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Tourism is travel for recreational or leisure purposes. According to the World Tourism Organization ‘tourists’ are defined as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited". The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has predicted that India has the potential to become the number one tourist destination in the world with the demand growing at 10.1 percent per annum. In India, the Government spending on tourism is 153rd in the world at 0.9 per cent. China spends 3.8 of its budget on tourism and rates fifth in receiving the largest tourist arrivals (31.2 million) after France, U.S., Spain and Italy. India gets only 2.6 million tourists on an average per annum. The WTTC's Tourism Satellite Accounting Research (TSAR) has found a global shift in tourism away from Europe to Asia and the Far East in the last 10 years. According to WTTC study while outbound tourism had grown over last 10 years from 76 million to 179 (with the boom in the economy), the inbound traffic has remained almost static at 2.6 million arrivals. Business travel and tourism are also on the edge to grow in the coming decade, but since business travel has unique features of higher spending, requirement of services, higher expectations, world-class standards, telecommunications, efficient and convenient travel schedules, the public sector has to assess this growth and plan its services and policies

to serve the growing demand. Major attractions in India are the world's highest mountains, miles of coastline with beautiful beaches, tropical forests and wildlife, desert safari, backwaters, historical monuments, forts and palaces, adventure tourism. India is on the brink to emerge as the 2nd fastest growing (8.8%) tourism economy in the world over 2005-14. A mix of marketing initiatives and revitalized interest in India as a tourist destination is making India an attractive tourist destination for the foreign traveler. Tourism requires sophisticated management to realize its full potential as a positive and sustainable economic, environmental, social and cultural strength. Tourism industry has the potential to provide employment on a large scale. Study of Tourism becomes crucial if its potential economic and social benefits are to be maximized.

Human resource management is one of the important aspects of any industrial sector and it is more so in the case of a 'service industry' like tourism. Interestingly, this industry is characterized by high level of human involvement in both the development and delivery of service products or 'touristic experiences'. Many ways and means may be employed to deliver tourism services to the tourists, but the role of human as individuals or groups is almost universal. In this backdrop, tourism may be regarded as 'peoples' industry. The Human Resource Development activities of the Ministry of Tourism mainly include capacity building programmes, sensitization of stake holders in tourism industry and making available trained manpower in the field of hospitality and tourism to the industry. Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries takes an integrated look at HRM policies and practices in the tourism and hospitality industries. Utilising existing human resource management (HRM) theory and practice, it contextualizes it to the tourism and hospitality industries by looking at the specific employment practices of these industries, such as how to manage tour representatives or working in the airline industry. It initially sets the scene with a broad review of the evidence of HRM practice within the tourism and hospitality industries.

gymnastics . The Games include sports like athletics .judo. Commonwealth 2010 Welcomes You Common Wealth Games is one historic event that India is going to host this year. Canada. fencing . Badminton . Billiards . triathlon . Commonwealth Games Federation has initiated education on sports development & physical recreation for the people of Commonwealth Nations. European. cycling . archery . rowing snooker . Equality and Destiny and it is because of these values which encourages the achievement of Commonwealth Games world over. squash . table tennis . 3rd October to 14th October is the scheduled time period for the games. Commonwealth Games started in 1930 in Hamilton. The core ideals of Commonwealth Games Federation are Humanity. . ten-pin bowling . A remarkable event that would add many colours. canoeing . A few hundred days and the day so eagerly being awaited will be there to enthrall all. shooting . aquatics . Ontario.boxing . Date for CWG 2010 The countdown has already begun for the CWG 2010 to commence.COMMONWEALTH GAMES Commonwealth Games takes place in every four years among the Commonwealth Nations which is a voluntary association of 53 independent states which were earlier British Colonies. Logo and Slogan of CWG 2010 Ashok Chakra which is the symbol of unity. wrestling etc making it a popular sporting event among the participating nations. The colours in the logo display the diversity in the Indian culture. The Games are regarded as 'Friendly Games'. The 85 teams that participate in the event are from all over the world from Asian. African. North American countries. freedom and power is the source of inspiration for the common wealth logo. The spirals in the upward direction in the logo tell that our country is growing and is an emerging power and also that it is transforming into a modern country from a traditional one. feathers and glitters to India’s crown. The whole world is waiting to see the grand sports fiesta that India is going to organize. tennis .

Badminton. . Cycling. Gymnastics. Boxing. Athletics. Archery. Lawn Bowls. Shooting. Weightlifting and Wrestling. Net Ball.The slogan for the 2010's Common Wealth Games is “Come Out and play”. Rugby 7”s Table Tennis. Hockey. Triathlon. Venue for Common Wealth Games Delhi State Government in collaboration with the Central Government is trying to make this event a big success as it is the first time that Delhi is going to host such a mega event. Squash. Various Sports of CWG 2010 Common Wealth Games will be hosting 17 games: Aquatics.

Dr. Cook Island. India. Falkland. Fiji. Singapore. lawn bowl and weightlifting competitions. Brunei. Bhutan. Israel. Solomon Islands. Kiribati. Wales. Samoa. Bangladesh. Saint Helena. Sierra Leone. England. Bahrain. Bermuda. Belize. Cayman Islands. Vanuatu. Malawi. Kenya. Talkatora Stadium for boxing. . Grenada. Nauru. Northern Ireland. Palestine. Tokelau. Cyprus. Saint Lucia. Papua New Guinea. Namibia. Siri Fort Sports Complex for Badminton and Squash. Algeria. Niue. Malta. these nations are: Afghanistan. In alphabetical order. Cycling. Tonga. Canada. Turks and Caicos Islands. Rodriguez. Lesotho. RK Khanna Tennis Complex for Tennis and Yamuna Sports Complex for Table Tennis Participating Nations of CWG 2010 There are currently 85 nations planning to participate in the Commonwealth Games of 2010.Jawaharlal Nehru university has been chosen as the venue for conducting the opening and closing ceremony of the CWG. Indira Gandhi Arena for Archery. Isle of Man. Montserrat. South Africa. Ghana. Various other sports complexes and stadiums have been constructed for various other games:           Dhyan Chand National Stadium for hockey. Bahamas. Thyagaraj Sports Complex for Netball. Cameroon. Guyana. Botswana. Swaziland. Madagascar. Delhi University Sport Complex for Rugby 7s. Barbados. Tuvalu. Maldives. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Mozambique. Gambia. Sri Lanka. Nigeria. Antigua and Barbuda. Saint Kitts and Nevis. Karni Singh Shooting Range for shooting. Gymanstics and Wrestling. Malaysia. Rwanda. Scotland. The venue will also showcase games like Athletic. Pakistan. Anguilla. SPM Swimming Pool Complex for Aquatics. Yemen. Norfolk Island. Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaica. Gibraltar. British Virgin Islands. Australia. Eritrea. Dominica. Christmas Island. New Zealand. Seychelles. Zambia. Uganda. Jersey. Guernsey. Tanzania. Mauritius.

the industry has to work within a time frame of just four years. president. He also said that. the hospitality industry will not only prove to be a target for investments but also a huge fertile ground for human resources.7 million USD by the Delhi state government. The event will generate a demand of approximately 20. As part of infrastructure building human resource development is crucial. as it would strengthen the prospects for India to host the Olympic Games in near future. We have to innovate techniques and practices that are highly efficient. In order to cater to such a large number. Virender S Dutta. According to experts while preparations are going on at every quarter no one is actually addressing the issue of skilled manpower.Games Village for CWG 2010 Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has constructed a new and modern Games village to provide housing facility to the 8. Organizing Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi Chairman Mr. People who love sports will be attracted to India from all over the world and there is the time to spur the tourism industry with about 2million foreign and 3. . as far as HR is concerned there is nothing new on the horizon.5 hectare has an investment of 230. Suresh Kalmadi said that the successful staging of the ensuing Commonwealth Games is crucial.500 participating athletes. manpower and accommodation are areas which are posing a great challenge right now.5 million local tourists expected to come to Delhi. We must realise that the event is an opportunity for us to create future manpower. Built on the eastern bank of the Yamuna River near the Akshardham temple on an area of 63. There is great scope to develop entry level cadre like kitchen stewarding as no one is really training them and there is always shortage of such staff. Hospitality Management Support Services ha said that. Impact on Indian Tourism Industry The Indian tourism industry will get a big boost due to the CWG 2010. so we will have to start now as HR is the weakest point at the moment.000 guests to be accommodated per day in the capital city. The HR Question of Commonwealth Games 2010 With all stakeholders gearing up for the Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi.

9 billion from inbound foreign tourists. STATISTICS OF INDIAN TOURISM . during which inflows went up 36 %. fueled by higher incomes and lower air fares. the Indian tourism demand will grow at an annual 8. This was a 25% rise from the year 2004 thereby. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council. Tourists to India spend more.8 % over the next ten years. 2005 was the year of fastest growth in forex inflows from foreign travel.CONCEPTUALIZATION Employment generated by tourism in India Tourism Industry provides employment to about 2 crores of people in India. making India the fastest growing Asia -Pacific market for the International tourist spending. Earnings on Tourism In 2005 India earned US $ 6. According to the latest balance of payments figures released by the Reserve Bank of India.1 billion earned during the year 2002. which is more than twice the US $3.. Tourists to India spent $ 372 on their visa cards in the year of 2005.

2 39.8 22.0 11.1 1.7 8.4 7.3 6.5 18.9 11.6 18.91 26.3 9.6 5.0 7.6 13.3 25.5 26.9 12.8 -6.5 20.8 10.4 -16.5 15.5 22.0 26.1 26.8 16.3 34.4 14.8 12.0 -19.5 13.1 31.1 - .6 8.0 14.2 16.9 18.1 12.6 11.0 0.11 23.11 22.Inbound Tourism Statistics Foreign Tourists In India (Number) 2001 January February March April May June July August 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 584765 560658 509926 369677 290785 344526 - 283750 228150 274215 337345 262306 227529 262692 331697 248965 225558 218473 293185 185338 155378 160941 223884 385977 459489 532088 369844 439090 498806 352094 391009 444186 248416 309208 333945 255008 267758 151098 132998 141508 185502 225394 176716 143100 176324 223122 224432 186432 225359 272456 196517 161477 204940 253301 246970 278370 310104 307870 337332 377474 273856 304387 360089 297891 325893 September 162326 151721 191339 226773 257184 October 181605 212191 260569 307447 347757 391399 440715 442413 510987 541571 575148 November 209685 243566 290583 385238 423837 December 319271 417527 479411 Total 228273 207302 272621 345747 391861 444716 497719 8 5 4 7 0 7 3 2660337 Percentage Changes in foreign tourists arrival 2002/01 2003/02 2004/03 2005/04 2006/05 2007/06 2008/07 January February March April May June July August September October -19.1 15.5 16.0 5.2 -12.4 11.9 23.2 27.9 -17.0 19.5 23.5 17.0 13.7 11.8 13.1 24.3 -9.4 12.6 9.6 11.0 -16.7 9.0 18.6 -13.

2 13.5 International Tourists Arrivals to India 2001 Arrivals from Region/ Country USA 32914 34818 41080 52612 61116 7 2 3 0 5 696739 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 UK 40547 38784 43091 55590 65180 2 88600 6 93598 7 7 3 734240 Canada 10767 13588 15764 1 4 3 176567 Germany 80011 64891 76868 10243 4 11667 12024 9 3 156808 France Australia Italy Japan Malaysia Singapore Nepal Sri Lanka Netherlands China South Korea 78194 97654 13182 15225 4 8 175345 52691 50743 58730 81608 96258 109867 41351 37136 46908 65561 67642 80634 59709 77996 96851 10308 2 79978 119292 57869 63748 70750 84390 96276 107286 42824 44306 48368 60710 68666 41135 37136 42771 51534 77024 11281 10800 10909 12871 13640 3 8 8 1 0 82574 91552 154813 58611 62330 42368 31669 40565 51211 52755 13901 15422 21152 34100 44897 27150 29374 35584 47835 49895 705407 Outbound Tourism Statistics .0 4.0 15.2 - 19.8 13.November December 16.9 11.2 - Total 9.40 - 32.4 13.8 11.5 6.8 7.2 13.6 30.5 11.1 26.

1 15. Goa.6 16.Destination Wise Outbound Travel of Indian Nationals 2000 Canada USA Bangladesh Maldives Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Malaysia Singapore Thailand China Australia Hong Kong Japan 52071 274202 74268 10616 96995 66061 31860 2001 54742 26967 78090 8511 63722 58378 33924 2002 55492 2003 57010 2004 68315 308845 80469 10999 89861 19658 105151 172966 471196 300163 309411 55603 244364 53000 2005 77849 344926 86231 10260 95685 59560 113323 225789 583543 352766 356460 67951 273487 58572 257271 272161 80415 11377 65743 2618 69960 183360 375658 253110 84704 11502 86578 7096 90603 145153 309446 230316 132127 143513 346356 339813 224104 120930 41452 131368 38767 206132 159361 48227 213611 219097 45022 45597 178130 47520 161752 193705 40345 45394 Statistics of Indian Nationals Going Abroad Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 No of Outbound Indians 4415513 4564477 4940244 5350896 6212809 7184501 8339614 Percentage Change over the previos year 7.3 16. Kerala and Delhi get 10 times as many domestic tourists as foreigners.4 8.3 3. Agra. .2 8.1 Domestic Tourism Statistics Main tourist destinations like Rajasthan.

Tourists Statistics .Rajasthan Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 16033896 18787298 23483287 Tourists Statistics .Goa Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 2085729 1965343 2098654 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Delhi Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 1866552 2061782 2237130 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Kerala Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 5872182 5946423 6271724 Tourists Statistics .Tamil Nadu Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 42279838 43213228 58340008 .

Jammu & Kashmir Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 6881473 7239481 7646274 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Andhra Pradesh Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 89440272 93529554 111715376 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Uttar Pradesh Year 2004 2005 Domestic Tourists 88371247 95440947 .Gujarat Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 7748371 9457486 11936957 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Himachal Pradesh Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 6345069 6936840 7671902 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Domestic Tourists Statistics .

Madhya Pradesh Year 2004 Domestic Tourists 8619486 .Orissa Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 4125536 4632976 5239896 Domestic Tourists Statistics .2006 105549478 Domestic Tourists Statistics .West Bengal Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 12380389 13566911 15808371 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Uttarakhand Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 11720570 14215570 16666525 Domestic Tourists Statistics .Karnataka Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 27194178 30470316 36195907 Domestic Tourists Statistics .

In the beginning times the commonwealth games was known as "Festival of Empire". In the earlier times Commonwealth Games came into existence as a festival to be followed by the participating nations. This event is celebrated with much grace and joy and is looked at as the most happening event of the year in which it is celebrated. Canada.Maharashtra Year 2004 2005 2006 Domestic Tourists 13392212 14329667 16880348 Commonwealth Games History The concept of the “Commonwealth Games” was started by Great Britain to show the goodwill and a better understanding of the Queen's umpire. The idea of this game came into existence somewhere in the year 1891. From then commonwealth games happens after every four years in continuity and has never stopped except during world wars. Festival of Empire continued as the Great Britain's game till the year 1911 when "Inter Empire Championships" was introduced as a part of "Festival of Empire" and various teams’ athletes from Australia. The first ceremonial flag was presented by the British Empire Games Association of Canada after the first Games in Hamilton in 1930.2005 2006 7090952 11062640 Domestic Tourists Statistics . South Africa and the United Kingdom took part in the games. The opening of the Games is symbolised by the raising of the Commonwealth Games Ceremonial Flag. .

G. and flies continuously night and day during the period of the Games until it is lowered at the Closing ceremony.Asia Regional Vice President . The ceremonial flag is hoisted at the Opening of the Games.Prince Edward President Vice President Vice President Hon Secretary Hon Treasurer Hon Legal Adviser Hon Medical Adviser Regional Vice President . On this date a structure of Officials was defined to hold the positions and they were as follows: Patron – Queen Elizabeth II Vice Patron . It is then handed to the Chief Citizen of the Host City for safe-keeping until it is sent by him four years later to the Chief-Citizen of the next host city to stage the Games. This incorporated the symbol of the Games on a white background. with the letters B. With the change of name in 1966 to British Commonwealth Games the former flags were no longer appropriate.America .The new ceremonial flag was presented by the British Empire and Commonwealth Games Association of Canada for use at the Games in Vancouver in 1954.Africa Regional Vice President . Subsequently.C. Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) was also setup to maintain and host the Commonwealth games and it was setup in the year 1932 on 7th Aug. the British Commonwealth Games Association of Canada presented a new flat bearing the symbol of the crown encircled by a continuous chain of 35 links representing the number of countries taking part.. in gold on a solid dark blue field.

Regional Vice President . .Oceania Athlete Representative Plus a co-opted Member (where gender balance is not met) Chief Executive .Caribbean Regional Vice President . Commonwealth games host is India and we know it is great honour to host the game and also to be a part of it.Europe Regional Vice President . We therefore declare our mission as "Play and let world remember this event as most memorable event of the commonwealth games history".CGF (ex-officio) Now in the year 2010.

Delhi is a mega-city experiencing rapid economic expansion. Delhi has provided a travel grant of US$10.800 officials at US$1. One of the major reasons behind Delhi bidding for CWG 2010 was to motivate the Indian youth to become involved in sport.200 athletes and 1.500 each.5 million based on 5. The proposal of constructing a Games Village along with new sports venues were amongst the major highlights for bagging the opportunity for hosting CWG 2010.LITERATURE REVIEW WHY DELHI? The commonwealth commission has chosen ‘Delhi’ for the 2010 commonwealth games. The Indian Government confirmed that the Games accreditation will substitute visa for entry into India. which exceeds the requirements of Protocol Nine. Hyderabad. Delhi conformed to all of the terms of the Host City Contract for the 2010 Commonwealth Games as laid by the CGF. Delhi has pledged its full support of and participation in the Commonwealth Knowledge Management Programme. . There has been a proven track record of India hosting various International Games like the Asian Games (twice) and Afro-Asian Games.

Old Fort etc to name a few. Many countries have gained through events like Olympics and Commonwealth games in the past years: Beijing. Haryana. Various ministries and industries related to the sports. Qutub Minar. The advertising. transport etc are awaiting the event eagerly. . Spain benefited from hosting the Olympics. Uttaranchal etc will try to woo the tourists with their new attires Delhi Delhi is the host state and is trying its best to make this event a memorable one for all who will come to watch the games this year to our country. there are numerous monuments of the past eras that are being renovated for the tourists to admire the architectural heritage of Delhi constructed majorly by the Mughals. There is Red Fort. Manchester. UK and Melbourne. tourism.OBJECTIVE FOR HOSTING COMMONWEALTH 2010 Coming of the commonwealth games to Delhi is being seen as a major source of growth and lively hood for various industrial sectors in India. Australia hosted CWG 2002 and 2006 and their tourism reached greater heights. tourism. Humayun’s tomb. Himachal Pradesh. food. China and Barcelona. Agra and Jaipur are also two other places gearing up for the games as they are the nearest places where tourists can look for some entertainment in terms of beautiful monumental buildings. Destinations Geared -up for CWG States like Delhi. Everything is being done to improvise and beautify the state of Delhi. and various other industries are looking forward to this grand opportunity that is coming their way. Apart from that. culture. Tourists planning to come to this newly emerging cosmopolitan city would definitely like to take back beautiful memories with them.

Taj Group. Haryana Haryana is yet another state that is gearing up for the games. 2010 are Himachal Pradesh.Transportation Facility for CWG To enable smooth transportation in the city new DTC buses have been launched and A/c metro feeder buses have been introduced to let people enjoy the commutation and not get harassed by it. Oberoi plans to set up two hotels in Delhi and Gurgaon. Uttar Pradesh etc. Uttaranchal The exotic locations in the lap of this beautiful state can be very attractive for the tourists. and the Leela have been planning hard to meet the requirements. five-starhotel in Delhi. . Haryana. Likewise. Himachal Pradesh To boost the tourism in Himachal. the Leela Group is developing a 319-room. the Uttaranchal tourism industry will try to woo the tourists with this special package.000 rooms in the NCR and also by organizing the Bed and Breakfast scheme for the tourists like the Delhi government by short listing various houses and farm houses for the same. Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) is majorly focusing on the hospitality sector. The Oberoi Group. other states which are likely to draw tourists during CWG. Unitech is also setting up three new hotels. Along with Delhi. Marriot international hotel major is setting up hotels in Delhi. So. Accommodation facility for CWG Delhi Development Authority has been auctioning hotel sites for the construction of about 22-27 hotels in and around Delhi with 300-500 rooms capacity for the heavy influx of tourists in the city. Taking advantage of its natural and serene beauty to lure the tourists is foremost thing in the mind of the HPTDC. It is helping wholeheartedly the Delhi government by constructing about 10. The Indian Hotel Company plans to develop three hotels in Delhi and Gurgaon. Noida and Gurgaon. Delhi-based real estate developer. Uttaranchal. Indian Railways in an initiative to become a leading partner in the commonwealth games will be starting a special train the Commonwealth Express which will travel all over India to promote the games and the sportsman spirit among the youth.

with a focus on tourist regions of Agra and Jaipur. the Government of India has also extended a five-year tax rebate to the tourism industry to promote growth. safe and friendly India. Government has taken initiatives by providing tax incentives for hotel rooms to be constructed in India. INDIA TOURISM & TOUR INDUSTRY IS GEARING UP FOR COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2010 Indian tourism and hospitality industry are already on their toes to meet the future prospects of international travelers and tourists.Commonwealth Games of 2010 Hosted by Delhi revives Tourism in India The participants and audience coming to India have opportunity of visiting mesmerizing Indian destinations. Government is going through all possible actions to project an image of clean. The site is off the National Highway 24 adjacent to the Akshardham temple at the Noida intersection. this village is developed along the east bank of the River Yamuna. Locally called as “Khel Gaon”. A new state-of-the-art Games Village is being built by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) with a focus on maximizing athlete comfort. Khajuraho Temples. including Agra and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. In addition to it. Gaya in Bihar and Puri in Orissa. two million foreign tourists and 3. the Indian Government plans to expand the program to teach people in local tourist destinations. According to the official estimates of Commonwealth Games. Bhopal and Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. In order to prepare locales for English speaking guests the Delhi government is implementing a program to teach English to low-income individuals who will have a high-frequency of contact with tourists. Golden Temple of . In addition. green. Rich historical architecture and cultural diversity of Delhi sets an ideal example of brilliance and richness that lies in the royal forts and monuments. Tourists will also pre-pone and postpone their visit to India to coincide with the Commonwealth Games so that they can maximize their tour experience. Indian Travel agencies are preparing specialized tour packages for the Commonwealth Games of 2010 that feature quick-to-reach destinations such as Taj Mahal.5 million domestic tourists are likely to arrive in Delhi in 2010.

She said. and Jammu & Kashmir. during the period 2005 to 2007 Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) registered an average annual growth rate of about 15%. She said. a ‘Visit India Year 2009’ scheme in collaboration with all stakeholders including State Governments. along with Minister of State Tourism Mr. Sultan Ahmed said. 4 Road Shows in Middle East Countries to promote Wellness and Medical Tourism and 11 Road Shows in other countries in collaboration with the Indian Association of Tour Operators and Adventure Tour Operators for showcasing different tourism products were organized. roads. Construction of new bridges. Kumara Selja stated that tourism sector has faced difficult situation in 2008 and 2009. Sultan Ahmed. hotels and tour operators has been organized for incentivizing travel to India. Strict security measures are being taken into account to prevent the city from any mishappenings especially during the games. Ranthambore and Corbett National Parks and Tiger Reserves. Commonwealth Games Project It was an historic and impressive moment when Delhi won the right to host the commonwealth games beating various other contenders. with a view to effectively reduce the impact of global slowdown.500 crores is expected to be spent on the numerous projects that are under process. Kumari Selja Chairs National Tourism Advisory Council Meeting The National Tourism Advisory Council meeting was held under the chairpersonship of Tourism Minister Kumari Selja. 24 proposed projects have been started or are on the verge of completion. underpasses that would help in decongestion of traffic in the city are some of the projects.Amritsar. The overall growth in FTAs during 2008 over 2007 was 5. Most flyovers can be seen with plants grown on both their sides. Mr. on the Tourism Sector. The agenda for the meeting included initiatives of Ministry of Tourism and stakeholders for Commonwealth Games 2010 and measures to reduce the impact of global slowdown on tourism in India. Sujit Banerjee and other senior ministry officials and representatives. Secretary Tourism Mr. Himachal Pradesh. Players as well as the viewers will be able to reach the venue easily with smooth traffic on the move. and peaceful mountain resorts in Shimla. Rs. In 2008 also the growth rate was reasonably good in the beginning but in November 2008.6%. The Ministry of Tourism has launched a series of promotional campaigns in the overseas markets for promoting tourism and to increase Foreign Tourist Arrivals in the country. this negative trend of growth was specific not only to India as a similar trend was observed in other countries too. Though this growth rate was lower as compared to that observed in earlier years. airlines. More and more areas are being covered by the construction of Metro rail in the city. flyover. Mussoorie. the growth rate declined to negative figures. a number of initiatives have been planned to aggressively promote tourism in the country and reduce the effect of Mumbai terror attacks and Swine flu scare etc. it was much better than the growth rate of about 2% observed for the world as a whole. More than10 lakh plants are being planted all over Delhi to make it clean and green. . and Manali in Uttaranchal. Nainital. This would definitely release the pressure of traffic on the roads and bring the use of public transport extensively by the commuters.

"We urge the construction agencies to ensure that no further delays are encountered. to complete the work within the revised targets. An oath. ‘Bhagidari mela’ “Bhagidari mela” also called Sankalp Utsav-2009. Suresh Kalmadi said that the successful staging of the ensuing Commonwealth Games is crucial. ‘the Organizing Committee will be in a difficult position and would compromise on final preparations and Games' readiness’.Entertainment for Tourists Delhi has always been the centre where some of the best exhibitions and cultural shows have been organized in the whole country. Ms. laughter shows as well as plays to entertain the tourists. Delhi was the capital of Mughals which has got diverse cultural tastes of the country. close monitoring and procurement of critical and special items." Chairman of the Commission Austin Sealy had said in a statement. at Pragati Maidan with an appeal to volunteers to make a significant contribution in making the Commonwealth Games-2010 a success. Sheila Dikshit. HUMAN RESOURCE IN COMMONWEALTH Organizing Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi Chairman Mr. which includes increase in the number of supervisory staff and labour. During commonwealth games the entire city will dance with the rhythms of carnatic music and amazing dance performances. Additional staff to speed up CWG preparation: Government The CGF Commission organized a three-day inspection tour of Games venues and remarked on the delayed developments that. various recovery plans have been worked out. increase in working hours. for protecting the . Sheila Dikshit called upon the participants to inculcate civic sense in their children and emphasized upon the need for various agencies to work together. as it would strengthen the prospects for India to host the Olympic Games in near future. The work on all the competition venues is still under progress. as this will place the OC in a difficult position and compromise final preparations and Games readiness. There would be dance performances by the artists from all over the country. The Chief Minister said that only with total support and contribution from the people that Delhi could become a world-class city. was inaugurated by Delhi chief Minister Ms. deployment of additional machinery.

and Venue Operation for various posts. Requirements: Min 5 to 7 years of experience with 4-5 years in a leadership role in India study channel . Minimum Requirements: A Post Graduate degree or diploma from a recognised institution in a related field. XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 games will be held in New Delhi (India) from 03 October 2010 – 14 October 2010. coordinating and detailing the workforce delivery model for games period.nature. to a large number of students belonging to various eco-clubs was administered. This position reports to the JDG. Required Experience: 10 to 12 years of experience with 4-5 years in a leadership role in India study channel Commonwealth games India organising committee requires Director Workforce Operations Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: Director Workforce Operations Responsibilities: This position will be responsible for planning. Games Services. and ensuring efficient delivery of the Games-time workforce for the commonwealth games 2010 Delhi. Details of the workforce required for Commonwealth Organising Committee are: "Commonwealth Games India Organising Committee requires DDG workforce Delhi" Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: DDG Workforce Responsibilities: The DDG workforce is responsible for the management of the workforce planning. to ensure the effective and efficient management of Venue-based workforce operations during games period. The Jobs opportunities are in various fields such as Sports. workforce Operations (including Uniforms) & Volunteers Programme Areas within the workforce Functional Area. Minimum Requirements: A post-graduate degree or diploma from a recognized institution in a related field. For management of Commonwealth Games 2010 various job opportunities exist for smooth conduct and management of games.000 people including children and representatives of various citizen groups associated with the Delhi Government’s Bhagidari initiative took part in the Utsav. About 20.

Requirements: PG Diploma / MBA HR from a premier business school in India study channel Similar jobs: commonwealth games India DDG workforce job commonwealth games India DDG workforce job Delhi jobs for graphic designer senior graphic designer Commonwealth games India organising committee requires Director Village Development Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: Director . in a leadership role.Similar jobs: Commonwealth Games India organising committee requires director workforce operations commonwealth games India organising committee requires director workforce operations Delhi data entry person performance tuning data modelling.experience. Minimum Requirements: PG diploma from a recognized Institute in a related field. with 4-5 yrs. Previous Multi-sport experience preferred. Minimum Requirements: 10-12yrs. Requirements: Required Experience: 10-12 years with 4-5 years in a leadership role in India study channel Similar jobs: commonwealth games India organising committee requires director village development commonwealth games India organising committee requires director village development Delhi job in Indian bank network processor job code: cim-chn-np Commonwealth games India organising committee requires Director CGKMP Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: Director CGKMP .games Village Development Responsibilities: Development & Operations of the Village. Commonwealth games India DDG workforce Job Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: DDG Responsibilities: Managing all HR activities.

Bio-Chemistry. Commonwealth games India organising committee requires Project Officer Accommodation Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: Project Officer .Accommodation Planning.Sc .B. Nursing PG . Biology. Previous multi-sport experience preferable Requirements: Excellent Communication Skills. Microbiology. Biology. .Responsibilities: Responsible for the planning & implementation of all commonwealth games Knowledge Management Programs (CGKMP). Minimum Requirements: A postgraduate degree or diploma from a recognized institution in a related field. 5 to 7years experience with 4-5yrs of experience in a leadership role. Knowledge of Human Anatomy. 0 .2 yr experience. Nursing PG . Previous multi-sport experience preferred. 5-7 years of experience.Bio-Chemistry. Knowledge of Human Anatomy. 0 .Sc . Requirements: Excellent Communication Skills. with 4-5 in a leadership role. Microbiology.Post Graduation Not Required in India study channel Similar jobs: Commonwealth Games India organising committee requires director CGKMP commonwealth games India organising committee requires director CGKMP Delhi mainframe jobs in France fresher jobs: campaign management specialist Commonwealth games India organising committee requires Director Ticketing Company: Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Position Title: Director of Ticketing Responsibilities: Responsible for managing ticketing strategies & ensuring maximum value from ticketing sales.B. Required Education: UG . Minimum Requirements: A postgraduate degree or diploma from a recognized institution in a related field.Post Graduation Not Required in India study channel Similar jobs: commonwealth games India organising committee requires director ticketing commonwealth games India organising committee requires director ticketing Delhi Maruti gypsy diesel mechanic hydraulic mechanic auto electrician. Required Education: UG .2 yr experience.

This position will require the incumbent to work in a team and at times may require him to manage a few individuals along the project plans and time lines. This position reports to the Director Accommodation Minimum Requirements: A degree or diploma from a recognized institution in a related field. its uses. The project period is 3 months. Details are as follows: REQUIREMENT FOR VOLUNTEERS DURING COMMONWEALTH GAMES. Candidate should have good communication skills. Required Education: BCA in India study channel Similar jobs: commonwealth games India organising committee requires project officer accommodation commonwealth games India organising committee requires project officer accommodation Delhi computer hardware and networking tutorials hardware engineers trainees Above mentioned are the few major positions required in the workforce. Should have 0-1 years of experience. 3-5 years of related experience . DELHI – 2010 . troubleshooting etc.Responsibilities: This position is responsible for the execution of assigned tasks and responsibilities for the Accommodation functional area.Experience in Project Requirements: Need trained police officer in Police station about CIPA Software. Besides these volunteer ship has been requested on a large scale.

7. of Venues Capacity | Capacity 250 | 50 5 20 2 08 2 08 2 08 1 04 1 04 2 08 Total 18000 60 15 60 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 D U JNU JMI GGS IPU NS IT IIT DTU no. 6. Delhi No. 5. 3.S. of volunteers no. of Interviwers 25 3 3 25 2 2 No. 2. 1.N Name of University o. of Volunteers allocated 7250 1000 1000 7250 500 500 500 No. 4. of interviewers venue'scapacity . University of Delhi Jawahar Lal Nehru University Jamaia Milia Islamia Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha Univeristy Delhi Technological University Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology Indian Institute of Technology.

Health team to be trained for Commonwealth Games: The Delhi Health Department has called upon the services of 200 masseurs who will form part of the health team for taking care of visitors coming here for the Commonwealth Games this October. “Though these masseurs are well trained. The training programme will help them to be also prepared to take on the workload that will come in during the Games.'' said Delhi Health Minister Kiran Walia.000 volunteers for the October games. As per agreement with the Kerala Government. the masseurs selected from prestigious medical institutes will be Delhi soon for additional training.British students to volunteer for Commonwealth Games Thirty students from the Sheffield Hallam University in Britain will volunteer for the Commonwealth Games under an agreement A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed by Sheffield Hallam University Vice Chancellor Philip Jones and Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee (CGOC) chairman Suresh Kalmadi. The Sheffield students are in the age group of 21-24. These students will also train our volunteers in handling the press. The students will be selected from Sheffield Hallam University's media and journalism courses and will be part of a pool of 30. The training will also allow them to understand sport injuries and the kind of treatment that is prevalent outside India.'' . we will involve them in another re-orientation programme to ensure that they are able to keep up with the demands of the job during the Games. “The masseurs from Kerala and West Bengal will form part of the team that will work closely with visitors and ensure that proper treatment is provided to them. The focus is also to offer fast and effective service during the Games and be prepared for any kind of untoward incident. Hosting the Commonwealth Games is a great honour and we have to ensure that the visitors are well taken care of.'' said the Minister. Stating that the department is also training doctors. nurses and other medical staff for the Games. she said: “We have studied the experiences of other countries while hosting the Games.

Thirty-five senior positions are held by women who come with versatile backgrounds and proven expertise in their respective areas. finance right and security. O RGANIZ ING C MMITTEE O W MEN O PETROL PUMPS MAY SERVE AS INFORMATION KIOSKS DURING THE GAMES During the largest multi-sport event in India. .5% are women. Besides being easily accessible. Delhi's 400-odd petrol pumps will. besides selling fuel. The specialised and efficient workforce of the organising committee boasts of a strong presence of 38.000 employees. The outlets may also sell tickets for the games. communications. hospitality. The areas included workforce recruitment. petrol pumps are evenly spread out in the entire national capital and can serve as one-stop information point for tourists from 72 nations.5% women in all the 34 functional areas of the organisation. Most of the women workforce falls in the age-group of 20-30 years. will also provide information on the Commonwealth Games events. venue operations.WOMEN MAKE UP 40% OF COMMONWEALTH GAMES ORGANISING COMMITTEE Out of around 1. Trained persons will operate the information kiosks at the petrol pumps during sports events from October 3 to 14. their timing and venues. a whopping 38. logistics and other tourist information. image and look.

Malaysia. New Zealand. In all. the United Kingdom.5 lakh jobs. airlines and airport industry would create over 2. over 10 million foreign tourists will visit the country for site seeing and visiting religious and eco-tourism places.52 per cent in 2006. Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka. hotels. According to ASSOCHAM president Venugopal N. This is expected to push up India's share in foreign tourist arrivals to about 1. Dhoot. . it has been projected that the sporting event alone will generate additional employment opportunities for over five lakh workforce in sectors such as airlines. the paper predicts that the hotel industry will contribute more than double this amount by 2010. projected the paper. South Africa. During the Commonwealth Games about one million foreign tourists are expected to visit India. tour operators. besides medical and eco-tourism. Stating that the hotel industry was contributing $3 million to $5 million to the exchequer every year. hotels and tour operators are likely to witness a substantial boom in their economic activities during the forthcoming Commonwealth Games-2010. Singapore. the main Commonwealth countries from where foreign tourists would explore popular destinations include Australia. airports. Canada.COMMONWEALTH GAMES MAY BENEFIT HOTELS.5 per cent in 2010 from mere 0. In a forecast paper on "Aftermath of Commonwealth Games-2010 (CWG)" brought out by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). AIRPORTS Airlines. flyovers. With modernisation of Delhi and Mumbai international airports and revamping of 35 metro airports.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: • • • • • Study the impact of CWG 2010 on tourism industry by means of secondary data Human Resource development taking during CWG List of soft skills development from volunteers point of view Other related developments SWOT Analysis and interpretation .

The advantages of the secondary data can be . Tourism CWG 2010 . The main advantage of this method of collection is the authenticity.DATA COLLECTION The word research has been derived from French word Researcher which means to search. PRIMARY DATA: Primary data is that kind of data which is collected by the investigator himself for the purpose of the specific study. availability of data and format.Police Verification CWG 2010 . The secondary data could be collected from Journals. Research methodology and practice evaluation are integrally related. Research in common parlance refers to a search for the knowledge..Volunteer Attributes . interview and questionnaire. Reports. The main problems with the secondary data are validity & reliability. Efforts have been made to keep and put as much data available and relevant to the study. both in terms of money and time spent. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. SECONDARY DATA: When an investigator uses the data that has been already collected by the others is called secondary data. websites. Primary source of data are also collected through observation. These are as follows: • • • • • • • • • Games . personal bias. The data such collected is original in character. The data is as recent as possible.Volunteer Programme Brochure-cum-Application CWG 2010 . Secondary data has been collected from newspaper.’10 tick tock tick tock – Hindustan times No room for 2010 visitors? Need for speed E-source – details are mentioned in reference section Delhi games: will be the best ever Games to boost forex.primary in nature. and various is economical. All the data on which this report has been prepared is totally non .

000 rooms are required but only 10000 rooms are available. has developed a System of Air Pollution Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) that will start functioning in the near future. Infrastructural delays are still to be seen in Delhi As we all know.Volunteer Requirement SWOT Analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses Unity in Diversity The cultural diversity of India is well concentrated in Delhi along with other states that would contribute towards major attraction for tourists apart from Commonwealth Games. Delhi is still struggling to battle infrastructural delays. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM). unending construction work and unimaginable traffic snarls Common Wealth Games needs 17 disciplines to be organized and six venue clusters and find stand-alone stadiums in Delhi. But not a single venue is anywhere near completion. Tourists also come to India in search of spirituality and peace of mind. The other big worry is the air quality during the Games. They also come here to learn various forms of Indian classical dances and music. Pune. Common Wealth Game is getting started from the month of October. This would promote future tourism as well.And year 2010 has already dawned. . but still Delhi is not prepared for it.• CWG 2010 . 2010.24 flyovers are needed to be constructed but only 12 are operationalized and on other 12 are still to be ready in time for the games. Atithi Devo Bhava India is well known for its warm and friendly welcome behaviour throughout the world. The other major problem is regarding traffic and transport system. 100000 visitors are expected and 40. During Common Wealth Games. Apart from that India is well known for its medical facilities and ayurvedic treatments. Various foreign tourists love the feeling of “atithi devo bhava” which they experience in India.

the government has compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for its citizens. CM Sheila Dikshit has said that. “We want to change Delhi’s public culture. that they are courteous. So. In spite of this Delhi still needs to be more hospitable for the coming event and the huge number of tourists who will come to India. Delhi is unique but the attitude needs to be changed.Delhi's citizens need to brush up on etiquette for Commonwealth Games As common wealth game is knocking at the door. keep houses and shops clean. spit. Government wants to convey to its citizens to not to urinate in public. ”we can generate a package on how to change the culture of Delhi and the behavioral pattern that we have today. their behaviour towards each other and towards the guests.” Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said at a meeting. keep public transport safe and other such mannerisms as said by Delhi tourism Chief Rina Ray.” Delhi Not Hospitable Enough Delhiites have always been seen as warm people who welcome and accommodate all kinds of people. not only in terms of language but also our behaviour toward each other and the guests who come here. Delhi has accepted a large population that is diverse in nature and culture from poor to affluent in its heart. . ”We want tourists to go back with the impression that Delhi is a wonderful city.

6% per annum over the next ten years. on one hand struggling with the problem of poverty since the time of independence while on the other hand is spending millions on the Commonwealth Games! Forty percent of India’s population is below the poverty line which clearly indicates that the booming Indian economy is still unable to feed a majority of its citizens. Travel & Tourism Economy employment is forecast to grow from 30. Ironically. is leading to inflation in the economy.6. unskilled and poor people are forced to get involved in unorganized employment with least possible wages and let’s not forget the skilled and literate unemployed…but who really cares? India is too busy with Commonwealth Games! Tourism and Economy India is expected to be the fastest growing economy in coming years with real Travel & Tourism GDP growth rising by 7. And its growth should average 7. This growth is already presenting substantial challenges to both the government and the private sector. Focus on the word developing as India is not yet developed. individually also all the citizens were preparing their shops. in turn. India is a country which is. But as a part of Delhi’s Development process few issues have come up: Effect of CWG on India economy: India is a developing country. worsening their conditions which.9%. their offices to serve tourists in some way.1% over the period 2008 to 2018. while the contribution of Travel & Tourism to India's GDP will be sustained at 6. . energy resources are getting depleted.5 million jobs .2%) in 2018. dynamic and worthwhile employer is a major concern.4% of total employment from 2008 to just under 40 million (7. The need for a radical improvement in the image of the sector as a fair. Climatic change like global warming is causing an agricultural crisis for the peasants all over the country.Opportunities and threats attached to organizing an event on such large scale Although on one side CWG 2010 is proving to be a boon for Indian Tourism industry.

Hence India’s poverty and the hosting of Commonwealth Games are not at all compatible as for a nation the welfare of its citizen is its first priority and not the conduction of sports and leisure. Every artist has booked his /her position to entertain the thirsty crowd of tourists during CWG 2010. Entertainment is one of the most important things that need to be organized to entertain our huge crowd of guests.INTERPRETATION Probably Commonwealth games will have an international impact and benefit a particular section of the society temporarily. World class Delhi would no longer be a dream! The commonwealth will prove to be a boon to both the tourism sector as well as the sports sector and plus the local people. Sports lovers will get to watch big games after a long time after the 1954 and 1982. for which music. dance and theatres will be the best source to introduce them to our country. a country like India wearing poverty in the form of national shame cannot afford to conduct such games at the cost of its poverty stricken citizens. So far we have been able to gather and retain that commonwealth games are going to be a huge hit among the masses. All the developments in Delhi are proving to be a blessing for a common Delhiite as these constructions of roads. tourists will also be exploring India and looking deep into the Indian diversified culture. Then what? Back to square one? Thus. new metro rail connectivity etc would have otherwise taken more than 10years and now it is has taken only about 4years to complete. Beyond the CWG. As discussed in the previous sections certain number of initiatives needs to be planned out to increase the rate of foreign tourist arrivals. Major steps needs to be taken towards safety of the tourists from the terrorist’s attack that would add to the honour for India. will make people laugh as well as cry through the magic of their performances. but this is where the most significant question arises that if the games will benefit a certain strata of the society which is already rich and powerful then what happens to those strata of the Indian population which is below the poverty line? Who bears the responsibility of their welfare? The Commonwealth Games will usher in a certain amount of employment but will it offer employment to millions of unemployed? And by the way this is only for a temporary period of time. Social and environmental causes will also be positively affected directly or indirectly through tourism initiatives by various departments and states. This would also promote future tourism further.. . flyovers. Terror attacks and swine flu were one of the major reasons for declining tourists to India. May it be the program of music or dance or plays. Therefore India should first win the race against poverty and then think of going international through such ventures. During CWG the entire stage for entertainment has been set. To improve such situation and bring country out of the tremors of global slowdown tourism promotion would be the most important step during CWG.

CWG 2010 is just knocking at the door but Delhi is not ready infrastructuraly. masaale wala khana and much more. Delhiites also need to be hospitable enough to welcome guests of CWG. India is famous for its street side food.Lot of improvements will be seen and are being seen in the overall structure. which is a very wrong decision. do not spit anywhere. Another problem Delhi would face in the long term is that though lot of construction work is being carried out but the laborers being brought to Delhi would be unemployed after the construction work gets over and as a result slums would increase in Delhi. All those dhabas just need to be renovated in a way so that it could leave good impression instead of kicking it out. As we all know. All these factors should be taken care of. CWG 2010 is getting started on October. First Delhi should be ready from every point of view then only it should approach for hosting CWG. many people will be unemployed and secondly. Delhiites need to follow some very important things like. Firstly. . These all are needed to put good impression on the guests. Delhi government took decision to kick out all the street side dhabas. they should not urinate in public. They should change their rude behavior otherwise it will not leave good impression on the guests. keep their houses and shops clean. design and look of the national capital.

Instead our own workforce can be assigned for this task. consequently leading to burden on Delhiites. There is an immediate need for maximum availability of doctors during the games. 2. so these can act as a medium for not only just providing information and facilities but also for promoting cultural heritage of India. as there has been considerable increase in tax rates and inflation. Apart from that. Volunteers have been invited from foreign universities to train the domestic volunteers. there are some recommendations and suggestions that are required to fulfill the gaps in the development of Delhi for hosting CWG. • • Money exchangers can be installed in the vicinity of petrol pumps. 5. 4. it is advisable to install various water purifiers like RO systems at maximum places all over Delhi. Purity of drinking water has always been a major concern in Delhi. Tourists can be provided with smart cards to make their travel easier.RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS On the basis of the analysis of the study done above. So the citizens should be made aware about where their money has been utilised so that they also generate feeling of participation in such a big event of their country. 1. They can use these for shopping and dining at restaurants and malls and need not to visit money exchanger frequently. 7. Petrol pump staff can be made to wear the cultural dresses during the commonwealth to promote Indian heritage. though the concentration is on Delhi but the security level in other states should not be ignored especially at the border areas. There needs to be transparency in tax policy. There is a need to increase the number of prepaid booths for hiring autos in order to curb them from charging unreasonable fares from tourists. 8. 6. . 3. Thus. As petrol pumps are evenly distributed in the entire city as well as NCR areas. For this recruitment of security personnel should be undertaken. Delhi’s security needs to be tightened for the upcoming games keeping in view the unfortunate events that have taken place in the past few years.

. The various projects undertaken for CWG has been under continuous change thus the information collected cannot be entirely relied upon. No primary data collected 4. India hasn’t hosted such an event on such large scale previously 3. The impact on tourism has only been predicted. however the actual results would be felt once the games starts. No e-journal over CWG was available 2. 5.LIMITATIONS 1.

a country like India wearing poverty in the form of national shame cannot afford to conduct such games at the cost of its poverty stricken citizens. . especially Delhi is undergoing a complete makeover where the infrastructure is concerned. wealthy and literate India. are being constructed. better flyovers. But this is where the most significant question arises that if the games will benefit a certain strata of the society which is already rich and powerful then what happens to those strata of the Indian population which is below the poverty line? Who bears the responsibility of their welfare? It is agreed that the Commonwealth Games will usher in a certain amount of employment but will it offer employment to millions of unemployed? But this is also true that this is only for a temporary period of time. Better buses can be seen running on the roads of Delhi. India. As a result of the approaching Commonwealth Games. Therefore India should first win the race against poverty and then think of going international through such ventures. Lavish fivestar hotels.CONCLUSION India’s present goal should be the development of human resources. Hence India’s poverty and the hosting of Commonwealth Games are not at all compatible as for a nation the welfare of its citizen is its first priority and not the conduction of sports and leisure. Why all this? Just to show that India is on its way to become a developed nation soon? But can it hide those shabby and disguised slums behind the shimmering and glamorous construction? Can it suppress the cries of those million hungry stomachs? Can it? Unfortunately not! And can anyone explain how modern infrastructure helps those million unemployed men who have to support half a dozen of their family members without any source of income? The fact that may be these games will have an international impact and benefit a particular section of the society temporarily cannot be denied. etc. dealing with poverty and creating a healthy. Then what? Back to square one? Thus.







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