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2010 2011 iLearning Setup FAQ

2010 2011 iLearning Setup FAQ

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Set Up and Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides instructions to set up student accounts in Oracle iLearning. Also included are general systems guidelines and frequently asked questions (at the end of the document). The document is categorized as follows: 1. Technical Setup and Troubleshooting 2. Creating Student Accounts in Oracle iLearning 3. Assigning Curriculum to Students 4. Changing Student Passwords 5. Running Reports 6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Technical Setup and Troubleshooting
Use Oracle iLearning on a T1 line. Slower access upstream or downstream may cause performance issues with the curriculum and quizzes/exams. What is needed to access Oracle iLearning: a. b. c. d. Internet Explorer 6 or higher (IE6) with Java enabled – Javascript must be enabled (the default setting for IE) Latest version of Adobe Flash Player Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader Browser settings i. Caching Option turned off (for Microsoft users only) ii. Cookies must be enabled iii. Pop-ups must be allowed - not blocked

a. Internet Explorer 6 or higher (IE6) with Java enabled Your browser must be Java enabled – Javascript must be enabled. Go to http://www-306.ibm.com/software/awdtools/netrexx/samples/scribble.html If you can scribble with your mouse after clicking on the grey area that is provided on the site, then your browser can support Java. If you don’t see the grey area, then you will need to download version 5 of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun at http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp. You can also verify if Java is installed on your machine from this link. b. Latest version of Adobe Flash Player The course content requires the free Adobe Flash Player. To download the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player, go to http://www.adobe.com/ Important directions for installing Flash Player can be found at http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_19166 c. Latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader The course content requires the free Adobe Reader. To download the most recent version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to http://www.adobe.com/


Click on the Users tab. You will not see anything listed.d. You may also go to http://www. After clicking on the Users tab. Browser settings Caching Option – If your school network is running on Microsoft. Go to sub-heading “Content Related Issues" click on “System Requirements. Creating Student Accounts in Oracle iLearning As an Academy Instructor. Additionally. turn off pop-up blocking. Click on the school organization name to display the property links for the object. At the top right. your school organization name will appear on the left of the screen. Having this caching option on can cause problems with student logins.com/education/oukc/support/newcustomer_faqs. The content tab is the initial page that displays. 2 . Users." 2. Log into Oracle iLearning through your Oracle Academy webpage instructor account. you will see four tabs: Content (default). delete cookies. Click on the school organization name to display the property links for the object.oracle. eCommerce. Once in Oracle iLearning. click on Admin button (top right) to access your Admin privileges. 3. and clear the browser’s cache. 2. you will create your own student accounts in Oracle iLearning. 4. 5. and Reports.html#content for reference. (a) To Create New Student Accounts 1. then ask your network admin to turn off the caching option.

1. you will be able to add new users. 1. (b) Delete Old Student Accounts First Renewal instructors should delete ALL old student accounts for your school organization before you add any new accounts. 2. Click on the Users link. For new Oracle Academy instructors. 3. However. 3 . (c) Adding New Student Accounts 1.6. To delete accounts. Accounts cannot be reset. Then click on the Delete button at the top right of the list. realize that the accounts are being deleted in the background. there will NOT be any student accounts in the users profile. They must be deleted to erase their history in the system. If this is correct. 2. 7. Select the check box in front of the student account in the list. Once you click on the Users link. Click on Users. Refresh your browser in between each set of deletions. We recommend that you select 2-3 student accounts at a time as this process can take a few minutes. click OK to confirm the delete. Progress is not indicated in Oracle iLearning for this action. this is different from Users tab you previously clicked. Click on the "Add User" button to start creating your student accounts.

3. Do not use real student names for the user names in the Oracle Academy student accounts. Examples are: i. Netherlands: uk_nescot_sql01_s01. Non-US Schools i. 26. Username. Use the following username formats instead of real student names: i. U. usva_jhs_plsql01_s01 (This is Student 1 of a PL/SQL course. UK: iii. First Name “User” (first name "User" will be the same for all users) ii.) b. schools: The format for student accounts is: Country Acronym + State Acronym underscore School Acronym underscore sql01 (SQL Zero 1 or 2 depending on the number of sections you are teaching) underscore s01 (S Zero One – this will indicate the student number for accounts). …25.4. United States.S. The format for non-U. Last Name 1 (or a number indicating the student number in the accounts.Click on the “Add User” button to create student accounts. Examples are: ii. Mandatory fields that are required to be filled in are: First Name. b. 2. DO NOT use actual names for student accounts. Romania: iv. Per Oracle Academy Terms and Conditions.) iii.) ii. Last Name. uk_btc_sql01_s01 ro_cntv_sql01_s01 cn_ndvtc_sql01_s01 nl_rtp_sql01_s01 4 . a. 4.S. student accounts is: Country Abbreviation underscore School Abbreviation underscore sql01 (SQL Zero 1 or 2 depending on the number of sections you are teaching) underscore s01 (S Zero One – this will indicate the student number for the account). Username a.) 3. Password. usva_jhs_sql01_s03 (This is student 3. etc. China: v. You will see a blue asterisk * to the left of each required field. usva_jhs_sql01_s01 (This is student 1 for SQL for Jerome High School in Virginia. Confirm Password and Email Address. 2.

a window will open prompting you to enter your name. you must search for it. a. and 1 letter. Click the Go button. in_dps_sql01_s01 eg_zps_sql01_s02 hk_ccsc_sql01_s01 Password . f. 7. India: vii. It is not a required field. you will see another window open. g. 5 . Enter your username. The password you assign and type in must have a minimum of 8 characters. You CANNOT type in the manager name. you will need to do this. e.vi. If you don't see a new window open. Hong Kong: 5. Not used. DO NOT use any real student e-mail addresses in the field.You must type in a password for all accounts and confirm it by typing it again. but if you want to obtain access to how your students performed for quizzes/tests. c. Once you click on the flashlight icon. Click the Ok button at the right to complete the assignment of your name as the account manager. b. After clicking on the flashlight. Type in a dummy email address (ex: user1@oa. Email a. but required. Select your name by clicking the radio button at the left. Click on the Flashlight icon to search for the manager. Click on the flashlight (torch) to assign yourself as the manager. You can fill in the same email address for all students. Manager a. Students will be asked to reset the password upon first login. h. d. b. You MUST assign yourself as the manger of each student account. 6. make sure all pop-up blocking software on your PC is disabled. with a minimum of 1 number.edu). Egypt: viii.

13.student (all lowercase) School Name .Configurable Attributes will determine what course curriculum students will be able to access.S. Country Enter your 2-letter country abbreviation. US = United States. SQS10 (SQS 10 for Database Design and Programming with SQL) b. 1. 9.S. 4. Internal User . State a. Academy_Manager . Allow Update .Default is checked. RO = Romania. 11.Leave blank for students Cadre .) 15.. 16. Account Expires a. 3. or you can select no expiration.Leave blank. unless Chinese schools (which should select simplified Chinese) 17. schools -. For U. For example. 14. 5.Default is checked. 3. Address .Leave blank for students Job_Role . Assigning Curriculum to Students Configurable Attributes .8. CNS10 (CNS 10 for Chinese Language Database Design and Programming with SQL) 6 .enter the two-letter abbreviation for your state (MANDATORY for US) For schools outside the U.Type in one of the following curriculum codes: a. etc. b. allowing your students to change their password in the user profile. PLS10 (PLS 10 for Database Programming with PL/SQL) or c.Leave blank City . Preferred Language . Organization . You can select a date if you want by clicking on the calendar button as to when the accounts will expire and students will no longer have access to Oracle iLearning.Leave blank 10. (All accounts will be deleted at the end of August.Your school organization name should automatically appear.Leave blank.Full Name of your school Year . 2. leave blank. Zip Code . IN = India. 12.

i. click on “Save and Add Another” button at the bottom. school abbreviation "sshs" becomes "sshsmj" (for teacher initials Mary Jones). if Oracle iLearning tells you that the student account name is already in use. students change their passwords and forget them. For student accounts. these must be blank. username and e-mail. Year: SQS10 ( DD/SQL course) Year: PLS10 ( PL/SQL course) 6. Then Click on the Users link. c. Note that the letters of the curriculum code are UPPERCASE. au_sshs_sql01_s01 becomes au_sshsmj_sql01_s01 b. If you use a lowercase letter. Changing Student Passwords How to access and edit student passwords in Oracle iLearning Over time. when you have finished typing in all the information for the first account. Click on your school organization at the left. This way. otherwise students will NOT have access to any course. Year B. If you are creating several student accounts. Year C. please add your initials to the school abbreviation for all of your student accounts. you will not have to retype all the information again for the second user. One of the above codes MUST be in the Year field. Save or "Save and Add Another" a.Leave these fields blank. You will only have to modify the last name. You must type in the correct code in order for the student to access the correct Oracle Academy curriculum. 7 . When you click Save at the bottom of the page. Follow the Administrative steps described in the previous section to display a list of all your students. 4. 7. 1. Under the Users Tab: 2. For student accounts. This will speed up account creation. the curriculum will not appear for your students. ii. 3. and Year D . For example.

and contain at least one number and one letter. Admin Reports Manager Reports 1. 1. Click on the Reports tab to view reports.When you click on the Edit icon (pencil). Admin Reports a. Users. eCommerce. and Reports will be at the top. the applicable student profile will open. b. Click on the Reports tab. Running Reports In Oracle iLearning there are two types of reports instructors can access to see student quiz and exam scores. 2. Click on the Edit icon to change the password for a student. 5. Change the password by typing in the new password and confirming the password by typing it again. Then click the Update button to confirm the changes. 8 . Remember that passwords must be at least 8 characters in length. c. The four tabs: Content. Return to the Admin page by clicking on the Admin link or icon located at the bottom or top of any non-admin page.

You will NOT see this tab if you do not declare yourself the Manager of your student accounts. Please note that a report can take several minutes to run as it is reporting on multiple students. When a report is saved from Oracle iLearning it is saved with a txt filename extension. d.) To access the Manager Reports: c.d. After clicking on the Manager tab. Click on the Manager tab when you log into Oracle iLearning. If you just created your first user. Do not include underscores when typing the school organization name. You will only see these reports if you classified yourself as the manager of your student accounts. Section 2.” (See instructions described earlier in this document. click on the Reports sub-menu option to view the reports. you may not see the Manager tab until you log out of Oracle iLearning and log in again. i. You can see your school organization name in your student accounts or at the left side of the screen under the Admin. Scroll down and Click on the Run icon (glasses) to execute and view the report of your choice. you will be prompted for your school organization name. Users tab if you are unsure of the exact spelling of the name. Click on the Run icon to execute reports e. 9 . In most reports. You can save any report data by selecting the save button instead of the run button.lastname) is in the “Manager Field.For Save” and open the saved filed using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. 2. multiple quizzes. Pay close attention to the year of the report (2010-2011 as opposed to 2009-2010). Click on this tab to access the manager reports. Manager Reports (Available only in English) a. The school organization name MUST be entered exactly the same as it appears in Oracle iLearning. b. Each report requires specific parameters to be entered before execution. All Oracle iLearning parameters are case sensitive. Select the template “Comma Separated List . If you are off by one character. h. #7. g. The ADMIN reports show quizzes and exams for your entire class. f. make sure your username (firstname. and multiple exams. In the student user profile. the report will not display any data.

f. e. g. Click on the Run icon (glasses) to execute reports on individual users. These reports will provide you with information on all of the assessments and curriculum your students have completed as well as their performance on each assessment. 10 . Click on the Run icon to execute reports.Click on the Reports sub-tab to view the reports. Click on the execute icon in the “Execute For” column for the applicable user to view his/her data.

click on the Oracle iLearning Sign In. you can always access the Oracle iLearning site without accessing the Oracle Academy website pages intended specifically for teachers. To log in to your Oracle iLearning Account to access your curriculum materials: 6. Once logged in. * Please note that your user name is the same for the Oracle Academy and Oracle iLearning. Direct Login for Oracle iLearning If you have any problems. b. 6. At the upper right. Go to: http://academy. 11 . Go to "Are you an existing Academy member? Click here" and type your user name (login name) and password. but your passwords may be different.Click on the icon under the Execute For icon with the corresponding user to view his/her data. Instructors: To log in to your Oracle Academy account: 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. If you have forgotten your Oracle iLearning password. type in your user name (login name) and type a few letters in the password field. Follow the directions and a password will be mailed to the e-mail address contained in your Oracle iLearning Profile. 7. 5. From the links on the left. 3. 4.com 2. you will be on the Oracle Academy website pages intended specifically for teachers. click on the "Member login" link. Once logged in.oracle. If you have forgotten your password. 8. Enter your user name and current Oracle iLearning password. Click the "Login" button. From the links on the top right. How do I access Oracle iLearning? a. use the area called "Forgotten Sign In and/or Password" on the same page and you will receive your password via the e-mail address registered with the Oracle Academy. you will be on the Curriculum Pages for Oracle iLearning and can access your curriculum materials. click on the "Introduction to Computer Science" link.

You need to install the latest version Flash Player on your computer. I cannot view the Flash content. Can I access Oracle iLearning through a Macintosh computer? No. When a teacher or student completes an Oracle iLearning course offering. Students: Go to the Oracle Academy website (http://academy. the code is: PLS10 (PLS Zero 10). the history is also deleted and cannot be recovered. even though you logged in through a link labeled "Student Sign In. Flash players can be downloaded free from the following site: http://www. You may still access the course offering available from the Self-Paced tab. The quizzes do not appear when my students try to take them. “PLS” must be uppercase. You will have access to the teacher version of your course. Instructors can only assign one code per student and it must be placed in the Year Configurable Attribute field of the student account. 1. Oracle Application Express? 12 ." c. click on the "Student Sign In" link. See the Browser Test and the Java Virtual Machine section described at the beginning of this document. At the right. Click login. the code is: SQS10 (SQS Zero 10). Click login. 8. Click on the Self-Paced tab to access the course offering from the listing of offerings. Oracle iLearning considers a course offering “complete” when you have clicked through all of the content one time. 5.com). 2. The “SQS” must be uppercase. 4.adobe. click on the “Introduction to Computer Science & Business” link. At the left. 4. Instructors need to input the correct curriculum code in the Year field of each student account. If you delete the account. click on the “Introduction to Computer Science & Business” link.com 3.com).oracle. 2. 3. 6.Go to the Oracle Academy website (http://academy. 7. 3. Make sure your browser is Java enabled. Some of the curriculum features will not function properly. For Database Programming with PL/SQL. My students do not see the curriculum when they log into Oracle iLearning. Type your user name and password. the entire history of that student (such as quiz or exam scores) will also be deleted. 4. 2. Oracle iLearning is not certified on the Mac environment. The only way to reset an account is to delete the account and re-create it. Type your user name and password. On the right. How do I reset the account history of a student account in Oracle iLearning? You cannot reset a student account. How do I log into the practice database environment. The curriculum was there but now it has disappeared. Oracle iLearning moves the course offering under the SelfPaced. 5. 1. At the left. For Database Design and Programming with SQL students. Also be sure that pop-up blocking software is disabled. Once the account is deleted. click on the "Student Sign In" link.oracle. The quizzes and exams require pop-ups to display properly.

DO NOT CHANGE YOUR USER NAME.com 13 . click on "Change Password. 5.com Note the letter “i” in front of academy in the URL above. Go to the Oracle Academy website (http://academy. click on the "Student Sign In" link. Click at the left on the "My Profile" link and log in. 4. 3. and 1 number. click on the "Introduction to Computer Science" link. At the left.com).oracle. http://iacademy. Log in to Oracle iLearning. 10. 2.oracle." Change your Oracle Application Express password to a password with at least 8 characters including 1 letter. Change the information in your Oracle iLearning profile. send an email to academy_us@oracle. Change the information in your Oracle Academy profile. please check with your Adjunct Instructor. 6. 5. How do I change my password or e-mail address in the Oracle Academy systems? Please be sure to keep your e-mail address up-to-date for the Oracle Academy website and Oracle iLearning. To change your Oracle iLearning password or to update your profile: 1. At the right. Under "Administration" at the right. 3. Other Questions If you have any questions or comments. * TEACHERS – VERY IMPORTANT . If he/she is unable to assist. Go to the Oracle Academy Application Express website (http://iacademy.oracle. 2. To change your Oracle Application Express password: 1.com). Click on the "Home" tab. 4. Click at the left on the "Introduction to Computer Science" link. Log in to Oracle Application Express.oracle. 4. 3.com. 2. Go to http://academy. Click on the "Profile" tab.Your user accounts and directions for accessing Oracle Application Express are sent via e-mail at the start of the school year. To change your Oracle Academy website password or to update your profile for the Oracle Academy website teacher pages: 1. 9.

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