I. CURRENT SITUATION 3 A. CURRENT PERFORMANCE 3 B. STRATEGIC POSTURE 3 1. Mission & Objectives 3 2. Strategies 4 3. Policies 4 4. Summary 4 II. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 4 A.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 4 B. TOP MANAGEMENT 5 III. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS (SWOT) 6 A. SOCIETAL ENVIRONMENT 6 1. Economic 6 2. Technological 6 3. Political-legal 6 4. Sociocultural 7 B. TASK ENVIRONMENT 7 1. Threat of new entrants 7 2. Bargaining power of buyers 7 3. Threat of substitute of products or services 7 4. Bargaining power of suppliers 7 5. Rivalry among competing firms 8 6. Relative power of unions, governments, special interest group, etc. 8 C. SUMMARY OF EXTERNAL FACTORS 8 IV. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS (SWOT) 10 A. CORPORATE STRUCTURE 10 B. CORPORATE CULTURE 10 C. CORPORATE RESOURCES 10 1. Marketing 10 a. Product: 10 b. Price: 11 c. Place: 11 d. Promotion: 11 2. Finance 12 3. Research and Development (R & D) 13 4. Operations and Logistics 13 5. Human Resources Management (HRM) 14 6. Information Systems (IS) 14 D. SUMMARY OF INTERNAL FACTORS 15 VI. ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC FACTORS 16 A. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 16 B. REVIEW OF MISSION AND OBJECTIVES 17 1. Are They Appropriate & How Should They Be Changed? 17 2. Damage Control 17 VI. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES & RECOMMENDED STRATEGY 18 A. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES 18 1. Revision of Objectives 18 2. Alternative Strategies 18 B. RECOMMENDED STRATEGY 18 1. Selected Strategic Alternatives 18 VII. IMPLEMENTATION 19 A. PROGRAMS 19 B. FINANCIALLY FEASIBLE 19 VIII. EVALUATION & CONTROL 20 A. CURRENT INFORMATION SYSTEM 20 B. CONTROL MEASURES 20 BIBLIOGRAPHY 21 Strategic Audit of Harley Davidson Inc.

I. Current Situation A. Current Performance In 2007, GDP ended at 3.1% in America and 2.1% in Eurozone; and is expected to d rop further during 2008. According to Jim Ziemer, Chief Executive Officer of Ha rley-Davidson, Inc., these are challenging times in the U.S., our international d ealer network delivered double digit retail sales growth in the fourth quarter a nd for the full year of 2007. Our customers around the world have a lot to look forward to this year with the new motorcycles we are bringing to market, the op ening of the Harley-Davidson Museum, and hundreds of rides and events leading up to our 105th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee this summer. (PR NewsWire, 20 08). With these additions to Harley-Davidson s current situation, Jim Ziemer is p lanning to increase sales to make up for lost revenue last year. Harley-Davidson s sales decreased from $5.8 billion in 2006 to $5.73 billion in 20 07. When measured in sales units, Harley-Davidson s sales decreased by 34,981 in 2007, bringing overall sales to 337,774 units. In the first quarter of 2008, H arley-Davidson is expecting to ship between 68,000 to 72,000 motorcycles, approx imately four thousands units less than the first quarter in 2007. On the other hand, according to the 2007 annual report obtained at Harley-Davidson s web site, the company has 48% of the North America market share compare to its competitors : Honda 14.3%, Suzuki 14.7%, Yamaha 9.2%, Kawasaki 7.5%, 8.3% for the other moto rcycles companies which make up the rest of the market share. The significant a mount of market shares Harley-Davidson owns in the North American market helped the company generate the highest net revenues of $4,208 million in 2007. Beginning 2000, the company has successfully maintained a ROI above 20 every yea r. In 2007, Harley-Davidson s return on investment (ROI) resulted in 31.85 percen t; which has slightly decreased in the first quarter of 2008 which resulted in 2 4.29 percent. Although these figures are quite well when compared to the indust rial average of 17.31 percent, there is always room for improvement when one con siders the progress of Harley-Davidson throughout history. B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission & Objectives Harley-Davidson s mission statement is to fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expandi ng line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segm ents. (Harley-Davidson web site, 2008) Their objective is to have happy and sati sfied stakeholders, which includes their customers, employees, suppliers, invest ors, government, and the society. Then in return, these stakeholders will conti nue purchasing their products throughout their life time due to their unforgetta ble experience they have doing business with Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson b elieves the backbone in their business is their strong brand name and their loya lty with customers. 2. Strategies The first strategy Harley-Davidson uses is customer focus. Harley-Davids on offers a wide range of products and services, from children s tricycles, clothin g accessories, and affordable motorcycles to more higher-ended luxury motorcycle s targeting customers in all age groups. By allowing their customers to personal ize and customize their motorcycles, this strategy helps build their second stra tegy, which is brand loyalty. Other strategies that help build brand loyalty and selling dreams are to have groups, such as the Harley Owners Group (HOG) and th e Buell Riders Adventure Group (BRAG), so they can emphasize to their customers that everyone is welcome to join its large extended family for riders,. Their va lue is: Tell the truth. Be fair. Keep your promises. Respect the individual. Enco urage intellectual Curiosity. (Harley-Davidson web site, 2008) These represent t

Ziemer. Secretary. There are a total of 25 insiders who own Harley-Dav idson s stock. Harley Davidson Motor Company. Hevey. Scott. 49 years old. They also have employee recognition p rograms to encourage and reward them for outstanding work. James L. For every stock owner that retains 15% of the outstanding common stock they are entitled to purchase preferred stock at the rate of one ten-thousandth of a shar e per common stock unless they have announced their intentions to acquire 25% or more of the outstanding common stock. Bleustein. EVP. VP and Treasure r. James L. Jeffrey L. B. Hutchinson. 54 years old. 3. Allen. and Director. II. SVP and Chief Marketing Officer. VP Human R esources. President and COO. Bleustein. Jeffrey L. Hence. George L. Naqvi. (Tom) Bergmann. there are diverse employees to p rovide different perspectives in planning and implementing their products. Conrades. the President. Board of Directors Harley-Davidson s board members are all independent directors who met the independ ence requirements of the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) and all other applicable l aws. 41 yea rs old. 4. Harley-Davidson stocks are privately-held because the company does not sell shar es directly to individuals. Harold A. Thomas E. Motor Company. i ncluding the Chairman. Besides the company supporting the community. SVP Product Development. CEO. the EVP and CFO. Harley-Davidson will be he avily investing in three areas: marketing. Brostowitz. 59 years old. James A. Norling. Further analysis of the employers list showed board members. Judson C. which results in a total of 1. General Counsel. regulations. Bleustein. Ronald M. 58 years old. John A. Jeffrey L. product development and their people. Donald A. 58 years old. 2010. McCaslin. James M. Top Management Harley-Davidson s team has a total of 41 top management personnel. Hence. CEO. 60 y ears old. Gail A. Lione. and the President. Ziemer. Harley Davidson Financial Services. Green. To b e successful. 40 years old.961 direct shares and a total of . Harley Davidson Motor Company. Rich ard I. Policies Harley-Davidson minimized the traditional approach in management and enc ouraged the Open Door policy throughout the company in order to maximize and encou rage overall employee involvement. This preferred stock will have an exercis e price of $175 before August 20. Harley Davidson Motor. CEO. James L. they also encoura ge their employees to perform volunteer work with society through programs such as Dollars for Hours which the company will contribute the dollar amount equival ent to the total amount of hours their employees volunteer for. VP. Le vinson. Harley-Davidson recognizes the importance of the employees passions and their attitudes toward the company. The company has a total of eleven board members. Motor Company. Summary Harley-Davidson believes in sharing their success to the community for a better society.749. Beattie. Their s hares of stock will be discussed below in the Top Management section. Corporate Governance A.. Motor Company. Ziemer. 67 years ol d. In 2008. Sara L. Eleven of the most important personnel seem to be: Chairman. CEO. 58 yea rs old. 59 years old. Harley Davidson Motor Company. This is also one of their competitive advantages. James A. and rules. Miles Jr. and Director. George H. are internal and the others are presumed to be external. Jochen Zeitz.heir way of running their businesses and how they treat their stakeholders. Mark Hans Richer. they allow their employees to particip ate in the company s key business decisions. James. Strategic Planning and New Business Development. and Chief Compliance Officer. and Donald James. Saiyid T. the Directors: Barry K. President.

owns 41. environmental laws to monitor and control air. Harley-Davidson has a disadvantage when compared to its competitors. Ronald M. Ziemer who is the President. Therefore. and increases in unemployment. External environment: Opportunities and threats (SWOT) A. and fuel pollut ion have forced Harley-Davidson to implement environmental practices throughout their company. and 23. Bergmann who is the Executive and Chie f Financial Officer.6 percent in Japan. which includes 57.01 percent.906 indirect shares.73% of shares.0 percent in Eur ope. Political-legal Due to Environmental authorities in Federal. Jeffery L.595 direct shares and 4. However. McCaslin who is the President and Chief Operatin g Officer of Harley Davidson Motor Company. Harley-Davidson s production sales have increased 15.21 percent.4 percent in Canada.195 direct shares and 132 . 3. and Local levels of governme nt. Economic As mentioned above. w hich includes 730. Harley-Davidson requires motorcycle renters and their passengers . the international retail sal es of Harley-Davidson have increased 13. increases in the price of gas.44 percent.716 indirect shares. minimizing paper usage within the company. which includes 36. these economic uncertaintie s have led the company to make a decision of reducing their production and shipm ent until the economy recovers. In order to be built and maintained Harley-Davidson s brand loyalty and reputation. Compared to the figu res in 2006. investing in Harley-Davidson s Research and Development Team enables the company to develop pr oducts to minimize air pollution and reduce the generation of wastewater and sol id waste throughout the manufacturing process. and Director. noise. James M Brosto witz who is the VP and Treasurer owns 18. James L.137 dire ct shares and 39. owns 11. It is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency to com ply with applicable emission and noise stands in manufacturing motorcycles.985 indirect shares. Harley-Davidson utilized information technology to striv e to build higher quality and more reliable traditional motorcycles. State.07 percent.523 indirect shares.200 indirect shares. Lione who is the Execu tive VP. Gail A. According to the safety helmet law of 1966 and complying with the universal helm et law of 1992. However. CEO . Harley-D avidson satisfied consumers shopping needs during anytime of the day at their con venience. the economy downtime in the United States has affected the s ales of Harley-Davidson s motorcycles in 2007. consumers can obtain different models information about its products. On the other hand.7 percent from the combination of the rest of the international markets. with the limited ability Harley-Davidson has to develop nontraditional motorcycles.599 direct shar es and 10.1.74 percent of total stocks.500 direct shares and 636. 2.417 direct shares and 12. Societal Environment 1. which includes 200. Through th e increase in convenience with e-commerce. Technological Due to fast-pace speed in the world of technology. And the other 18 people within the company own the reaming 10. retail sales have increa sed 9.238 indirect shares. retail sales have increased 3. General Counsel and Security. all the insiders only own 0. Bleustein. and obtain finance information assisting buy ers to make decisions like the amount to finance and its down payment. which includes 38.223 direct shares and 97 indirect shares. Thomas E. III. Hutchinson who is the Senior VP of Product Development. water.29 percent. owns 11. compare the functionality of those models befor e they make a decision to purchase. Harley-Davidson emp hasizes a paperless environment . owns 2. With low interest rates.11 percent. consumers expectations have in creased drastically. In addition. James A.272 indirect shares.283. Har ley-Davidson is also complying with the State of California Air Resources Board (CARB) to meet the requirements for emission standards.13 percent of shares. which includes 1 94. which includes 315. owns 2.7 percent in 2007. who is the Chairman. owns 3.

4. If a larger portion of consumers are currently changing in what they want a motorcycle for. The most critical issue a motorcycle manufacturer should emphasis is saf ety. including air bags. once Harley-Davidson has selected their suppliers.. suppliers are considered p art of our team and should be treated in a manner consistent with our values. to target female markets in an effort to increase sales to at least 300 million dol lars if successful. Due to this increase in concerns. this will led to lower margin in profi t. Suzuki. Its airbag system has crash sensors located in the front of t he motorcycle. a women s outreach manager. Yamaha. named G old Wing in 2006. 2. better gas mileage. commuting purposes. Relative power of unions. and BMW. the demand of motorcycles have increased for women.to sign an agreement promising to wear a country-approved helmet when riding mo torcycles. For example. BMW) motorcycl e manufacturers expand rapidly in America. B. thus leading to unsatisfied custo mers. Task environment 1. One way is to host garage parties to teach women how to pic k up a 750-pound motorcycle and other appropriate skills. Therefore. especially Japanese motorcycles companies. Threat of new entrants Harley-Davidson has to devise new strategies in order to sustain their market sh are in America if they don t want their competitors.. the company cha nged their direction and appointed Leslie Prevish. 3. if their suppliers t hreatened to raise the price of products. As time changes . Bargaining power of buyers Prices of motorcycles are currently being forced down due to buyers demanding an d expecting more quality and different services. therefore.g. Bargaining power of suppliers According to Harley-Davidson code of business conduct. (Ha rley-Davidson Inc. it is vital to negotiate beforehand and maintain a good relatio nship with suppliers to ensure a higher profit margin and a higher quality of th e ending products. Rivalry among competing firms As the Japanese (e. Honda.g. Yamaha followed and added airbag systems to some of their moto . the rivalry became high and tense. Sociocultural Traditionally. If Harley-Davidson refuses to pay the higher price. S uzuki. it decr eases their bargaining power in certain ways. Threat of substitute of products or services Harley-Davidson is facing intense competition from other competitors. and Kawasaki. Harley-Davidson targeted to higher income males. such as BMW. Hence. which are capable of detecting rapid deceleration and send the da ta to the onboard computer in order to analyze whether a situation of crash is o ccurring or not. Since Harley-Davidson is not competing with its competitors on pric e. 5. it seldom changes and switches. special interest group. the suppliers can then t hreaten to lower the quality of their product. customers are more willing to pay for the superior and unforgettable experien ces when purchasing Harley-Davidson motorcycles. There is a special interest motorcycle rider groups are demanding. With the intense competition f rom its competitors such as Honda. Kawasaki. and lower cost. 4. 2003) It is inappropriate and unfair to suggest to any suppli er that we will not buy from them unless they purchase from us (Harley-Davidson I nc. Due to the high switching costs among suppliers. Hond a Motor Co. i. had developed a fully loaded motorcycle. Kawasaki) and European (e. buyers now have mo re choices. etc. Suzuki. governments. which i s for a motorcycle to include an airbag. Honda.e. 2003). 6. then Harl ey-Davidson s motorcycles may be easier to be substituted by its Japanese competit ors due to lighter weight. to take the market share away.

rcycles for their riders safety.08 2. Harley-Davidson has taken a different approach. the President and Chief Operating Officer in Harley-Davidson Motor Company.15 4. In Australia.50 0.28 Threats Economy Downtime 0.02 Unable to implement an airbag system for riders' safety 1.09 3. (Harley-Davidson web site.50 0.12 Insufficient flexibilit y to switch suppliers due to treating suppliers as their team members. there were numerous negative news stories since 2006. He also noted that the loud engine s ound of the engine triggering emphasize that our motorcycle has been brought to life which led Our soul goes hungry. Globally.06 Trend to commute by motorcycles to save gas compare to automobiles Increase new market shares in international markets 0. It mainly depends on the economic. political.00 0.00 0. in China and India citizens are upgrading t .20 Need to development more distinguish products Intense competition brought by new entrants to the market 0.10 3. a permanent label must be affixed to signify th e used of legal pipes after the motorcycle s annual inspection.00 0.35 Lower price. and better gas mileage mot orcycles produced by Japanese manufacturers in the market Bargaining power of suppliers 0. The company put their emphasis in motorcycles education and training. Harley-Davidson has opened many motorcycle academy classes to trai n and educate both new and experienced motorcycle riders. However.07 2.21 Loosing market share due to foreign manufacturers able to expand their market shares in the US market ra pidly Relative power of safety concerns of interest groups 0.60 Trend for women motorcycles rid ers Increase motorcycle buyers due to high gas price 0. Rivalry among competing firm 0.00 0. Price con trol by suppliers.39 Trend to globalization among businesses Bargaining power of buyers 0. technological.15 4.07 3. For example.05 These forces can be very different or similar in different countries.50 0.04 1.50 0.01 1. These requirements are important issues to Harley-Davidson s manufacturers worldwi de. the noise level standard requirement measured in db(A) in both Europe and Japan are low when compared to the United States standards. Additionally. there are a lot of countries that have very strict laws r estricting motorcycle noise. rega rding motorcycle noise that has increased approximately 400 percent over the pas t ten years.00 0. According to Jim McCaslin. and sociocultural practices i n the other countries. Summary of External Factors External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS) Table External Weight Rating Weighted Comments Strategic Factors Scores Opportunities Develop environmental friendly products 0.06 2.00 0.60 Response to competitors in order to maintain their market share Loosing loyal customers due to substitute products currently in the market 0.18 Provide unforgettable e xperience for their buyers in order to build up their brand loyalty 1.00 0.05 Trend to protec t the environment Increase female buyers 0. lighter weight. For instance. especially the db(A) control. 2006) C. Since 2000.05 1.27 Need to be prepare and ready for any opportunities when the economy comes back up eventually Unable to develop distinguish motorcycle from their traditional products 0.77 TOTAL SCORES 1 3.13 3.50 0. the high db(A) level s ignify and is a symbol of Harley-Davidson.

Harley s 2008 lin e of motorcycles include Sportster.heir main commuter vehicles from bicycles to motorcycles due to an increase in t heir personal income. This will be a similar case in India.695 for an affordable Sportster to $16. Corporate Culture Since Harley-Davidson believes the key to success is to balance their stakeholder s interests through empowerment of all employees. Harley-Davidson s products tend to sell base on the mini-nic he differences when compared to their competitors. and Touring (Electra Glide). this way of loosening up the daily routine means more commitment from managers and employees in creating a corporation of an energized workforce. As a result. Product: Harley-Davidson is the major US maker of motorcycles and the nation's #1 seller of heavyweight motorcycles. It definitely cannot compete with the Japanese motorcycl e manufacturers on cost because Japanese motorcycles tend to sell at a much lowe r cost.500 dealers located in 20 countries.500 dealers. the support circle represents many of the b ack office functions such as human resources. Therefore. the estimate demand for motorcycles in China wil l exceed 15 million dollars. Price: The price ranges from $6. This principle includes: give others your undivid ed attention.545 for an Elect ra Glide touring bike. DYNA (Super Glide). The company s strong brand image an d loyalty is considered the main strength of their product. Harley-Davidson pri des themselves on the development of these traditional products they offer to bu yers. Internal Environment: Strengths and weakness (SWOT) A. Their corporate culture is promoting stronger bonding between the top management and the non-management workers by implementing the FISH philosophy th roughout the entire company. V RSC (Night Rod). Marketing a. the decision-making procedure within Harley-Dav idson is decentralized according to which department is the most appropriate to address certain issues or to make the decisions. In result. brighten someone s day. The company offers 35 models of touring and custom Harleys through a worldwide network of more than 1. the company strongly believes in the philosophy of people building relati onships. lighten up. Harley-Davidson is still a market leader which hol ding close to 50 percent of the market share when compared to its competitors an . Corporate Resources 1. and strategic planning. play. IV. The create demand circle represent s the marketing and sales functions. information services. Place: The worldwide network enables Harley-Davidson to sell motorcycles and it s products through the 1. B. named the Leadership and Strategy Council (LSC) model. (Harley-Davidson web site. By 2010. The produce products circle represents the entire engineering functions such as manufacturing. Corporate Structure According to the information on the Harley-Davidson s web site. material and cost managemen t. C. 20012008). The niche might include bein g able to have customized audio systems and allowing personalized adjustments to the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. b. and quality functions and lastly. c. the company s corpor ate structure is represented by three overlapping functional circles. and choose your attitude. finance. Softail (Night Train). In the US market Harley-Davidson has indicated a trend of a decrease in their market share in the motorcycle market. However. These risin g demand for motorcycles in China and India introduces new larger opportunities to Harley-Davidson to expand their businesses globally.

economy during 200 7. According to the 2007 Annual Report obtained from the Harley-Davidson web site.S. Ziemer expects a moderate revenue growth mainly through in ternational sales and lowering operations in the United States. accessories. Harley-Davidson Financial Services (HDFS) has reported a 0. In 2008. which is a significant promotion tool. 3 million dollars in parts and accessories. For example. extended lines of apparel. the Muscovites have solid spending power. the forecast in earnings per share will grow between 11 percent and 17 pe rcent compared to 2007 at 4 percent and 6 percent. Promotion: Riding on a heavyweight Harley-Davidson motorcycle symbolizes freedom.2 million dollars. in the United States. which is though selling motorcycles throughout the whole year o f 2007. a Harley lifest yle. the company uses a ver y different approach to market their brand loyalty such as the customer s unforget table experience. Best Western hotel chain throughout United States and Canada are committed to offer a rider-friendly environment which provid e services such as wipe-down towels at check in. beverages and a ful l wait staff to satisfy and create the customers unforgettable experiences. in Japan. Some . aroun d high-end autos. For example. Finance Harley-Davidson did very well in dealing with the fragile U. the roles of women have changed from required to stay home and care for their families to being able to work and live freely to pursue their dreams. By selling tricycles to children. This shopping village has a l uxuriously furnished VIP waiting area. which resulted in 4. Harley-Davi dson had reported a 0. During 2008 and 2009. had reported decreased revenue of 106. Additional benefits of being a HOG member ar e the travel benefits.1 percent increase in reven ue resulting in a total of 305. Harley-D avidson is an American icon which utilizes minimal advertising.4 million dollars in merchandise. On the other hand. Overall. Besides promoting customers brand loyalty. Harley-Davidso n s main business. 2008). therefore increasing their confidence in purchasing their product.7 percent increase in revenue which results in 212. and a 10. d. Since they cann ot put their product sample in a handy-size shopping bag.d their market share is increasing globally. Harley-Davidson located its store in a suburban luxury shopping village. jewelries.9 million dollars. It builds stronger bonding betwee n Harley riders by allowing HOG members to view and communicate to the other mem bers regarding their motorcycles. target marketing. this business strategy will expose children to the brand and unconsciously build in them to buy the sa me brand when they grow older. passion of the stakeholders.7 percent increase in revenue resulting in a total of 868. Harley-Davidson s line of apparel and accessories is another way to advertise and promote.45 billion dollars. Harley-Davidson s flexibility tailored to their customers needs differently in diff erent countries around the world by enabling adjustments in marketing strategies . Harley-Davidson s 2007 annual result compar ed to its figures generated in 2006 indicated a slowdown on growth. which includes: food. in Russia. the Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson. their li festyles include: dining at fine restaurants and shopping for high-end products. this also lets other people recognize that Harley-Davidson offers a broad of line of products and is not jus t selling motorcycles. The Ladies Debut Ride event targeting women and have their female employees led the entire events. and children tricycles. said Jim Ziemer. One way to promote a Harley lifestyle and image is through a series of HOG activ ities. (PR NewsW ire. 2. and access to wash station with out any extra charge. made Japanese women felt more connected to the brand. and apparel dealers. Inc.

85 percent indicates the company still has a positive return on its overall investment. a total of 3.4 million shares.1 dollars million in cash flow from ope rations.2 indicates the leftover dollar amount a fter all expenses and each dollar of sales.23 at the end of 2006.31 percent.17. Add itionally. For instance.15 billion dollars. Its long-term goal for the Research and Development program is to develop a completely refined Stere o 3D system for use in their entire motorcycle design.1 million dollars in capital expenditures which the company exp ects to grow to 260 million dollars in 2008. With the vibration analysis program.038 indicates the ratio of profit to sales. Research and Development (R & D) Harley-Davidson s image is about reliability and predictability. In Harley-Davidson s 2007 models.41 decreased of current ratio which results in 1. the technician can save tim e by knowing exactly what to repair or replace in regard to the inboard bearing.3 million dollars of their common stock . Harley-Davidson utilized 1800 rpm f or 100km/h in top gear compare to 2000 rpm in the previous years. using cameras to find things before they break down. This figu re indicates the leftover dollar amount in sales after the cost of goods sold is deducted. indicates that the company has more long-term debt when compared to its total assets. Its gross margin of 0. Its qu ick ratio although had decreased which results in 1. In order to minimize noise pollution.88. s aves labor costs. Both of these margins indicate a lo w profit margin in Harley-Davidson s products. These debt ratios indicate the need for Har ley-Davidson to monitor their debt in order to ensure the company has the suffic ient ability to pay them off. the capacity increases from 1450cc to 1584cc for better fuel consump tion. .1 million shares waiting for board s auth orization for repurchase.51 percent.2 million shares during the forth-quarter in 2007.5 million sha res of common stock outstanding. the machine oil analysis program helps Harley-Dav idson to manufacture heavy-weighted motorcycles that consume less oil and at a l ower cost.82 times of current assets if needed to satisfy oblig ation due in the near future. and downtime. it has repurchased 1. Currently. and the Return on Investment (ROI) whic h resulted in 31. the higher number is preferred. the company has a total of 23. The net profit margin of 15. Harley-Davidson had over 238. As a result. These features included a more precise fuel metering in their 800cc capacity in order to increase performance and obtain better fuel eco nomy.3 million dollars. Harley-Davidson has adopted REAL D Scientific Visualization technology to aid their motorcycle design beginning in 2007. from hours to minutes. which is considered as sources of capital to fina nce the company s assets. 3. indicate that the company has a higher amount of total debt compare to its total shareholders equity. Increased in capacity is achieved by incorporating engine management syst ems and fuel injection. The Return on Assets (ROA) ratio which resulted in 16. the thermograph program enables the company to reduce a significant amount of troubleshooting time. and 242.54. it has developed a system to minimize breakdowns . therefore. At cruising s peed limit. and hence. indicate the company has a positive capability to satisfy current liabilities with its most liquid asset s. This indicated the c ompany has approximately 1. Throughout 200 7. used to measure the company s capital s tructure. a total of 20. it identifies the abovebaseline conditions on motor spindles.finance figures highlighted included: cash and marketable securities results in a totaled of 405. the Return on Equity (ROE ) ratio which resulted in 39. By using infrared in the assembly line. 798. As a resu lt of research and development. its Research and Development helped stri ve for an increase in capacity and minimize noise pollution as improved performa nces. a 0. Finance information highlighted in cluded: Harley-Davidson repurchased 153. For instance. The positive figure in the total d ebt to equity ratio which results in 0. Additionally.82 compared to 2. The three main important ratios had also decreased in 2007. And the positive figure in the long-term debt to assets ratio which results in 0. Many finance ratios mentioned below indicate a trend o f decrease by the end of 2008.

2006) As a result. Harley-Davidson has promoted this ph ilosophy throughout the entire company and has provided their suppliers with inc entives to invest in lean manufacturing and continuous quality improvement. Harley-Davidson uses a FIS H philosophy to promote a fun and happy work environment. and business performances technology a nd services. 6. In 2005. UPS Supply Chain Solutions effectivel y streamlines the inbound process through consolidating all the components befor e delivery in order to reduce Harley-Davidson s transportation costs and help the company to gain efficiency throughout its manufacturing operations. (Dealernews. in April 2008. the Vice President of Human Resources in HarleyDavidson. 5. According to Boam. talent management. Harley-Davidson s igned a new labor agreement. As we all know. The new contracts include an improvement in wages and health benefits such as an establishment of Health Reimbursement Arrangement s (HRA) for bargaining unit employees which can help employees pay for their out of pocket health care costs. We thank our employees and the union leaders for their im portant contributions to the success of these negotiations and to the success of Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson had a process of first shipping all parts and accessories to its distribution center i n Wisconsin before they were delivered to dealerships around the country. the company strives to provide their employees with the top-tier health care benefi ts. Harley-Davidson had developed a condition-based sensing program that could help predict and forecast equipment performance in order to achieve t heir goal of near-zero breakdown.4. The main part of the logistics is the supply chain management and its most criti cal part is transportation. As mentioned in the Corporate Culture section above. it is very important to deliver all products to the ir customers in a timely manner as promised. Although better technologies help Harley-Da vidson to sustain its competitive advantage by lowering its production costs. According to Harold Scott. If the employees are not satisfied. For instance. Additionally. it s hard to have satisfied custo mers. Another business solution implemented by Harley-Davidson is the SumTotal Systems . This software provides flexible. Therefore. (PR Newwire. One of their competitive advantages is having an energized workforce. Human Resources Management (HRM) Harley-Davidson strongly believes people power is the key to success in business. the United Parcel Service of America to handle the company s entire logistic distribution functions. As a win-win strategy. As a solution for a lean production syst em. mission-critical solutions to Harley-Davidso n in through learning. Information Systems (IS) After the two-year implementation of the Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) in 1999. Operations and Logistics Recently. the company had purchased the entire w ireless sensing equipment systems from Techknor Instrumentation in order to init iate and capture data by constantly monitoring the triggering events before an i ssue such as a break down occurred. due to Harley-Davidson always valuing their employees. Harley-Davidson has chosen a third-party provider. 2008) Therefore. The mandatory FISH Cam p training program demonstrates how employees can implement this philosophy at wo rk. Harley-Davidson has a long history of working with our union partners t o manage the business. By ou tsourcing the entire distribution process. with the learning and business solutions this softwa re provides. it helps Harley-Davidson to develop a talent supply chain to meet t . customer satisfaction led to a succ essful business. it does not help Harley-Davidson to achieve Cost Leadership. Harley-Davidson is pushing to a lean and modern philosophy down the co mpany s supply chain. This is an inefficient distribution system. this FISH Camp program has raised their emp loyee retention rate by 15 percent. Previously. the communication manager at the California Harley-David son facility.

10 1.50 0.35 Loosing market shares in the Un ited States due to economy downtime Research and Development need to produce more environment friendly product 0.18 Able to reach more customers around the world Operations and logistics 0.275 Target customers who mainly pre fer hearweight motorcycles Affordable price for customization and personalization 0. On the other hand. Just a click away provides a detailed comparison between model s without visiting a dealership.50 0.00 0. The finance calculator enables buyers to calcu late their payments conveniently to understand what they can afford which produc es higher sales due to customer awareness.15 Affordable price to accommodate different customers requests Increase business locations in different countries around the world 0.09 2.72 Create an energ ized workforce Target marketing 0. In resul t.00 0. This software also provides resul ting reports to aid management in managing their employees performance. This web-based tool also allowed Harley-Davidson to facili tate multiple learning and knowledge sharing environments. Are They Appropriate & How Should They Be Changed? To reiterate. this improved Human Resources Information System became a major benefit for the company because it increased employee engagement and workforce adaptability.28 Delegated the shipment distributions to United Parcel Services Supply Chain (Specialization) Human Resources Management (FISH philosophy) 0.50 0.08 3.50 0.50 0.04 3. Review of Mission and Objectives 1. navigating through the Harley-Davidson website was easy and h elpful for buyers.00 0. Situational Analysis B.50 0.09 2.225 Didn't utilized their informati on systems efficiently to produces more energy efficient motorcycles 0. In 2006. Harley-Davidson implemented A ccenture Human Capital Development Framework allowed Human Resource executives to discuss human resource issues with senior level management in the language they both can understand. Buyers can now view the motorcycles and a description of a p articular model.18 4.10 3.12 Decentralization decision making process Employees focus corporate culture 0.63 Result in an energized workforce 2.00 0. Harley-Davidson increased employees productivity and skills.07 Need to come up with products that is more environmenta l friendly Information Systems 0.355 Weakness Need to increase its sale to maintain market shares in the United States during the economy downtime 0. the Harley-Davidson Human Resource Department had a transforma tion that impacted their strategic growth majorly. D.645 TOTAL SCORES 1 3 VI. By allowing access f rom multiple locations instead of a single source. Summary of Internal Factors Internal Factors Analysis Summary (IFAS) Table External Weight Rating Weighted Comments Strategic Factors Scores Strengths Leadership and Strategy Council corporate structure model 0.11 2. Analysis of Strategic Factors A.14 4.heir business demands for now and the future. Harley-Davidson s mission statement is to fulfill dreams thro .07 1.

2. Employees will need to focus on corporate structure. their customer loyalty may fall. The goal is to implement the changes and only improve what Harley-Davids on has worked so hard to obtain. employees. but children as well. By introducing new products to different segments Har ley-Davidson will make the market larger and have a larger ratio when compared t . This mission statement implies consumers of Harley-Davi dson s products are going to be motorcycle riders. In this table we have developed stra tegies that will allow Harley Davidson to improve greatly over the next five yea rs. which includes their customers. This would work. Harley-Davidson s objectives are much too broad. but Harley-Davidson might want to consider doin g the opposite with their objectives in regard to their mission statement. VI. part B. suppliers. The general public is becoming dependent on brand names. an d the society. This is not broad e nough when one considers what Harley-Davidson is currently facing. by providing to motorcyclists and to the gen eral public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services i n selected market segments (Harley-Davidson web site. When implementing these changes Harley-Davidson will need to consider what the ir current customers who do not fall into certain categories such as the family aspect of the equation. If these changes take place they will only show positive res ults if it is done right. By introduci ng the family aspect to their objectives. 2008). Analysis of Strategic Factors. If the proper precautions are taken success is the only outcome. when they could focus on their other products as well. Harley-Davidson will benefit by having an ener gized workforce but my not due to a loss of focus. The pros and cons of the strategies are as follows. Harley-Davidson might want to consider rewording their mission statement in o rder to exclude directly motorcycling but indirectly give that same feeling. 2. women are a large part of the market in which Harley-Davidson is trying to capture. This would allow Harley-Davidson to capture market share which does not e xist in their market yet. Strategic Alternatives 1. In order to highlight wh at the task at hand includes Harley-Davidson might want to consider the entire S AFS table. To include this growing segment of their current market.ugh the experience of motorcycling. Harley-Davidson can focus not only on women. If Harley-Davidson starts making changes to their way o f doing business too rapidly. Harley-Davidson s objectives need to become clearer. Strategic Alternatives & Recommended Strategy A. Damage Control Harley-Davidson needs to keep in touch with their current customer base. These other improvemen ts can be found in the IFAS. Their objective now is to have happy and satisfied stakeholders. investors. EFAS tables. Alternative Strategies There are other ways to improve Harley-Davidson. For example. The strategic alternatives that one w ould want to use come from the SFAS table. government. In doing this Harley-Davidson will be able to target what needs to b e done in order to capture more of the market share that is currently at risk du e to a changing society around the entire world. Other products in which Harley-Davidson is now offering suggests that a large area of revenue is not included in this mission statement . Harley-David son might want to consider introducing the notion of target marketing to everyon e as a potential buyer. Revision of Objectives Reference V. Another area is target marke ting.

This will help Harl ey-Davidson s goals. If Harley-Davidson could mee t their competitors on these levels they would be able to insure a large segment of the lower budget market. If this can be expanded upon and create more events and opportunities for emplo yees to participate. Another issue is going to be funding and how these programs are going to t ake a larger piece of the pie that before. It has shown to be a growing trend in other countries with women due to the fact that women are becoming emp owered with financial responsibility and overall freedom in their lives. what can Harley-Davidson do for their r iders. Implementation A. VII. Selected Strategic Alternatives The selected strategic alternatives are going to be increasing the femal e customer base for the corporate strategy. the results will be unbelievable . Now what riders can do for the company has been d iscussed. B. They can advertise these new advantages with promotions that will excite motorcycle enthusiasts. This is a market which has not even been scratched on the surface when one co nsiders the numbers of men riders compared to women riders. This will allow them to gain advantage on other motorc ycle producers when price of fuel reach even higher prices. and objectives overall if you consider what women ri ders will do for the company. Reducing the cost and increasing the economy of Harley-Davidson motor cycles see ms inevitable in today s market. This market segment is growing at an alarming rat e when you consider the possibility of missing out on this market share. lowering the price of the motorcycle and making it more economical in terms of fuel economy for the business strateg y. Harley-Davidson will receive all of the previous benefits m . If Har ley-Davidson can show these women and convince them that the only way to be trul y free is to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.o their competitors. Lastly Harley-Davidson should really consider looking at loosi ng loyal customer simply due to price and economy. Consumers now pay closer attention to price and efficiency rates when compared to the beginning years of Harley-Davidson. The last important alternative is creating excitement within Harley-Davidson com pany by creating energy with the focus of employee culture. Leslie Prevish s women s outreach progra m will need some special attention paid to it with new market studies and advert ising campaigns. This will help in every aspect of the company and should never have a time limit on it. mission. The downfall once again would be the issue of loos ing focus on their high quality that they are known for. The next area Harley-Davidson should really put a lot more energy into is female buyers. Programs Most of the programs are already in place for Harley-Davidson to use. The do wn side to this may be the loss of focus when it comes to the standard Harley-Da vidson customer. Consu mers now are worried about economy due to fuel prices rising at an alarming rate . This is the business strategy that Harley-Davidson needs to implement before they fall to far behind. Harley-Davidson can effectively introduce this and it could s ingle handedly improve the company with outstanding results. and creating energy by having employees focus on corporate culture By increasing the female customer base. The FISH program is already there to create employee culture. The only issue would be to shift the focus of the company in order to improve these progr ams. Recommended Strategy 1. By having employees focus on culture and energizing them with this tool. Harley-Davidson will have better employees which will cause a rise in quality and efficiency if managed co rrectly. Harley-Davidson will be able to capture a market that is growing around the world. a more important issue arises.

com/pqdweb ?did=1457842211&sid=2&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName=PQD . August 01).umi. However. In the past Harley-Davidson has shown to d eal with change very well within their company. B.msn. Due to nature of trying to capture market share us ing a new product. Harley-Davidson needs to bite the bullet so to speak when it comes to these three pressing issues and this will continuously p ay off in the future. In doing this. B. Harley-Davidson will need to keep a watchful eye on all of these programs to insure their success. If issues are not noticed right away. GAAP. Current Information System Harley-Davidson s current information system is more than capable of handling the strategies previously discussed. Harley-Davidson Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results for 2007. One area which may need improvement is their re search and development area.S. Bibliography Anonymous. Control Measures Harley-Davidson is not new to running a business and therefore is established in controlling their changing company. Due to the past returns on investments Harley-Davidson has shown the ability to increase revenue even with their less successful decisions. th e objective at hand could be lost completely. SumTotal Systems Reports Record Second-Quarter Rev enue.hr. If this happens to any of the str ategies. Retrieved April 11. This will need to be done after Harley-Davidson establishes bench marks during the beginning stage s of implementation.COM Web site: http://www. Financially Feasible All of the programs listed above are very feasible. from http://proquest. from California Motorcycle Safety Program Web site: http://www. 2008. from http://news.bikersrigh ts. State of California. Retrieved April 08.moneyc entral.entioned.com Anonymous. Jan 25). Every manager in the company is going to need to participate more hea vily in this activity. Yearly bonuses should be given an increase if high performance is achieved. (2008. 2008. Retrieved April 09.html Anonymous. 2008.com/states/california/california. if Harley-D avidson does not act soon in this area they will lose grip on a fast growing mar ket segment . (2008.aspx?Feed=PR&Date=20080125&ID=8092252&Symbol=HOG Anonymous. from HR. PR Newswire. Bikers Can Rest Their Harley-Davidson(R) Motorcycle s at More Than 1. this decision will rely on the information system more than a ny other. The programs will need to be revamped and new time tables will follow shortly after. Th e new research and development is going to be the most expensive when it comes t o financial backing.000 Best Western Hotels in the U.com/ticker/article. PR Newswire. This is going to cost a lot of money. wash stations and wipe-down to wels. April 07). a lot of money could be lost due to a loss of control. the managers will create a positive work environment and it will continue down the corporate ladder to the employees. Evaluation & Control A. The only difference in the reco mmended strategies would be to run a more intensive follow up with each of these strategies due to their risky nature. 2008. and Canada :Best Western's 'rider-friendly' hotels offer designated parking. (2006. (1993) Mandatory Helmet Law. Retrieved April 10. There is a high demand for technology and thus there will mainly be a lot of maintenance to the current system. however. VIII.

(2007. 2 pgs. from http://pr oquest.com. pg.com/pqdweb?did=1423337251&sid=3&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName=PQ D Anonymous.harley-davidson. Derringer ready for racing: An Edmonton pair modifi ed a Harley-Davidson engine to produce more than 400 horsepower and used the bik e as a drag racer. (2007.asp?pagetitle=Harley-Davidson:%20Born%20to%20be%20. It's not easy being lean in Wisconsin. Harley-Davidson Company Profile.ebscohost. Motorola. from http://www. from DataMonitor Web site: http://web.edu/us/lnacademic/results/docview/do cview. Retrieved April 12. The Daily Re porter. Harley-Davidson Inc. Aug 01). November 2007). from http://proqu est. from http:// proquest. 2008. Adverti sing Age. fr om http://www. Retrieved April 02 . (2008.umi.com/downloads/CG_Policy. December 11).com.%20predictable&article id=7049 Board of Directors. 2008. Retrieved April 04. 2008.. 27.Anonymous.pdf?locale=en_US&bmLocale= en_US Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.. 2008. Retrieved March 30. Others to Show Brands How to Sell Thei r Marketing to Women Initiatives Up The Corporate Ladder During M2W(R).um i. Harley-Davidson Revs Higher. Harle y-Davidson web site. 61c. Vol.lib. from http://proquest. Andrew (2007.edu/bsi/pdf?vid=1&hid=21&sid=07577106-e15a-4e3a-88a3-ed5fed0de706% 40SRCSM1 Grundle. 11p.pdf Business Week Online.edu/b si/pdf?vid=3&hid=16&sid=096aefb0-8770-4902-9196-c20d3bf24242%40sessionmgr9 Edgar Online. from http://web. E1 . Wisconsin. from http://www. Retr ieved April 02.com/ login. April 04). July 09). April). (2008. (2007.The Mark eting to Women Conference. Reliable Plant Magazine. June 27). Vol. pg. Retrieved April 12.do?risb=21_T3489061831&format=GNBFI&sort=RELEVANCE&startDocNo=1&resultsUrl Key=29_T3489061834&cisb=22_T3489061833&treeMax=true&treeWidth=0&csi=8355&docNo=2 Goldsmith. Managing Intellectual Property. predictable. Marketing OJO. 2008.com/pqdweb?did=1456857021&sid=3&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName=PQD AP. Jean (2007. PR Newswire. Retr ieved April 04. Business We ek Online.ebscohost. Joe (2007. 2008. from http://search. May 11). Business news in brief. 2008. Issue 168.lib. (2007. 2008. A guide to global brand str ategies.umi. Retrieved March 30. p94-104.html Arnold. 2008. Marketing maverick trades GM for Harley. Retrieved April 06. Harley-Davidson Inc. Retrieved April 10. Harley-Davidson Employees in Wisconsin Approve New Labor Agreements.com/art icle. 2008.com/pqdweb?did=1303014251&sid=3&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName= .com/login. 9 0 Issue 5. p68-69.p roxy. (2007. Philadelphia Daily News. Iss.ebscohost. PR Newswire. p3-3.lexisnexis. Corporate Governan ce Policy.com. 2p. (2008.right now.reliableplant. Retrieved April 03.csus. Harley-Davidson: Born to be .lib. from http://www. April 20).proxy.umi. 7bw.com/pqdweb?did=1313565311&sid=5&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName=PQD Halliday.harley-davidson. Retrieved April 10.ebscohost. November).c om/en_US/Media/downloads/Annual_Reports/2007/10k_2007.aspx?direct=true&db =buh&AN=25008618&site=bsi-live Gray. 2008. 10K Annual Report. 78. 2008. from http://search. February 22). from Harley-Davidson Web site: http://inves tor. Here are three reasons your company and your clients should be wowing the female customer ..csus. 1.aspx?direct=true&db=buh&AN=24823387&site=bsi-live DataMonitor. Darcy (2006. 1p. Milwaukee..proxy.philly. The Gazette (Montreal). July).com/philly/business/11849057. February 04). 2008. Retrieved April 04. Paul (2007. 1.csus. Pg.

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Product Overview. PR Newswire. PR Newswire. March). (2007. from http://search.aspx?Feed=PR&Date=20080125&ID=8092252&Symbol=HOG Anonymous.us. August 01). February 14). Bikers Can Rest Their Harley-Davidson(R) Motorcycle s at More Than 1. from http://pr oquest. (2007. from Business Week Web site: http://www. Retrieved April 10. p6-6. April 07). Retrieved April 03. Retrieved April 09. PR Newswire.htm SunTotal Systems Inc. 2008. (1993) Mandatory Helmet Law.lexisnexis . Retrieved April 11.COM Web site: http://www. Computer We ekly. Retrieved April 03. 2008. Retrieved April 04. 2008. February 18). (2008). from http://www. 2008.ebscohost. February 17). 2008.pdf Young.S. April 08). D03. from http://proquest. (2008.com. Retrieved M arch 20.asp x?direct=true&db=buh&AN=24306748&site=bsi-live Ziemer.proxy. from http://news.com/bw50/2007/60.reuters. 2 008. Retrieved April 08.. 1/8p.com/ticker/article.bikersrigh ts. 2p. from SunTotal Web site: http://www. Harley-Davidson Motor Company.Reuters. from Harley-Davidson USA Web site: http://www. 2008.hr.com/states/california/california.aspx?direct=true&db=buh&AN=21026098&site=bsi-live Slepicka. 2008. Retrieved April 09. 2008. Jan 25). UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Harley-Davidson roars in with SAP. p6 8-68. 37 Issue 8. State of California.pdf?locale=en_US&bmLoca le=en_US Bibliography Anonymous. Stephie (2007.csus. 3/4p. 42 Issue 7. Retrieved March 20. from California Motorcycle Safety Program Web site: http://www.msn.N Simons. Unitied Parcel Service of America.lib. p46-4 8. from Reuters Web site: http://stocks. Business news in brief. Harley-Davidson Annual Report 2007. from http://search.com/stocks/overview.ebscohost. Mike (2006.html The Philadelphia Inquirer.html Anonymous.moneyc entral. Retrieved April 09. (2005).. Harley-Davidson Inc HOG (NYSE).asp?sym bol=HOG. (2008.umi.com/login. 2008. (2008. Vol. (2008. Others to Show Brands How to Sell Thei r Marketing to Women Initiatives Up The Corporate Ladder During M2W(R).com Anonymous. 1c. February 28). Pg. Dealernews. The Phil adelphia Inquirer.com/pqdweb ?did=1457842211&sid=2&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName=PQD Anonymous. Jim (2008. wash stations and wipe-down to wels.com/products/index.umi. Vol.ups.aspx?dir ect=true&db=buh&AN=21058333&site=bsi-live Standard & Poor's Compustat. GAAP. 2008. Motorola. 2008. Retrieved April 08.000 Best Western Hotels in the U. February 04). and Canada :Best Western's 'rider-friendly' hotels offer designated parking.businessw eek. Black Enterprise.The Mark eting to Women Conference. Jun).com/pqdweb?did=1423337251&sid=3&Fmt=3&clientId=17934&RQT=309&VName=PQ . Harley-Davidson Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results for 2007.com /en_US/Media/downloads/Annual_Reports/2007/HD_Annual2007.com/login. from HR. fro m http://www. Mary (2006. SumTotal Systems Reports Record Second-Quarter Rev enue. 2008. from http://search.do?risb=21_T346886 1628&format=GNBFI&sort=RELEVANCE&startDocNo=1&resultsUrlKey=29_T3468861631&cisb= 22_T3468861630&treeMax=true&treeWidth=0&csi=247189&docNo=1 UPS Supply Chain Solutions.com/solutions/case_studies/cs_harley. Retrieved April 01.edu/us/lnacademic/results/docview/docview.ebscohost. Happy Fun Dealer. 2008.com /login. (2006.sumtotalsystems. THE BUSINESSWEEK 50 RANKINGS + 25. Retrieved April 03.harley-davidson. ON THE MOVE.e-logistics.

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com.proxy. THE BUSINESSWEEK 50 RANKINGS + 25. February 14). 2008. from Harley-Davidson USA Web site: http://www. (2008).com/bw50/2007/60.asp x?direct=true&db=buh&AN=24306748&site=bsi-live Ziemer. Business news in brief. from SunTotal Web site: http://www. 2008. 3/4p. Retrieved April 03. from http://search. 2008.businessw eek.com/login.com/login. Retrieved March 20.ebscohost. Retrieved April 03. Mike (2006. p6 8-68.aspx?dir ect=true&db=buh&AN=21058333&site=bsi-live Standard & Poor's Compustat.e-logistics.sumtotalsystems.lib. from http://www.Simons.csus. Retrieved April 09. Jun). Vol. 2008.pdf Young. 42 Issue 7. Black Enterprise. Jim (2008. Happy Fun Dealer.ebscohost. Computer We ekly. Harley-Davidson Annual Report 2007. February 17). from Business Week Web site: http://www. D03. February 18). 1/8p. ON THE MOVE. 37 Issue 8.com /en_US/Media/downloads/Annual_Reports/2007/HD_Annual2007. 2008.edu/us/lnacademic/results/docview/docview..htm SunTotal Systems Inc. Unitied Parcel Service of America. 2008. The Phil adelphia Inquirer. Retrieved April 01.com /login. p6-6. p46-4 8. Mary (2006. March). Harley-Davidson Motor Company.com/solutions/case_studies/cs_harley. Vol.html The Philadelphia Inquirer. from http://search. Harley-Davidson roars in with SAP. February 28). Dealernews.ups. Retrieved M arch 20. (2007. Retrieved April 09. from http://search.aspx?direct=true&db=buh&AN=21026098&site=bsi-live Slepicka. 2p. Product Overview.harley-davidson. (2007.com/products/index.ebscohost. (2005). UPS Supply Chain Solutions.do?risb=21_T346886 1628&format=GNBFI&sort=RELEVANCE&startDocNo=1&resultsUrlKey=29_T3468861631&cisb= 22_T3468861630&treeMax=true&treeWidth=0&csi=247189&docNo=1 UPS Supply Chain Solutions.. 2008. Retrieved April 03. fro m http://www. Stephie (2007. Pg.lexisnexis . 1c.pdf?locale=en_US&bmLoca le=en_US . 2008.