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SH 21-76 CREP ow ab YN (cls TN esl : RANGER TRAINING BRIGADE UNITED STATES ARMY INFANTRY SCHOOL FORT BENNING, GEORGIA THE RANGER COURSE DEVELOPS STUDENTS BY ACQUIRING THEM TO PERFORM GFFECTIVELT AS BMALE WHIT LEADERS IH & REALISTIC, TACTICAL ENVIRONMENT WNDER MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STRESS APPROACHING THAT FOUND 1M COMBAT, KAMGER SCHOOL IXSTIGLS CONFIDENCE AND COMPETENCE [1 FUTURE RANGER LEADERS. FERHAPS ITE GREATEST CONTRIBUTION IS 70 CREATE & CLIMATE OF RELATIVELY HIGH STRESS AND DEPRIVATION, IN WHICH RANGER STUDEWTS LEARN HOW THEY AND OTHERS ACT AnD REACT UNDA PRESSURE. LIKEWISE IT DEMONSTRATES THE CHALLEHOES OF LEADING &¥b FOLLOWING WHILE OVERCOMING OBSTACLES. MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, RANGER SCHOOL BUILDS CHARACTER, IDENTIFIES THOSE WITH THE AFTITUDE TO BE RANGER LEADERS, AND ENCOURAGES FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF POSITIVE, CAN-DO ATTITUDES, I PROVIDES THE STUDENT WITK PRACTICAL FAPERIENCE IM THE APPLICATION OF THE TACTICS AyD TECHNIQUES OF RANGER GFERATIONS IN WOODED, DESERT, LOWLAND SWAMP AND MOURTATHOUS EWYIROHMENTS. EWEHASI Ig ELACER GH PRYELQEMENT GE. INDIVIDUAL. LEAUSKEULF_ ABILITIES THROUGH THE AFELICATION OF THE PRINCIPLES OF LEAOERSHIF WHILE FURTHER DEVELOPING MILITARY SKILLS TH THE PLANWING AND CONDUCT GF BISMOONTED TWRANTAY, ATRECRNE, ATR ASSAULT AWD AMPHIBIOUS SQUAD AHO PLATOON-SI2E COMBAT OFERATIGNS. PREF ACE THIE PUBLICATION 16 BOTH AN EXTRACT OF DOC PUBLICAT LONG GMO 4 COMPILATION OF TACTICS, TECHATGUs ne PROCEDURES TAUGHT LW THE UB. ARMY RANGER BEHOOL, 17 [8 PRINCIPALLY DESIGHED 9 A POCKET REFRAENCE FOR STUDENTS OF Ut. ORMY RANGER SCHOOL, 1TH BECONDARY UME I8 FOR THe DEVELOPMENT OF SHALL UNIT LEADE! THEIR USE AG POCKET QUIDES YE FIRLD ARMY AND FoR THE TECHNIQUES LISTED HEREIN WILL BE TAUGHT AT THE Uf. ARMY RANGGR ECHOOL. STUDENT GRADES ARE Bal ‘SHPLOYMENT OF GOUND, DOCTRINGL PRINCIPLES, HOT DA THE ern EMPLOYMENT OF A SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE. RAD CREED Recognizing that 1 voluntesred ap s Ranger, fully knowing Ene Nagarde of ay chosen profasmion, 7 will alnays endeavor ta uaneld the preatiga, honor, and Righ “eapeit de corps" of tha Rangers. Beknowledging the fact thet = Ranger scldi@r who arrivas at the cutting sion of batt land, a, or air, T acempt the fact thet am a Ranger ay country expects m@ to sove further, faster and fight harder khan any other solgier. hall 1 fai) my comrades. I will alneys keep myeeld agetally alert, phymicelly strong and morally mteaight and [will shoulder pare than @y anere of the fame phetever it may be. One Hunored-percant and thes act Gellantly will J show the world thet 1 aa a samc malectad and wll trained soldier. My courtesy to superior offic raatness of deeet and carm of equipment whall sat the axaqple dor othara ta fallow. ay Energetically #11] 1 seet the anemiae of my country. T shall defeat thee on tha field of battle for I am getter trains? and will #ight mith al] my might. Surrender im net = Ranger word, Co will never leave & fallen comrade to fall into the handa of thm eomey and under so circus@tances will 7 ever enbarrads my country. Readily will T display the intestinal fortitude required bo fight on te khe Ranger chjective and cosplets the mission, though f te the lone sirviver.