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Index - The Force

Index - The Force


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Published by Weldun
Level-up Aid for players and GMs of the Star Wars, Saga Edition RPG.
Level-up Aid for players and GMs of the Star Wars, Saga Edition RPG.

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Published by: Weldun on Oct 12, 2010
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Force Talents

Alter Talent Aversion Disciplined Strike Force Flow Illusion Illusion Bond Influence Savant Link Masquerade Move Massive Object Suppress Force Telekinetic Power Telekinetic Prodigy Telekinetic Savant Telepathic Influence Telepathic Link Control Talent Beast Trick Channel Energy Damage Reduction 10 Equilibrium Force Harmony Force Exertion Force Focus Force Recovery Force Suppression Indomitable Will Telekinetic Stability The Will To Resist Dark Side Talent Consumed by Darkness Dark Presence Dark Preservation Dark Side Savant Drain Knowledge Power of the Dark Side Revenge Swift Power Transfer Essence Wrath of the Dark Side Guardian Spirit Talent Guardian Spirit Crucial Advice Distracting Apparition Manifest Guardian Spirit Vital Encouragement Light Side Talent At Peace Attuned Focused Attack Surge of Light Sense Talent Feel the Force Force Perception Force Pilot Foresight Gauge Force Perception Heightened Awareness Instinctive Navigation Motion of the Future Psychometry Shift Sense Visions Req. Mind Trick Illusion Illusion Telekinetic Power, move object Influence Savant, mind trick Telekinetic Savant Telepathic Link, trained in Use the Force Trained in Use the Force Req. Negate Energy Force Training Equilibrium Rebuke Req. Charisma 13, Power of the Dark Side Power of the Dark Side Dark Presence, Power of the Dark Side Power of the Dark Side Dark Side Score equal to your Wisdom score Power of the Dark Side Req. Manifest Guardian Spirit Req. Focused Attack Req. Force Perception Force Perception Force Pilot Force Perception Force Perception, farseeing Force Perception, farseeing Ref. CWCG-53 SAGA-100 KOTOR-52 FUCG-87, KOTOR-52, JATM-14 JATM-15 JATM-15 JATM-15 JATM-15 LECG-55 JATM-15 SAGA-100 FUCG-88 SAGA-100 KOTOR-53 KOTOR-53 Ref. KOTOR-53 JATM-16 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 JATM-16 FUCG-88 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 KOTOR-53 FUCG-88 LECG-55 CWCG-53 Ref. CWCG-53 SAGA-101 LECG-55 JATM-16 TOTG-30 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 JATM-16 FUCG-88 Ref. JATM-16 JATM-17 JATM-17 JATM-17 JATM-17 Ref. CWCG-53 CWCG-53 CWCG-53 CWCG-53 Ref. FUCG-88 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 SAGA-101 CWCG-53 JATM-17 JATM-17 CWCG-53 CWCG-53 SAGA-101

Force Techniques
Technique Advanced Vital Transfer Cure Disease Detoxify Poison Dominate Mind Extended Blind Extended Force Disarm Extended Force Grip Extended Force Thrust Extended Move Object Force Point Recovery Force Power Mastery Improved Balistakinesis Improved Battle Strike Improved Cloak Improved Convetion Improved Crucitorn Improved Cryokinesis Improved Dark Rage Improved Dark Transfer Improved Detonate Improved Energy Resistance Improved Enlighten Improved Fold Space Improved Force Disarm Improved Force Grip Improved Force Light Improved Force Lightning Improved Force Shield Improved Force Slam Ref. CWCG-54 JATM-36 LECG-55 KOTOR-53 JATM-36 JATM-36 JATM-36 JATM-36 JATM-36 SAGA-102 SAGA-102 LECG-55 FUCG-88 CWCG-54 JATM-37 JATM-37 JATM-37 FUCG-88 LECG-55 LECG-56 KOTOR-53 LECG-56 JATM-37 FUCG-88 FUCG-88 JATM-37 FUCG-88 LECG-56 KOTOR-54

Force Techniques
Technique Improved Force Storm Improved Force Stun Improved Force Thrust Improved Force Trance Improved Ionize Improved Kinetic Combat Improved Levitate Improved Lightning Burst Improved Malacia Improved Mind Trick Improved Move Light Object Improved Obscure Improved Phase Improved Plant Surge Improved Rebuke Improved Rend Improved Repulse Improved Resist Force Improved Sense Force Improved Sense Surroundings Improved Shatterpoint Improved Stagger Improved Technometry Improved Telepathy Improved Thought Bomb Improved Valor Improved Vital Transfer Language Absorption Ref. FUCG-88 KOTOR-54 FUCG-88 SAGA-102 KOTOR-54 KOTOR-54 CWCG-54 LECG-56 CWCG-54 FUCG-89 SAGA-103 LECG-56 CWCG-54 JATM-37 FUCG-89 CWCG-54 FUCG-89 KOTOR-54 SAGA-103 SAGA-103 CWCG-54 LECG-56 CWCG-54 SAGA-103 JATM-37 KOTOR-54 KOTOR-54 KOTOR-54

Force Secrets
Secret Corrupt Power Debilitating Power Devastating Power Distant Power Enlarged Power Extend Power Holocron Loremaster Linked Power Mentor Multitarget Power Pure Power Quicken Power Remote Power Shaped Power Unconditional Power Ref. FUCG-89 FUCG-89 SAGA-103 SAGA-103 FUCG-89 CWCG-55 JATM-37 CWCG-55 JATM-37 SAGA-103 FUCG-89 SAGA-103 FUCG-89 SAGA-103 CWCG-55

Agent of Ossus Talent Buried Presence Conceal Other Insightful Aim Vanish Aing-Tii Monk Talent Aura of Freedom Folded Space Mastery Liberate Many Shades of the Force Spatial Integrity Bando Gora Captain Talent Bando Gora Surge Force Fighter Resist Enervation Victorious Force Mastery Baran Do Sage Talent Enhanced Danger Sense Expanded Horizon Knowledge and Defence Planetary Attunement Precognitive Meditation Believer Disciple Talent Believer Intuition Defense Boost Hardiness High Impact Sith Reverence Blazing Chain Talent Force Directed Shot Negate and Redirect Rising Anger Rising Panic Dathomiri Witch Talent Adept Spellcaster Charm Beast Command Beast Flight Disciple of Twilight Talent Cloak of Shadow Phantasm Revelation Shadow Armor Shadow Vision Ember of Vahl Talent Initiate of Vahl Reading the Flame Sword of Vahl Vahl’s Brand Vahl’s Flame Felucian Shaman Talent Detonate Hive Mind Infuse Weapon Sickening Blast Iron Knight Talent Droid Duelist Force Repair Heal Droid Mask Presence Silicon Mind Req. Buried Presence Weapon Proficiency (pistols or rifles) Req. Fold Space Aura of Freedom Force Training Req. Req. Enhanced Danger Sense Req. Req. Force Sensitivity, trained in the Use the Force Skill Negate Energy, Force Sensitivity, trained in the Use the Force Skill Force Sensitivity, Dark Side Score of 1 or higher Force Sensitivity, Dark Side Score of 1 or higher Req. Charm Beast Adept Spellcaster Req. Cloak of Shadow Req. Initiate of Vahl Initiate of Vahl Empower Weapon Initiate of Vahl Req. Force Blast Force Blast Req. Vital Transfer Ref. FUCG-92 FUCG-92 FUCG-92 FUCG-92 Ref. JATM-73 JATM-73 JATM-73 JATM-73 JATM-73 Ref. CWCG-55 CWCG-56 CWCG-56 CWCG-56 Ref. JATM-75 JATM-75 JATM-75 JATM-75 JATM-75 Ref. CWCG-56 CWCG-56 CWCG-56 CWCG-56 CWCG-56 Ref. UR-33 UR-33 UR-33 UR-33 Ref. SAGA-107 SAGA-107 SAGA-107 SAGA-107 Ref. LECG-57 LECG-57 LECG-58 LECG-58 LECG-58 Ref. LECG-59 LECG-59 LECG-59 LECG-59 LECG-59 Ref. FUCG-93 FUCG-93 FUCG-93 FUCG-93 Ref. JATM-79 JATM-79 JATM-79 JATM-79 JATM-79

Jensaari Defender Talent Attune Armor Force Cloak Force Cloak Mastery Linked Defense Kilian Ranger Talent Empower Siang Lance Shield Gauntlet Defense Shield Gauntlet Deflect Shield Gauntlet Redirect Siang Lance Mastery Korunai Adept Talent Akk Dog Master Akk Dog Trainer Akk Dog Attack Training Protective Reaction Matukai Adept Talent Body Control Physical Surge Soft to Solid Wan-Shen Defense Wan-Shen Kata Wan-Shen Kata Seyugi Dervish Talent Seyugi Cyclone Mobile Whirlwind Repelling Whirlwind Sudden Storm Tempest Tossed Shaper of Kro Var Talent Combustion Earth Buckle Fluidity Thunderclap Wind Vortex Tyia Talent Cycle of Harmony Force Stabilize Repel Discord Stifle Conflict Tyia Adept Warden of the Sky Talent Brutal Unarmed Strike Martial Resurgence Rebounding Leap Simultaneous Strike Telekinetic Strike Telekinetic Throw White Current Adept Talent Force Immersion Immerse Another Ride the Current Surrender to the Current White Current Adept Zeison Sha Warrior Talent Discblade Arc Distant Discblade Throw Recall Discblade Telekinetic Vigilance Weapon Specialization (discblade) Req. Force Cloak Req. Siang Lance Mastery, base attack +7 Shield Gauntlet Defense Shield Gauntlet Defense, Shield Gauntlet Deflect, base attack +5 Req. Akk Dog Master Akk Dog Master Akk Dog Master Req. Proficient with the Wan-Shen Proficient with the Wan-Shen Proficient with the Wan-Shen, Wan-Shen Kata, base attack bonus +5 Req. Seyugi Cyclone Seyugi Cycone Seyugi Cyclone Seyugi Cyclone Req. Force Trained Bantha Rush, Force Training Req. Tyia Adept Tyia Adept Req. Telekinetic Strike Base attack bonus +5 Throw Req. White Current Adept, trained in Stealth White Current Adept, trained in Stealth Req. Proficiency with the discblade Proficiency with the discblade Proficiency with the discblade Intercept Proficiency with the discblade, Weapon Focus (discblade) Ref. SAGA-107 SAGA-107 SAGA-107 SAGA-107 Ref. RECG-37 RECG-37 RECG-37 RECG-37 RECG-37 Ref. CWCG-57 CWCG-57 CWCG-57 CWCG-57 Ref. JATM-81 JATM-81 JATM-81 JATM-81 JATM-81 JATM-81 Ref. JATM-83 JATM-83 JATM-83 JATM-83 JATM-83 Ref. JATM-85 JATM-85 JATM-85 JATM-85 JATM-85 Ref. JATM-87 JATM-87 JATM-87 JATM-87 JATM-87 Ref. JATM-89 JATM-89 JATM-89 JATM-89 JATM-89 JATM-89 Ref. JATM-77 JATM-77 JATM-77 JATM-77 JATM-77 Ref. JATM-91 JATM-91 JATM-91 JATM-91 JATM-91

Force Regimens
Force Training Regimen Talent Awaken Force Sensitivity Eyes of the Force Oxygen Bottle Quiet the Mind Telekinetic Practice Ref. JATM-10 JATM-10 JATM-11 JATM-11 JATM-11 Lightsaber Training Regimen Talent Sparring Practice Training Remote Vo’ren’s First Cadence Vo’ren’s Second Cadence Vo’ren’s Third Cadence Vo’ren’s Fourth Cadence Vo’ren’s Fifth Cadence Ref. JATM-11 JATM-12 JATM-12 JATM-12 JATM-13 JATM-13 JATM-13

Force Powers
Force Powers Power Ballistakinesis Battle Strike Blind Cloak Combustion Convection Corruption Crucitorn Cryokinesis Dark Rage Dark Transfer Detonate Drain Energy Energy Resistance Enlightened Farseeing Fear Fold Space Force Blast Force Disarm Force Grip Force Light Force Lightning Force Scream Force Shield Force Slam Force Storm Descriptor Telekinetic Telekinetic Dark Side Dark Side Dark Side Telekinetic Light Side, MindAffecting Dark Side, MindAffecting Telekinetic Telekinetic Light Side Dark Side Telekinetic Ref. LECG-53 SAGA-96 JATM-24 CWCG-50 LECG-53 JATM-24 FUCG-85 JATM-24 JATM-25 SAGA-96 LECG-53 LECG-53 JATM-25 KOTOR-50 LECG-54 SAGA-96 KOTOR-50 JATM-25 FUCG-86 SAGA-97 SAGA-97 JATM-25 SAGA-97 KOTOR-50 FUCG-86, LECG-54 SAGA-97 FUCG-86, JATM-26 SAGA-98 SAGA-98 JATM-26 KOTOR-51 Ref. JATM-29 JATM-29 JATM-29 JATM-29 JATM-30 JATM-30 JATM-30 JATM-31 JATM-31 JATM-31 JATM-32 JATM-32 Power Hatred Inertia Inspire Ionize Intercept Kinetic Combat Levitate Lightning Burst Malacia Memory Walk Mind Shard Mind Trick Morichiro Move Object Obscure Negate Energy Phase Plant Surge Prescience Rebuke Rend Repulse Resist Force Sever Force Shatterpoint Slow Stagger Surge Technometry Thought Bomb Valor Vital Transfer Wound Descriptor Dark Side Light Side Telekinetic Telekinetic Dark Side Light Side Dark Side, MindAffecting Mind-Affecting Mind-Affecting Telekinetic Mind-Affecting Dark Side Telekinetic Light Side Telekinetic Telekinetic Mind-Affecting Light side Light Side Dark Side Ref. JATM-26 JATM-27 JATM-27 KOTOR-51 JATM-27 FUCG-86, KOTOR-51 CWCG-50 LECG-54 CWCG-50 JATM-27 JATM-28 SAGA-98 CWCG-51 SAGA-98 LECG-54 SAGA-99 CWCG-51 JATM-28 LECG-54 SAGA-100 CWCG-52 FUCG-87 KOTOR-51 SAGA-100 CWCG-52 KOTOR-52 LECG-54 SAGA-100 CWCG-52 JATM-28 KOTOR-52 SAGA-100 KOTOR-52

Telekinetic Dark Side, Telekinetic Force Stun Force Thrust Telekinetic Force Track Force Whirlwind Telekinetic

Lightsaber Form Powers Power Form Assured Strike Juyo Barrier of Blades Shien Circle of Shelter Soresu Contentious Opportunity Makashi Deflecting Slash Soresu Disarming Slash Shii-Cho Draw Closer Niman [Telekinetic] Falling Avalanche Djem So Fluid Riposte Djem So Hawk-Bat Swoop Ataru High Ground Defense Sokan Makashi Ripost Makashi

Power Pass the Blade Pushing Slash Rising Whirlwind Saber Swarm Sarlacc Sweep Shien Deflection Swift Flank Tempered Aggression Twin strike Unbalanced Block Unhindered Charge Vornskr’ Ferocity

Form Tràkata Niman [Telekinetic] Jar’Kai Ataru Shii-Cho Shien Vaapad Vaapad [Dark Side] Jar’Kai Tràkata Sokan Juyo [Dark Side]

Ref. JATM-32 JATM-33 JATM-33 JATM-34 JATM-34 JATM-34 JATM-34 JATM-35 JATM-35 JATM-35 JATM-36 JATM-36

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