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“An all-inclusive book to teach you everything about Maya 2010”

Maya 2010 in Simple Steps facilitates
you to learn the Academy Award winning
Autodesk Maya 2010, which is the most
preferred choice among 3D animators,
game developers, and 3D design
professionals. Being precise and
complete, this new edition is
the ideal initiation to the world of 3D and
Maya. This book
follows an easy-to-understand and step-
by-step approach to the basic concepts.
This book explains not only how tasks are
accomplished but why and how they fit
into the larger process of creating 3D
animations. Finally, content in this book is
presented in such a way that it will be
equally helpful to the beginners as well as
to the advance users.

ISBN: 978-93-5004-059-1

Pages: 348 | Price: Rs. 199/-

Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

Develop 3D content using the standard CGI workflow | Learn to navigate the Maya 2010 interface |
Explore the basics of polygons, NURBS, and subdivision surfaces | Create and modify polygonal
and NURBS objects using various features of Maya 2010 | Use the shading and texturing features of
Maya to enhance the realism of the models | Explore various animation techniques in Maya 2010 |
Animate an object using the keyframe animation technique | Create lighting effects, such as motion
blur, glow, and depth of field | Create lighting with mental ray caustic, GI, and final gather | Render
your scenes in Maya 2010

Getting Started with Maya 2010 | Working with Object in Maya 2010 | Polygonal Modeling in Maya
2010 | NURBS Modeling in Maya 2010 | Animating Object in Maya 2010 | Shading, Texturing, and
Lighting in Maya 2010 | Rendering in Maya 2010

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