of the Afghan Auto Limited by awarding: y Toyota Marketing Award 2006 Overall y Customer Service Prize for Achievement 2006 y Toyota Marketing Award for Excellence 2006 Vehicles Mr. We are ambitious. skilled and socially responsible. Toyota Motor Corporation during his visit to Japan on March 01.Vision Statement of Toyota Afghanistan: We are committed to delight customers by providing them with a friendly service. 2007: Toyota Motor Corporation. Our best Sales Team is our strength Toyota Awards for Afghan Auto Limited. received these awards from Mr. Furthermore We believe Our best Marketing Team. We posses solution oriented knowledge and deliver results in a way that is admired even by competitors. President. Habib Gulzar. Our team of professionals understands customer s needs and addresses them through strong follow up using modern technology. Katsuaki Watanabe.Mar 16.

date our unit s machinery and equip our human resources with modern techniques to keep pace with the time. serving our clients. y Any impact on prices due to change in Government levies. TERM & CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE OF VEHICLES: y The prices are suggested Retail price. . earning foreign exchange through exports. tariff. Future is linked with the adaptation of latest technology and techniques and we certainly continue to up.CEO'S: MESSAGE (HABIB GULZAR) We continue to strive to be a better group in Afghanistan and also commit to contribute a lot for economic stability and development of Afghanistan by enhancing govt. revenue through taxes. for that we have achieved and it is with them that we will continue to surpass our past achievements. protecting our shareholders / investors. Employees have contributed a lot. y import policies etc will be in customers account. fiscal policies. creating jobs for the community of this area and helping to have the healthy environment. y The above prices are provisional and subject to change with out any prior notice. Ex-factory per unit inclusive of sales tax.

transit insurance charges etc which are to be charged at the time of delivery. y Order taken from customer is governed by the Provisional Booking Order Form (PBO) and is under its terms and conditions. SERVICE.y Prices at time of delivery will be final. we undertake a never ending commitment for total product .  SERVICE We have Toyota trained technicians who efficiently take care of your vehicle.  SALES Our trained and highly qualified sales staff will specially provide you complete product and service details in comfortable atmosphere. SPARE PARTS.  SPARE PARTS Our commitment does not end just by making a sale when we sell you a Toyota. y The prices are exclusive of transportation. y We reserves the right to change the specification with out any notice THE 3 S SYSTEM OF TOYOTA Toyota Azad Motor is based on 3'S System that is SALE. y An ample supply of parts is available for maintenance. y Courtesy and concern for our customer. y Timely delivery. Spare parts) System gives you 3 good reasons why you should purchase your vehicle only from your authorized Toyota dealers: y They sell you a Toyota matching the specifications to specific local and national requirements. y Training of our technical team at all levels for precision jobs repairs. y Implementing ISO-9000 Systems to ensure optimum quality of service . y Only they provide reliable after sales and warranty service. service and repair of the Toyota Vehicles designed for your country. y Investing in high tech workshop equipment. We make Customers for Life with our 6 stars: y Providing quality service. The technical staff are fully trained to these Toyota Vehicles Only. Our fully stocked spare parts warehouse will readily take care of your needs for Toyota genuine parts. Toyota 3'S (Sale.


Products and Services .

Available with two seating configurations. since its debut in 1954. mountains.LAND CRUISER 70 SERIES Proven toughness & reliability in harsh environments For over 40 years. the Land Cruiser has built a reputation for commercial utility. whether on or off the roads in deserts.feature part-time 4WD which will allow you to adopt the best driving performance for the road surface conditions. arctic plains or tropical terrain. The latest addition to the Land Cruiser line-up the semi-long wheelbase 5 door Hardtop.Pick-Up & Hardtop . rugged durability. . The new semi-long wheelbase has five doors to make it easy to get into and out of the spacious cabin. Its record earned over decades of abuse throughout the developing world speaks for itself. Its combination of exceptional off-road performance.s Enjoying the same utilitarian appeal and exemplary reputation for sheer unburstability. convenience and driving pleasure brings greater efficiency to every job. Both models on offer . total reliability and exceptional performance in diverse driving environments. the Land Cruiser Hardtop will serve you with years of service and impeccable reliability. the legendary Land Cruiser Pick-Up has proven to be the best light-duty four-wheel-drive pick-up in the business.

. The spacious cabin is a comfortable environment that lets you concentrate on driving. allowing comfortable pedal operation. Its combination of exceptional off-road performance. Cockpit meters are positioned to allow reading at a glance. while all the switches are placed within easy reach of the driver. convenience and driving pleasure brings greater efficiency to every job. Legroom is ample. The new semi-long wheelbase has five doors to make it easy to get into and out of the spacious cabin. The large interior of the Hardtop is maximised to carry personnel. The driver's seat is firmly supportive and designed to keep your knees and arms relaxed. yet the easily foldable benches allows an impressive amount of cargo to be loaded when not in use thereby extending the level of flexibility of the 10-seater.MODELS : y Land Cruiser hardtop STD 10-seater (HZJ76l/r-RKMRS) The latest addition to the Land Cruiser line-up the semi-long wheelbase 5 door Hardtop.

The spacious cabin is a comfortable environment that lets you concentrate on driving. while maintaining a cavernous cargo area in the rear. Cockpit meters are positioned to allow reading at a glance. allowing comfortable pedal operation. . Legroom is ample. The 6-seater maximises driver and passenger comfort. The driver's seat is firmly supportive and designed to keep your knees and arms relaxed.y Land Cruiser Hardtop STD 6-seater (HZJ78L/R-RJMRS) The Land Cruiser which manages to provide total ability on and off the road with the added flexibility of comfortable travel in a conventional seating layout. while all the switches are placed within easy reach of the driver.

y Land Cruiser Hardtop STD 13-seater (HZJ78L/R-RJMRS) A workhorse vehicle if ever there was one. The spacious cabin is a comfortable environment that lets you concentrate on driving. yet the easily foldable benches allows an impressive amount of cargo to be loaded when not in use thereby extending the level of flexibility of the 13-seater. the Hardtop is a true champion when it comes to a safe and effective means of transportation of personnel and equipment over the harshest of conditions. The large interior of the Hardtop is maximised to carry personnel. . The driver's seat is firmly supportive and designed to keep your knees and arms relaxed. Legroom is ample. allowing comfortable pedal operation. while all the switches are placed within easy reach of the driver. Cockpit meters are positioned to allow reading at a glance.

on long runs! The spacious cabin is a comfortable environment that lets you concentrate on driving. . the Pick-Up provides comfort when you most need it . Cockpit meters are positioned to allow reading at a glance. off-road truck.y Land Cruiser Pick-Up STD (HZJ79L/R-TJMRS) Widely considered to be the ultimate light-duty. comfort and sheer ability has earned it a reputation which makes it practically unchallenged and in a class of its own! Available as a flexible 3-seater. while all the switches are placed within easy reach of the driver. The Land Cruiser Pick-Up enjoys a devout following all over the world! Its blend of power. allowing comfortable pedal operation. The driver's seat is firmly supportive and designed to keep your knees and arms relaxed. Legroom is ample.

The Hilux range of body styles kicks off with the Single Cabin. the Hilux sets the standards for a new generation. These are the qualities that make the Hilux the leader of a new generation. The dynamic power and stylish comfort of the Hilux are available in a range of models to fit every purpose.HILUX The Hilux remains the definitive all-rounder The Hilux has a dynamic presence that integrates advanced power. Built for the tough jobs. strong and stylish. its advanced capabilities and features will make sure you get the job done. Hard-working and rugged. The all-new Hilux with its new body. engine and chassis meets all your demands every time you drive and sets new standards for the pickup model. a no-nonsense loadlugger with the added appeal of the largest cargo deck in its class. Big. It is now the largest pickup in its class . The Double Cabin version of the Hilux range adds extra versatility with two extra doors and room for three more passengers. the large load capacity coupled with its four-wheel-drive capability helps you to do more each day.

New generation standards: the Hilux provides car-like quiet and comfortable space. Despite having the largest cargo deck in its class. the Hilux Double Cabin provides the perfect blend between passenger car and pick-up truck. With such a sophisticated car-quality driving environment.with luxurious interior styling focussed on spaciousness and comfort. MODELS: y LHD 3 seater 3. when you step inside the Single Cabin you experience a high quality sedan interior. Available with class leading petrol and diesel powerplants. The powerful air conditioner quickly cools the cabin to your preferred temperature. Built for the tough jobs. the large load capacity coupled with its four-wheel-drive capability helps you to do more each day. the Hilux will change . The elegance and sophistication exceeds all previous pickup standards. a no-nonsense loadlugger with the added appeal of the largest cargo deck in its class.0D (LAN25L-TRMDEN) The Hilux range of body styles kicks off with the Single Cabin.

The sporty touches in the interior are apparent in the stylish 3-eye combination metre. The two-tone colour. The excellent visibility and clear display of critical information communicate driving status at a glance. distinctive flowing lines and strong form of the instrument panel add to the feeling of modern sophistication.your ideas on comfort and ease of control. .

it has played an essential role in the lives of a wide variety of people and a large number of organisations around the world. the natural successor to the line and a continuing symbol of strength and reliability. The overall result is unrivalled vehicle stability both on and off-road. In the process. a truly dominant 4WD vehicle. It has been re-built from the ground up based on the overriding guiding principle that it should be even tougher and even more reliable than the model which it has replaced. has been routinely taming the wildest terrains on earth for over 50 years. The legend continues with the new Land Cruiser. To begin with it has all-terrain performance which defines this model's status as "King of 4WD's" the all-new Land Cruiser 200 Series has been tested and proven in the world's most gruelling driving conditions. .LAND CRUISER STATION WAGON 200 SERIES The legendary Land Cruiser.

MODELS: Land Cruiser 200 GX Diesel 8 seater (Auto) (VDJ200L/R-GNTNZ)


The perfection of this new model is in the details. Nothing has been forgotten, inside or out, optimising convenience and comfort for all concerned. This is how the legend will continue to grow through the all-new Land Cruiser. Within the new King of 4WD's massive exterior presence which has been consciously designed to make a statement, the luxurious interior leaves a lasting impression with everyone who experiences it. There is a sense of authority as you take your place behind the driving wheel with all the necessary controls at your fingertips. High quality and user-friendly functionality are blended together perfectly to make the driving experience a memorable one.


Land Cruiser 200 GX Petrol 8 seater (Man) (GRJ200L-GNMNK)

The perfection of this new model is in the details. Nothing has been forgotten, inside or out, optimising convenience and comfort for all concerned. This is how the legend will continue to grow through the all-new Land Cruiser. Within the new King of 4WD's massive exterior presence which has been consciously designed to make a statement, the luxurious interior leaves a lasting impression with everyone who experiences it. There is a sense of authority as you take your place behind the driving wheel with all the necessary controls at your fingertips. High quality and user-friendly functionality are blended together perfectly to make the driving experience a memorable one.

y y

Land Cruiser 200 GX Petrol 8 seater (Auto) (GRJ200L-GNMNK) Land Cruiser 200 GX Petrol 8 seater (Man) (GRJ200L-GNMNK)

Land Cruiser Prado 150 Series

With a heritage that dates back over half a century, the Land Cruiser's unrivalled off-road performance and durability have earned it a rock-solid reputation for reliability.

And now - inheriting the pedigree of its predecessors while simultaneously realizing superior on-road performance and interior versatility at a high level - the all-new Land Cruiser Prado takes a major step forward.

TGS offer the Prado TX, and the Prado TXL. Both models have outstanding interior design giving a refined sense of control. The large gauges in the combination meter provide all the required driving information at a glance. The comfort level is really impressive and both models have plenty of space made even more versatile with the third row of seats folding flush-with-floor and giving plenty of additional load space on demand.

The excellent ground clearance with high approach and departure angles. Off-road.In town. deep complex turns and all variety of steep tortuous hill climbs. you won't find a more stylish and comfortable four wheel drive. maneuvrability and versatility this is a car which ticks all the boxes. the Prado behaves impeccably. In terms of refined design. . as well as unrivalled roll over gradients allow almost unlimited driving in rough terrain.

The Land Cruiser Hardtop Ambulance will provide a real lifeline to those in rural communities in need of urgent medical attention and is the preferred four-wheel-drive ambulance among aid agencies working in the developing world. comfort and attention to detail that makes the Corolla one of the world's most popular cars. . AMBULANCES HARDTOP/HIAC Four-wheel-drive ambulances play a vital role in providing medical assistance to those living in areas not normally accessible by normal city-bound ambulances.COROLLA SEDAN The Corolla's distinctive and individual styling sets it apart from the norm without sacrificing its reputation of extreme reliability. It's a new embodiment of the commitment to high quality.


OUR SERVICES HILIGHTS: y Engine diagnostic and tune-up y Painting y Denting y Break testing on tester and overhauling y Computerized 4-wheel alignment y Air conditioning repair and installation y Engine overhaulig y Chassis adjustment on cellete bench y Spray and bake painting y Break down recovery service y Vehicle service record keeping y Waiting lounger for customers y Pick and drop facility y Wash and lurication y Manual/Automatic transmission overhauling y Under coating /rust protection y Vehicle interior cleaning y Complete body epairing facility y Car polishing y Electronic wheel balancing .

Departments and Structure of the Company .

As far as advertising methods and techniques and methods are concerned three types of advertisements are used by the company: 1. Basically the company is using various methods in order to strengthen its step in afghanistan market by saisfying the needs and wants of the people and by usig various advertising methods and compigns. . Let me give you a detail information about the concept of the in-shop advertisement.TV ADS: As far as this medium is concerned Toyota afghanistan rarely advertise their products and services through TV channels and this medium is in rare use of the toyota . These banners are very helpful in order to enhance the awareness of the people. dedicated and hard working team. 3. equipped with the latest marketing techniques.IN-SHOP ADVERTISEMENT: It is the most used technique of advertisement in Toyota Afghanistan.MARKETING DEPARTMENT The marketing department of the firm comprises of highly qualified.BANNER ADS: ToyotaAfghanistan uses banner ads in different parts of the kabul and cities in afghanistan in order to advertise their products and services. 2.

In summary.etc. Therefore. The following activities are aimed through in-shop promotion: y y y y y Boost product understanding Purchasing decision Expand volume of repeat customers Extra sales Increase customer loyalty In-shop promotion is a device that stimulates an active desire to purchase. Such customers already have an interest in the Toyota brand. in place of staff and assists in the process of making decisions to bu. prices. The major importance of in-shop promiotion is that it converts customers attacted by mass adverrtising adivities in to loya customers. it is far easier to encourage such customers to make purchases by providing them with appropriate information during visits than by communicating with general consumers outside the shop via mass advetising. making them aware of produc features. customers ae guided around the shop and made aware of the appeal of poducts setting up in-shop promotion performs the task of guiding customes around the shop. Simmply by setting up in-shop pomotion.HOW DOES IN-SHOP PROMOTION OOST SALES? In shop promotion is aimed at toyota owners and /or those who visit dealers for service. effective in- .

such as product samples.  ROLE OF IN-SHOP PROMOTION: y y Product Awareness: informs customers about unfamiliar products and services Promotion of Product Appeal: promotes product Features.  MERITS OF IN-SHOP PROMOTION: y At-a-glance Product Information: by simply looking at in-shop promotion. cusomers can appreciate product features and recommendations. Customers can look around with no pressure of being sold. price. y Increased Sales Eficiency: in-shop prootion tools. Boosts interest in sales coners by informing customers of campigns nd events. value for oney and new product releases y Promotion of Sales Coners: clearly identifies where the sale is going on in the promotion provides major assistance both in customer purchase and staff selling activities. . y In-shop Image Creation: provices customers with the feeling of seasonal campigns and creates aa pleasant atmosphere. give customes the opportunity to look and touch and imagine the products in actual use these tools assist sales staff and improve communication efficiency.

He irst step is to decide which producs in the shop you wish to sell. how to express them. dalers are expected to cary out in-shop promotion of those products specified by distrivtor. y Determining Products to Promote: Apeal to customers in a timely. what features.y Shop Guidance Tools: Provides information about service waiting periods reservations. In order to do so. first. Many dealers design and carry out in-shop promotion in accordance with their own annual business plans. In addition. it is important to decide what points should be highlighted. and service advisors etc. In this chapter we will consider five clear steps or creating in-shop prmotion: y Determine Products to Promote: The basis for all promotional activities is to make a clear decision about what products you want to sell. .s sales plans. After deciding whih products to sell. effective fashion by introducing in-shop promotions linked with sales plans. what tools to use and what to keep in mind in terms of display design are all important questions to be answered. make sure you understand the strengths of Toyota Genuine Parts. y Choosing Selling Points: consider features to promote in order to enhance sales o particular products.  PLANNING OF IN-SHOP PROMOTION: Creating effective in-shop promotion tools that contribute to improved sales is more than just throwing andom thoughts together and putting them on display what products.

1. Durability 3. Quality 2. Imagination y Selection of Effective Tools: choose tools that can present concrete Examples. . Reliability y Deciding Approach and Method: choose the most efective way to communicate the selling no matter how good the product or service is. customers are not ging to by it unless you attract their attention and interest.Core Values of Toyota Brand 1. That is why in-shop promotion must grab your customers attention on first glance with a simple and clear approach the following are the basic approaches to consider. and how to promote them. Take a look at the followig tools and their special characteristics. Comparison 2. Warning 3. Choosing tools that clearly demonstrate your arguments is the next step after choosing products and selling points.

but the firm wants to made a computerized system. The Sales department includes Customer Services (CS).SALES DEPARTMENT The Sales department is related to the sales of the Vehicles. Record Maintenance. . and Inquiries & Complaints Handling. The record is maintained in this department is totally on the manual work. Vehicle Delivery Inspection Quality (VDIQ). y Record Maintenance This department deals with the data/information about any customer and this shows comprehensive information about the customer data. Through this department the top management can see the sales and the demand of the booking of the cars. y Customer Service Customer service department is related to the external customer who is come to Toyota for the purchasing and booking of the Toyota Vehicle of any variant. The Customer service staff is well trained and sophisticated person because these are the people who can play an important role in the sales of a firm.

At the Selling perspective the inspectors check the vehicle so that the customer are more facilitate rather they have any problem faced after the purchasing. At arrival stage. y Inquiries & Complaints Handling Another Department is also there that handles the Inquires and complaints of the Customers. As Indus Motor Company launch software namely Voice of Customer so that the customers can easily put their information directly to the Company through the dealers. Determine root cause and responsibility . the vehicle that come from the Indus motor company the Inspector check the vehicle and if any default occurs then it claim to the Indus Motor Company. Seven Steps for Complaints Handling 1. Look Listen and Learn (3Ls) 3. Get Fact 4. Receive a complaint 2.y Vehicle Delivery Inspection Quality (VDIQ) This department deals with the over all checking of the Vehicle at the time of arrival and the selling to customer.

member and globally available experience of Toyota. follow CUSTOMER RELATION (CR) DEPARTMENT Toyota Azad Motors. The Customer relation department is one of the most important departments which can control all the activities perform for the retention and benefit the customers. Take prompt action 7. We believe in perpetual improvement in all fields of services and facilities as per Toyota & Daihatsu Standards applicable globally.5. Customer relations department nationwide falls under top 5 positions of national Toyota Dealerships Network. y Opening a larger window for customers. Toyota Customer relations Ideals y Creating corporate trust based on integrity on integrity and fair handling of Complaints. through regularly conducting Training & workshops to enhance knowledge and share experience of our fellow National CR. y Swift and sure handling of Inquiries & Complaints . Explain your decision and then get aggrement 6.

y Making the Voice of the customers the basis for corporate renewal. During this workshop national customer relation managers shared best practices applicable at Toyota Afghanistan and at the same time it was explained by senio CR Team Memberof Toyota Afghanistan for vision 2010 in the field of CR. . Customer Relations National Workshop Kabul National Customer Relation orkshop as per Toyota Global Policy to improve customer satisfaction level held in the Kabul city from 26 to 28 January 2009. y y Improving corporate image and better informing customers to support Sales and Service activities.

The salaries ae given on their ranks like the top management salaries are sent to their accounts wile the lower level employees are given cash on the spot from the Department.000 $ . 1000. records of the transactions. the customer drafts for the booking of cars to the Toyota Afghanistan and the employees salaries. CAPITAL The capital and reserve of the firm are Rs.FINANCE DEPARTMENT: The accounts Department is rlated to the accounts handling.

staffing. HRM function to pay significant attention to select individuals whom not only has the skills required to perform paricular jobs but who also fit the prevailing culture of the firm. These activities include determining the firm s human resource strategy. management development. copensation.HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT Human Resource amanagement refers to the activities an organiztion caries out to use its human resource efectively. On an annual basis. Toyota Afghanistan runs department of HRM to hire and compensate the employees of the firm. bonuses are given to employees whose performance exceeds . Toyota Afghanistan hiring process follw these acivities: Initial interview Conducting Tests in the specific field Test on the practical basis Training and development programme y y y y  Reward System: A superior Quality Award can e given to anyone at anytime due to good performance . and labor relation . performance evaluation. it does not matter how log a person hs been in he organiztion.

Everyone is expected to work If punishment is absolutely necessary.their targets the main motivational tools are bonuses. promotions and awards. pay-raises. they have to work hard for it. Each and every employee knows that if they have to survive in the organization.  Punishment System: punishment is not necessary and common. it is usually in the form of a verbal warning and in some extreme cases termination. .

service engineers and technicians .  Equipped Workshop: the firm workshop is equipped with highly sophisticated and latest technology . Our workshop includes the following equipment: y y y y y y Engine Analyzer Computerized 4 wheel alignment equipment Paint booths Special service tools Post auto lifts Wheel balancer .SERVICE DEPARTMENT Toyota Afghanista Service Department strives for complete customer satisfaction. Our workshop s trained technicians have the experience and expertise to have your vehicle serviced the correct way the first time. The service deaprtment has undertaken extensive training of its service staff by sending them to attend specialized courses conducting over a year for service manager/service advisors. equipment and providing services for whole of Afghanistan.

They learn to work on Toyota before they work on your vehicle. ratherr than while they are working on it. .y y y y Frame aligner Wide range of garage equipment Body reparing equipment Electrical service equipment it makes good sense to take your vehicle to Toyota Afghanistan for service. service tips. Your Toyota Afghanistan Motor serice department ill perform all of the scheduled maintenance on your vehicle reliable and economical.and in-dealership training programs. Toyota technicians are well trained specialists. And they are receiving the latest service information through technical ulletig.

Our Shining Stars speak for themselves: We ensure the genuiness of the parts tha go into your vehicle We gurantee long life and optimum performance of parts We provide warante for all genuine parts We provide technical assistance or the ight choice of parts y y y y The Advantages of Toyota Genuine Parts: Better and smoother engine performance Improved efficiency in fuel consumption Ensure toruble free driving Quality parts supply through strict quality check by toyota motors Designed by Toyota to fit in your vehicle Durability couples with lasting quality performance y y y y y y . In Toyota Afghanistan Motors there is a separate Parts Reception Area to serve their external customers and as well as the loca dealer.SPARE PARTS DEPARTMENT Firm has a shop for availabiliyt of genuine parts of all sorts of Toyota Vehicles for conveniance of its customers.

y Proves to be cost effective in the long ru due to increased life of genuine parts  Ware House: Toyota Aghanistan has a separate parts area in which all kind of parts availble in access quantity. A searate detabase is there to maintian the record of inventory oor stock os that it can etter facilitate the firm to avoid the our of stock situation. .

SWOT Analysis and Corporate Social Relationship .

Toyota has a trained emplyees and as well as they are fully equiped as far as workshop is concerned.STRENGTHS: y y Toyota Afghan Motors is the authorized dealer in the whole Afghanistan As far as Toyota is concerned the toyota is dealing in the diesel products which other competitors are not offering y y Toyota has a well knon name all over the world. WEAKNESS: y y Toyota Afghan Motor have to improve their follow up pocedure Toyota Afghan Motor has a weakness of low productivity through which they are not fulfilling the demand of the customers y They are no compensating their employee of workforce THREATS: .

y y As Toyota is launching new luxury vehicle like Camry so it has and opportunity for Toyota Afghan Autos to increase their profit ratio. Hyundai in Afghanistan Government policies and regulation can also be a biggest threat of toyota. OPPORTUNITIES: They should improve thei production level so that they an meet customer demands and attract they customer and investors to invest in the toyota. .y y Toyota has a nig threat from the competitors like Nissan.

Corporate Social Responsibilities .

y AK Board Brilliant Student Cash Prize During the year 2009 Position Holders of the Kabul University are Awarded Cash Prize by Toyota Afghan Motors to encourage our future generation as part of A Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company. Indus Motor Company Limited the TOYOTA manufacturer in Pakistan &Toyota Dealerships has equally participated for the relief activities of Earthquake victims in both areas of AJK & NWFP.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES (CSR) OF TOYOTA: Toyota & Toyota Azad Motors. we are socially responsible companies. whether it is environment. y Toyota Afghan Motors Plantation & Plantation Awareness Project . situation like earthquake disaster . we are not only concern with cars sales only. education or any other social responsibility. own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

UNITED NATION has announced UN global Road Safety Week from 23-29 April 2007.Toyota Afghan Motors has launched Plantation Awareness Project in the dealership operational areas. as per dealership Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy. Toyota & Toyota Dealerships has decided to be a part of UN Global road safety week. y Un Global Road Safety Week Observed This year very 1st time. During the period Banners will be displayed to highlight the importance of Road Safety. further Dealership has offered Free Vehicle Safety Checkup during the Road Safety week. . which is implemented by the company since the start of plantation project by local NGO called Green & Green . During this year 2009 plantation season Banners are displayed to create awareness to general public regarding importance of plantation & Plantation is done at the main entry point of the city called Y-junction. as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project.

The Success Story of Toyota Afghan Motor .

SUCCESS STORY OF TOYOTA AZAD MOTORS Details of last 4-years sales are given below in a graphic presentation to share the information with our valued customer and to tell them that how big Toyota family is in our area and you are member of that family. It is quite clear from the graph that sales of Azad is increasing remarkably year after year. Sales percetage each year: . Comparison of Sales Per centage over a specific duration. which shows customer s trust on Toyota Team. It was just impossible for Toyota to achieve these miles stones in sales with out our valued customer s trust on Toyota and our dealership. we salute our customer and assure to serve them even in more better way in future.

We assure our valued customer to make every effort to improve our self in all fields of sales & after sales. in 2008 units are 3000. This is due to our valued customers & Toyota after Sales facilities being provided by our dealership as per Toyota Standards applicable worldwide. in 2007 units rise to 2084. This graphic presentation shows our after sales business improvements year after year. as same is linked with each other. In 2006 the units sold are 847. which is remarkably impressive and shows continuous positive trends. at this stage we are grateful for the customers trust on Toyota & Azad. Comparison of Spare parts with Increase in Demand Toyota Azad Motors spare parts are also increasing along with the increase of Service & New vehicle sales.85% 64% 40% 25% Series 1 2006 2007 2008 2009 This shows that the Sales can Increase gradually over the time span. while in 2005-06 the units are 3800. .

100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2006 2007 2008 2009 Series 3 Series 1 0 5000 Success Due to the Toyota & Quality Go together .

Success Due to the Toyota & Quality Go together Toyota Afghanistan Auto has launched campaign named Born To Last to inform Toyota customers regarding extended warranty o Toyota vehicles sold through Toyota authorized dealers nationwide.000KM or 2-year warranty o all Toyota Vehicle sold y authorized dealers for the customers trust on Toyota . We feel proud to inform our valued customers now Toyota is offering 50. no matter vehicles are provided at which plat ad country of the world. .Toyota believes to provide same quality to his customers globally. We assure our valued customer to make every effort to improve our self in all fields of sales & after sales. it is I customers now interest to purchase Toyota vehicle through Toyota authorized dealer to get benefit of extended warranty. Therefore.

Internship Analysis .

JOB DESCRIPTION I had done two months internships in Toyota Afghan Motors .Parts Department . the aspect that I learned from the Company is as Stated below:  Positive Learning Aspects . Vehicle Delivery Inspection Quality (VDIQ). Kabul. and Record Maintenance. and also work aCustomer Services (CS). The HR Manager told me about the rules and regulations and a brief history of the Company and told me the basic operations of their departments. Learning During my internship period of 6-weeks. Furthermore in these Departments I worked most of the time of my internship inCustomer Relation (CR) Department. Sales Department. During my internship I worked in the Marketing & Sales Department of TAM. As TAM is concerned. I find some positive as well as negative aspects of the Company.

Punctuality. y y Due to this lack nests. like during my internship the Indus Motor Company can raise the prices of Vehicles and suddenly they can their current strategies. customer database. I learned how we can follow-up the customer and make them loyal to us. I Learned the Information Transform System from one Department to another. y I learned the Ethics. Not compensating the valuable/regular customers. I Learned the CR-Performance Criteria of Toyota Service & Marketing-Japan (TSM) .y First of all I Learned the working of a Company. Goal Commitment. I learned what are the documents required for booking of Vehicles. . The handling of Software like Voice of Customers (VOC). its Structure. I learned how to deal with customer by using my relation-building skills and communication skills.  Negative Learning Aspects Top Management does not treat well with the workers of the Company. y y y y y y y y How the employees of company can perform specific tasks. like for follow up customers the Customer Relation department uses Service Department data. I come to know about the specification of different variants of products. dissatisfaction occurs between workers. decision-making authority and how they implement the Policies and Strategies. and Self Control in a real sense. Dedication.

Facility Improvement. 1 in the Pakistan. The Toyota Service & Marketing-Japan that assign points according to activity are described below: SKILLS The skills more or less which I used and gained during my internship can be explained in following manner. The TSM assign specific point to every activity that they have to perform in order to become No. Voice of Customer. CSR Activities. These are Complaints Handling. Kaizen Activities. CR Action Plans. Customer Retention Activities. Why Toyota Azad motors and other dealers revise CR Performance Criteria? The reason behind this is due to the following factors: For raising performance levels For achieving Kaizen During my internship I have spent a lot of time in the customer relation department therefore I learned the Performance criteria of Toyota dealers by Toyota Service & Marketing-Japan (TSM) . The question arises in our mind. Human Resource. CR Visibility. Good Will Budget. y Skills Used . Learning while working in CR Department When we talk about the customer relation performance. Customer follow up.y Lack of efficient work in the documentation process.

Technical skills Skills that reflect both an understanding of and a proficiency in a specialized field. When I work at Customer Services department I used my Communication skill to capture the person interest. 3. This skill helps a person to interact with others in much better and pleasant manner. This Skill helps me with interacting with the external as well internal peoples. It is part of business interaction so person should have the capabilities to make his dealings in appropriate way. Through this I can better create my relations with the other fellow an due to this they much corporate with me. It is an art to present one s views. thoughts and ideas before its listeners to make others. y Learned skills . I also worked in the Record Maintaining which is totally computerized system which helps me lot to understand the customer recode system and its utilization like the customer relation department use that information in order to perform follow-up activities. 2. Communication Skill Communication means exchange of messages between people for the purpose of achieving common meanings.1. Interpersonal Skill This is most the common and one of the most important skills during my internship period. It is an art to make information flow smoother.

and booking of vehicle. Bank Draft in the favor of Indus Motor Company. . Human Skills associated with a manager s ability to work well with others. In Toyota Azad Motor I worked along the e CR officer and he guide me a lot as well as the HR manager of TAM also facilitate me. both as a member of a group and as a leader who gets things done through others. Human skills I learnt the Human Skill in true manner. Decision making skills The skill involves the process through which managers identify organizational problems and attempt to resolve them.1. 2. During my internship I come to know the documents requires are Copy of computerized NIC. Similarly when I work at Customer service department the issue of prices change an urgent meeting is conduct to guide the customer services with update prices of Toyota products. Documentation Skills Before going to internship I have not idea about the documentation required for the purchasing. National Tax Number. 3. Although this skill involves in high level management but I worked with really senior managers of Company and I learnt lot by observing them.

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