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Things the Most Successful Have in Common

Things the Most Successful Have in Common

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Published by Dharmsen Soni

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Published by: Dharmsen Soni on Oct 12, 2010
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So when you wake up tomorrow, and every day from now on, and a
new situation presents itself, think to yourself: Where could this take
me? What new situations will arise right away, in a year, or even ten
years later? Kind of like viewing your whole life up to this point as one
big long line, one thing led to another, to another, to another, to another
and so on. One thing I do need you to understand though to complete
this concept is that you are in control.

Just like you drew those dots connecting your friends, and their friends’
friends on the wall earlier, if you were to pick any one of them, do you
think you could get yourself acquainted with just a few words through
other friends? Too right you could, but it's up to you to take those steps,
to choose where your line goes next, and to select who you're going to
meet, and ultimately whether or not you're working towards being a

You want it to happen, you go and do it. Like I demonstrated earlier,
understanding you have so much control, everything is in your hands
and it's your choice is the first step to understanding how your going to
move forward. This is totally relevant to your business, no matter how
strange you may think this article is for an online marketing course. I
need you to understand that you are in total control of what you're doing
and what you're going to choose to do in the future.

Always create opportunities for yourself, leave your options open and
you'll never be left stuck in a rut, or left with an unsolvable problem.
Remember, the above example is an extreme one. Your aim isn't to use
everyone you meet. Your aim is to do business as effectively as

Don't be afraid to get involved.

Start Tomorrow and you will see results.

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