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'n~SPJJ';: '{}Y:krro:r:.l.~lf'! first .pll[~i~h_~ ato;;

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HJfk'i.1'!,11'{'l" '!;w""/~ ri!'-!j;.~':ii.h~·© Ei l·~c.m.~- G'!i r ~'"itl 1002 U~ ~1Mel.I'·~ #r'lte.G:loftd..r.fJr.~l pllb~r..~~d a .. ,

1.0 ~'delia: &1 rlloMf~l © tditih~ Cal~U:~ .' (}O.:! ttj I. ~!ghiI:E .f'''~t:t'\-M,


UK: 6 Me-a ··d .. Stl·f!~:r:j Loli3~ V . IF .. O'EC;

uLrs,:\! ItO '*arjak:~'1~e.~~, ··N'!!: .... · 't'"Q.pk".Nt ~OOH~06

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n w'l,'i,';.\;e:rsd:..;)Ok~~::;Qm

8dtf lrI.im:-al·Y Ca.)tlo_g ri~.g:in ¥1.tb]~Catim"!> D.1i"t."

t' est J(.;tgu~ re-ocvrri fui·ilii., Ix.lo~.is ~K;'Uab!le tto.1ii t~ Brjth);h r .. '~r.~.,

~'~ !.i(lrary. 'Of CQngu:s.s: Ca:f'a]Q.ghi:g_~~~1J -PuhJj-c~tlo~ .rj"'ta .ill. ~l~lQ.g ~~r.:d fr;;(lT' dJts· h~ok: ~:::"i~'aila~~oi:'" f~~m rth~ Ub~tJ -of.,Co~ rew.

·~'Vno.:::~ei~ ~in ~:eo:':''';'itu<li' b .. • M ,l'ii.~5.

~'r ".r ..... ~

.Pj-ej!iwj il'od. b-olilt.,d in. tL~ UK b"

n~ .Bath ·.P':I·{.:.s~., A'\QJ;I.


. ~: - ~ 1 ·0: F "I if: R ~ o'_' R Hi 'M

TH~ SP'dti II ~ ii'II


FQIF,t TH [; TW'I N lOW E RS '35

.. MY POT'H ES.tS .O·.N rE,ilitR(.HU SM 49

:i'H£ V I QJL EJ,fC E 0 if 'U. ~,1lE; G.LO B A. [- 85

.D:Ii'G,a-M ... .: ... p-;,"'~""',l'-'''· to '1i/o'rk1 events}"w~~ had ~l~~r~: qui~

:~~~mwl~;?jA" , the /death of Dialila to the: v;.rcrdd "Cur, ..I~?'~ien~. :teal e\r'ents }.: fl)om wars dgh\", tlu:'0,ugh 8.', Yitt.. vvht.n it cornes to s~y:nabpli.c

.~~~~~61(, ,~,~ .w~.rld scat~ '_ ~hat t~ 1':"0.' 8~y not just ~fhl;:tl~' s~in worldwide Cciye~,g~l' but e:'\~eThi:s, ;!:mltl?Jill~t=L1'i1brnres~'1, ~ '-s~thaek' for ,gJobali.7.<it,ti.oTI 'h',lfTh:lfo~.g,h~oll t~e ,:s':a.g~latjo* 61"

·~{s' Q'v-er nC~JW~ Events. are' '~l:bt on B~I~:~B~bf.Je;_~~Vv:ith· ,~tJre attffck;:; ~:m the \iVor k1

An that has been s~f9 and Wrjtten. is 'E..."!,;r-, of a gig~ntIc .a1rfleactxol'l: to, th'e event itself, and f~:G:·hl,atjo.r~ j:t exerts, ~Ine m·n.nJ, {;qud.,er:l.irlatib]l~.·'i! ""'~iNfl th.e··h.oly aUj~n:cc» ~g~jns~ ten:ur.:i:iin are.on -tb~.s-al:'Jj;~ soale :48. th££ pnHlm.gto"U.s jubllation 'at s:eej~Hg ·1I:'k>it,;.,'tIS' .. g.lobad 8u.nerp-~·e-r aes·ttc)Yi~1 - better: at. s ...... -j "'~""'.".:;"'f-;'--

- r . oJ <, .,


JeAlII BAU~~IILr.A);::1)


rr~dt.:: .c;el?rer~ iti ·N·evir·¥OJ'k~.·\ve might evenbe -~a,d

.... -

F6r Itis .that 8up'~rpb\~,l' \lvhic~, ''''-''''«>'''''~·;unheal'B:·M.e P0'i,1\,'-et, has lomented- an this. vio"],,';, !c~demjc ·th.l-9u_ghont the :.'N9r ld . and ;:.JfI!.{$l~"J.t:.c' ;that· (·!in." .Y~· ttingi y) 't_'E'J-roristlci'J:l1agina,tiori


ilj all, ()f us,

t,o have b~for~ 'I,)~S the a.b}i;plut:e~ event, .. the ':'mot'he:r' of. oaJ ~ events, the pure event urdting ,"vithia i~serf :tl1U the events that l.tave· never .~a:k~)j] place_

The whole play of h istb·r-y an d. po1r\l':er j, -tIl S ~ runred, b;.".fl' m.ls,· event. but so :tOQ at'... the oon ~.' L

II, " ]<.,....,. . ~ v .•.• u.

1:i ens ef an a/y·sJs. "\lou .h~l'ti,e to take yo u r- ti rn it.o: '.

\Vhne"_~';ients 'wel"{:;: stagB..atlng) you Jl~d to .a·n'tld- .:


pate and tUOVe -mQre qui~,kly Llian they did. But:'

, ,

Vi,::hen th~y speed u.p. tills .much.~ yqy, ~laX!'·e to. ffiOye.:f.

more slow IX - cllOll.g~ ·wi.tl:U\).ut. /<;iUovi~'i·o.g yourselr:' to·: b.~. bur:t~-d hen . .e tilth a welter of wo '~d$ or ,the'

, ;. g ~':' .. _..

,d that we hav(~:o dreamt 0".' this event, ypn'~ without' ,·ex:-'(~p"~i.bn has d'r~e'mlt of

·:.11/!i1., ..... ';l.t;r,;f:\1:;\Q]~ se n 0, on eo can av(),iJ dreaJ:ni.~l.g of the

. 'a' t· ".I' -:Or

""'..,.-A"".:-:!"..,....·. of .afilY· :pd\:ver ~~:t 'has' become 1:u~geIIm.t~~-::~

1lt£j~~~~~it:~:J< th-i s" d~.gre ~ - is U]1a.c~·ep ra~1.le· ito 'tb,~:

'~~~~~~lt11q~F.al conseience. Yet it is a. f:j:(~t. and one ~';,,1i.~~@"~~tH).fJ.~~~4 be lnea.j!Ure.d. 'by the'·e:rn.oHl'e vio-

&:~ . .,r"

llMo;<I'"NIIB' >·"" ..... _..,."";..s..,~"I* that has been: said and TJiVdtteri. in tile

g.a;dl~'rji:lg douds· ,of war, ,and pr:e.~erv.hlg ~riJact~tlm;:;:, unfo;'g-ett~.i;e rJjc~li:id~$qc:nr;:e qf the hu~ges •.

• tliis is not ·,t,a.b;a, into. ~'C(:O(fr:) t , the

.:.,w.;,'i'AII<if' ~~~~W%~·<'" .. " y, ••

,r~1]&~~~t.~9 syrn.b6l]ie::·dim ension, It b ecornes a

-i:lU'rel¥ arbitrarv 8.d;~ .~h.¢ murder-

,[":,..-' ."-1 .l' . I .

~~~~~m;xa~;e"11.a'Q£ a .. f~w ianitias,:, and 3.11 mart would he,' to elimina te them. ~·~~.twr~M~~j.,'rJ)ff!,;.t -. i:~'J ·wen that this. ~ not how it Is ~

. .

\\~'il...' l 11

.. f,,j <:6' mophiro, M 1 tile CO untetpbobic rot ing in the pO;A er of PCI',,-eI" hdghtem the wi ,

3iho~l ~.,x4r.te'jz~ng>e'Y.u ~ it .t.~ Pf!:r;a;l:.ho;:e· it l' til " . it, And it 'w'Js. pa,r~y tQ b~ o":\~;n.d,estruc-,

everywhere, like all obscure object of d~~'5,ire.:11~m~~t .. :tbe tw~C) tuwex"S ·C'(,Ii~·p~eil~ Y-0.u ~:ad the

Without tfusr deep"s"'''t;:<l complk~ty, th that they welt"! responding to the sui"

'would not hli' .~. had the resonance It has, ·~u.i.cide-planeC'. "vith·th~Jh· Q'\ nuiddes.,

their. s ym.hQ He strate gy the ter rOiiis't.s· (1,()Ubd,r.>,,,." -. "i.,,,jS.4l"I'j:,~]~~.;.:I]i~~,e:n ,s.aiel th~t '. Even G nd (.'anI1ot.{te(Ja]~~ war

kn.O\;'ji th ~t t1~ eVJ' '~"1'"L . .L ~ 'il:IIi'c -11 H' The l/;Ii"i'e'",'l 'in ·the. I'1l0S1

. ,~J "-:'IJI..& co u.n t Qn 'this :ll.lnalfO\'l,rabFe ' , .,~.""e; '. .e. c.an.,. !I.·!,il . lj;',¥: ~l' ~ ,.... .,~ •. , -

c'{)f.n.pJjc.:~~y. Gbd. (di't"rtn:,c: omrd,potem:::~. _and ab's~lute

GBf!;KJV" -t<::gifrtmacy) ~ has become S'lfUC-d,(lJ, a:nd

. • '1£

&l;i!~lf.ik=f~:.~.' ".:',!; -war IDl1 itseu .


Tn~ So t"J.cyes far ."~)' -ond hat r _,lI j'" 'tL d' I

.s . '. !.-' .... y~ .i. tXI. I.VIr . tIe:· Ol11:U'1Ml.- 1

world pO'iiVe'l- among the d'i,:~j~tlhe:rite~l and- 'the~ .:e:jqj:~o,Et¢~dr,] aJ1J;Ol!:tg tb QS<~ ''I'-'I;rlio have ended up Of! the ",,,,,·rc).n~' side of the g]ohaLolder. Ev,CIl .thos1e 'who s hare jn the .ad,; <lintagc.s of .. tha t oT:dl~J" have this ~~ -malicious d(;'Sk~ in their hea1~ts, AHero:v to' any ~

e~ J

d:efiniu.'fe 'o"pder': -to 8iny (h.:~fil1litj;ve power;. is - hap-

.,. .

pl.i~t - 'lmj versal, and thf.'; f\.vcJ towers of ,the 'Var,id

Trade Center . ere- perfect ernbodim snts ,,--er:~' twinness, .. ~~,f.thatt:q_elin:i:~iv~ order:

'CtJU.fit,lcss diS<lS' ,gr rno\'i~s hear \-'i,z·}tnes5 to . '\'Vh~ch they de.al'~:')1 :attempt.tt)·fi;-XU':r~,h~ie

~~ru';':;~.:f~~!l~:"-'""'''· '.--

~~~rl:i1Cl\~lim.~a.2~~Sl dXCfi,1!,;:'niog. 9'1,.1t the ~ .. vhole tlrip.g W·dl S.Ht 'the unlversal att.racci.on tb:e:y

............... w:."is . on '3i. par :'wIdl p&Tnograph)l, Sh'P~i6 :ut is m,e-y Jt v·E.t:Y :~at' ,&.v.ray the impnlse: anv S ..... stern grov;,ri1=l1!'·a.U the' ;nYQog,r- as it

• 0} I;.. ~

No need, :then:,. for a death drrvc or a -destructive i:ns::t"nct'l ,o:r ~\·e.n. f'\iI' perverse t:u'lj]i!J'eJ1ile.&~

,r·,f ects. Ve""~., .. ~ ,- g~ 11' d . hI ..

.J!. 10.,~ ca r , 1i,( • - an ' l.neXA1-a· y - 'tilt: '. W"lll~.-?, J#QI.~!'-V!!'iV:

-' .. pr.obable that th~ terrorists had '11,0' £ol';eft E~oUapse of the T:\ri'h.· TO\\'lgl"s·' an,.' more rhe ~p~rt:sJ)- a: collapse whjch - mtl,cb



more- than til e attack GIl 'me Pentavon _ had the ~:pn.densation of ;aJil fU]'I,ction& in the t~chllocratic greri,t'E~rt symb olic impact. The sjmbolic collapse ID:aJ~lti:[ij;lery! an d. 'when no at t ern ad ve fa rm 0 f of aJ .... vhole sys.telfi carne about by an IIlnpr,ec:lktab1e; ~;iniking ]3 -a.U~'ed], what other way is there hut a.

'OO,h].p~.a,cit~ as thou.gh the towers, bv coUao:stin.g on

, 1;:;:,

their own; by cornrnitting suicide" had joined. in to

round off th e event, In a sense, the entire system, I 'by its internal fragility, lent the imtial aC'ti,Qm a he:~ping hand"

ne,\ ~le.s are fierce ones, because the stake'? are

The more concentrated the ~yste:m becomes globaJUYl' tDlt~'~:n.ate]y fanning one single l1.en'I'Ork~


the more it becomes vulnerable at a single point

(alt"{~'a{')' ~ singl,e Iittle Filipino hacker had n1.a1;D,a.ged, from the dark recesses of his portatiJ~ computer, to. launch the ~ I love you ~ virus wm,cli circled the g]obe deva.stati,ng entire nenNQFk~) ,~~Ie["e' it was ,eighte.c:'n ~uic~,de attackers who, ti'Jm~ to the absolute ,~eapoJil of death, enhanced ~} technolo gical effk"Ee]);cy~ unleashed a g! obal !altasrrophic ptooe ss

. .. i"ce. Te Z:IJ .system whose "Very 'excess of' power ro.~es ~ insolubh·:. ehaUenglt) the terrorists l'e.spon~· ~~th ~ defmi ti "lie act \¥njch is. also not sus, e ~ tibl~ of exchange. Terrorism is the act thwt,

rc£·stores all irreducible singularity to the heart of a s ... - ~1'B 0 . gen.'erali:l,ed e~ehaDge - All the singuhniles (sp~qj~s.. jjildi vid uals and cui tuu-cs) that have ~id '\1I .. ith tPeir- deaths for the i.!nst~llati.on of a


When globlll] povirer monopolizes the 8]tuatloJ]; to this extent \ hen. there is such a. fonnid:aaJJe

o ideology .0.0 cause - not e en,

.t:~,e. [.sl~~J)]..io,.:e.(j;US(':' - can .a!(Vdon;nf for- ·th·~, en. ... which hlel~ ·~~rtor. The. ,a! l"tj, ·is. no ~,("}n~~r -even b-:an1£orin the. lp"j.'or]·.tI~. br~t (8JS the heres i ~.~ d i,~ 'thei.r day) to- ri'J;diCilliz.~- the 'world by sacri .................. "=,<""

" .r.

ean "do nothing- Atl~1 terro ':'hrm i~. ~he ~""""'''L'r''-. ci t111& 'silent reve;Jt·si on.


t len - a clash of e.~.\1lizatiol18; of ~]~~i1Jg~~m s·~ .. and it reaches 'tar beyon d.. Is1 am aind . on ,,-~/lii.di effpr ts _.B>re beln.g. 'I:ri:'ilid'e . to

letton $lIi] j hke' viruses, i~ <f:vtn"'Y"Iji'j.;here, The: ·0(1(L1!'f.'iict in order to create . the delusi O,n

is .a g~ob$] perfu .. ion of terrorism, wll:kb .a~""f"I"~·""i'I.~"'1P::;~I#1:~E<:-~-",<I.'; ... 'J!>:::'=._<_~~,_=ljle <G'6nfr{jrit~ti:on -.and -a;'.·s(,Jlu.tion. based on

panies, an! ·,systenl of do-infi1.a.1!ion:.8i·S tho-ugJr . ere is .. lLudeed· a f'undaulental i!!.cnt<':g6tUsD.1

'were its sl~~'~!?l~ .rE.~dy·lo .ad:iva.i_.'a.'if:seff~n~yw-tre( :~ 'one which '_p'b,:hits ,past the sp(~:Ctre of'

lik~' ,a:' d oubl e agent:. We' can n Q ~'~Jngei- 4"ta:', \ I , ~trJ;¢~~ (I,¥h[cil.· is, per11.ap~J ih·e_ epiGentre ~ bir~ in.

d.e·m~F.catJo:fi1 ijh~_ < (llt0tlnd it, lt .is, at. the ~eri hea.r.· ih:f~ sole embodiment i 'of' g"Iobalizad:on)

of ihL Ct.1l]t~j-ire which eornbatx it, and th.e. '\i.~.s~~li h"fi":'-£lr..J?op!rn~" of-Islam (¥vh~d~ "i$··nqt the en: bQ8,i-

f~.~· cture (and to e hatred) th.~t l~j ts the eXtl19~; , ~llll~~em"O ~i f;1)1. . ithel"} ~ to tfi'umplJdllt. a Io-b a Iiza-

and the.- ~lnd:ler:.rJl_ \r.~lope~ g1o-h,u-lty a.g~jn8:t. "'~ .. aYt[.t~n§t jr.se!{ En. tills sense, 'iAN.':' can

. "....:- :(J

~Veste':r.11 world secretlj connects with. ~fh'e:::fi'~ CJJ:'(1, 'Yrit"1d war - not th~ Third

t?iire Internal to"th,e ."dodl!inani svstem .. That't.~ ib-flJ~qw.'lfJIl';a'l~;'::: 'but the .·F(_1urth and the only H~a.Uy·

.. "

terncan face do·,vn any 1,.,isible. -anla:aO:n -.: . what Is at ~.t;,lk(::: is glbllalizati.9l1

'- 0 ... · ... · .. ·'~~~ ... >~~LBl .

a g a 1. nst eh e' 0 th €i t' k·,htd" w h i ~ h h. v i :1~t~~~II~\;tfi~~[ t -twO' world wars COT],: . ~})on.ded to ..

··.s.t:rll~t~w~~ - as' thQugh e~ery Ina.'d:ai'n,lSI'Y Qf uu:~ .. n~~W!~"",I~,,~ I;ll~~il~:~ image .'?f-·'i,iV~T, The l'ly£t ended the

tL~i Hem. se Ote ted its .()' ni eo ~lnterap :' , o.p:.e-·:a·n'd the -eol onial era, The.

agen ~ ~;jf j,t-s own disappeetiintt ~ against ' _~~·~~i1~~~~; ':elila' to N azism, 'The third, whlch.

f .. lr·alm,o~t ~uto.nJatic reversion of its own :~l~~-t:"7 Ul. :~e f(n?Il},:.pf ~61~ war

~ ':!!'

'~ ~'

.and det~itetl.ce.~ .. put, an end to Cct.r:tn~r:nuli$m. With' .. jltde look bey!lYn(l'Go~d and E ~5 il. When, .for

·ea.ch. ;s'llI:'eco@-edi~g war, W\e .have :m,.ovet~ fin·t:h.~.~c wet bav:¢ an. ~"ei1.t that '4~fie~ not just u~oif~H-.

tow·;~.tJ8'· a :&ing.l e wOl'ld order ~ Today. that 'ct'cle any. :form: (:hE mterpretation, let U$ ~ry to

""rhkbi has' virtu . .an~~· l'('Qched Its ·(,.1!.lb:n.i:na:t1oli.,' .!LJl.L",,~:'~.~l~~~r~~Gtl it \"Iritn a:lJ :uA.d!~ ·'·:s~abdil'J.g.orE~a"

Itself g]:"a:p.pI~lIg ~,vl:th dH'~ :,a,:n'billgonistic fo:tces:'

SC~tt0reJ ffirou-ughout the ve"J!'T he:~J:'d~d8. of the g;!o bal ~ i a a U {he currenr convld;si ons. .A f '.'

'!,. "ill'" of .aU cells ~ all .sihgulErrJ ties, r~v'Q] tjDg iii the? form. qXf ant-bo~lies .. A oo:t:rfr,qri'tatibn . .so hllpossjb1~;


to pin.' down~ m,at the id'ea. of 'war .ba.~ to 'be 1'"~-8i:v~

from tim:€; to 'Hrue by ~reC~C)ll hlr s;et".piec.~s, S'u.ei;. as dl.e Gultwar- 'or the war In A.fgha:l1j~t(ffi.", .But the:

~ .; .. I I':"

FOl1l" th 'Vb-rid \Var is dsewhere'_ J t is '\vI:]~t

j¢,very i"l.~orld order, ail J},egemn.!1ie· dD~:atlol.'} ~ .

. [sJarn donliD.a'ted. the wodd r tel!" 1-0 r.i sm. "Iivo[rld, '. ~g~]ns:t' ~S.tJJ.lD.,fol' [~; i:r the wal'/~~ t:he' olooe ittrre!£'. 'iIYJ!:I~~imi~. tesl-StS glo'balix4ti;6'tr.


;&:i>'T:"c.,., '"I.''' is pt.edgf21c. \-wle-r:;-re. the (~ru!lt.ial pOlnt He:s - ~~~!li.r~·.t:6tii!il m.ii8u,'Il,d,ersta11·ding ·~~m the part of' ".~'~.:I:n iPhno.sop.h~r I OB the pa-rt of the .... ,hli~ ...... """'''',n·T ~ of he relation between Good and.

"'l};_e=','tfISj:' ~

-":"!,,,,~~;lt\ .... : ~ihelie'l'e 11?~':vt,;~y d~a~ the pf.ogrcss :Clf ·Good;

":i1S1rAt~~jtJ;~~~~:::e{'in, .t).1~ helds, (tll.e sciences, te·d~no,k~gy~ 1~1~~j~m~i@~}';, humanr dgbts).~ - Qq:-rJ~s"p011.~~ to ·at· defe.at I~I:~~!"E~i1tfu'lli='L.. one seems to have . und er stoo d that

.~{ill~i~¥i,(d lEvH advance :~ogether'~, as part of the'


~~~Mi~ln,eku. Th!t;· tdtmi:ph pf 'I±H::~ on~ d,o(~o$ not >:=;Qt'heil" - 'fur· tr.OD1· it. 111 In e-ta:pfry&kai t~~J.ffl'1rm' I tsTe'ca~rled as' an ~Ccide~tal mishap, but

':'i-!I! ..... b..-.;j

Ter.-tor:islt:! Is immof al, '] he V~101,-l d

Center' event, t~a.t sJ.r,l;nbo~C', .clll;aJI~g~:>: . .t5, UtrlJr,:na[tail~"U '"and it is, ~:r.e$po.t)..Se to- a' glohiliZatiol1 whicb is,,~m~rl i1iJ1no.raJ, $0'. l~t usbe' imn'),lor-ai; }EiIlld .!Ii we '~J''''ln~~~~m~~1~';! have; S'Or11.e U~a(7.· st~nding of aU this i le' .."._. ... .'~'-,:..;.:,.~r;;,Io,'Cl,%~

tij£j'7~~@~Q[}tJ'.0'm w-hich .all the Man .. ichaesn orms Good 1!Jg.rlnst Evil ,d,eT.·~', is iUu~ .not CroiH<I,uer Evil ~ 1[1:01" ,jndeed does .: they are at once both Irre~liI11~1@:'Mii~~:htl::l'er a!)[d iUextticcablj·~· jnt~r'rdate4_ lLf!M[ff.t~m-~I8IB1~.OI0!.. could thwart E vil only by ce-..aSi1ng

to' lj E'··(j. oo-a s~n ce, b~'" "'e'';z' n a f 'E' ~ t 'j e ] b

. 'l "? "- -~", ~ .or .Ii serr a. g :0,

~0~opQiy ;~~f '0wer jrr g.i;ll.es ris~} t~y ~1O.lt Ve1:-'y a,(_;t ti:ta·.'Mow'b'4.'Gk. rl a iYi~;potti~::maJt~ ~~ktlence,

.~71illiifi':'!i1{f>.2· of C\n.:n munism ~,n.d. the ~ global triumph of po~ve.r~,- 'it W:Zi:s-··~u that point tb,at .a gbostly 1fE'61~&i!ii'i:\it'.t-: 'c::meFg-ed,~ 'in.filtrating- itsell' Uu-.a:o.gh{)u t the .: ~bppi:ng"~.n ·e:.vfl..rywhift.e like. a~ :rir~~~.

_[I] die :t:r-adidonal ·unive,ll-se; thce:r·~ .. was sHU. a ftJ4~~n£!: p_ from-all the .hltel"~~ticcs of po\ver; Islam ...

bit."l en ce betweell Good. and E .a ~ Jn aL'c~)rdailC~ ~~U'ft;"~fl~ ~vas Fri~ r~l Y. the n~.qy_J"Fl g. (t'~n t ~ lon.:g

-¥idth ,~. ·d.i.~I¢,dic@JJ -rdatron· 'whi(;h -m uUl1;ru.n.ed ':diGl: oni iiun crystaHb;ed.. the anta go-

tensj 0'0 an cl f:'fj uil i.&ri:crD.~ of th e m;oraJ lUlhl.e:r.se:. llud in .c,ye:ry one of. us. .so ~ it


com e 'what m ~y- l1'bt unlike the wav the eo' (_ , . a,'g' , ~lnst. t~l-nH-, JSiut, :a.sym metric tt~n-.~~):t-

:.: • .'" r

fr'ontaticm of ':bAt': two pO-"""1e1rs."_h~ th(~ 'Co,ld :W~ . s asymmetry w'hich Ieaves glolba'l

!l(l~i:ntal,f~ ed the ~aian(:~' of tbr.TQr~ There. was, -tbeij";i;: 1 Ujrn1t~N~fiti$ln£ en 1rl.r~lv ·dis.8.l"m·edj" ,,~.t, 1) dds i/';l'itb.

• ~~ • J

no. 1tuprem{lty of me one 0'= d>e - oth"'t~ As- s~ only plunge further lri to its own Itl§ic

as theFe 'W~· a. tQlta] eXti'Qp,9Iatmn of 'G"(md {heg .~ : -qflo!r0ej hut. it cannot operate on -the

- .~

tuony of the pos~,Hye over al~y luntl of neg<t~t~w.i'. ' ' , ' tlie·t.s)rmbQl,j.(J_ ~;han.~nge;. 'and dead~, ,_, ~

~~(:,~ usion 0 f death an d, o f .. any' p9te'hti:al .ad~~ <:: l;i;i~~i1t~~Jm~n~(fJ~ itt no lo:ng~]'" has any idea, since it

krrC€' - trilLJmph. of. the valu es -, of Go·©·d aU :·~l' :., ~~i , lt~ 6~n GULtl:lr)e~

thir!! lip!f.)l that b~ahce "'!A)'"a.S ILIpset, From t_hL ,~:~. :e:-.~

01 J' the equHihr ',l~H)1. \"fa~ .gOA,,}; ~ncl~t d],olagh; Evil j'egttln,e(i .an invisible' auron I' "i-.T~~ llell{iiotwa:rr.i devd6jJiB.g: ~)i?;oil.'e.n~.al]}y;



R~Jati \_-~~ly speak-jngl thi{oi -is more'. 01- 1 e:S;$~~tm~ 'ha;' h,appen~d in: th,e .po]i.hc.aI order \~~]·tt'iMl'lr.~@i;r

, sent} . tins, iIrttegratlv.e p0\\'e't has m']M.fQj'Ij~~~cI!en'· "j]l"ab~oibing and resolv-ing a:~)' ~tI~m~R~gati'Vl' r [Y' \·creating~ 'as it dld "gO~, .a: si tua-'~<:'''::fI'l:"''::;;;.·'<''.'"'''''"'''''''~',.''''''_:-c .. r""·:(,~p,,e·~t ,d~.$p~j~' .(nq.t. bnJy f'Q.r the f@r,:the pll'[nper,e,d and pT.~,\;nh,:g~~d

H(!f.~~m~~JT~~t;tj.'caJ. .. {:0·t~lf0:r't), The fundamen tal

- u--

J ILA.: N B .. A·l.J D ~ J LI:.,A Fro

J:lNj~\i:1.r:a.o, '~.O ~p~ak. ~ but the irr.t1ptiou of a death ('..onmlft .s"rn:dd~ for np return, they ate 118,Vlr ~" i_~ Ja~' more than re-al: .~. death )¥hith.i"$. ,~)m-

";ng fueir (}:-~ c1e:a.ths '00 b~ar in an ~ectiYe.~ ~~""".''',",,'(1ri.:UJ~Mi1~nQ lijacciBdQ\], - tJtat is -to !Sary the :~b~"o]1J'b::e) slve:.'fflanner;, i.h 1Jhe' seT"vi~'e of ~1.1l mt.il"JJtive ::.l~~h;'>,;'J;l;iill;I'f"~~~:~G)WlJ~'e,'

insigJ]t ,"vukh is, quite -Sl mply a sense of the lnllir.i.y.i';].~i!l:~ • .fr.ag~Jjtr '0.[ '!:he 0ppornent: - a -:sc:tise ·tJlat ·a ..

which. h!9J~ ~n::i\~e¢Lat its' q Qa~i-pc:tfection can ~ b~

tret.y .token], he .i~ired by- the sJ_ign1;.est s·p~~. . . att~id~. ~~ic; sysielJl in terms of relations

.have,·sucoeededl tn 'mtinling ·their QW .•. '. deaths into "'f.hat.j~~ the (revQ:hltion,a.FY) in:~Bi-g]n'"abo'r1

a.bso]w;te ~¥e~poo a~st a system. tlut operatf,s -c L.j,-:'~~::J:jtr.itID~~~~t~~fU itself fOF(;e-S. 'UPO-li "you - the S.YSU:1TI the. b.a:s:is· of the exdwi():ij of .d.e:ath .. , :i s.v8.tem. ",r.EJl~r.!lrn ~~iffif~~~t,~d.. e~ onf, s by P):El'S·· 'i~indy -.~_n~:\-'i.'ing jhcse

ideaJJ i~ ~,~ t~eal of,.~e:ro deaths. EvetY'zel--O'-' into fighUng sn the g-rollnd -of r eali-

~'y·8te.n1 IS a zet:o,·sull)-J2:an1i.©- .s.\~s.tem~ And. ~all wavs lits 'own" Bl;]~ :d.!.ift.the ·.st~:-lilggl~

....... oJ' .... 'I J ..

means of detej;-:r:en·~ "m~d d~Q.:iIl·ttio.t.i! can do, """~"'IJt:::"'''

ing ~~.i.n_.St an ene/illY who has ft'lrf;ady' 'L<U:JL.I.iI"'?.s-9t-!-Y .. ~L""''W: death into a. counter.str;ke \~~a;p~)ri. • ~'V1~.8Jt uoes::!ltff~E®3 j'-\J'llerk..an hOnl~·)j]}g lUa·ttln-} (>ur nen are: a~

't() dfe'a~ tB:e N.n.edca:n.,s ar.e to llve!' Henoe w.r ...... .,;,r.J:,"'r&L.,"'..a;, eqrnva1€:nce of th~ f~H:;tr tn(jliu,s.ffud deaths j',{ lIU~rn:e.th~:,:1i1


~~~~~~fWrul . ol1·C' :sphere., 'whete the rule is tha~t. reversion and eut.biddi.ng .. So &lJ.olt '~WJ~~DI~~j~~/Il[JII~ it; only '~J. tq tl':al' .er Br:efJt.er '" eatl: . dlw.~~t:~;1\f~~'·$>':·e;N· . b~ a gift to 'Wi.fb.ich It ·c;~.nrnot

1._ •. ]i .... ,~h and 'it" ''''')'ij -:n

.tr.~ij)l~i?h~~~;~:ltlEl ':uy .. ts ow . (~~.t'll!..:; ""'~:~. II. 0> l.-. "

Here) then ~ it j is an ~h o·u.t d cam,. n~.:f-:.'~:;f~;;;?;.;."'1~~~~ ab~u'E the vio']e[} il-1"uplion of death . in .. r.,Qal

".,,'.vt.C ..... L· ~-,' YP othesis A.~, th~t 't]le sY'~ tem


§~l1~~liq§~pl,~ 't suicide 'in l.~espo'fise· 'tQI the #r.~myltm~~1-i.~~'s: po.s~d by a·earths -and suicides.



FGrt there is, ~r ~ym_~'o:Hc obligation UpOi:l both ~

sysot¢ rn ~3!b.d' 'p0'\,'Eel' I: le p'·OU'~{] itJ ~ an d in 'this tt.~ . lies .th,e On 1y chance pI- th~· ir GU t ~ s trop. tic CG :~ . laps..~,. h:l thi.s ,;·e:--t~.~i[lous. i;:Jde of the inlpossibl~ :; .~~XCh;,:i[rlge of death .. the death 'of the tel"roriit ~.'

... ..

h-a\f1e to fa~.e facts, and .acSept that a new a*ir",r".""t'·1·~"""" hag come In to belng, a nc'''' f(J~:m. of .pl~ys the ·game; an.d: by'S h~ld. of the ~F~m,e., solely- ,..\rith tile atl'l~ ot dis r upt:-


ol"ily do. these people not P~:~Y. f~:a.1:~- since

w.:m1li'M~:V.f6·Dt'Rt:::--1l]1' ir 0'" n dea hs into rl.~y - to' which IrQ .p:q.ssl ble response (, 'the'V are - but they h~.vl~' t<1.1{:~n 'Over' all th~ .;l:!1e~:~f{":of .the d 6rn i n-an t p·O·"\~l.;::r-., Mo n~?y and

!m:~il:fi~~~If'?fl~iii:t=.I(~~ spe~ula.~oP) computer ·t~clm.ol~g)' l1li> ... -.ov:, \.·_ .... i>..:.f:""-m;i';n,a U tics. , s F ect;tHJ e 11;[1 (? the .[p.e d i a

~he:y have a!~$mlj1nMd et~f>.'rythin,g of ~1£l~[\'~IfI.~itt$ ·and g1ohaUslTlI'i \vitbout clianging their btf.@jil~,~~!'I:;1~1~~~t.C 'df:,grrey ·that powe:r-

an blfiHfte:SinlaJ po:irit] but one ~ha.t create gigantic ~i.:lC~jO[1, or 'Void an, ent'xl~·nl()"~5 ..

rion. Al'"Ollnd th~i tinv point ,the whole ~VSlrl!"-n:-lW,M! ,i;.§JJ1~@Nfti"fflJN~

rhe real and of"PQ\vet f La pui$s{~nC'.~:J ga: I '

tl-an s.fix.ed ~ ral Ii e s h.r.ie.1l)" ~ t h.~ll pe·ri ~bej lr·.~J';.·'Ir.'_'" O\V:I!;l h Yre·l'~f6.d~:q:cJ.

It is the tactie of thf tm-r'Qrls-t medel to:-~~:::;:IlU'~":a' \~h,ou ~:tl excess of reah~y:l" and h;;.:rve the

Iapse beneath dl,a.t.Jec:xce~~s of 'reaJ1i1). rhe'_ '. d'e-l".ijS<q.ry nature of i1e s~trra~.Jon ~ togetb.et' ~wj:tff~tti~~. violence m.obUized b.'!l 'tile ·~ysteni} ... tl:~tns ·::ai:~@.'Wr9m against it ~ for tt~'t;'odst· acts ~~:e hath the ex!Q).rr.~tf4jtil!~

mirror rjr Its own v-·o]~n!.';::e and the ·'Ol.r..a'::'<I"::,:"",<tN ~y:mbQ,tjc vlclence to:rbtdd en to h~ the. '.

< - .... ~~~

~~l.m~M!~~i.y'f$' even ~,and this 1~ .the hJe;tglltr -of cun~2tlfI~...J.·!:J$~ii.m>:·IJoainility 'of Aln&.'J.call ev·erraa.y ]jt'e . Sleep~n.g in their' subs:n.lclying wi (h: their faJll.:i lies ~

lt~L6tm!it~~~f't+tJj,~-' th .. e·n;ls.d . es s~'qd~rill like tim:e

. ..

ti>0ilib!$., Tille; fauJ1li1esl$'- nraste~~ 'of. thi~ d~deS:ti»~'


s ryl~ of Pp~~a!t~(}rr .i5~ ~l~~~t ·as terr6:1-i~ti~ 'I=f~ d1~ ~p~ct~€u'I,ar acr Df..~epte]f1i'J.b~t-l1.~ :srnDe it <~~t"'31 ~$~ piCino c;'}rt -:any ··ami e\t<uy~:i"[Q.'dfuvt.dH;a,l.. Wght U:~t all)" m6ff:fnsive :p~r3~:;nj- .. be ~ '::po:teniail 'l~~ .. rrorlst? if -tfrej"' 0OUW .. pa"S~ l£llil1oticed, then each {l·r '.IlY~ is, /~, crtminal

g6iiEi:& l..'l:n.n,dticed 4 et:t3tv' P' i-a 1:e als;o he'Gomes' sns-

~ '. \ ~ '.' .

~p:e'Ct}~ anC1 in. the end 1 this is n10 doubt true, 'Trus nl~Y v€:'~'-Jv ·w,dl. oot:r¢Sp·ond: to. fill. unconscious form

..: '

or pot~LTU>~]~, 'V"eHlizd,,! ~~ial:lefunt :t,ept~sse.d, ,drimiria]j-

.tj\ which j;s ahv.ays c8l1pable, tf net o.f l'e3~;n;raei~i at k~'~ ''Of f!lrrUl.infa secr.etl:v~ to dIe :me~le of EVI] ,

.t:. o( ;0 I -'[" -=- .

~So t'he e~'llt m:rnjf1es. .down 'to the ..srpr8JU~t_de~ - the -seurce ·of..an ffii"f'Jil" f:n.ore· subtle men\t'!il~terro,r,-

' ..

. ~n\~< ,taqte.a~ .. di£f~r'elZs'e is' th~t the te:r:to:t:'i:s'f~, Y~H~l~ .. th~y haye <lj,t ,their ~o£lal ~veap0ns that are tl1!~<Syhten'l~B- ?i'\,~lJ possess =if f~rmeJ' ],f;:mal,'vf:e~'P0n: ~bt;.ir p}m .aeq:&~, If Ure), wen~. cOJ'lterrt' }usf t-d f~,~t «tfie; SV'$'~E:":i{m "!,Ii.dtb it,S' own weapons, t'bev 'W.Ol1.1d

.1.. F.,~ - -

l~~2kl~t$J,~j··.h"&. ,db"[l,~la:t'itJ(L 'If tlfey :m.:ereJy ·:tl:Sed.

-w.:n::t::»;.:;." , ..;.;. ~ , . ... '"r'. . - ..

:.:::t&';:;.::..:v '~CJ~i -j@.tw"}0:-.,cit~:at.h,'i to .ccmbat it, 'lI,hey 'would

~:.;; .

~Ufillppe2:1l.~ ~'n~t: a:$ quid:rJ.y "jl)--:-m useless 8~cralce - as , .o;ter-ro:wisln b~~ ah;:nQst ·~lw8.()"s d~nre~ up to.now (an

I ~~


(W1i.c"h reason ir.has been'doOlJ;ted to. f~ilure,

iI" As won "'8' thev comblne di the ~~J:>l1

~ - ~ .


l.rt.fSqlH-C~) a'~l]~~k t(j mem, WJ,th ihis., hi~)ily. 'tl}fM-

l?bol1c WI~~:P'O)j:,~ ~ve'rythmg_ :tlJ.~l--1.g~s, The de ~'~1:-U6- "'·li:ve, P Qtenda1 is 'm.uhipUed to 'intird't¥, ~.tt'-i3l.tht·~.

, " ~

rnuliipHt'anoT'!i of ,fa:ctttr~ (' i;vli.id:\' seem itrcsoncil-

;;;:::::... '.

%L1 1,' - ~ -~: "~~. ;"~_'L.

(t!J~,e '1:.'0 11.>8:) tn'fj,t giFi/C-S tnem ,ne,n St]p~Jtl('irifty;.. .1 ne

, ;%ero-dlf:,'a:~b.' ~$ti·~tegyj by contrast, the :stl"at~J of"

• 1":, '

!: .. ,;; i.' ~' . ' .~ ,. ". <' • •• , c·"· L.

" ti5J:~' "' clea,si t;ec:hi"l oLo',g~'c~] war, p.r~(~lS ely iL,@;.~ u;. t6

'ti"""'ii- L ., , "'0 ~iL- '"",'" 'tr"""~'<L,l':"'OO"" .... '''''::r;,,,,, ..... il' '('-e·,,'l; ~ "Pi'''':' "'''''''- 'h'~v' , zr1u'l!C1U. up ~:. ".:rni~' ',QOHQub -',- ~ o:::I,~I,'UI'.!?,'" ~vl ~' __ <JL~, i 'U! ""~',,",~ "~'

It ."

I .« •

I . Th,e J'~1;-dA~QllrS ~~Gce:'Ss' -01 )Juf'li, an -attack pn~;:.;'~

~ r ~& .

. ~~ts a FH)hl:en~¢ ill::lit if 1;.l!,,'t.¢, a:lf.: to {gai:;n '~me.)~d~r'·

'mrrdina· of it, "I)\'e:' h.~Ne tQO, ~~l()uQh. ~.ff our 'W~stern

"'.{' e.' ""'.

I ~ip';cti~e w~ee~,'~* ~(}e.··.~~ in t~ t~Oft~ts: r' ·wrgamzatlon, and mWtJr b.eaols. Wltll'llS, sud,;

L :'. ':],~eTI~y '''ivCt:ulcl' 'a.S';"rf.lme' a maximum :0(' c~.1~latio:tl

"0 rallG.t1a[]tj' th~:lt Wit: fiqd ~av'~ 't~) i.t.tlagine in

~~J.:~~Tf}~, Ari4, .~\:~rr_'ju:~tl)-iS:-!€a:sej as· '~n .any 'ratiaO:!,1.1

.. ... . . . . ..1...... iI

o.TgM:q~.tio.n;·,qr ~(!,'q\;0 '~el~:v~f"Oe:, th;erie would ah\f9tvs'

.haL!.f€. been leak~ (1r-"slip.~ps.t

SOl .the secret or-such a'··SU,.CC~3~ He~. elsewhere, The i~ ~H(~re.·n.(:t;.'. is that here we-are deaJil](7' not 'Illljth

. . . ,. ;0 .

an employment bDhtrAct~. but with ;i.:p' sact and. a

r '..I! • '" ..

sa.criftciaJ O~]lg?ti (:)11 ,. Sut' ... h a:n .al}lig:~tion fs-irnrmme

, ..

have adapted to the global.net::vv(YFk. anid. t.eChtiical .. p:ro.to~o~ .. ~ 'wlt:hont los~ng .any~~ing of thiij 9011), .... p]Jk.ity ~'lE.nto. d~a:~h~ _ 'UldHt,e the contract, the pact 'd:'bes not b~nd snthviduals - €ven their 'suicide' is

not fudhi-duai hci~oj~'i~l :,£ i3 a QOne;c.-1jv~ sflJ¢!I:'ifl=c:inl aet sealed by.-an ideal. demand, And 't i~ tl:u~.>1;:on1 n bj'lat'~on 'of :t'W9 mechanisms - an ·ope ~atiO'llaJ / strUGt~re .snd 13:-. ~.ym.'b;()lj.¢ pact - that made an act "" of ·s.urn excessi veness JKiI~siblf:.

'We no lo~geT MV€ any: .i(~e-a.· '"vilat a syln,bQht,~ £.-tt!~~crJ~~D':I;J i~'l ·a:i·'in ppke:!r' or p9datqh: with, raiai-: .i*-:~k~~l~~kfZ!s.·i bu1,: the illl-a;<hl "0,011 result. And th~ ~i1,~~1.~~iJ~~~~li:~t. VIf~S·:t;w,e·( :l;S.ely ,\ .. dl~t the terrorists:

... ~. ...

[ ,obtamed in. the ,1\11 aahattan att.ack . which miglh.t 'be: i p;t-e.s~en~~d, as (p.tite:h~ gQ9d iU.U"$~n:fti,Qh.' :~f diat~s ~" llieory~, an initial iRlpaet ca.u.sing ·j~lcah;;ulable con-

r~: " .

. ,' .. w h ereas . the Am er j can 15.' m ~~-31: ve'


~ .:tl~plorij~:e.n 1;, {l"'Q:~~~'r.t S-t9r"m 1) 'achieved onley

.<-. derfsnry . ffects - th'e-' ,hlI""cricane' end·jng~. so to ~;~,:ak in the beiting:Qf a h~ttf.:rflY'~s:\'i.;ing:

Sl]ici-clal terrorism was a terrorism of', ,. e .poor, : ~ .'. is.a tel;:rt)t~srn.()f t.he·nc-h. ThlB j .what piartic-

, .

u1acrly flight-ens us: the £"l!Ct.tha.t 'they l~;av€: become

, . .

. '. (they h~v'e" al~ 'the nece~Jsary T.~~.(~ur~:e~)· 'w·~th ..

I"",,'-?'U.·L . 'ceasing to wish to destroy us; A.d-mitwdlYl ip. of Ci1.U- s~ten1i: .of values j they are: ~heatmg: It not pla)ling ~a'lJ~ to .'thnY!.~' on~:r's ()..'~;,u d:~a'~1~ in t~ g.am,e. But this does uot trouble th~] a.ltd thc: . w rules. are nos CIl .. rrs to determine,

:s.o' aQy" a1"g)Jl!D,e.nt hi used.' to dtscredit their acts, . I' . e xam pl e j' cB;lh n g t b t:hlD ,'~ ,',o(~i"(:: i,d,,;a l ' -a.nd ~yrs ' . - and .adding immedia:te~~i" that Inartyr,(~n~ p:ailt,;s. r.lQt1li I~g, .th.at 'it-has' nothing to db, wlth. u ~h, ~~~hat tt is ~ ven (t 0 q 1] ore Nietzache) 'the

enemy number one oE truth, Adl1LHtted'i j-, '~hdr " cl~~",cl'1S p·ro¥e· oothing!: but in :.1: frj'steln V' here ~ruth rtself j ~ ·eh.'j.si.V"~ (Cl:li do we claim t~ p'G''Sess j t?)" ~ there is notw1n~ to pro [e. Moreover, this w$hl:Y' m.O:r~:1 argunl1ent 'cal~ be turned around. If tl-:H~ vol-· untary 'm<ll'"'~yrdm'll .of the ~ujdde: bombers p:ro'-e., fl .nothing ,. th:.;:;n th~ lrwoluntary m:att vrdom of U1.e. victim of dte. at~aGk proves riod:1ing either, and t~h~JJ'e 1-3 SO'l11'e..thh1g: unseernlv 'alI."'1d obscene ill makiri.,g. ~ moral ~arrgumoot out of It (~s is ill no ··wa:. to deny the-iF J-Jufl~ring-,:and. dea ili),

Another ,(lJ,cgu.m.it::o:t in bad £i.i.tb:~ th~. 6 terrorists ex:chall:ged weh- deaths lor a pla:Ge in. pa radise; .their a;d V\:a~~ not a, :d]iin,t~'~~t"ed .one, hence it Is not aurhennc; it would be n·~sjnte1~·'I!. ted. ordy 'if' they ,dt~M,t heli. vc in God, if thf~y"'Sa:~?, no hope :irJ;

.deatltj as is the case withus (yet ~Chri. tian m"il"tyx··s ~i:lissumed pr.ecisely· -suc·h.-,:Ll sublime equiyal~~n>D!'J'; There ag:~ln.~ th2n, t~1:ey are 11qt nghting :fuir: since ,they :g~t salvation, y. hlch we cannot even continue b) hope fur, So· 'we' mourn our deaths '1;\- ,ile: '~hey can turn. theirs into· v~;r'Y l:Jgh-"d:bfi[lltioll stak~·s._

funJ.al".o~:Ili:rn.l~~i .all this '- causes, proof., truth, , ,·;e1i}l..~-r~:h'l' ends .and. niean:s - is a ,typi.caHy Vi[otstern

~,ii. F I l' . .~.y l' :1. h i

~Iwnl 0,: e(uC'I;)I.~.tlOn. 'II'.'@; ..... ·v·en eva: uate 'i.Jje,a I, m

~~':nis of mrerest rates, in,·value-for,..,m;oney terms ..


M)~n-ec;onuro'~c c-aj:tuJation. th~t is: a 'p,OOT rnan -,s cal-

~'~';'I~til;)'tl - p()or .wen ~h() no-longer ~veh h:l,\'e"the ~o,ur.ag~ '[0 'P~ay the 'pr"1c~"

Vi/hat can h.app,e:tl 110W - ap,art fn:nn war, ~hic.h is itself m;Ec~'r-;e,[y a. ~~pnv.¢ritionhl s.~f.:e.ty shield -:r~~ruJl ~€' p'tilfecdoi1~~' There is t.~l* .. of bJio-terr'OTi"Stn~

. a~te.riolo!gj,C,.'"lt 'w~rf:ire ,:i.'Jt; nuclear le'r .. 01'i5m - Yet "~~~hat is 1'.0 long~i of th~ ... order of the .;.,:~. lnboht;. ~h~l~ "~f.::eilg~·,. b9t Q·f annlhilation pUt'e' .and tiimple; 'INitn ;n~) -, element 0(" -risk .0]' 1!lory: ItIs 'of the order of

IT' r . .-

<::'t\ie' Hn41 solytlon. N ow, l t IS, a, ·~uis.:tq,kc t~6 ~t:::~ ter- .~. :;odst: actio"!'!" ~s .oheving. a ourelv desn'ucti ve \o6k .. -

I":;" . • ,[:: .~ e;


1lJt seems '[0 1)'18 .that 't'he action ()f ~e' te;rroJ'~sts)


:J¥ :ft~;Qm 'which 'o..eatlr· .151 inseparable (this is pre,;;)·sely

:*<,·vdla.t makes it a .symho}jc .a-et) " <1¢'e'$ not setk the


.. ~~rPp~rs:o.ri.~l elnnination o.f the other. I~\Terythll1.g

. tlk~ in tluo challeng!" and thE! ""dn~l- thal is to say IU ... ·~.''!l'e;r tbing s:tiH Iies rn a ~:u,\t 'p~rs:ollal ~'~b;ti.(m

with the oppo'S]l)g powe:l~. It.is that power 'which humiliated you j .so it too must he hurailiated. /\n{l not :tn,e:l:(~ly exterrnina ted. It has to be mad e to'


lo se :face. A nd you .ii1eiJ~ r achi eye t.ha,t by pure force and elhuinating the '(jthe:1" pa:I,-ty ~ :i t m ust j rather. R) e t~rgeted. and wounded in a g:en~,xin(·~:~.y a,d,v'e'tr sa:d ad, relatlon, Apart from the pact that b~n(h the t(:en'~)~,I,stg itogeth(!Tj there: is also somethin g of a dual pact w ~.th th€; adver sary. This is ~ f~c:n ~ precis ely the opposite ,of the cowardice of. 'lfvl1~,ch they sta-nd accused l and it is precif5.<dy the opposite of what the Americans did in the 'GulF War (and which they are currently beginning agadn in AfghanisttuiL)! where the tartget is b::lNi5rihle: and. is ItffuidaJted operationally,

In aU t.ll,!; se vicissitu des j w hal stays W]tl1L us, ' ab ove an el s e, is, the ~.j gIlt ~)'~' the im a..g,@~ _ This im,pact of the im,tiJges ~ and their fasciJ::!J;;rI.tEO!ll are necessarilj ' ..... rh~ft: we retain, since hnages, are ' whether we like it or nat ~ O:!(lt primal scene. And, at the same time as they h~ve. ra,Ji;caUze..d. tbe world situation ~ the events in 'N'e¥!.' Yod:: can also 'be rs,aici'.


to have radicalized the relation 'Of th ¢ ~,m,ag~ to reali ty. 'Whe:],'eM we were deaHng before with an !U nintcrr up ted profusion. of bsaa 1 ima ges and a seamless flow of sham, events" the terrorist act in New York h8Jri resuscitated both hnag~s and events,

An-long 1:11~ other weapons of the sY8t,e'ln , wl:riclh tn(1Y turned round against it, the 'ten,x.H''jsb exploited the 'rea 1. time J of images i' their instantaneous, worldwide transmission, [ust as they ~~pl cited s to ck-rnarket spe culation, el ectron ic ~'n.fo~rtnaHon and air traffic, The role of im.ages is highl y am hi guo~., For) ~.1t the same time as they ex,alt the event, 'they also take it hostage. They serve to multip ly i t to infini ty ~Ul(J ~ a't the same 11 ijm,e,~ t!l!!~y are a diversion and a. neutral iZ~l'ti()n (th:i[:J, 'W~S ,al:ready th~ case with 'the events. of 196:8). The irn~ge consumes the event, in, the sense that it lL:b:sorbs it and offers B t fo:r ,eon:nlmp t ion. A.dimittcd[y" it gives H unprecedented im pact" but hnpact as im~age.·ev<~nt,

. H.ow do things stand wJth the real event ~ then,

If i~(~a:li'tv is' eW2U;VW he<t-:d 'ibfilllT,ate:d bir' inl~,~~S" vir-

:... ...J! J . - } ~

,tuia:tft.y~~J.J.d D:c1ibl1{ to lh'e;~pt~s~:nt: ~~e'::, we .thougl]t

we had.·. seen ('PerRl-a~JS,~~]'th.a {~.m:tai[fi 'r.eHef) ~ :reSkmge,nce of fb.e- 'rea! ~ apd ?f ~h.e:~' v:kjJ.0n!i)B t;W t~~t" re.a:l ~ in·.all :(iJ.n~ge,'riUy vj]d_;,'J.la~ universe. '~1rhe:re. 's an :t';!j;.~l to 8JJ )'Q~W talk·,:aJ"ij'i:Hj~~· '~h~ virtual _. ·thls js ,8Qlnetb.1ngr"ea1l j ,siill.1IJurIy; 'it was p'!0~sjnl:~;:t9 $J~~ thi~' _(}s 'a ~S"urrectien-cf his:V,}ry heY(Jl;Ild 'j;h pr.()da~.rrl(!td. end. But does.'t,eahtv: :actually .fiut8,Jri'D. fitdl2)n(',~If H.

~ ~ . • .. £-

image> (both it:r ex 0: I t:at~)r.y an,d. its caeas tr.6pM c conseouences :al'~ themselves l(:l'*g-,!.:dr iro.a;;;Ln.;;Ci::v·): .. ·

. " -:-. ~.. ... . ~~ . _." ~ . J

In: ~his :ctt~~'~ lhe.b~,fb,e real is;}5upera:dded to the

-{m;:'lS~ ~~l~J~ '~, bonus, 6f tCf',ro:t; like .au .. a,d.di:t]:o-nalfti~:~.otl:: 'not 'O:fi~Y is . it ~r:rlf;rj~g,~ but,; 'wl.ij,~ ~,s more, it, ·m real _ Ra,tllcr' 'ilian, the violence, .of tt.e l~e,tl;_r bcidg: ~ ~~h.er.e Hl"st, and th'eJl,.ls5t1'Il of the 'im~e 'being, ad.ded

lfi'~ . .f~~ ~t.~ I:he. ].'lh .. gC is thcr.e. f-i.tst, aml1:hcfi ... I:if~.'(Jn tJif.thcl E~'al ~& added;~ $O'raeihing Hke an ~d:dtti.(~n;ji ,Rcti-6;ri;-

. 'i!V:tlctian £~pa-s8mg £l,eti,on~ Balla.Ed .i a~ter 'I1D'rge7:~) 'b:1R~kI .lik~ "¢.Ji' of 1 ~nve->nti)rig:' the,' redI as the ·.ulb-

'. ,< ate. and most redoubtable fh:ti:on..

, .

tio'n,!'s,',en~;('~v~ 0,ltd, ha.~ itself become .H.:GidGn~ VVrJ.

., ~~ ,'- .,

mIght ,allllG,s'L'say Blat hea:Hty i,; J ¢~lrj!tlrg ,'OK' H.qtion j that mer l"eaJ is ~e ul-ous . 0 f th.t:: i ma,g.~,. .' '. . It is a 'ld:-n:ci oJ dud b~nveen thetn~ if. contest to see ~vhl-ch

- ...... 10 ... .._. -.. • .. -.~...- •

'I'be. (xdJ~)'s~ of'tlie W~jfld T~-:ade 'C,en.tej-' t:6'\.v,ers is urrimaghlab] e, but that is uo t f.'"n{}r(;l:;gb. to'malt'e~ .it, :21.' t¢,a;i f2..vdtL v ,An .excess of viCrlerilce'~is :f\ot

. ',' " .. - ..... .

.e.rrough to 0f-tJl1 0'11 to r"eil.ity.,: :F~):~' Fe.a]],1tl isa pdn~ cip4e:;, ,an1l;cl iLt is '~his printlpl.e .t1Ui:t :~s. lo~t, ·Re'8J]ity, .311d fiction W'e ine:Xt:rh"::ab1e,_ .cixl!d the f~;$¢ill8f:ti:(ui('"

,,~ft.;th -~je!ntlJl:~:v ~a... tW:Q ~df:lnltntr$, '6f mas~ fascina tiQh

!.:..~-.-, J ;.- -.' . . .

'~e',..oolnk!jnerl~ thc-,¥.,..h;Lte m,agirr:: of the cinema-and

• "It.. L ~l:~ ; • '·'1. j:'o •• ,_ '11_ .. IJ~

wnn ·tn~ :attaLK' is .p .. rumattbV a '181scma'h0R WIth 11,.,t'!.e


the 'black =s= of teniJr[Sln i the; whi te light of the image and the bld!'(~k. light of'terrortsm,

'\V<i!. try tettiJ)~PG(:tfvely to i1!'npC\~e some kind .of meaning on i t ~ to nrlld some kind of interpretation, But there is none _ And it is the r.a.dkali.t)' of the spectacle, the brutality of the spectacle, w hich alone is original and irreducible. The spectacle of eerrorism forces the terrorism of spectacle, 'uprrr1 us. ;;~ nd, ~~.irr5.t this, immoral fa.scl[) ation (even if it unleashes a, universal moral reaction) ~ the political order call do u'otrung. This is QUO.f' theatre of cruelty ~ the only one 'we 'have [eft _, extraordinary in that it unires 11he most extr'eme J)egree of the ti'pec~ tacular and! the highest level of ch'Thll=.nge" . , . It is at one and the same time the dazzling micromodel of a kernel of real violence with the maximum. possible echo - hence the pl]]cest form of spectacle _ and a, ,sa('rifiJ~jal. mode 1 :m,QUrJ,t.i:ng tilt; purest svmbolic Iorm of defiance to the historical


and political order.

W ld foroi ~,1l "f" h d

.... e woum "org1.ve tnem any :r.ll:1-Ss:aer€ ] . It ra


'a m"eaoing,. if it could be interpreted as historical vic lence _ this is the moral axiom of good, '\'10- ieA1ce. We would pardon ,them, any violence if it werenot given medta 'CXP'0k~Un:~ ('terror]srn would be nothing 'w:u1thout the media '). But this ]S sll .HIu ~ sion. There. is no ~ gGocl~ use of the, m,ed:U.a~ the : :merna are part of' the: even t~ they are. part .of.' the terror, and they work in both, directions

The J'leprefil;~io:n of terrorism spirals around as iffipnedictab1y as the terrorist act ftself, No one kn.OV'lS where 'it will 3tOp,~ or what turnabouts there DJta:V vet be. There Is no po ssible dtseinc-

,I ~

~on" at the ]eye], of :irnages, and, information, .. 1) ctween the: sp ectacul ar and the syr.n.boH C j no


"pt6-ssible distinction between the. 'crime" and the

~cLkdown", And, it ]13 this uncontrollable. unleash-

-'ng of reversibility that is terrorism, 's true victo .. :ty" A, victory that is visible in ,the subterranean t~mi fi.cations and "lnJ'iltra.tions. of the event _ not ]U~,~· in the dire{,"t economic, politi,cal" .fin,an,d,a[ ~ urn P 'j n the '~i no le of th if; S yst~m _ and. rh e l~~Slllting moral and psycholo gkaJ dO'\.vii turn -

J 'E A N B. A :U D II; I - L A~. 0

but-In the !Slump In the value-system, ][1 ·th.f~ 'whole ideologY' (')[ freedom, of free circulation, and so 'On" on. which the Western wor Id prided itself and on 1~?hich it d.Te\~;" to exert its hold over the rest of the "-VOl" Id ...

To the point that the· idea of freedom, a new and recent idea ~ is alrea.dy fading from lui ids. and mores .. and liberal g o'bali7At.ion is coming about in p,-<;;c.1sely the opposite form - a police-state glol)~ a]izntjon, a t~JtaJ control, a terror based on ~L~'illl~ and -order ' measures, Deregula tion ends. up in a maximum of constmin S and restrictions, akin to those of a fundamentalist society.

A fall-off in pnPClnction., t.lons.umpdon.~ speculation and gr().Vi;ib (hut. e~TtaiLl1y not in corruptionl): it is as tJ ou~h the g .. 10 hal svstern ·,,,,rete. rna.king :II . trate-

a .I

gk: fallback, carrying aut a pai~uul revision -of i'll.S 'val-

ues - in de fer1J$i v~ reaction, 3S it would seem, to the impact of terrorism ~ hut re:)pon,dj~ngi' deep down ~ to Its secret injunctions: .e{lf()['Qoo. regulation. as a product of absolute disorder, but a regu latio~n ~t imposes'



on itself -~ 'internalizimg~ as it were, its 0'"'Wn defeat.

Another aspect of the terrorists ~ vi.ctory is that all other forms of violence and the dcstabi izatio.n

of order work in :it~ favour, Internet terrorism, i;Yi.ologkM terrorism, the terrorism of anthrax and rumour _. an are ascribed to Bin Laden .. He rni.ght even claim natura] catastrophes. as lrls own All the

. form of ciisorgaldzation and pt:rrverSf2 circulation o!pe:t:atJ~ to his ad-¥"antage. The very structure of gell1eralized. wor leU trade works lin favour of imposI£]ble exchange. it is like an 'automatic ·wr.itil1g' of terrorism ~ constantly refuelled by the invol untar) terrorism of news and mfor"n'latioJl. With all the w:anic COl.l:~H~qll.ences which ensue; if, in the current ';mthrax scare, * the h:ysteriCll spreads spontaneously ~r instantaneous crystallization, like a chemical solution at the mere contact of a molecule, this is b~C'a US(~ the w hole system has reached a cdtie-a] mass which makes it vulnerable to any aggressio.n_

" This 'text was written in Ot:wb. ~1" .2:0{) I and 'pub~:i;:;·~ed. :i:n [I!' ,Jto~~de on N ovemher 3 :20f) 1.


1 I-

orler3tl rehasb o.f.the. :faS:':f "Mrll·the 'same deluge af li1.~lihu::y for:~s bQgJu~ #:i£c),:n;natibll senseless bom-

, '

bar'(hrH~n t." emotive and d,tciit.ful .llanglH't_ge, 'ern _' n?~9gi'Ga] <,q~p"lQyrri,e:nt and br.ain"Nashiog. Llke Ul,€

I ~ , l.

,Gu li Wa:r; 'a, , n.ona ey{~~:n ~,~ an event that d.d:e.:~: [ilot

really take place,

II, '1 .j.L.: • jl d - ~' .r: .... l-. .

.hi.l:li.<: 'I)-uS, meeer ts its'laison:-~..i: 'et:f:t':l; to ~qu.u'$tn:mte~

£0,[' ,~-,e:al a11Q. f6tlh:k~tble~ unill'1:ue '8iJJd unf~)resee-'''''

.. -:. -,;

able e."·'rent1 .a r~pchtivej rehashed p.se'u:'i:lo-'e.yen~~, The terrorist attack. corresponded to a ,preced;enc(l', .qf the ~,ent' over all. interp:r.etati v. < models, where- ,

as tf~j~ :mind]]es;,.-;ly Inilit8:Ty:~, tedx~,oJogi-ea] 'w.r:a;r cor ·n:::sp~llds._] ,90nv(~f[-'£.~1y:., to. the ,l11oddj,s. plf"eC,e

over the ev:e.nl and hence t,(L~, .conflict over ' ..... .,..- -11"\

'stakes, to a situ,~t~.Otn, ef 'no contest'. VVar aJS ,...'n,.:'.~u.:'~~w:

·tinuatl'd,:rl of ,the' abs:!!'D.t~:e ,ofpQlltk:$. b:y ,(rth!~~r m:




.... . .'

b utlon to aJ d@lba,te Or! the eyents: of Septe'mbe.r 11 2:00 ~ I 'the ~'R,e neontres p h~ ~o\'-5Ioph iq ues outreAt:Ljjnttiq:ue,r .. o,r'garl'ize,d jointly by INew York

Uni've;'r5ity ;E;li'id ,Franr.:,e- LLI],I,tur.e ln W'a:5,~iDlgton Sq ua re, M-ti I:'!! lil.~tt~ h. T~,e fo rrna I eorrtri burl on s we're broadcast on F ranoo (!JJ lture Q-Iil the after-

ilIDOt1 orf F,e,b rua ry :23 2002,; The de bat:e" wh kh wa s ~a[J'g,e,ily cond ucted in !trench, 'was ~~a i red by Tom Bisho'P~ ether' fH:liirth:,ipants 'we:F-e, Jacques R~ ncl ere. Ch4! rles L~lnm,ote ~ Iild M,e! rk Lilla. The

'f'ootnot.e~j' which refer to sl ight v,a'!fi,~,tkm~ b e1w~e~n the Wlf'ut.te t'IJ text. ,E1 ~dl the verslon de"] iv~

'""fh,e September '1 1 attacks abo concern archirecture, since whar was destroyed was 011.e. of the

. fflOS.t pr,e:stig,i,QU;s; of builcling.;s, together with a '~-hole (Western) value-system an~1 a \>';l·(n."ld o,rd er, 1

ln the New YOf,k debate, B1i1u.QrHb-rdl pfe~(:[:::d hi~ ulk ~"':;t:h the foUmving comments: (.'fJiet'e is an absolute illf.. fict1lty ill speaHng. of ;alll ;:LbS{;ill!.l.'b~ ~:::'Wel;rlt, That i~ '~() s;ay~ in pt"O'I6cling ,<!in anal)l~js of it that is not an explanation ~ as 1 don 'I t think rhere is an y r!.') H'i ib I ~ e ~p'~ an a t i on o f flhj1; eve~)t, either br ini!eUedJlw or ~ others - but '~ts

'Q'd']"~'ltJ30[ii ~ so to sp~; an i1:maly~u;;; "'Nhi,(:6 1I'n.~_gh'E ,r(!l~~1;blt be as 'lLmftcceptabk as the evem, but 5trjj..,,-x:s tlhc- '. . • ],t..:t '~;I'" .~ay, ~yiJ'ilhullc irnag,L1U'iiiJl)n in more or less the same vvay.l

J lEAN 'B_'!\UI);IUn.IL,AIU;i

I t 'lnay,~. men I' be useful to, begin with a historical and architectural 4lIrmlysi3 .of the Twin Towers, in order to grasp the symbolic significoo'1ce of 'their destruction.

Fir st of all, 'Vllhy the r w,rn Towers? Why 1;'iIf"O towers at the World Trade C!'':rnt,e;r?

AJI Manhattan ~ ~ tall bwldings bad been content to confront each oilier in a, oOInpeti,tive vertkaJjty~ aJ.1ld the product of tills: 'was an architectur al panOralU,(I.l reJlect.ing the capi'ta list s.ysta1n. itself - at pyramidal jung]e, whose famous

ilnage stretched out ])efo['E:~ yo'!.], as Y'(HJJ ;a,[,t'iv,ed from the, sea, That :i,m,a,g_,e ch:a:n,_ged, after ] 9'73l, with the buUdilil,g of '~h(~ W(,ydcl Trade Center. The ef6 gy of the. system was no longer the obelisk and the pyremid, but the punch card and the statistical graph" This archi tectural gra F,hism, is the ernb 0 diment of a system. that is no ']o:n,gcr competitive} but cliigita] and countable, and f],·O!t1il

which competition h-as disappeared in favour of .networks and monopoly.

'Perfect F arallelepipeds i s'ita,nding over 1, 300 feet tall, on a. s'9Uat"i£' bas e. Perfectly balanced, blind commlu';,d,cati;n.g v'"€$osels (the)" saY' terrorism is ('bHnd'~ , but th.e towers were hl ind too - monoliths

no lo,[lgt;]'" openin g on to 'lhe outside worl d s hut subject to artificial condi tiorrmg,2:)" The fact that \t1ltere were two of them sigllifi,es. the end of any origina.l reference, If there had been only one ~ mo,r.iLGP'O~i.y would not, have been p erfectly

em bodied ,', Only the do llhHng of th,e S i,gi], tttlJly pnts, am e-Il.'i;.l to' l,l'i!'hat it des:jgna.tes,.

There is a particular ~]l']ation in this reduHowever t2tU they rn,ay have been, the

:r "in Nif'.w 'Y.(~rk! '~ii!iI;l:ddnii!rd_ lht':n~ gloss!Bd; 'Aii.r condirioning" ~u.t meotal con.di,tioni't1lg too'.

fo~n:m, of thre' ~)'8l!:e~m ftl'lci ,all i ts l~,any' ,d;~v,(~lQ,I~'ment§'· '\V'~~;h, cS'll)~h 'pf'o:.digi0Ug ,fldeli:t]', Wf:;.< must, «'ten; -, ~BS1Jll1 e that ~the, . c0Hap~i2:: 9f the to,~~rs - Itsel.f '. ri/t

architectural In.'0'Q:~i.t~'r:s ~ HJ(~ fbt: , ':~U'~9J..1tg ,Centn~~, ~a:v~ .alw~ys e',xer:t~~ m: Mn,big~. ':ru ,H.tscil:ill.ti~n) as have the extreme forms,·of· mod. "Fi te.chltO]Ogy in g,enera;l - a. C'.Qntrooiatory £edltig

two h:)'!,.';!!e)'"s illg~i6t?id.; tlQne the. L .. ess, a balt',fu ve:rtl- : .eq.t,h~y", They ·\ve'j:'"'f.! ·:!'i!.ot of tlu:;·;.:1;i·@.·me bl;,~ed. 1I.S the: other; 'b uEldings;, Th~J" (;'ub;Dll1~ted in mL'! exact


l' , ·:he pur,e '€orftputer' itn:a:ge or baliking .and flIlaaGe,

l .. • ....

·r'.eflt·~Uo,n, 'of e:a·t-li ,~tbet, Til€:. gla_soS_. .fan<cl ·S·b~~J ',. $t~®J00tuil::ahl¢ ~n,d: tlc;gl,ta.1J, '~l~,,&1' Vi.~~1i."!Z in a 5e1l"s€<r~

, .~ ': iki '

;Fa9~ia.es of the: R:06kefeUe:r ~~1¢:n:Wr b !i]~i1dt':').gs ,still.;, .: :.' .. : m, ~n.d j n slf~lt ~~ng~ -'Eher~e'"'the: t'¢rT~iri:.$'~'~ h?v~ .

. :. .

l1)irpOI<ed each other . dn . an": endless ·s.pe'l1'l.ibn~ity., ~~,.ru:c::k at the brain, a.t the. nerve-centre of the ·:sys-

~je~' Twin lbwerS"'n~Q:'lotiget 11_ad ,any f(i)~:~,des, q_ny fuce"s. wah therhel!bt'ic of Y~:rticabt)' ,disapFe:~,!·3

Th e vielence of g1io'ooliz.atiDB ,ail-su' illYoJ ves , ',:~ [lLiI.?;:c~Ltric·_ ~J. .hence ,th~, v:iDlei:~t Ij·~o.tt'St ,!ti:g~iflsf

I~' '. • ~ • •

@,ft. al~0~ lnv.olt¢s th~ d:.s:.;l"[-~'CHol1 of that al-clii{€:;e-

. ; .. rre _ .1r.1: lt~r,mfr"O£ O( },I:h.wtivj£'>' (h~nt~t (WB' :CCi.n ~~y that

~)hly a. h:i6;~1 ~f ~block box; if: series ,C116,~q~.p.·fi tHe rug'tfre"t\>{o'~, .as thQ·ug.n a&t:hh~ctnr:e_ luk.ii:~· d~,tc ='SV,':l1i",'':''t:lY.

. ." . :" ',~ ."" '~

'w.3J$ :tiO\V me~,dy a product ef' d.@l:,I.i.ng:" and of a

~i~.£e1~~ .. geL1etiG t:P1le,

.(i~-l~oTtOf {(Jf the4i(O~9, vi\:t~.ms, of dyii1.g {PJ tJro;$~ f~~~HS was tr1S~F~;u.·a~ble ilrom the horror '01' Hvh:6g

• tJ~-:--~~ , ," .. '~ I ' 'i' I

. ·clfthctm - "the horror. ol ll:v~nr.1!~ 8:a:d '4i"o:r~:h'l.oV In\ sar-

I o~.

l'~phagi '('Jf o.o~;C'rfte_:ah.d. s:t~~d,

New Ye;d~ ';i~ !tjh~ 'only dty In the ~i\;.<orld ith~t

';,./. !I'l

bs,S:~ thrQup,hO:'!li't its. lustb'iv, triJ:~be;d_ the 'P' f.,e:.SeJlt~ ,

_).~ .. •• ~ r} ',' .~, ..

]jjmJ~que event in :th~ hist(ji~:"y of modern cities - p~:,~.figul"e';3. ~a klnd qf .d:r;anl:atk e~i8j_ng' and, ~n in ~Ui



of atrr acdon and reF uls]'Oi1 ~ and. hence, somewhere, a secret d'~r.si["'e to' see them disappear, In the case of the Twi,riI !qwet[5, ~~)'roethj;lJg particular is added ': p:t,~'d sel y thetr symlnetry and! their twin -n (~S. There is, '@Jdmil1tedlYj in this d.c..nin.g md perfect svmmetrv an aesthetic ouali tv. a ]kin.d. of

; ~,.r ::u..t ...

The (:oUapse of the towers is til€: hla~ or syrn~oll,c event. I~nagil1e they .had not collapsed, or f](n~~.y ODe had collapsed: the ,e'fFect would not have .bf',.en U1Je same at .an.. Th.e :f1.-agl'Hty of .global povW'erwould not have be en. so ~~tr]ki ngl y proven _ 1'11(~; tower s, whi ch Wtn-'e the emblem of tha; pO,,,iel"l sttll embody it iID their dramatic end, 'l.vh] ch resem blcs a ~l.Jlj,c~lde. Seeing them collapse them·St~Lve.-s 1 as ]f by imploston, one had the impression 'that they were connnhting suicide in response to " t~ suicide of t'he- suicide l'Jolaines.


perfect crime .8JgaJnst form, a tautology of form which can give rise, 'in a violent reaction .. , to the. tenlptation to break that sy:m,metry~ to restore an ~symm:etrYl and hence a singularity.

Their (:l@·.stY'u,c:t~(m itself respected the syanmetr'}" or tl~ie towers: a double attack, separated 'by :a. few' min utes' interval, wi [11 a sense of $U5pen,set between the two i.m.p:a-cts_ Aft.el"' the :fl.r~t~ one could stUU believe it was ~1] accident, 0.n1y the sec, ond impact confirmed 'llu;:. ten::orlst attack. And in the Q ueerii.s ;].~,1- crash ~. month later, the TV $1':a· tEcms 'I.~lta~ted! staying with. the stm:"), (in Prance) .(6r; foul" hours.,,, waiting to 'broadcast a possible seocnd,

W~e the 'J ".yin Tow-ers destrcyed, or did th.,ey 'ooJbpse? Let us be clear a bout this:: the: tv'irQ towe.:r,s .Ti['\e both a. physical j archftectural object and OJ o<'tymbo]jc obj ecr:3 "syrn,l) ollc {'~f .6nandal P ower and

lL ,]" ! s- ~.lL· ..:iI"~.~ ll~.ll

crasn rve .,' .. mce ·i.JJ,;:tt ul.u not 0 CCUt"l' we ~.niii1<lI,



g:lo bal economic Iiberalisrn) _ The: archite crural object was destroyed, but It was. the symbolic object which was targeted and which it was in,' ended to demolish", Orte m~ght ddr.k the phy:si~ cal destruction brought: about the symbolic collapse. But in f:a·ct no one, not even the terrorists, had reckoned on the total destruction of the tow-

ers ,. I was, in fact, their symbolic collapse that brou ght abo ut th eir ph'y sical collapse, not the

A.$ if the power he.a.liing these towers suddenly lost all energy:j all resilience; as though that arrogant po~rer suddenl y gave way under the press,ure of' to 0 intense an effort: the effort always to he the unique 'world model.

So the towers, tired of being a symbol which was too heavy a burden to beer, collapsed, this: time phy.si~~Uyj' in their' totality. Their nerves of steel cracked _ llu::J collapsed ertically, drained of


their sttengm ~ with the whole world ]ool<i:ng 0:0 in .a:st.cm:i;sln:n rent.

The symbolic collapse came about ~. then, by a kind of unpredictable compliclty - as though the 'entire sy.'rt.em} by its, internal rr~giHty; joined in the g,a~me of rts 0"'1111 liquidation} and hence jo]ned in '[h.e g.i:U:nt of terrorism, Very [ogkally, and inex

1 • orahly, the increase in the 'pow,e~r of power height-

ens the will to destroy it , But there is more: somew here, it was pa,rtJ to its own destruction" The countless disaster movies bear witness to this

f~nta.~'y, which they a:ttelnpt to exorciz wi.th ·ir~1,~es and special effects. But t~)@ fa.o:;cination they

~-a'\\ray - the rejection of an,y s)'$te:m ~ including mterna,! re] ection l' gro\vin g aU the stronger as it ~ :illI)pt'oacb es perf ectron or omn i))ot,en.ce. I t lba~ ,I been sai d that e Even God cannot dcd;JLr.r~ 'war on :H'i:m,selI, ¥Jell, He can. The West, In the position

Q,f God (divine oll1nipotence and abso]ut,· moral


~e·gi.timacy)" bas become suicidal, and. declared war on it~elr.

E ve'l1 :i n th ~ir failure, the terrorists succeeded

beyond their wildest hopes: in bu.ngling their a tuck OJ1 the White HOIl1&e (while succeedm g far beyond their ob] ectives on the bJ\V~TS), tln~y demonstrated unintentioually tit/at that was not the cssel'rl,ti,al targE~t; that political powe]" no longer means ;t'll,uch:F and real p0"!;\'cr lies, elsewherev A: for " .. rhat . hou.ld be built in place of' tin e tower s 1 the preble rn 1$ l:n,SO] uble. IQ uire simply beca use one C{1n irnagine nod'j_~.ng equi '!i'~lelil t that would be wor th destroying, - that would be v~ 'O'f thv of beln.g destroyed The .win Towers werx wor'th d.~.strQy in.g. One cannot say the same of 111(.1,1.1), architectural t>'!io:rk~,. M,ost fhin.gs are not even worth d.estroying or sacrif iCing. On ly \-\ 0)- ks of prestige deserve that fate! for it is an honour, This proposttlou is not as paradoxical as "it so ii:.I n Is], and, i raises a bask issue for architec - .


hy the tr ex co U en ce , are ''''-lQrth.y of being d estroyed _ Take: .1L look around with thi 8 radical proposition ,3 n mmd, and YOlJlw:iU see what :II, pass, we :ba.v'e come to. Not much would \_ ithstaud

. this extreme !hypothesis,

This brings Us back to "hat should be the basic question for architecture, w hich ~n chitecrs never for-:m.uJa te: is it normal to bul I d and C01::1,-

.struet? [0 fact it is not, and W'0 hould preserve the absolute1) problematical character of the underlciakmg. Undoubtedly, ili,e task of architecture - of good architecture - is to efface j tse f., 'to disappear


~ such. The tower's, for their part, have disappeared. But they have left us the: symbol, 'Of their ~;t5.a'F'pearanc,e.j their disappearance as symbol, 1Ji~y~ which were the symbol of omnipotence, have become, ])1\;' their absence, the svrnbo] of the

) ,I'

. ossible disappearanee of that omnipotence - which is p,e-r hap' an even more pete rrt syrn bol.


'\Vh2itev1eE bect)n):e'~ 'Qfthat~,glol:ral omru!~~,t€n£iE.; 'It will h~~'¢, been rh'~'»tfoy~f~, !he't,r;: foDt" a moment,

M ~r~b've'l"j ~lffiough l;nc ivyu: tQ"!I\y;.'r.~ lr&vf?F cfls~p'pe~j:'~!t11 ~hey, have' not been, ~llih:m"~tecl. Ev.f£n ,in' -their l~Jjl"'fe'.f i~;~d, .~'I:':ate ~ tJi1:Ity. have l€ft beh.i:n.d ~nl . in1#i't<<Jg 'a:wal"e6.(fSS (}:f :tj:J.,E.tt r~sent~- NQ one 'wh?

. - I

kne .... ""t···thei1l. cr':aif.i 'Ge:~,',te' i.L'lif:a~if.dn[ them and the" I

~. ~

jrnpriut th'lB:y made on tIle sky]jnc;> ~~9fO .~y~ p~iftj:s~~

.i1f the ·d<t"'.~. T1~;iT ~nd. hi ln~rerial :iTl®.qe' h'~:'l bOl'.t1,e ~

F .' I ..' v ,r~ !

,th"f.:',r.a, uff i.11,tQ a def1Hlti~c iJIl.~hml~~ BrH~~'e", By th,~

gi"~ee, 1') f t¢;r n:~:d,rnn, I~h~ "Varld Trade Coote.r ha~, ' b~~~~~ ~ ".v~~r1~'l!~ 'm-#~t·hf~\lU:(i~l'L1 btlilding ,-.the~~

'dghth wonder of the 'i,1ii'(Jrk~!~ a

\" %':



We lTiLay dismiss f:ron') th.'e outset the nypotht'sis th~t September '] 1 constituted merely an. accident or incident on the pa,ili to irreversible ,g]Q'balizatBQJ;l. An ultimately des.pii.ldring ~ypothesi$", since sOlnething v~ni' 'extraordlnarv occurred there,~ and to deny it is

j ... ... ,r'

1\.0 adomit that henceforth nothing can ever constitute ean event, that we H'C doomed to play out the flawless log.ic of a g[oh~] ':PQwer capa.b]e of al,sD:rbing

any 'resistanCe ~ any antaJgoni:sm: i' and evert str-en,gth. ~:Lmg itsd f hy SiD doiu.g _, the tc-::-rn)"!ri~t act merely }~a!rs'ten:i n.g the planetary ascendancv of a si ngle 'Ii"!J()W,e:r and a single '\~rav of thunkin ~;,

r 'f c,

C,OU'tl terposed to. th~ tt; Z~() h}:pnt'~I;I!::dg 18 fhe

T! .. l~?;:;hn ~l ~Q~'(~') the~ ma\:in;:tal g;t:m.:b],~ 0(il. th~~(Jr,af~;~'ii:¢t Df Sept.enll her- "1'1 as" event - event b~d:n:g d.efinGd h ere as. thar v~ h·]J(:h ~ in n 3Jst~'m C f &~~Tle·t~ali ~~d. :~J((~htijl~gt,~ . :iu~,l~'enly ct~~>3l;te~ a '~9ne of hnptt1;s;tbl~ ~X:Il.~]~:n:rJ.ge: (hi@;'; in.pGssihle f~.chall~e· ~f': death at"me

'1' f '1... ..;, 'fi&' . d '~ ; '". "b':i

,:n;a.~,'t It): .. tue· .~"ilt.nt m.i$c£!'"j1 all; 'lII).e Il'llpO'SSl 'Le.

~}d.1an,~~ 'Of that (~vettt f~i any d18CQUr~e vfh~t}t\i'"e"(.

.Hence itt s;(mhelic lr,ott:';rc:H.-;y;~ al1!(j :~t is' th:~$',,*yt.iJl.b()UC lPoten~y v¥:bidt struck TtS :.all in the: .Nt:ardla"ttan

I' ,!

f~~dj::r(b ·tllg to '~'hft 'zero byp~dfe;Sj 8) the' b4"tlt'Otist eveatis i~igpLiH'c.an;t" ft Qught 'ijot t.6 havf;> ... e;..~~~ted -an("]~, ,oo~k~t t~ doe'S' t£Qt.~x.i#. Thi~· i~.ft,~ S!rj,~ thi'ng>~ in. terms. of the 'Idea that E vilIs mere ''iFlusion "®'.f an

,a-ociden.ta I" vid$,dtud~~jn ,Ch;0 tt&j:cctOt). orGoo[~d - i:n .(h:i."~ (.va~e,~. thi{~i~~~t)i(:it,y ~)T ·th,~ 'W~~d~ X)id~l" and-a happ:y Gl()b:al1z~t.ioJ:1. Th,e(:t,1ogy ha"~ a·hvay.:l bas,~:a itself 01). +hi£ llJlreaht:y. of Evil a~ >s\tA.r,;h,"

Another lilypothesis; it· Wag an ~ethf~f s'ul~dda~. ma.duT~u~ l~siC:h~p~th s:, fa1l.at:ics: ·GJ._f a .. pE1:'=:if~r~f:'"d C~t]S~1,"them811~J:vt.'s 1I1aun;tptl;lat~d by ·${Ij.m.e. ~·vi.l. pO:W,er:, ,whicH is rt:"i:¢f'ti'~)' Qx~pl.a~·tlng the 're sentment ~.!il'}d

t .

~liat1 .. ,~d. of cip'pi:e~.~e.d-·.-JpeC\!jJ;le~ 't"((~a:te i~ '4e:stiuttlv,i

a:g~ The s~e bypoth~&Ls - but more f~vour:ably


""-'N " ..... ·u. "_". ~nCl atte.:m.ptla:1:g to. lend terrorism 8J'kinci of'his-

. ,

~=":I':';r;,.>,",r'''''J.J ~8rti~wle. - Is the {)pe 'd~t sees it as lth.t J{~41 t·xpress:ion o.Lth€.ld~sp1lir bf ~'Pl~rl':~'t~d: }?6.0 p,i es, ~~t .tu:-gI!Jt.!~cnt ,'~ .ilts~.f ':'l~u:~ptct, ~'h;lif(:e i,t GOnde:rfl1l!$· , ~t'>b~"t~p~~·:seb.t. glol)d: mi':>er.r OI;i]Y l~'i] a ,~:efUl. v ... e~ge~~tlU":C:; il:)[ inrt)(~tence, And even Wlt is .gr:8l1ted: 'teJTQ;tism is, JJ 'Sp~dfic f'Qrrri .. of po1litk~l centes'~""~1""lh;""j. Qt t?e: gjoha~J r,j'~a" (Ills is. 'W~[~l~Uy ~on~ .Qn'~J' denonnee its fruhu.:e and, ~J th@; $a:oo:e d:m e, it$.. ~rniJ&Ite~~.tted df~cf~ wl~.iph ts inv~)l:u:nt,~:~~¥, td cO.Q.s~l',='.,<~"'o".v-. ,ilia:t 'o r,(let". thi~ is the version ad1f,auc~d bv

. ~

" RGY ~~hp:~ while denQl:t.l1cing 1.egem~ni~


~E~.0'Yifer,~, ,d:en'Qll.1UQCS t:ertor,Ha:h as i~s ·'tt\'lJjn. .~ Jh.e ~Hap~tliCaJ. twin of th.¢ $ysten~, A small ~t,e'p~, then, '~O' . fba1!: :it t~rrr~.:i;"'imn. (H,d not ,e:xic;)~ ·th.e 5y~teJ;:cl!


J~l • ~;p..,licit}r' between d:mt r I()~'il-et ao.d the. n,' ower .ra'r.lg· .-·ed

• •• ... , _. • v , l[" . . :,I •

I III !' .. -. • .. • II' I r, . II ,; •

~-<acgal~ls t ~t from, the OYThadt;_;; ·of- am internal U'DS-t:abi bty

b .' ~

11.,,;, . d . 1_. 1,-· h· . . . , 'h "L

!'J. :;~J~" "W~a.Kness 'Wu1C .. ; .E rta sense meet 1.' t '\1);('). ent

11em.lbiiil!atiOTh ~r the ter orist ~ halfw<J:Y. Without


fihe hrpot~H2·l;i-j.~ of this secret coaritioliJ~ tW~. collusive

WPt~4POSi ti(Jo, ~Re'rn: ~a(lrst~ld ng~,- .g,!. of terf~orr.srn . .ahd the lmpOSs,lb]h~y .;Q..f ove:rcom.rng It,

Here again.] this is to SUp})~~trth:a.t all oppositional . Iolence ]$. ultimate~'y complieit Wlth. the existing. order, [t is. 'to ~li~(luaJ}t:}r tb.'e.iure:111i~ll5 ttlf the aerors, and the·'~(i."y.stclLke~.ofth,e:.it action. It is-to reduce '~lli1L a.![:ticul to it,g:. L objecti';o;e:'; oo:Jli5equen,ces (ttw .gGopolitLl<'ll ~. ~:QP~equen):e·s·.c.fSept;el!]h·':r -11)], an~-<n~vei- tosee it'in terms of its O'VVTI :0 O{0.ney'" A~nd:J .M"VW-a".I~ ''!r,\;h0 is' manip-. _. I

r ~ ~ ~ ,

ul~clng whom? 'W'h/j j$ .. p,]ay.ib_g th~ Qthe:l'~s .garae? in ~


t1ib1re aun of tem:,('i!;1JI is" to d8tahiliZie th _," global ~~Q1"der 'mer~ly [~ylb. 'own. strennth] ,in. a head-on

, ~ ~

. .

:£~:a.:6<b.., . :t:heh. H jis; ah~.l.:l rd: the relation of forces is $0.

·hll1~(ILlial. and" -10 any case th~t glo-balt order is already-

$h~:t$'t:e i,?f such disordsr ~a.n.d der·eg.utatiol1 th~t there '~j1Q p~ohlt '\Nh:(l!teve:~-j'tI -addling t~::it! One even runs ~e risk! by this 'addition~ disorder of tdnfordng e .


:}.' . p:o.] ice <~hd se.c:udty control Syt5tom:;;" as we see

this-case, it is j~s.t as much the terrorists ,;y'~10 proBt I~J" the at'h ance Qr the Syst€'-llll in order themsel- G~. - o .giiillt1 :~ PQwex;~ in SJ.'tiill·~. along parallelrraeksin ''''VhLCh the two" .' t ~)I~r{m;ent8, tP~lt1·,:n,·y tij 'Vi.dlat ha'-"pp12:rt€~d ~n .'?la~~ SOH:Hj;t and histo !'kal warfare.' never ac.;:tUfllly meet,

~ Wre: should go even flrr~.h~: rather thar! lh~\::;::

hY_PQthesjs 9tan. ~ olr)le(;1ive j. oompliciilI beh'lt~-!,~,r~ be~~~li.o-dSn:l an q th¢ world. order ~ 'W~ should ad vance ·th~ .

,-'I· ~.' ". $

tJl~cwydPposite'ny]}othesls of a deep .Eo'ternal com-«


00, terr~)]f.~~n" S,i<tide '!td'l~QtiS],fi l~ftpires.tl:y has. J);O}le h (though'it hai5·otlrer JnaaFnings), this 1$. pro6ftha:t<fhe

. . ....

since they 1~eSl:wonde(l 'w'lih'


loneer exists, ~t becomes :d'illtt~lt to. d.e~:r()y it.

,b ~

t;:n.ltoI6gYl c;dl}iitt~,~;Uy:~ ·hut·:t~t=ro·ri~m, 1~ il:d:,u1:i~lo:giGal ~ -:

a:nd its .conclusion is'~" paJa(J.0xieal, $'JUog~S;tj'l~~if:' ,the. SJ'it)[~ .re.aHy &)Listie{]" lit· wou~d give a 'pelttic41moo'[ri;hg~


vengeanc:e.., or ~1:Jrat~.gy7 It 'is q'Hite:

. , .

N'a{jndd.in',Bt6:~y.j '~~e see h:im c:rbssing the'tion:ttet. ' ea:(::n d~v 'w~,th. I[lule5; .laden M,fh. sacks _, E~,€11~ tir.rui'~\$


tl~~, ~a:.;;;k$ are \~~rched;; ~ui; 'n()'tl~i~g i:~ ft)l~,m~] .. Alld

:~l~T,ed.clin eontmues te- cross the EiQ[rtieJ" with· hi-: mules, Lnng ·fjf'tt:.':I!'w,(!Jrds, .th~'y ask. hil:n. 1(vbat in fu(Jt \~l ~:~ he W~~ ~TJ.ggHn.g_ And N asr.ed.dhl fe'plies :<~1~ W;1.S,':)1::rH)i w.:~,g mules.'


!jJ nn~ Is-the wver.;:} gn lly'pot'hesis: rf"rTotism~li-

;-~ .:(1 o)'Ji.. < _. "" .• •. . (:__ .,. __J :... '~,_

~'.e.!:y .liJa~ 'no l:J'l~mJJJlg,. 110 )QbiJ!-t,~t~,iJe, m(~. cannot ne

ill easured by its, ~~·6~r- p.o]]~~aJ, a:tld. hi~ttq:ical ~n~-~-

~~1,c:.es'b ·And, ft is, pa.l .. ald·o,.'Xi"calh~1 be~~u'3-c.~'it has nf:t ff' '!:-- • "_ " 1 .'/ "f . ~ - ,._ A' -1.J1 ~~nn:tg t.J!at ~. .consntu ~~~ ~nd;vet.fl[ In, a' W(H" .~

is YC2illjf' "heiu,g sr.(mgg[~d b:~:t'e~, b.ebind aU the ~pr~aw: t!!:nt m,61iv,e~· fut tli.e 'terrorrsr act -

JEAN BAU'[)[fU u..L.AR[I


r:;implv translates ·in.EoO tota.l insecuritv, Terrorismis

, " ~

unreal and. unrealistic? But OU1~ vi]" tual reality; QUI"


A vital counterforce grappling wtth th.e death force of ih,e ~)'·lijtetn. A. :FOt~ of defiance. to a global ~ tty total i'Y solu 1)] e .in circul arion or leJ{chalil.ge_ A force of an irreducibl '" ~ingul ~t.ity, the more violent as the syste1.n extends its heg;eroo:ny ~ u,P to a rU]?a rural event like that of' September 11 j which do es ,not ~-~solv'e tnl.s an.eagon]s:m ~ but lends it, at 8l stroke ~ 8l, srymboHc di mension,

themselves eoo, and for a, Jong time, been beyond the l"£ali ty principle" As Ior 'tuc["l,-o,r, 'we know it is ';ah'eady present everywhere, ~ n insti tutional vlo']f;ne:e~ both mental and phys~.cal~, in homeopathic (l oses, Terrorism me:rdy crystallizes all. the irngrcdla

~ ents 111 suspension, It 'puts the finishing ·ltouche5 to the m~gy elf pO'wer~ liberatlon, flows and cal cui ation wwbicn the Tw'ul'] Towers embodied ~ whil~ 'beio,g the violent deconstruction of ,that. ,~xtr~))1.'e form of cffl-

Terrorism invents rlJJ'thing1 il1~uguxates DOth", ing. It simply carries dungs to the extreme, to the· point of paroxysm.. it exacerbates a certain state of 'Uling.s ~ a certain logic of" violence and un.certainty. The system ~'~~$elfj, 'bY' the spcculatl ve extension of a~l exchange, the random and vir11;yal form :it in)po:s%' everywhere - Iean production, flonti'n,g f;a;p:ital] forced rno bHh.y and acceleration _. causes, a gel) el.~l

So j at Ground Zero ~ j n the r ubble of gIn bal fower~ we can u'niy! desF~jrin.gly~ Hn.d OUt own 1)nage.

111t1eI"e isn't, in fact, ,anyBll~ng else to see at Ground .Zelro - not even a ~ign of hostili ty rewards ~!Ul

. "~ t' , "'] 1 "ch '

," i'. I • J ,~, •• I"E ,. I : ,- ,," , ......' ~ . ',! ,_ ". '".' ~ '1" I

p:t:111C[P..E 0.. unoer ta:inty to prey:3il " W lR. tel [ OI'lSm

.n~ A.:N B A kHH', Ill.AR D

. . .

A~n'.:;:rlc.~~ p~opl4'~~ 'l;ri1:m,ffiSe ,(i<U~t1F~S19n. {Ot itS~~f ~ , YiTith 'sta~,,-,~P1Jl1,gJ(7tl b@,nJ'l,e~, '&lml;l~lff:l1Qorathl~. ,m~$&~g-e.s:~ til,e: cult of: vlc'1]_,ms and ,0£ those (postrf.lodern :. heroes, ,th.e· nr~,Jlght~·s an.d· the ·'t)J~:lice _ Oom~SsiQ'If" as the·n~.tion~. (Ji~fSSi-On. of a }p~'0ple 1fh~t want:s'to be

11k "C·.:1 .:1 J" "['',C' _"I~. g

a' ~n~~ }"Irib:l, . - . Qu i~ ano pr,e~'e:r:s ep SJ~~ lrt:se!L' .sUrW.1K,·~

= @f the Good. i.lii .wen does rrot .di$!p'le~'8't t!h'ei'f'1 j ?nd 11m I~H. npt ,Pt~'V'¢:gt tlte:ffi tr6rn, ,CCil]tl n:Q:ih.g: to fID ~G-QPd..

I ~"

·";N].th-&U~ the sl~g:1?t~s:t ;!n]$_giw:ingif, .A'n4 ~t.n~e: kht<Ung

" ill· .

, W. th~oosely)elS eve:.n 'mom-alone with Gnd. Ah'd"hen~

~. Beili.1'g it.vell 'r.n_i~X~' pro:fq-]Jx~dly unaware of 1;h,~ ,~:is-·


CQl1:,<rt,e;~~nati.O)1.~, but wti:nl"a:tdy ~tet[taJ g!~~tit.ude: 'fQ"~ this·divine so1idtude that has It'iimQf¢ us 'Victiro;j"

J .' • '.: •

Ik Thetw m Ai~tli·<:af C"qmp.msiolt, (1Ii;.nmth a twin ,~S the 't¥P'Q·tO"Fver~)]s 8lrrag;ili;n-~" Y~JU '),:'r::el~ over your . J;i:w,[b. m~,sfo,:ftttl'ine ~ ~J1d 2tt th(t' ~J;1!!!Z tlJFne you,:a:re: ,m.e

~ ,

·h~st. A rid 'li,what gives. u~ t~~; II"j £ht to. be [he bes:~ is

.. ~hat HD~n tIG"rV on,,; Vif'@ .. are .vletinu. This Is the 'P~.l.-· ·F_ect, 'a1i1JJ~ it '],S . the '~'-ho]¢. IneFlbJ h~lgi~lJ!~~ l'rf' tile ,( victim, :~hJ"ough w!rjik'h: all g~riT~' :[3, t~~qrv.:ed~. (alA

The ,~asening of" m,cr4I Coll;scioDsn(ss is a;s fQ;l-. ~ l~s: sin¢e" we ate the ,Gond r :i:t Gall on! v be E~il tha~lAIlV'

- . ..,},' ,,J


thera . for 'wh-a1t~ ultimately" if 'not £9[" an excess of The A merieans lack€d. such a wound ~at Pe-arli

~frtlf~~,8Jn'cl~ ]~·9~reJ.i'~ for ·tn.Ji: e:(cits~. si.gnifi'~cl. 'b,. :':~~~n~ ~lI'q Fmtbo.,ney S"ulF(!'I,'eH ad! ;tPf. ()f""'~r. ·nbl' 11 ~ym.b olic non .. ·dj·visi'ti.fi of Good and t:i:oi;.¥er~?· A plJ!l):ishruent lD~ ~tta~)" Aft ideal te:v~~ge 6/ f:()r1h.1fY).~ ,~~r:- fa :~itto\n at ha'lling,go1l-C i:Qo' far in th.&:G,op~d,md: t'he incarrltatiof. ..

it. ,to"¢xen:lts. Fm~re;r in ,~U goo,d ~~~denqe. A situarion science fictiou dreamed of, f]:o'm ttl€: beginhing: that of some obscure foree that would ''i;vipe them but ?ln~l which j, un:tlll tl~al Ii oint. tnere~y e:xisteci in d'lel:l- unconscious (or sorne other.' recessof ~heif minds). Aod~a:n, ()f a Slii.cIde,n ~ jt n1atefi,-i~li~e$" "thrbu(1h the good q,:ra.c;t~ of 'terrorism 1 The, axis of

~ ,~ ,

YV"OT universal figure~ of anv DG'i\'!j.!"<tr< incapahle,nf'

,J. - .. pi, .( .... /"

,,- . g .the spe-Cl:r~~ o,f, 0ppo~ition" How can -the

l' ,~Oth.er) unless h~ L~ an i~.]o~,; ~ p.~y'chopa;th cr a crank, ~t"·w-a]l.t' to he d:i fre:l"ent ... itre,m:ed.iat}ly diff~el)~jl . dth,u " ~"Qnt.ev,er4 a desireto sign' '1 up. to OU.l~ univer'S'al'[r08,nd?-

~ . .. c r

ji·e:s by v:i,i:;.11eli1~·· what W'~~ merely ~l' fantasy 'aud a ~ , ~1:rBalTI. 'thoug'JitJ

: S:uch ]8- the i~u']''Oganc.ec of Empire-> as in Bo;rge8 is . ' {the, mirror people'J.),. where- :the dfef'e;ated ,w~",u"'.i"'i"-..leis are e~U~~1 into' the marors, 'f:t:trJID where' ,are condemned to reflect-the irr~ge .of-the conI!¥i<l'.li.l't;' rors, (Bt1t Que cl~y '_theY' hegin 'It() look less and '&-!i~,~ li~ weir, cqnque:T.9ysJ :a:pcl in the-end ,~~y gm~;slli .ml!FTDFS and aotta£k the- Empire 'Once. -again)"

1', all comes: ft-':OID the ,~ac'IL that ih~ 'Other, like I'vi'l~ 'is tmimagin=ablel (t'a.l1 comes ri-OIiQ tfie irnpos-: sibHity of cOllcei'vin,g of 'm€ ,thh·eY - friend or ~'oh.I"'==


,~~~·ein:y - in ,tts radical otherness, in its kl'ec:;oncila·~:h{ :


.'forelf]rmess. A'refusal rooted in the-total ;'..-1!·"".,.-.:1:",ih


There is this same ·ex]}e~.ntb-:,the mirror' 'of 1,1(,M,1 With oneself around ritoral values and. te~linkaf '_~11'm: ~:,,J(;e:St~nlDJ~ln' ee jt] Pl~f~ lppe ,Mur~~l':\l address to the D~d!r

,p9weT.-' l\h:ii(t jS' th:e l\'mltTic~ t~1;at tal:{~ i.t15¢lf fQ. ,A.:rn~dca and whieh ~ bel'\~ft of otherness II ~ye.~. ltse[£ vdt1~ the yv - 'des! CQnllJ.:(lI;s,siol1.

. In ',Fau:q,a, OoJ 'Mtrt.'~r,(> The IJI)()J."~f' fm(~8.i:fJ"(irT Ee1nSt, :(I-I~!·mQIi..:t~:'>}«wth: 1){3ngtrin; 'm 9i:4).;'I~P·. 6"7-1~ [Tr<ll'1$ .. ]:,


H Y P 0·T IfU: S E'S c N! r ERR 0 :R. I, 5 M

Jfh{i.d:i~:t:r:2 . iOWe~ produced ybt~ ~ jiha~]:sts and terror. ists ~ ~d. ,yO.U 'W~U end :Up' pI iiSIii)17U;r-'S;~Of resemblance.

YQUi ra-dicaJ.isDl :i~ .!U).nl.ething "\-ve p:;u-:sec::i on to yt~U .. 'Vle 'drn de this: because we 'ate indiffer ent ·t?: every.:: . thing, .jn,d,u.a.i:ng our (~vn~·'ila]u:es. Vou cannot kill-us

because ·W~. -aore already d.i!~dL. J{Q~l think y6t~ arr~ O.ghting n$ ~ but you are ~]:"l{:&:hseious~y on our side .• , You are ab:ead.y assimilated .. ' Or,' elsewl e -e~ "You ha\~~ worked wdt~ but you have m.el~illy killed y~Ul:"~:. .. ~~].Y~s· off ,~,S a .sfng!!l t~r .[6rce. . . . By 'y~)1Jt very a·q~( , -you have re-entered dte.glGl~aI ganl:e you execrate.' ,

. '." ~

I ~

sa:m:e: ·4e,.r1t!i r.;h.2n "is".at J'>s.7.u.e; Vilh.er( W~~~·er'n 'CUJ.tQl~ ~ sees an ib:, walues.: ,e:xliuguis;hed one by .~1ne; it tutflS . .in'.-wIJJ,l'd ·~n,·"itse.tf in the ,cry worst wav, Our death is

.1 rt'

::~ "an extinction, an annthilation; it Js not ,~ .g,)·Iil1b6]"ic '~ .stake, 'Herem ltes Our .poverty .Wheu '4 s~ngll;1Iari9 :- jh''9W5 in i?Wh \'IeatJditro the dog.- R· escapes !1ils

w. > 11 .

~~S!Lo"v' extermmation, it qid .it.~. (JWn natural ~e-~ili,:

~ !th+s is, .an immense- game of double or uuits. In

~ ~ ~

~P9rO,mittirJ.,g 'sl.llctdc} th~' !1:fngub.riry suk:i,d;e~, .t;h~


, ;e.·ther at the: same time - w~ llli.ght .say tha.t. th.e~ ter-


. r'. .." - I;'·· 11J f . - -d . ..Ii ~ 0 . • :

.~IF,q.:nst acts Itterai Y SlH(l, eo the West .. .A . death £01'


,'~:Jlea:th, -tl\e:r.l'" but ttal1srid"lU'!td b,\l ch.·e svmbollc

I" . . ~ ." ~I •

.............. , .... '·,.5., ~·We 'hav'e alre·ady devastated. OUT Vilorl~) wh;tt


culture, but: ~lse -a staten-lent of die failure Qf '~ni!:' ... . ore. Q0 v·O,O. want? i· siiI'ys Jvtunl!:Y. But .pr.e~£is~l'V"M .WiF,,1

~, '. :' -: ' J.

ri.61e:.)c:t. ~lJit~gl?,]jistic tq:i~:~ '0]" 'b~'Hf;~ihgYj,ts~lf to b1 f.!~~~y,e· .me.:t;e.~ d'e~·{.fs.t:at'ed .:dds w·O;r]~l. It; "stJ.11 has 1;p be

so- Poor reb~,;}~s, J)OOl" innoc,fZ:"n.ts~ .r·Vile shan d.d::eat$ ~;, estz:o_;,rea·. Destroyed synlbolicaJ!y; This is not. at-'aJ]

:-':JI,*,,~~'ti:Ii •••

Yoli>bt=.l1<re we are deader than }'ou l' II,,! jt.iH,oi rh~ f.!;.-siriie utld"l:tikir.og .. And though W~ did the first

~~rt"~ only others are. gO:hlg . to be a~~e: to JQ,' th~


"" :ti

~ .PMllppeA~·IJj"~~r,. q.~r.J,·4jihtldi~f~{ParLo:;.~ Mille etune ;m:i.i:~~.

:2002} [Trams.]I;


'E\'""'"'"' '1' n "/"_.n(Ji·"""lii"I -"v.:. .... ·n·_l u,~rf.:."I"-''''''' "'-ill ..... · "... ... "'~ "",M, .... ~"'L·h ."' ... r~- ...... ,,,,,. , ~~II~,. -,- It;:. " ~ CU.!.l.l.J.:~··1:Jj (], -lj"rfI pt,L1I, J:t.au. 1£:.]1 TS"'I:.- 1LoQ,i.~. i3'C-'C.. UIA..:.-- ai:lU:JU.'\...-

lack of :i:rnagination - the same inahiMty to regard the o tit err as a fuUy .fled,ged ad,i·en;arJ·, the same magp ical solution, which "s to exterminate him and

bli 'Il...: ' ]-

0. Itterate rum unceremonious y,.

To make Islam, the embodiment of EvU would

be to. do ilt honour (and. 'Ito do oneself honour in the process). gut "we don't [joe e things that '~'a)' .when it is said thrat Islam is Evil, the implicaticn is that it :rs r.lO~- Jell! that it is si k and' that it is violent because

it is sick ~ because it sees itself as a hwrulliated victim, and ]S nl1rsing its resentment instead of taking irs p,lace j O'yOLl~Jy in. the New \\[orM. Order, islam. is y;egre~~~,ve and fundant\.'e:ntal~st out of d(!spair~ But if ~,t becomes QFfensive, then it m,1llst be reduced to

im.potence. 111. a word! Islam is not what it ought to be ,. And what, then, of' the 'West?

There is the. same inability to contemplate for'


themselves entirely 'freely", without in any way being blind, mad or manipulated. FOl' we have .the monopoly of the evaluation of Good and E vil the implication being tha. the only 'free and responsible li choice cannot but be En keep:ing with our moral ].a"\lIj{, \Vihkh ID'eans impwttng any resistance to 1 any violation n{, GUll" 'values to a bHnmra,g ()f consciousness. (but where do es this hlinding come from 1) " That the ~ free and. en ]ght~n.ed! msn should necessa.rily choose ,Good is our universal pre] udice - and a paradoxical one it Is too, since the man who has, this: ! rational ~ choice a'~ lotted to hun is no longerJ. ultimately, fir'ee to decide (psycJhoanalys~.sJ. too, 'has

.. specialized. '111. the interpretation of these 'resistances"),

On this pcrin1tJ lL:khteDberg tells us something s;tr~U:l,gti!::t. and HI ore original - namely, that the proper use: of freedon'll is to .ab1J:S~ it ~ an.d, make excessive use of it, i\nd this includes talting respon~ilMHt}' for one ~ s 01l-V11 dead~ and that 0 f others.


Hence the '3llbs;l.m;"'ili:~y "Of ~le, 'e,rithet ~GQ'\¥81l".d[y· &\Jt is ~ :apF,:lie~ ·t'l:;i'tb.e't,en,-dt.is;~~,: ~,~rdl1., for !h8J~ing' iho$.en. suicide, [:i;J,wjrdJy {Ott" 'lla:ving sac:nfloed, tne..,lnn.O('e:l1t (vv'b,e}[i. we irh!i1i, ~1: ~c6illse tbel'J~' -of1:aitt.r;g ,~dvanJa-g~ ,of this tv! ];\ea~h" lirat~i~~):,

M~·t:li,~ {I,(Hllilieh li:f{;~ ""ho murdered 'lli;s whale f:arr:liily'~ ~ MitrO:r f~;llc' ·of hem g Ul)D1;,l:skM,.., btu (<II' fear of

'. .~'!I~"" L . tl t' ,,'~ ..3:_ 't f"

="]Ji1I:H('!;itutg -(;tin them r: le pro_[ {Z!ll,l11ilD. ,i,.i,£Sapptnn, l:Oe:irh1f. 10'

.All th:e' same ~ we ~h~'uJtf 'try '~Q' get beyor;rd 'the moral ir.(Ji,p eratj\~-e ,}~f ll,m'~'O'll'd:i q(')D:U :re,spect JQf' human ']ife,~ a!{HI 'con,ccive that' o[)je.~1night 'l"e£p€-ct,. , bt.)ili' ln the orher 'and fn 'Qn~'Sdf~ ~on'l,e'dt.i..n;g'bt.he.'r >


ttt.iV{j and rnb::rll~: 'man, lli€ (mste-Boe isrr!'t ev:ery- ~

" d15(,')(p'l'l;'rin._g: his d~Qe:p.tron. ~~ bmntnitd~.g ~1JJkid e ~ 'wfl,uld not mtill¢ ,e~fn.uig0d, 'fih.'~ ~:iril1te fro m the

,x. I

.recoI',tt', he ·Wolll}d.m~r-dx ha:·'1.r€: PaJ,\'i5-Jbtl the'$h~_me'Qrr

".,.0'0, to the others. ,'Vi!h.er~ i~ ,thJe t~pu",~g:e ~ where 'th~

r= '( 1,1'.'" !l,j!i:~i.()W",f fre:edoID, one'~ mvn);lr ii!OO.l> :of od1e'l:s·, no longer 'pases itself in· tffi'm~ o,r t-li~'o:r.aJ, {:uo¢ij,ou~e~r~~ .and ~, w,gh~' 'tr'e:oob.m. 01lJ1S;t,


,-ill6'~1 liJ~ t-Q' di:~'P"o5e. of-it ~o~,the pn~n:tr.pf ~hU8]ng ,~'~

':d:,:- ~ '0'" 'lh I D L f~

• '~®.(;Tmcing ii. '" :i~:]l.ar Nuay~m: na;taer: OFJ.·e;· 'rDf.:1:l'la'rt

. ,

~bind with .(1~,~:· _of love 'man ~'¢(¥ tbJj~~~u.d p\l"f~'-'

a .tmj'V'er-s~:~thi!lmtu:n_st.'Or:-d.,er. ,So we L3un~}'\8jm~:ine '.0 ter:h..'n~j·st ad ~oimmj.titea ~rith (~]),ti,rf,; a:iJJ11DtlJom)r :a~*r

. ~'M'OO

·~.t[-e:0;:lG'ril. 'Qf cooscienee". NoW-l chr)l1;C'e in. tb:m~.f!~ ,symh(iu'G ob]~gatiQ)]:S :is·. §Olll,rtinles p'rofon'E).clly' my:s

I . • • ... I

&ee iEmITiI1L:l'luel C:lii:';.r'~1I'e.,_. T'11~ ;Lall!O',r,;;;qry ~ A lr.'1J Po :StQ:~ if

" :\H,u:d~r. .:a.~d~l_h;~epti~n" "b~]):, t.m9~ CO:Y'e:li(d~l€ (Lml~~,::

ll~ Swo~",~bm-~1 2001) [Trana.].




inversion of the master-clave reiatic)'[lI,$llip. In, 'th~ F~st, the master W"aS the one who was expo$}w, m I death, and Gould g',am111.e with it. The ~~ ave Wa!S th~

, !

a:twikmg ~ logi,c of simulation and, indifference in, ~ name of a s)'~i:;tern. of values a"rll:d higher reality,

~. 1L id 1 j- h . ~1 ._,:~"

'I?~_l I;,.Je sai mere y \.0 "ave revrveo a new li\JIentitary

, ~

one de:PT]vecE, of death and, destiny, 'the: one doomed to surviva] ,~nd h&~Oll!F" H~:JW do things stand. today? We,~ the p'[)wer.fu] l' sheltered r.g:O~~V from death, ,an~ overprotected on ,an ~jde,;s,~ otC!l'pY exactly me position. 'Of the slave j whereas those 'Iovh'o'Se ,d,eaths attk their own. disposal ~ and who do not have SI.l1'"vival ~ their exclusivesim, are the ones who today sJ~'OC:·bolically QCcupy the position. of master,

~Q~k., ~ A.g.ad!i1st the logiC of ,hj,clill~Jrence/ she ~ays:~ ~U(~ terrorists are trying to restore a mearring to sB~erihi[!J.g that no lm:i.ger has any.,;" FIne Re:aJ fDr us IidHg 'what it is - ~hat Is to say~ a referential illuS10r;J, - the terrorists could merelv he s:ald to. be

• ...f - -


9b·m,~thhlg For which :[J'hi~ipF'e Muray also criti. c~ ,them: '~We had liquidated all our val,ues;, 'that "WFt5,),m;d.eed the sense of our whole h[stoFV~ and you

/ -J F

1i·h~~S bad, yout' phantom 'VQj].u~s,~ your phantom

tij~t.y, your ~~int.e,gTity\ which yo'u set ~ga'inst a ~i5int~gr_3i,1ted, world,' Tile ten-o:t.i5ts are 'taJ.dng 'sin"'~ ·~latk~rt referents (thlo:'!i towers, the market, the Wfl6.!h!:n Inega,- culture) for real ones. A~~'n5t the

tdf!l~~ity of integ~r,al exchange, they are once 8Jh:L:m.m:~gu.ratmg a metaphysics of truth ([onawing

Another serious. 0 bjection ~ no 1 (ling- • €r this thn~~

. .. .

with reg8;rd to motives, but to ·thle Sj'ffit'bO!iC te:not {)f the terrorist act. Are we dealing, ]11 the SepteTnJ,e'r ] 1 a.l1!;t8J,ck, - in this violent chaUenge to the. :t:r'tUrlifphagnt logic of glo1.lG;i.H~aDti,(Hl - with i3J symboUe,act . in tb,e 5tn:.:n'lg ~1~..Jlse (~lii<lt is to say, implying .a, tm - around. and. t~',aLn~m,utatiQn of values)? Acoo:rdlfig'rQ1 Caroline Heinrich, for example l' the terr-o:ri.~~"] tn"

J Ii: A.N ·llfA UtH~: I L,L.A R.D

C1;[-'oiJ.lne Heinrich here .snll) _ Now 1" the 'Po'int is not· t()::tak:f3. it out on tiiri.1~)Jat' on",'but ~. take' :iit o'ut on t1u~'h

tr.[:I,th its4f- There is no p(rEnt·<lttacking. Si~nu:~.~ci"~, jf, it means fJJ1ir:.t:S back in~o. truth. There is no point. ~U~ddng ~he vjll'~u:il~ .if itt -mea[lfS faUing 'I)·,adk.'-tntd_.

rL;:i"" II ; tv ~ .!llL~.:I,' .l II


~ 'The, terrorists are u1akiag an. attack up on -<1. s.ystem


:.of"mtegral reaHty by an ad which has,~"ll the vcry

. .' .

~ 'I

;. I



Heinrich, as, 'the. te1"l"o'rh:'ts. are themselves in out-. ' ,'HOI' refer~e.:_nce In another world. The .aim ]s.siI'nply and-out sin'tulation:the :~c;norist act 19 _generated' '. i to wreck the 5)'5t~ - Itself tb<!iff<iycilt to i1;S(;)WD by 1t.104e.lS:, h is, e~ten.,= a t:!ema,y.k~hi~ example, of the ~ "'~allie's - b.y means ~r j:t~ own we~'P0l'ts', Even more precedence of models' over the Real {Ho]]}'"\.\~{)d.·,'· ~~I.;, thanthe 3ys.ten1~;s- te:c:hnologfoal 'ilfea;pOns~ the key

" I

dij-ec,tp'r's Iu't~¢ been called .in. :?L~. C()n~1.t:~'ta:,nt$, ~'~Y', ~ , !.t, arm th{"Ji'. a.pptoipl'i:ate,~ and' turn .to ,qecisi ve eff~ct?j~-

• y

The objection is; a str'o~g. one, hut r-educ;1:iv:,e "n . , so fat" ?'5 it confines itself to the 'r:'t~·~,~.gifOU~f a:r~d funda..,. .. ,


. the lilon:-:[rn,t:~mi.n.g ~rtd IDdiffB:~ft:li.Ce whldl are at the

..l rioes r!: f,l... ',' ~< ~t "J:":~ , '" ~ ," . " th' 'Lr} 'r '

\le\ ices OJl rne ... YS!Leln. ,uq.:w .S'~ one, . ea, u}" Plla.1- .

. ' }

A stnit.egy (}f turnil1g around and' overturniiJ:?:,S :r.'i:),"iier i> not in th€:: name- o:f a, mora] or te1t~ious eonrron-tar,tion', nor some ·f ~~la~. ofdv,±li~ti:oris ~ l.l~u t as ~ resulr of the' 'pUf\e and ,sinlil~ ®acceptaJhitlty .of·that· _glQool'p0l,-ver_



Tb~'i"e jrS~ Tner'6~j"~ef~ no need to be an.lslamisr, Qr~ to '~1"nneal to.: 'a, hig,'~ler truth; to ,Hod this O-clobhl ' '

t s ,::f '.' I,J: '-"0 :.l

ol,~det' 'U.nacoo]Jl .. ';lbl'l~ .. Islamist or not, 'we. share this ,;

fundamental ]ft;ji~ctroil~, an~lthen;::.- are nlany:signs ,~(' " ,::':Ol'ig:i'n),,- not o:-y it$ ictelIl.itr[ cl~hll - ~I amso-and-so,

..,., ,

fraetum,'(lI: n~ld disarrraJ - of H~-agihty - at ~th1t: h~_;~u"t'of' -_§ ~ ,J ,~'xjst~ T live in' New Yc~)"rk" - but :by its disin~'!;edt?t:i.on

) "

thiGi. p(,),J.'Vef' '·itself. Thi5 '.t~ .the' ~tnl:th~ ,of the ten:Q 'irt ~l"':~I:-="ij.,~~ of the "\;v:aUs ~'~,d Jl"(1li1!ecture~artl1ie cjty by th~ 'l!'.i()~

act, There.is-noother; anc:l'oertaiJidy nor the tru'tJh.of ,'i ;' .. lent ,d'c-C'O;ui'StJ"l.Ic_don of I..ht~ slgpifie,T 'its ·If (th-ti,::,

a tOl!lUaUlentaUsm, to 'which it is rofen,"e(l~ merelj ,': gratnti-t-attaoed 3:ubw.r.ty trains pJungecl 'd~'lt into

the, better ff) ,d.iSCI ualit\r It.

':L ..

'\.:v'hat N~'1J,:,t'O,}c'ism revives is SOIUetill.l,it:lg ~hal 'ca:mm,ot be ~raJ:led in a s,i'ste;-rn. of dlfference.s -aild. gen,erallzed :"':X;,d:nal4,_gc;- ,:,Oi ffei'€nc~ and ihdj.ffe r:en~~ ,"Gan pelfe(..t'ly well he traded f'Or one 3:tl.(:),tn.er. Wh8it 'con .. stitU:tL~.3 ,8JU ~'t~ri,t If,j 'cl1.~t' for wEli.,en there is fi,Q f'lqui valent, Ab.d th, re is no ,cquht~h,"I.nt for rhe terrorist act jn, S'OTne transcenden truth"

'WheiJ, Ca:r,o:~int' I b.~iQdch ¢o~ntrt;~rp(?'ses gr~.ffiti, to terrorism ~~ ,t.he OJ1J;y .rigorous symbo:ric act ~ in so far as gl"~fOti' :ii:ignJfles :QQ'[hhl_g ~nd makes use Dr



t1 .:

':~ ;bnp~y signs to .reduce them, to ,ibs(lr,di,~y~ ,si}ic dJJ?~~

~ ~ .

: n:,p,·[x~a.li:le h?\-v wight 51J,~~ 'iii" Gtlliffiti ,i S lad'eed a ter-

, ,

'>, rortst "act (i tse If 'also wJtbN 'e"-V Yn,['k .as its place of

th. . heart of' New York, 'j Q L-X:ill-cd-}' lli~ SMU.-e "v,ay ~a.~ :th terrorisjs hurtled their B6 (;,ir~ gs if).' 0 d~,e. Twin .. "Iowers).

~ ,

The , <g,ue;~tiCln' Is that ,of the- Rea], ACC{j'rtUllg to :Zi!t:k~ the paSs:kJfl 'if)f'th~,.tw~n1:i{l:tlu~nd twenty.fi:rst -c~,tul~i¢.s 1E;' the esc.hatoJog ~ca] p~sion 'for -the' R~~] j " d e 11. 9!$ tal gk paS-Sic'm. Ior ' l.a,'t lost or ,disapi)e'~:If'ing object.~' l~_nd 'ili:ol' terrorists niight be ~~id, uhhnately~

+ See 5J~V'-o J ,2ifd::; ithJmrrw').[{~ tire VWoC't # dwj~iJ.lI {london and N ew ¥()lk~ V~t·S(~, ':2:00'4), p_ 5'.' {Thdugl,~ '(, ,~h,[-n~ld be '1~('J~1f,I red om that &udrinL~rd had not seen tl~s WOT'~ ~t 'ill'"

merely to he- '('esponding to this pathetic demand §: Ii

. ~ or rea . tv ..


Por P'hilippe Muray, too, the jihadists' terrorism is merely the last stirring of a dy.ing reality _ the aftermath (:If a. dramatic hist(fry that is now COIl) ing to an. end ~ and is pa:1:~dy~e d preci s ely because ~~t Is m oribund. But this. caUing to order of the .ReaJ and Hi story is ] t5·eJJ a thing of pathos, as it corresponds to 1!L\n earher phas.e~ andnor to the present integ]·aJ-r,eali.ty phase which is that of gl(J.haliz,ati.on. At th:~s ~.tage, no n.egat:!vity whatever can provide a -response_ To this ~integr]st~ offensive .of the globa [ systeni), the only respons,e. can come through the irrupnon of 8> singular.i't_y}

time of w"'t1t~ng~ but had head <L.cC·t!2>S: o[lly to a much shorter .(~Qin f(:j."e[l;ce p0.iper by ZIZt.:k. The phrase • the pil!:; .. sion for the Real ~ :[n Zitof:k s ibsx:t is taken, wnh ::tCklllO'wled,g'SIf.l.eJ:l.t, from an a"s· r= unpublished '..vQrl\;;. by Ahin Badiou, "'~·I'lt;:i.e'~(,:d i.~ .sj'ecJ'~ [Trans.].

which, for its l:J:art, ha.~ Thothing to do with the Real .

The most recent of the versions of Septemb er 1'1, ·a:n.d. the most eccentric, is that It was all the product of an In ternal terrorjst plot (CIA I fu,n,dalnenta]ist extreme right j etc.). A. thesis tthaut appeared when doubt was cast on the air atta.elk:. 011 the Pentagon and, lOy extension, the attack 0:0 the; Twin T.ow'eT~. (in

Thi luI:" ' 9/ 11 ~r' r T.l . l ~ )

.. erry pileySi5aIl S r v- .;. J'te n:!8 uc.·.

And what if it 'was all untrue? If 'it was all faked up? .A fuems, so unreal that it deserves to he. taken into account, just as, every exceptional event deserves, 1",0 he doubted: 'we .alv.rays have nJ1 us. a demand both. for a radical event and. for a total deception .. .A phantasy of fo·ulrn .. achination v!ihi.ch does, indeed, quite often ~ turn .out to be true: 'ore have lost count 0.1' the murderous acts of provocstion, 'IDe attacks and ~ accidents' staged by all kinds of secret groups and services,


Above and beyond the truth, of -the matter, of 'which. ~f€: shall perhaps. never' have ,:loy knowledge~ what remains of this thesis is" once ag~iJ1.~ that the

dominant puviler is the instigator of everytl1i:ngJ, ,i:nduding effects of su bversion and violence ~ which ~1:e of the order of trol1rpe-l' rei I. The worst of th:is 'is that it is again we '!li'llho per-p etr ate d. lit. Tlns, adrnittedly, bring$ no great glory on our democratic values, 1:.H'],1: it is still better that! concedln g to obscure jihadists the pov.,rer b) ]n!l~ ct such a\ defeat on us, Ai.i:ea.dy with the Lockerbie Boeing crash, the th,eo:ry 'Of technical fa:Blure YVES for a long, time preferred to that of a terrorist act. EVEA1 H' it is. a serious matter to. admit one's O'\>'V11 sh.(1Il-b..J(1;ming'8-,~ it is, still preferable to ,~)dmjtUng the other party's power (which does not exclude the paranoid denunciation of the axisof Bvil),

If it were to. ll,U:rfl out that such a nlY.':!ltifi..cation were possible; if the event were entirely fa.ked up, then dearly it wou ld no longer have an,) symbclic

si.gnificance (i f the. Twin Towers were blown lip from the ins,:ide - the crash not being sufficient ' .0 make them collapse>- it would be v.ery difflcul t to say they had. committed suicidel) _ This ... ~'ilouJd merely be a political conspiracy., And }'€t. '. '. . Even if an this were the doing of same cliq ue ,of extremists or military men, ,it 'i,·"'l)u]d stiJ I be th e ~ign (as in the 0 khhotllta born b-Dl1ig)· of a self-destructive interr'rial violence, of a society's obscure predisposition to contribute to its O~ doom - as illustrated by the .high-lev.e..l dissensions between the C]A an,d FBI

which, by reciprocally neurraltzing .infonuabon ~ .ga\Ve:: the terrorists 'llie unprecedented chance to SlIJ.C-'


September ~ 1 win have raised with S,OUle violence the ouesrion of reahty~ of ·w.hich the fancif ] 00.11-'

, "

spira.cy t:heor.i is tfue inlaginary lry-proch1ct., Hence, perhaps, the '\re:he:rnenoe w~th wluch this theory has been rejected On al] sides. Is it because it may"" be

from bb.m£? (But to absolve them from blame is to :td.ievB them of responsibihty for the event i windl

comes back round again b) the comempmous view that the Islamists would never have been capable 'of such a feat.) No, it is, rather, the "denial' aspect of 1[11i:s theory that explains the, violence nf the .reac-

,J!. '''1I~h''....iI··' ·'1 . 'f' . ".11",' "',, " , • ,. ',.', elf

~10n _ ,~'" e ue O!L 8. , '0.1 ~ead,ty rs terrcnsnc H1 Its ,.,

A,n:ythtng is 10 erter than 'to contest reality as such. What has to b e ~aved 15,]< :a'bove a11, the r-,e:a]ity p:rificiple, ~ N egatiQnisOl ~ lS FHU bEe en.'e:my D.1llm,b er (ft].€;,.5' :N OW~ in fact, w-e already live ']ilTgdy" in a oegar.t:uon. ist society. No event is ~ real' :3:111'\1" longer. Terror

, ~ .

.. 't.. ' ... 'L: "h .. ,. . d deeid

tnere is :nOUiuUg, now t, at isn t ng_g,e' , or tm,< ,6Cl -

ll •. ] G' ,,;,l._ .;I.L.· ' , d . " .

an e. , overnmenr ;,[.fJLC antnormes .an,· msntunons

5 The Fr-ench ter,[jJj ~n~,ga,ti..on.nJi~me~ 1]s.ual~Y' designat:E$ what. '~n Eng'i!:sb. '~S ,calted <'HQ]Oca:'ILlst demal", though de;3i:dy a wider ,~4!:n~ h; 'inknrl,c.rJ here rr f:w.1!s:.l.

are the first victfms of this fat], from grace of the principles of. truth and reali t.y. Incredullty Tlil'g,eg. The conspiracy theory merely adds a somewhat burlesque episode to this situation of mental d.e~tab.~lizadon", 1: Renee the 'll'r,gent need to combat this cr,eepjng n.eg:ationism . and, et all costs ~ ~raBegua;rd. a reali ty that is n(Filil kept :aH,ve 011 a drip. For though we can -range a gr-eat :mach.i~nerJ of 'repression and deterrence ag.ai'nst phys]caJ in~ecl,]l'!rity :and terrorism j! noth.il:n,g will protect us f.rom th is m,en till.

Mor-eO'v,er, all the security ==s= are merely extensions of terror, Al'td it is 'thlt real victory of' terrorjsm that it has p]unged the whole of tile West

;;1, veiled form, of perpetual terror.

The spect-pe' of terrorism is forcing the 'Vest to' terrorize i~df ....... 'the plar!l,@tar-y police network ·beiLn.g the equivalent of the tension of a univeraal Cold.

War, of a fourth world war irnprintin g, 'i.tse.1f upon ' bodies and m ores.

Thus j' for example ~ the world s leader s met recently 1.11. Rome to sign a. tr'eaty t "h:~ch~ they all proclaim, puts.a Inal end to the Cold 'Wa-r_ But titey didn it even leave the airport, They stayed on the tarmac, surrouoded by armoured cars, barhed wire

and helicopters ~ that is to say; by aU the symb ols of the nex ' C,old Wa.r, the war of armed seeuritv, of the

~ .

per:p,etttal deterrence of an in.vi~hle enemy.

Neither po]iticaUj" O(}J" economically did the abolition of the Twin TQvj,r, :r.IS put 'the global system 'in ch,. '(:.1::.. Somet}nng else is: ~f is sue here: the s,tunning Impact of the attack, the insolence' ()f its success and" as a. result, the [OSs. of credihility, the collapse of hnage" For the system call function ordy if it can exdl.3llge itself for it.~ own im.age~ reflect itself k~ke the towers in their twirmess, lind. its. equivalent:in an


ble - and it i s this e 'i ui valence that has "been smashed, It is In this sense that) while it i~ every 'bit


struck. in the heart.

Bet1J;?i.;re'e:n the terms '~global j and 'uni ve rsa 1 ; thefe is a deceptive sim.Harity:., Univers;aHty is the 'uni'!ier~lity ofhur.rum. Tights:~ freedoms, culture arid den~ocra,GY" Globalization is, the ,globaliz:atio.r.ti, of

" donal history of aruarchy, Jl'il1Jilim1 and. fanaticJ!STIl. It 1:3, '00 nternporaneous 'with g]obalization and, in order to grasp, its features" 'we should briefly go over a genealogy of that g]o balization i in its rel arion to the universal and. the s:ingu.la.l1."_

, ~chn~):l?gres:).:tbe. n1'~k~t'l' tl)U1:.~~'m.. arid .J]) foi'raati'o~l'~ (~JD b~lh~tiJ;ul ·~te._mS'· i'r:r;evE;t{'3.ibre,. whe1:'~a~ the m:ri _,

. .-".. ':) ...

1 .... " 1. . 0 "Y.:.J" 'If' . <, 'f .' i.

least as it nas 'consu,tu,ce:u itse as P1 .sYsttJXII '0:' "1,o'Ili.l.u;es

. . ... ' ~ rf' ~ -.:

_ A

on- the ~tale of" 'YVesten1. )nocierniry, wht6h has no

~~:ui,1f:al~itltin. a\ny otl:ru?;l," .cL:th::ure.

,A.ny f~ul ture that '~nlV"er:sall7.:"e~ iB;~Jes' its, fj,:it.tguhTity ~.JJ,(,~ d\~s. tb,js5s how it is ~r'itj) allthose we have }iest1'D'y~d by fo-rdb-1r a~~injil~t~n,g Vth,e~; 'bt,lt it ~s . 'also t1le, case w.lth our own culture jn;its -pr:.1tbtllSk~n .to Uri[V~rsa[itv, tl4e-~cljJ(eren6e is dlatJili~ o,iFl£1t cul-

. ~ . .

whereas W"i@d~r.¢-..dy~r,·ig of 'ili,~. I"O~~(of ~n ~hl,gplatHy~ '-of :

• . :- -= ...

. ~

'~':minlc:thlt3 fd\31tI, d~ll;tili:ritlO~~ ol a~y Y<;(l~i€ i$.lt~·

-e16V~i:h=rn :,to 't'ht. Un] vc:hs~ll' wi'ttho o:C .. g<l'· §'ing ,the

;ter'~ rlegre:e pf y~ue. .Ia the' Enli,gbit~Jli)ieil'~,,, l;roj'D. '-; ~e:rs~lizfrijb~ qc;cp!rred by excess; .in an, :~.~<=,en.d:ing, -course of progress., 'loday it 'OCCJtl_]:'~s by d~£a:u1t! lJr-'fi> :- fl'lg~,'~< ltrto ili.t J,O\"l(e~~ bQm,rrion:tlttfioiliinAl~r_ "r.~~i's ~s hQW if is' v!1i,th. hl!lra-a:n. r,ight;s:, . dl3n1·(;;.,cl"':a~y and. foo~~ qOJ:n; thel r ~~~;pa.o~uQn( .c('T(.e~p_on!l'b t)Q ,th~~~r r'''l_¢fik~s:t

Xu f~!ctj th~vlliIive:r~'5al )oorne£ to g]l'i,er hl g~ohaJ _,

l>i,;atirn.l_, '"n;he gi"ob~z:~ti.qri of'trade put~L?ill end.tethe :;-: 'Illni''if;t.!F,,~an:c-y of -values, ]:t Ks. the tdumph of sillgle':itra(~k ~~l.ti>:~'n:ki'ng· nVl$r uni vre:'t"sa~ 'i:lf(.JJLt~bt:. Wha't ~, ': glo}' aJizes, first 1'3 the 'market~ ·the p]1~),(~~'Jj'9~ t)f 'W ex<:,h':;i:;lJJges .. 1i!ud of all ptoJu,c~s i the. jpe;rp:etua] JJ~l;." of'

-« .

': -l"floniey" Cu.i:b.Uf(1l.y, it Is::the·:~']:'CJ~:ii;_;€U~.tY' of all ~,igDS

, -

:a"Tld tU values or, in. ~tl~e,U'" words, por.J1Q,gr~phy. For tih¢ :global difiusi.en"of an:ytlting and ev~thing'.Q;"V'~'

." ". -.

~;the' ij.'~r'Ljtks" H p6rtlo:g,rii~~hy:;:. I:l0 :iJe~~ fot. '~~j{:u~! b'b:iff:~[W~ty~ thiS"i,n,ter~.cttYe· ooF.uJatiD"h i~ &..-nbti;g~ .. $.t

l,~t-hal d~fhg,e:1" Ji1,a;.t p-J'om,O<fi"Qll represents> ~mtleh ~. the end of Jhi-s PW'fJ:celS8'l' .tl1t'eJ:e .is ng .long~T"'<llJ.y !d~f~ t1itliirth~,,1'\ 'e"e"~tio"", iH~ :dll:iJ1Ufi~rr Wvo'ardlftful , iIt r ,~ fa-ella: Cbet~hl theglobat and the~ixlliv~p,lII .. .;JAij

~ ;


..0: .


universal itselF is globalli.zed i democracy and human rights d.["c'l11]ate just like @Juy other global productlike oil Or capital.

versa! to 'the g,]ob~l is both a h(liOlogenization and a fraJgnle1:ltation to in6n:u'tyr The central gives way not to the local ~ 'but ttl the dislocated. The concenrric g.i ves 'w:ay .no:)t to the decentred j but: to the GCOr;Ji.· tdc. .A ad discrimination and exclusion are not

;a·c"CicientM conse(Tuenoes; they are pa:rt. of the ve.ry logk 'Of g].obaliz 81 tion ,

vVe mar wonder, then] whether tile universal has. not already succumbed to its own critical mass, and whether it .and 1110dernity have ever existed anyw here other than in discourse and ornc;]al moralities, For us ~ at any rate, the mirror of the unrversal is shattered .. B·1J].1t this, is pe;~.~hapl$ aIJ QPportrullty~ for

in the fragments of this sbattered mir-ror, aU the singub:ll"it]~ are r~s.u'rfacing~: those 'we believe to b~

The situation is beCU111il1g -radicalized (18 uaiversal values lose their authority and legitiI'nac:y. So long as th.e:r could assert themsel yes as m.ediating values, they succeeded j more or less well, in integrating sjngularities.~ as d.i:f.fuellces., into a universal culture of cliff~r,e:m.ce". Btu: they can nc lQnge:r do this :n.'t)w) as t['iU'mph~nt globa]iza;tion ha~ swept .ar""":aY ~]]. d:iHe·i.-ences an.d all values, ·bringi.ng. into h~l:ng an entirely in -different culture (01" lack of it)." Once the. universal has disappeared ~ all that remains is the. aU- P owe rful global technostructure, set over .agaimt s.ingulari.tjes that are now returned to the wild and. 1£]1 to themselves

The universal has had. 'its historical chance, hut today, confronted on the one hand with a .. ~Jobal order to which there is no alternative and ~ on the other, with s.1ngut3.:rities. drifting off on theirown '~r

-:rising· up ,against. the ,sy'Stem.~ the concepts of freedom democracy and human rigl1ts cut :8; very pale figtl1ri2, heing merely the gholSts, of a vanished universal

The universal was a culture of transcendence, (l tl,e subject and the concept j' of the Real and representation, The virtnal .space of the g~o bal is the J'ipac~e .oJ 'the screen and. 'the network, of imrnanence atid tl:JJe digi:ta:l1• of:a dimensionless spaoe~'time" ]l'l the uni versal, there '''va::;: ~tiH a natural reference tn, the world ~ to the body. ~n.d to rnemory:, ,A ,kJind of dialectical tension and critical movement 'which

] _ ...... ..:;. '[1: ,;", tl .. ", i.'I!'''''P'''' '~b" Ar oft 1.., '" .... ',-]··i~ cal n"'"g",""'~'iin't'U ~en........... _ .~O::>I,1;: '~. ,.' !JI~,~: .... ~.LiI. .. ~ !Lill,;i 1,.,:..1 .U'La.. , ..... _"au·~ ,I, j

violence of the glo'b~l the b'tlpremacy of positivity

l' 'd f t i",....,,:: ~ 11 f]" . j. t l' . ." .

,8i]one an .. .0 teennresi e. "([acne}", '1(0' .a org,a;ru.za.no'tl)

in tegr~l circulation, the. e:qui valence of al 1 exchan g~s,. Hence ~h,e: end of th.@, role of the intellectual, 'bound up 'with the En 1:i ght,e:n:meot and 'the'


and then to 1:1.e glollial ( 'What ]1$ thh;, dizzying ',,;\diiiL th.at drives the 'world to· the abstraction of the ]_d~~

itself in. the glob~J j. it. commdts suicide as Idea", as ideal encl. l-]:av.hltg become the sole reference ,-·and a huma_nity immanent in i tself having: occupied the em pry place of the dead G'od - 'the human now l:'e:igru alone, bu~. ,it n{) h}n,g-em~ MS, any ultlmate rationale, No longer' h~¥io,g any enemy, it g,e:l1J.erat~ one from, w,~'thio, and secretes all kinds. of inhuman

Hence ~i~.',;i9l€nce ~fthe: globa·~. Theviolence ~f·~ f;)'~t~nl. that hounds out ,any form 'of' Uf.';~'tivjty Of" 8,ingRla:r*~y~ ·.l'llJ..c.lu.d,ing '~a:rr.t"[1lthll3ite form of sin-

, gub~ity that.J£ death ·]t~lL Tbej·io~~*lffi 0:1'"3. ~odety In 'which Gcmffict is '¥irtuan;y- ~nned and death 'forbidden .. A violence "..-hacb.·l, in a $oo$e~'p:utGi.an ·t:'.nd to vidlen~'e it5~U~~ and works 0, set.In. plai:e ~ "v(~c["ld: freed from any n~tuta:l order, whether it bethat of

j .

indee.d~ ~~ :s;'ho-uld speak ~f\'iruJe~!c.e,. 11~ violence is viral: It ,Opl~;l"at€$. by "::':r~nbgi~n j by .chain resotion I a:no it,giadu_.ally destroY,,5 a1l9l,lt tmmunitles.and Gut power .W resist ..

[Io,,\r,e·i/e]·:~ matters are not cut and· dried > n~nd :.gl ob ~ alisation has ·not won the battle before it begins. h1 the faCe of thJs. h6n1'Qgel1!j~:i~ng, ·~;.S$?~'Qjri:g 'PQ)¥c:r, ~e:" s.ee heterQgeneou~· fo~::oe~ ]'-:Esing up, e'vt:l')"Nh'eru .not ·tUe1-ety different, . bQ.t: an;tagoriisti~,. :Bebi'n,.d the inqeasingly sharp 'te.si~tailQ~ .~Q g~ob{tl~tiont. 5·0~j a]

and political r'Csistal1ce.r ,\i'j.I\e ·sll:otllq,,~e~.,

,me:~e '~Ji'chiLi,c rejecdon: ~d' ~;fid orpainfuL~ regarding- the achievements, 1O.f mode


'[p:r0gt~1T~S\ :a: r~jed:jQ.o. not only' of ~11e ,

.nostrt .. :(ctulJ€!) but .~)t! 'tb e mental structure erq uivalence of all {~u]tu:res. nTis- ;eesuwgen(:e.,:c~n assume: aspects which ~ from t~e 'staJ,n:dpoiht· "o>ulig' htened thinking .... seem violent, anomaleus;

, ......

irrational -,ethnic reUgioU:i:and lir~gtlistic ,colh:~oti'V'e forms, [,Ut ats~' ·,¢~nQtion.a.l.~Y :,dij~t~r?-~d :'()1~ ,n~t!i.*,tIF indhr:id.ln~l forms .. It would be a'r.trdstaJt.e- to iQ().nde:nln

thol£S~ UP$U~R~~S as pop.u,Hs'tJ, archaic! .. or ev'f.:;n terroristic. 'Ev~'T'ytljfig th,at ~()~~8titut~~ an event ~pd~y does.so ag_~{n3t thisabstract UmVeJ'saJitr- incl.tld:ing~~ Ii)Ranl;8 a.rlt~on']&ri1. t1j' '1\f~s.icirn v'~]~e£ "(it "is be-~lliS:~: .it is th,e most vehement contestadon .of'thtlS"e:V:alue.:,:; that it is-enemy number nt~e.tod:ay}.

Who can thwart . .he .g!obal s:y'rd;e):n~' Certai]]]y'P1I,~·'-"lC=

~ . ~x~,,·~=,


tive is to curb dl.ere_gub,tion.. It.'S political impact may be considerable j but its symbolic impact is, zero, Thilt v~i,{)len.,c-e is still a kind of internal vicisl'jitude

which the system, can surmount whi[e retainll]l;~' the

J ~

upper' handi..

'WhaJt can thwart the syste[l1! is nOit positive alternatives, but s;inguhni,ties., But these are neither posi,five nor negady,e;. They are not an alternativ,e; they are of another. order, They do not conform to any V'~hile judgem'ent~1 or o'bey my political -r-ealBty principle. TIley can, as a consequence, be the best or the worst, ,111ey cannot be united in a general historical action.

They ~'rM1t my dominant, sin,gle~track: tbink:m,g., but d'H~;j' are' not a single-track counter-thinking: they

., •. ll • d .. 1l. • '[

m ent tnerr own g8!lne an .tneir O~1] ru es,

Singnia:dti es are not I1I:ecessalrily violent, and there are some subtle ones, such as those of Ian-

guag.e" art, the body or culture. But the;re are some violent ones, and terrorism ]8 one of these, lt is the

one. that avenges all the sin.gular cultures that have paid wtth their disappearance for the establishment of dli ... sing].'@ global pO'\ve:r.

Iii: is not a, question" then, of (1' ~ ChllJ8h of civiliutio[iJ~~ I J but of ,an - almost anthropological - cocfrontadon between an undifferentiated universal culture and

'e've:r:ythi.n g which 1 in, ;any field. whatever, 'retains sOl,]},ething of an irreducible :a&~trri.tJ-

'For global PO,;VeI', which is every bmt as inte,grist as reUgious orthodoxy, all different, singular forms are heresies. On this ,~OOOUll't" they are doomed


either 'to re-enter the global order, like it or not, or to disappear. The rni$!'iio.n of the 'We.I)[ (or; rather, of the for mer \Vest, since £OT a ltyng time now it has had no values ants own) is to subject the l'U,aiJY dif~ ferenr cul lures, by any means available l' to the u.nforgiving 13.\ of equivalence. A culture that has lost its values can only' take its revenze on the values


JEAN BA.U[i'R11ti.lARO

of others" Even '!lil~lir8 ~ f.Ofi.- exam ple, the 'W'":aT in Afghanistt'a11 - aim, bJfititIJ1]y~ above and beyond poll t-

ica] [)l" economic strategies,~ to nor'rnalize s;a:"~gery:. to 'knock ~.~ l. terri tories into aligrbment. The ob.~ eclive is to 'que:11 an)' refractory zone. to colonize ~ttlld tame a]] the w ild spaces, whether in geographical space 0]' in the realm of the mind.

The establishment of the glohaJ systE~m Is the .p.;r.oduct of a flerce ] ealousy: the jealous fet;Hngs of an ]lJ~diff'!.rent!l low-definition culture towards highd.efm.ition cultures; .of disenchanted ,. di&mbm:sifi\~d systems towards th cultures. of hi.gh intensity; of desacralized societies towards sacrificial cultures or


For such a system, my refractory form is virtually terrorrsti c r 1 This is the case j again, with

1 It may .\1 III h€ al1.Tl (~d that iI1;'1!t~lr,al catastrophes aile a form ol.}j' terrorism. l.3·rge~:sca].e tedmic::.l acctdcnts ~ .!:iud'D as ii.b.e one at Chernoby], l)jl"'~ ;!j():rne:~bilr'~g of both the terrorist act.


A fghanis.tan. That, on a par iC.l!da:t te:rr]tory~ aU ,r democratic' freedoms and licence (music j television ~ even women's faces) tan be proh'mbited., and. that a countrj can stand out totally agains.t 'what We call civihzation (wh~t£ve.r the rengi.ous principle invoked) .~ these 'th1l1gs are unbearable to the rest of the j free' world, It is 'W1aC 'eptable for modernity to he re] ected In Us uni V'eI'3~] prete nsions, That it

and t~ r1i:iltunl <:~ta~~n)'P6~· about them, 'Ill€. po.j.sonmg by t:C}X~C gas ill Bhopal in rn.di~ - a ~h:n:i.'''al ~rci.,deM - could have b 0/1jJ a. tCrl"'(YI'"! ·t act. /\niY accidental air cra!ih (:~(I, b >,


claimed by ::ll terrorist gl"Qtlp. Thu: t.:ha1:lLctL'!:.i.i~ic of in'~

tional events i:s ~.h;;it 'th,ey Call he imputed to ~nyon' 01" anJthing. At a pinch, anrthin,g {.~n seem to the imaglnilltkm 1.1'J b<: nf' criminal origin; even a {:Q'k.~ mi;!p or an ·e:al"th~· qtl.;]k:e, A:nd this is not (J!t.,W:. during the Tokyo. ear tbqlmk~ ofr 92. 3, thousands of Koreans, hd(~ responsible for the disaster, WeJ~ m(lj~:'.(:ir~d, Ii.'!! a SYSt":el:n as integr~.ted "1IlS, om OW~'iJ, everything has the same d~.::;stal)'~lizing efte:ct. E,\'·18I'ytMiIlg. censplres m:ffiV.ards the fuihu"'e of a system 'that

~ . ~

sees itself as inf~mb]e, A.nd~ in '.dew {lfV'l .. ha~ wL':. are alrei!ldy

subjected iI;.."£). ,,\~ith~t"J, the fram .. €:'wo:rk of the ~}"~l¢~tii.'i: rational, programmatic: held, we iiT~ay wonder whether the 'A1"f)'r~t ei!JL'l:\ittophe would not be the. IT raDihLUty t)f ehe sys:tem :iitse·lf.

sb~)uld not ,app~ar ·<'IIS obvt ous ,0 Dod i:.:-:and. th~~· natural ~·cl.eal of tl-H; b''Ol!f~an race: th:a.1t the 1L.uih1·et~a&i~y' (jf 0lUl~ mores and 'vMues. ~_h"()tu]d be -cast m:to d{Hlbt if onl:r

in. certain minds that are' :Ull'medja,tely characterized as fanettcal=- tIlls 'IlS crimmal so JaT as the. eonsensual

- ... .

~ight of symbolic o~b[igation~ 'Ioundersrand the Test:, of the: world's hatred.of the \¥es ... ,. we I<.ta"'i.'e to OV~lturn an our uSUJ~l ,~;a1i' 6f ~~ i:t,l:g. lt Is n.ot ,th@: h~ltt,®(l of I;hos:e ,&!)Ul ,"ll:~om we have takeh··e¥e:r~rthing .• ln.d given 1"D,I)thjj(l g' hac],:: ; ..... it 'i3 the hatred or those to


'!,¥hO'Jlll we .ha:v::e given :ti,rer)rtbmg: "Jl,r~th.ou.1i. tlle[t' being able to g]'ve, it h~ck~ It ,is not then, the -hatred bred


of deprivation .and exploitation. 'but ofhu~nj]i.atkyrL A:n'd 'it Is 't~ bumllfanon rha tIl:,€' terrortsm ~f S~ptf~m"be[' i 1 '~A as a '['espOlYSe~, Or:i:e tnlma~'a!tion f()u an 0 th"eT.,

,"orist.s h:rllicted Sr:.Jlj,'"le!h:hlg htl H then ·tbat :it ca~'Ot:- .


wetJU:J'"n. All the~reptisva]s have in"'e'"re~y been a ~te.m:,~ "P-

of phrsi~l retaliation j wbe'r~a:s that ~glo baJ PGv.~1"~ Was ,d~feate'd: ~cbQlit.~l.ty~ 'Wa,r JS' a i:'e"s.p·.()nse·.ro~·me

. " . . - J ~.-":. ...!'

aggression" put not tQ.th.'~,.€haUenge,' The chaU~g~ can be taken up only by bumil:i~bng the oth~··:i.n T'et"~tn (but :G.ert:a.irn1y not by bo"robing Idm <te v smi ihter,'@~TIl s l' or lockin g hirn tip like ~ di~g .~a't .. Guanta.narno).

r,ecipro~'~_()n, - ,"Vie -are 'sdU ~pea~ng '~~-;te·jn (fTw)". ~ of. th:e' f.W1~:huTIet.itM, rule, Th~ unil:.lJ.tet:il ,gitt i~:afi:.:.<'

,~e~>ce of Good, lies 'pn~p$e!y in gl" l:ng wi possible reciprocation, This is to occupy the' ~';:"'"","~~."'=l 1I1nn. of God" .Or of' d1'e ·tv1as,te:.r~. ¥lD:(( . ' to live in.eJi::c'bangc·ioJr Jus labour. "jUbt:!~:aEljl;lUr'~Jr~



a s.YTnbolic reciprocation, hence the.only re5pon~e is ultimately revolt and dea.th) .. Even God left room. for sacrifice, In the traditional order, there is still the PQ5sihility of gi v]ng sOID,ethin,g haccK. to God, to

-Co!. ''iT"'1;· L.~ thl b '1' llib

sacrmce.u ms is wnat ensures e .syn"il, ·O..:K" equhl· 1-

rium between living lbein.gs and things. Today ¥ire no 100m.ger have anvone to whom 'we m~y .give hack. to. 'whom 'We 'may ~epay the synilJ::lO.!ic debt - and that i ~ the curs e of' au}' culture -, , ItIs :n·ot that giving is ill1PO$$'i.ble in. this culture, b1!;l.t tha' the cOWltel"-gift is. impossible 1 since all the paths of sacrifice 'have been neutralized and. defused (there remains only a parody of s(licrif). 'e that can be seenin all. the current forms of victimhood),

receivino, alwa s recei"lo'ing', Not now from God or'

.~ J

nature, but 'through a technical sy~tem of gem.era~lsed e.xch.ang,e; and genelf'al gr.EiuMcatiOIJ!. :E:ve:rythil1g is potentially given to us, and we are entitled to


everytwng, like it or not, 'VIle are in the situation of slaves who. have been allowed to ]tve. and are bound by a debt that cannot be repaid . .AU this can function .fOT a lo.n.g time thanks to on!' insertion into relations

,()of,trad.e .and: the: economic c·rder but. at some point, the ·~unclamentaJ. '['uh::: wins ou.t. Then. tC) tlo,i$ positive transference there inevltably comes a res.p onse in the form of a. l'1egati've countertransference, a vI0- lent .. abreaction to this captive life, to this protected

• ~l • - , to". - Thi- ,.

existence, to uJ.LS satnranon 0' existence, ,,{. s rever-

sion takes the form ei tiler of open violence (terrorism is. part: of this) or of the impotent denial. cllarac:11:erj3tic Olf our :mode'!I.·n:it)'J of self-hatred and remorse - all negative passions that are the aeb>a.c.'H!d, form of the imposs "ble counter-sift,

.1 b'

Whar we detest in ourselves, the obscure object ().f 01,]]- resentment, is this ~XC.eSS of reality. this

,/ ,

~h])jty, this, defU1ritiv·e f~J fiRnle'l1l,t ~ ulhmately the fate the Grand Inq uisitor re erves fo:r the :,doom~S:ti""


cared.masses in .bo.(rtQ'{~'v3k.y .. Now tllii:S h~ exactly ,,~hat ~th~ terrorists eondemn ]11' O:alf" culture -·b~n·~· the echo tern}tlml 1h.1Lds am.ong u;s' and the .riscb:~a.tr6n it .exerts,

A..:;, ~much ~8 terrorism rests, then, on. '~e despair Dr the' hU'rrullr.~!ed ,a['!d Insulted, it rests alsc. on the invjj~lble degpar ofth~ FEi\1]eged ·~.en€fici~oo··ofgl.(lb= allzation, 011 O'J:li;" .own subnl:igs~()J:1 to ~. i:i1teg;r~1 te"Chnok~gy,_ til a. cnmhmg. \f'j:lttlll.al red.i.tyj to "the .~"iP of networks and pl-o.gr,n.nrn'~~l '\i'l,i'"hicb·pe:rbap~·r.ePfes~]-U.s the. ]rlYii.}lutlve' profile of 'tile entire species or {he: burn~n, rn(~be~rfi ~"~.gk~1;a1~·(dQe&l't 'tbe .bulnan ~e~s Sllpl:-,e:l~:ttfGY olllJ·er 'th·f .. rest of m'e planet T'e~e:IPJ}Ie the. W~s.tls Sliplfemlacy over the rest of the wot'l'll?)~ And

tl'ris :~nvisib.j,. d, ;:,s'pair _ d~u:.d~!Spjj]' - is t~l-rrfiJn al, S.lilCrC:" <


If terrorisn; ~tises~ m·this Vtra,~ (iut ~jf this .~xcess' of .:

~ .. " .

pIofusion for which n(~thing is ,g.i \re~ in 'thts to:rcecl, r'~~O]'ut~oD of corffiicts ~ then. tbe' i.dea!" I e>.;ti'r~tit~g ~t. ~. 001 .objeetive evil JS .~ Total n~,u'~n~ x since - s:!lch a:s' it 'is _ in its' a:ps.tl.rdi.ty ,and its m~·~t1.:ii~,g"essne.ss._ it is the v·erdi.d. thi~ ~~odet\r. p~se;$ on i-t~elf.~ i~ sell-condemnation.


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