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Divine Word College of Legazpi Legazpi City SY 2010-2011

Shipboard ·10 Reaction Paper
Prepared by: Monique G. Velasco BSHM-II

Prepared for: Mr. Raul Santillan Subject Professor

On the other hand. or their rooms. we reached Manila at noon time where we headed for Mall of Asia to have our lunch there. the boys were responsible for waitering and bussing out of dishes in the resto. the First Class accommodation.. we went to our respective buses which left at around 11 pm that night and left for Manila. Moreover. we helped them in assisting the crew. Those were the places where I got to work. In the Island Fiesta. In the afternoon. The schedule of our duties were posted on the alley and that we had to report to our duties so as to avoid sanctions and compensations. the HEAT method. All happy. Inside we were welcomed by hospitable crew of the ship. We also assisted them because some of them do not know the way to the resto. for example was scheduled at the Island Fiesta. I. we got to know our facilitators and meet the staff and the owner of the training company. We did have several bus stop to manila. Toni Esteban. at least most of us. we did some cleaning like sweeping the floor and a survey which I enjoyed because I got to test my guts. we were taught how to handle complaints. we were amazed by how big the mall was that we weren·t even able to explore it all. how it would be like in the ship. There. 2010 at 6:00 pm. and most importantly. we were oriented of what they do there. We ate our lunch at the KFC though some students chose other fast foods and made their own choice through he various food outlets there. We also had an activity where our partners acted as complainants and we had to solve their problems. since it was our first time to get on a ship. the Clear Maritime Training Company who is Mr. until we all fell asleep. we unpacked our things and got ready for an orientation at the Island Fiesta. The guidelines and the house rules were discussed and there was a tour around the ship. the paperworks. and other housekeeping lessons are what I have learned from one of the crew. I am proud to have solved the . arranging the foods and the like but not really touch or participate in the food preparation. We had fun strolling at the mall. we were all chatting about our expectations about the shipboard. I guess we slept at about 12 midnight. and with high spirits. I asked questions to some passengers which were very willing to be interviewed. many students started flocking at the student·s lounge for the assembly of the 113 2nd year BSHM students headed to Cebu for the Shipboard Training. we were taught how to make the bed. and stuff they had to accomplish at certain times. the lobby. Also. we went to assemble yet again to go and board our dhip. which is the economy class. We were guided to our respective rooms and there. However. There. we went to the Toy Kingdom. the Superferry 12. excited. Front Office and the Horizon Cafe. We were awed when we saw the gigantic ship of the Aboitiz Corp. The proper arrangement of the bed. In the Orange Fwd. We were given ample time to go to the restroom and eat our provisions. Then.September 07. Blue Magic and other shops. like attending to customer orders. Inside the bus. though not really shopping since we were saving our money for real stuff in Cebu and Bohol. We were also taught techniques on how to do it efficiently like them. Orange Forward. or comfort rooms. Inside. The part of the duty which I enjoyed the most was in the front office. when I was assigned in the first class.

. we first headed to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Cagayan de Oro which we did so by riding a jeepney. It was a really nice and serene place. But now.problem given to me. We were there for only several hours and then got back to the ship. it was very educational. The trees were planted by the people there to replace the lumber that they have cut. a new but nice and cozy resto. On the other hand. etc. It has a very huge pool which we of course enjoyed during the night. There. we visited our sister school which is the Holy Name University formerly known as the Divine Word College whish is one of the prestigious schools there. we went to the Sandugo Monument in Tagbilaran City depicting the historical event of the blood compact made between the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol on March 16. The many small hills that resemble Hershey·s chocolates were fantastic. We were really stunned by the beauty of nature there. CAGAYAN DE ORO. Also. our facilitator acted out. BOHOL We spent 2 days and 1 night in Bohol. their food. We left at about 7 am. It is a very holy place indeed where a big statue of Jesus Christ was sculpted. We also visited the Tarsiers and got to know them a lot. . we stayed at the Bohol Plaza Resort Hotel which is located atop of a hill. ube. Also. we were taught how to arrange food properly. Most especially the hardest one which Sir Medel. In Bohol. making it more attractive and pleasant in the eyes. to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition. we had a chance to buy some cute stuff from cebu and some delicacies there. The students had fun during the night swimming. We also went to the Chocolate Hills also called Carmen Hills. inside the Horizon Café. We have learned many facts about them like their habitat. 1565. The people there believe that it cures illnesses and the like. Some of our classmates even took the holy water with them because they were prepared with plastic bottles. their attitude and the like. When we disembarked. like the peanut kisses. The view there was indeed picturesque. they realized that the trees may remain as a tourist spot and not to be cut anymore. they say. Its truly very high and miraculous. We also ate at a nice resto there which is the Food Options. piyaya. And went back to embark the vessel again. The Man Made Forest was also one of the greatest places I have been.

There. we also got to shop for souvenirs like foods. our assigned tour guide to inform us and tell us something about the different places there. too bad some of the stores were already closing.CEBU In Cebu. We had 2 guest speakers there in the said seminar which talked very well and are very informative. Furthermore. we visited the Sto. The great part was the Edge Coaster ride where almost all students tried and screamed because of the thrill of the ride. I can say that because of the shipboard training. with new stories to tell. Conclusion The shipboard training was very educational. and most of all. a major church in Cebu. We went home satisfied. Niño Church. shirts. and more lessons to impart. we went to Lapu-lapu park where we got to take a lot of pics too. . He·s very knowledgeable and friendly which made the tour even more pleasant. we developed ourselves into better individuals. There. key chains and the like. we had Kuya Renzoi. we spent 3 days and 2 nights at the Crown Regency Hotel and ate at Sugbahan Restaurant. individuals who are more responsible. Also. we went to the mall for some time. Also. competent. We also got to apply the theoretical knowledge we acquired. new experience to share. We went to some Hotels too in order to familiarize with the facilities there. We got to learn a lot of things aside from those that we discuss inside the four corners of the room. confident. We also had a seminar workshop about being a professional and developing our personality as to suit the hospitality industry. All throughout the tour. that activity brought our batch closer. we got to know our schoolmates better and also gain more friends.

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