Students from a leading Scottish University have today responded indignantly to proposals to lift the cap on fees for higher education in England. Lord Browne’s recent proposals on higher education funding look to have grave knockon consequences for the funding of Scottish Universities if they’re implemented by the government south of the border. In response, Glasgow University’s Students’ Representative Council (GUSRC) call on their English counterparts to reject such measures as would create a tiered University system with access limited not by academic merit, but instead by who can afford to pay. Tommy Gore, GUSRC President said: “Lord Browne’s report has been a long time coming, and we are shocked to see he has come back with measures as ill-conceived as those presented today. We’re against charging fees in any capacity. Increased, or even uncapped, fees would create a strong disincentive for anyone looking to enter University education.” “We also fear proposals allowing Universities to set their own fee levels would create a tiered University system, with any potential student’s choice of institution bound not by their academic abilities, but by what they can afford. Any system which would work on such principals is unjust.” “The knock-on effects Browne’s proposals would have on the Scottish system, if implemented, are currently unclear. We look to the Scottish Government to move quickly in easing any student uncertainty about the Scottish situation, by providing a clear and specific plan for this country’s University system as soon as possible. In the run up to next May’s elections we look forward to each party laying out their plans for what they see as the future for Scottish Higher Education”
Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council represents the interests of students registered at the University of Glasgow to the University and nation. The representative function is augmented by the delivery of services aimed at enhancing the student experience while at Glasgow. Council comprises up to 37 elected students who meet throughout the year.

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