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Open Class

no. Exhibit Title Exhibitor country medal total remarks

SP 19 best in
4224 Mourning Memorabilia STILL, Ann New Zealand G 93 open class

4206 Refugee camps in Denmark 1945-49 KING, Birthe Great Britain V 88

MATIAS, Manuel
4249 Faina Maior – Cod Fishing João
Portugal V 87
4234 Philately – What is that?
Sweden V 85
4229 The Wild Boar Manuel
Portugal S 75
4211 Elizabeth Regina II CASEY, Patrick Ireland S 71
4244 Architecture of the Islamic world OMER, Malik U.A.E. B 66
Saint Cyril and Methodius the Slav
4216 teachers, patrons of Europe POPOVSKI, Klime Macedonia B 64
JENSEN, Henning
4201 The Rose
Denmark B 60
4239 Schools in the Ottoman Empire Orlando
Turkey D 10