Timeline: Thrombovision Investment

y Jul. 18, 2005: ThromboVision Inc. is incorporated by Edward Teitel. It is based in Houston. y Jan. 25, 2006: Houston investor Charles W. Tate starts Texas Life Science Center for Innovation and Commercialization. It vets applicants for the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. Mar. 27, 2006: Tate contributes $25,000 to Texans for Rick Perry. y Nov. 9, 2006: The life science center board recommends ThromboVision to the tech fund's state advisory board. Tate, who is chairman of the life science center's board, votes yes. Nov. 11, 2006: Tate pays to fly Perry to Mexico City. y Mar. 15, 2007: Teitel makes an investment presentation to Tate. y Apr. 20, 2007: A letter from Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and then-House Speaker Tom Craddick tells Teitel that ThromboVision is the recipient of a $1.5 million award from the tech fund. y May 8, 2007: Tate makes his first investment in ThromboVision. y Jun. 13, 2007: Teitel signs a contract with the governor's office to receive the ETF money. y Jul. 5, 2007: Perry chief of staff Brian C. Newby signs the ETF contract. Jul. 11, 2007: Six days later, Tate contributes $25,000 to Texans for Rick Perry. y Aug. 31, 2007: Tate makes his second investment in ThromboVision. y Oct. 9, 2007: Perry's office announces the ThromboVision award to the public. y Sep. 2, 2010: ThromboVision declares bankruptcy. It reveals that major Perry donors Tate and Houston investor Charles Miller own 200,000 and 250,000 preferred shares, respectively. $424,070: Total Contributions from Charles Tate to Texans for Rick Perry.
SOURCE OF BLACK TEXT: Dallas Morning News research SOURCE OF RED TEXT: Texas Ethics Commission

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