Diary of the woman who never was 9

Volcano Island. Named by the Romans because of the volcano on it. Though inactive it still steams sulphur fog. I went and stood in it asking the roman gods to cleanse me. Make me feel better. I did for a moment and carried the stink for days. But went up with happy go lucky Americans. What joy chatting with them with their deep southern accents. So polite. Maybe because I appear so old to them that it s in deference to old age. Who cares. They were fun. Sloshed in the hot mud spa. Can t call it a spa. A pit with hot mud in that people put all over their face and bodies. There was this asian lady completely covered who looked like some siren come crocodile. Went in the sea which bubbled with boiling water. Volcanoes. One of the first things on the earth to create land? Maybe I am volcano. Spurting out burning molten rock to create another land.

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