Sunil Kumar Singh

Systems Developer ---Pricing Team

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not Sun. A lightweight programming language that runs in a Web browser(clientbrowser(client-side). ± Is not a full-featured programming language. .  JavaScript is not Java. full± However.  Interpreted. the syntax is similar. ± Developed by Netscape. not compiled. Embedded in HTML files and can manipulate the HTML itself. ± Only executed in a browser.

 To shoulder some of the form-processing burden. not on the Web server. . JavaScript can validate the data that users enter into the form. JavaScript does things that HTML can¶t²like logic. form- JavaScript runs in the browser. can¶t² You can change HTML on the fly. To add dynamic function to your HTML. before it is sent to your Web application.

± Your JavaScript code is open to the public. .‡ When you need to access other resources. ± Files ± Programs ± Databases ‡ When you are using sensitive /copyrighted data/algorithms.

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