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Study Smarter Not Harder

Study Smarter Not Harder


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Published by: nqnghi on Oct 12, 2010
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Work on one task at a time. Give your brain a chance to focus its full atten-
tion on what you’re trying to do. If you are settling down for some heavy
reading, allow time to ease into the reading task (you’ll read more on how to
do this in chapter 4). It may take 10 to 20 minutes before you reach full
concentration. If you have a special place for mind work, your mind will
settle down sooner for the task ahead.

Why Do I Have to Do Homework?

Maybe the last thing you feel like doing after spending a full day in class is to
come home and do homework. That’s perfectly understandable. But there are
many good reasons to do your homework—and to do it correctly and neatly:

1.Homework is a way to expand on what you’ve learned in class and
help reinforce the concepts.

The Secrets of Getting Better Grades________________________________________________


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Why Do I Have to Do
Homework? (continued)

2.Doing homework teaches you self-discipline, responsibility, and
independence that will help you throughout your life.

3.The reading and research skills you learn by doing homework will
also pay off later.

4.You can look over your corrected homework and use it to figure out
where you need to improve before the test.

5.And if you don’t care about all the other items on this list, consider
this: Most teachers count homework as part of your grade in some
way. Skip your homework and your grades will suffer!

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