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THE FASHJON ISSUE Hee ee THEJEWELLERY MAKERS Banat Baunar is true fashion as well as an. e-commerce pioneer. Since 2008, the company founded by Stefan Mouradian and Steven Boelens has blazed a trail for Belgian diamonds by retail- ing high-end, original jewellery online. There's no :middle-man so prices are kept low, and its visionary founders have enough fashion sense and basiness nous okeep creativity high. Inspired by the tagline ‘unveiling inns beauey’ Baunar'swebsie features exclusivedesigns from some of che best designers in Belgium such as Wouters & Hendrixand Anne Zellien. But Baunatalso regulacly works with the Flanders Fashion Inscicute o scout fornew talent, providing much-needed plaeform for young jewellery makers such as Elisa Schepens (her Livi line, pictuted above lef), who might not other- wise have the opporuunity to work with such expen- sive materials. There i also abroad selection of more traditional styles handerafeed by local artisans, for those who looking fora more classi design. “Belgium 4s famousall over the word for it fashion and also for its diamonds” says co-founder Boelens. “We wanted to create a brand that combined the two elements.” So far i has been a resounding success, thanks not only to the product but also to the great service: the websice is well-designed, allowing for a simple and pleasurable retail experience; shippingiis fee and ful- ly-insured; all Baunat produces come wich a 20-year warranty; and if you are sill unsure you ean always book an appointment co visit their showroom, which comain Brau and Anna is probably worth visiting just co meet the friendly eginningofthisyearand and knowledgeable ream who run it. ‘lest shops in che world” ‘ with a capital Ca fash

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