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40k - 3rd ed

See Citadel Journal #39 page 6 Flip Belts (This replaces sentence four of the flip-belt rules in Citadel Journal.) In addition, a Harlequin model may use their full number of attacks and any specialist special weapons they have within 3" of an enemy in an assault - this is instead of the 1 Attack with no special rules that other models have in this situation, and extends their "kill-zone" by another inch.. However, the enemy still retains their original kill-zone, giving the Harlequins an advantage in reach. Remember that models that assault the enemy must try to get into base contact if possible. Under the TAR (Trial Assault Rules) the Harlequins may strike at targets within 3" instead of the normal 2", while the enemy still has to strike with the normal 2" reach. This, too, to relfect the superior speed and agility of the Harlequins. (This is added to the rules on flip-belts in Citadel Journal.) Finally, as a sign of a Harlequin’s true grace and speed, enhanced by this device, the Harlequins gain a 4+ invulnerable save in close combat, ducking and leaping out of the way of blows only to bounce back and launch attacks of their own. Acrobatic dismount The Harlequins are highly trained in use of their troupe transports, and may dismount this more gracefully than most others ever could. They are also well-trained in emergency landings, and are only wounded on a roll of a 6 when their transport crashes or is destroyed instead of on 4+. Hit and fade The Harlequins are trained to strike fast and then disappear, not be drawn into prolonged conflicts or wars of attrition. To reflect this the Harlequins can re-roll any failed roll to wound in the round that they charge an enemy. This has no effect in any subsequent round, or when the Harlequins are themselves charged.

This Codex is based on the Playtest version that Games Workshop is using prior to this work’s main release. See endnotes for editorial history.

Overview of the Harlequins See Citadel Journal #39 page 4

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Shuriken Cannon (Gt. and they supercede them if they are different.e. D6 Result 1 No effect 2 A random enemy unit suffers -1 Ld for the rest of the battle. Harlequin & Shadowseer only) 50 pts Familiar group (Shadowseer on foot only) 25/35/45/65 Flight Belt (Ind.000 rulebook. Any items not listed here function exactly as described in the Warhammer 40. If the unit is Fearless this result has no effect. and will sneak into enemy camps to sabotage and sow seeds of fear in the hearts if enemy soldiers and commanders if they are given a chance. characters only) 15 pts Powerblades 15 pts Rictus Mask 25 pts Tanglefoot grenades 4 pts Revision: EO 40k . Harlequin & Shadowseer only) 35 pts Eldar Jetbike w.Mime Disruption Mimes are well-versed in the arts of psychological warfare.3rd ed Masques: A Great Harlequin may be given the knowledge of one of the following masques: Masque of the Dark Veil Masque of the Last Laugh Masque of the Laughing God Masque of the Red Death Masque of the Shifting Shadows 50 pts 30 pts 25 pts 30 pts 30 pts Psychic Powers: A ShadowSeer must have at least one Psychic power. it does not affect units in reserve. Disruption only affects units on the table. 3 An enemy unit chosen by the Harlequin player suffers -1 Ld for the rest of the battle. but may have more than one of the following powers: Misdirection Veil of Tears Impetuousness of Youth The Hunt 15 pts 15 pts 10 pts 10 pts HARLEQUIN ARMOURY See Citadel Journal #39 page 6 SINGLE HANDED WEAPONS: Close combat weapon Fusion pistol Harlequins Kiss Neuro Disruptor Plasma pistol Power Weapon Stormglove Shuriken Pistol NEW HARLEQUINS WARGEAR See Citadel Journal #39 page 11 1 pt 18 pts 10 pts 20 pts 15 pts 10 pts 15 pts 1 pt The rules below describe how all of the specialised equipment used by the Harlequins works in the game. Shrieker Cannon (Gt. If enemy doesn’t have a table edge for the reserves to enter from then the unit arrives from the centre of a random table edge. characters only) 20 pts Hallucinogen grenades 2 pts Haywire grenades 3 pts Plasma grenades 2 pts Phase field (Ind.000 rulebooks. 6 A random enemy unit on the table is taken off and must start in reserve instead. If the unit is immune to pinning this result has no effect. a unit that has an armour value) or units mounted in vehicles. WARGEAR: Codex: Harlequin Bio-expolsive ammunition 5 pts D-field 25 pts Dread mask 30 pts Eldar Jetbike (Gt. If the unit is immune to pinning this result has no effect. Harlequin & Shadowseer only) 55 pts Eldar Jetbike w. 5 An enemy unit chosen by the Harlequin player starts the game pinned. If you have at least one Master Mime you are entitled to roll on the Mime disruption-table below once for each Mime-squad you have in play. If the unit is Fearless this result has no effect. Roll after both sides have deployed before the battle starts. 2 . to reflect the work Mimes do behind enemy lines before the battle begins. These rules tend to be more detailed than those included in the Warhammer 40. It does not affect vehicles (i. 4 A random enemy unit starts the game pinned.

They may not be attacked. scuttling about the feet of the Shadowseer. It is normally armed with twin-linked shuriken catapults. A unit may only use one of these grenade types at a time. Having more than one mask type means that the character’s mask is programmed to cycle through a wider range of images. +1 WS. Note that if two or more Harlequin units charge the same enemy. Familiar Cost Shoot Bonuses 1 25 Pistol +1 A 2 35 Assault 2 +1 A. Barely half the size of a man. or flying around him. They are not cumulative but may be combined with other effects (such as additional close combat weapons) to increase characteristics further. and if the Shadowseer uses Fleet of Foot they are not allowed to shoot at all. adding their powers to his. tanglefoot and plasma). and you must declare which you are using before moving the charging unit. hurt and harass enemy units and vehicles. The effect of having the Familiar-group depends on how many familars are in the group. the Benathai. they may use different grenade types (a rather devastating tactic if you can manage it!). they have Assault 3 using their twin-linked fusion-pistol. Bio-exposive ammunition (This is added to the rules on Bio-explosive ammunition in the Citadel Journal. and depending on how many of them there are their firepower varies.) A model riding a jetbike receives +1T and a 3+ armorsave. Below is a table illustrating the benefits of the Familiar group. Second psychic The familiar shoots using a twin-linked fusion-pistol and BS 3. Dread Mask and Rictus Mask). +1 WS 3 45 Assault 3 +1 A. and never to any squad he may join. A model mounted on an Eldar Jetbike may not be mounted on a Venom. The Benathai can only accompany the Shadowseer. A Shadowseer with three familiars in the Familiar-group may use one psychic power per turn with it’s range doubled. and go with him. each of which is designed to illicit a different type of horror from the enemy! Note 3: Some Harlequin characters may be armed with two special close combat weapons. nor attack. A model armed with powerblades may elect to use these as a weapon. but may then not use the special rules for any other weapon they are carrying. in close combat. A Shadowseer with four familiars in the Familiar-group may use a second psychic power each turn. The group must fire on the same target that the Shadowseer fires on. for instance. Benathai can slink into battle seeking out the enemy or using their stinging weapons. Example: If a Shadowseer has three Familiars in his group. Codex: Harlequin Revision: EO 40k . When the Harlequin dance into battle the Shadowseer are often accompanied by familiars. If the Shadowseer dies they leave the game. You may only use the special rules for one close combat weapon (in this example either wound on 2+ or ignore armour saves) though you still gain +1 attack for the second close combat weapon. Far Reach. The Familiars are small creature. Consult "Shoot" in the table above to see what firepower the Familiar-group has. If the Shadowseer uses a flight-belt (see above) they are assumed to latch on to him before he lifts off. but never the same power twice. Note 2: It is possible for a Harlequin to combine the effects of several different masks (the Mask of Fear.Note 1: The Harlequins can carry several different types of grenades that are used when they charge into an assault (hallucinogen. The Toughness-increase does not count against the instant-kill S vs. and can not be hit by ranged weapons. and never operate on their own. T. Powers which do not have a range (specified in inches) are not affected by this. The characteristics-bonuses apply to the Shadowseer only.) The template must be placed centred over a model in the target squad. but some carry other weapons instead. A Harlequin riding an Eldar Jetbike may still fight in close combat using two one-handed weapons. not even templates and blasts hitting the Shadowseer. for example a Harlequin’s Kiss and a power weapon. Eldar Jetbike (This is added to the rules on Eldar Jetbikes in the Citadel Journal. Far reach 4 65 Assault 4 +1 A. and may be repositioned as other blast weapons.3rd ed Familiar Group 3 Flight belt . They dance about his feet constantly. +1 WS.

Masque of the Last Laugh The Great Harlequin has trained his or her warriors to lash out at their enemies in their death throes. you may roll for units to turn up from the start of the first turn rather than the second turn. rather than moving on from a table edge. but is only wounded on a roll of 4+ if a 1 is rolled when entering difficult terrain due to the Flip-belt. The model may move as if equipped with a jump pack. allowing the Harlequins to leap upon their unsuspecting foes or snatch a vital objective before the enemy can reach it. A Stormglove can not be combined with powerblades. These masques have been perfected over the millennia and are carefully choreographed so that every performer is in exactly the correct place at the right time.3rd ed Masque of the Dark Veil The Great Harlequin uses his or her intimate knowledge of the webway to open a portal at a strategic location on the battlefield. or even death. and cause havoc just in time for their landing. Codex: Harlequin Revision: EO 40k . The entire Harlequin army (except Looted vehicles) starts the battle in reserve. This mean that another squad which attacks the affected unit may benefit from the bombardment as the flight-belt troupe swoops from the sky. Hallucinogen Grenades See Citadel Journal #44 page 38 Pack grenade launcher The pack grenade launcher is mounted in a backpack-like casing which is worn on the back of the Harlequins using flight belts. As they soar into battle they can launch their grenades at the targets they pass over. covered by an energy field which can punch through the thickest armour. 4 . which are highly evolved battle-plans. of one or more of the performers. as shown on the following chart: Turn 1 D6 score to arrive 5+ 2 3 4+ 3+ 4+ 2+ Before you roll to see which units turn up the first turn. Models hit by a Harlequin using a Stormglove may not take a saving throw. You may elect move the webway exit by 2D6" at the start of each subsequent Harlequin turn instead of deploying (or rolling for) Harlequins through the portal. and are affected by either Tanglefoot grenades. This point may not be within 6" of an eneny unit or vehicle.The flight belt contains a more powerful negative-gravity field than the Harlequins’ flip belts. This unit is hit by incoming grenades. The Harlequin can only ever make one attacks. A model equipped with a flight belt may not be mounted on a Venom since it disrupts the engines of the transport. A unit armed with pack grenades launchers may only use them once. In the hands of a Harlequin a Stormglove can be used to behead or disembowell the target with a single sweep. on the turn that they arrive using Deep Strike. and may make this attack even if they have already attacked that turn. A model with a Flight belt can Deep Strike if the mission allows it. The Harlequins apply this ritual to the battlefield too. However. When a Harlequin within 12" of the Great Harlequin is killed in an assault they may immediately make one attack against the model that killed them. regardless of how many they could normally make. allowing the Harlequin to make amazingly high leaps and bounds as they dart across the battlefield. Plasma grenades or Hallucinogen grenades for that turn. Many of the masques involve dangerous feats of acrobatics and if a mistake were to be made it could lead to the serious injury. If such a model is wounded with a roll of a 6 the Stormglove has penetrated deep into their body and they are killed outright (unless the model has an invulnerable saving throw which is passed). utilising several war masques. you must nominate a point on the battlefield to be the webway exit (mark it with a counter or coin if you like). Any units which turn up from reserve must move on from that point. you can pay points to have the Great Harlequin leading the force to have knowledge of one of the following masques. See Citadel Journal #39 page 12 Stormglove Fitted to the back of the hand are shimmering blades. As noted in the Armoury section. resolved using the normal rules. ensuring that they do not die alone. There is an additional effect against target’s with multiple wounds. MASQUES The extravagant performances of the Harlequins are known as masques. Select one enemy unit anywhere on the table. A Stormglove is used in an assault.

This serves to further confuse and entrance the enemy and makes it impossible to discern exactly how many warriors are attacking. This psychic power is used at the start of the enemy’s assault phase and lasts until the start of the next Harlequins’ turn. Through their ritual dances. baffling them with contradictory psychic messages. If the test is failed the enemy unit may do nothing in that assault phase. If the Harlequins allready outnumber their opponent they count as outnumbering one step "more" than actually true: 2:1 turns into 3:1. When the Harlequins perform the Masque of the Laughing God.This attack is made without the use of special wargear and/or weapons. This psychic power is used at the start of the enemy’s shooting phase and lasts until the start of the next Harlequins’ turn. The unit simply moves 2D6" away from the enemy unit. they call upon him to aid them against the daemons and warriors of the False God of Chaos. taking it in turns to leap upon the enemy before withdrawing and allowing another troupe to attack. and so on. Codex: Harlequin Revision: EO 40k . Masque of the Shifting Shadows The Harlequins dance and weave around each other. Once the attack has been resolved the Harlequin model is removed as normal. If the enemy cannot see the Shadowseer’s unit they may target another visible unit instead. any Harlequin unit within 12" of the Great Harlequin are always considered at least as many as their opponents. This tactic is most effective when your units work in pairs. creating an ever-shifting miasma of colour. just like normal psykers. If the night-fighting rules are being used as part of the mission being played. This move cannot be used to take the Harlequin unit into a fresh enemy. This attack does not benefit from the Hit & Fade-rule either. regardless of the facts at hand. and then withdrawing from the fight in the opponent’s assault phase. See Warhammer 40. the Laughing God. allowing the other unit to shoot and charge the enemy in your next turn. concealing them from the enemy. one unit charging. Masque of the Laughing God It is claimed that the patron of the Harlequins.000 or Codex: Chaos for more details of summoning daemons. Any enemy unit wishing to shoot at the Shadowseer or unit they are with must test using the night-fighting rules (ie they must roll 2D6x3 to see if the Harlequins can be seen). 5 . When working out if one side outnumbers the other after an assault. Veil of Tears The Shadowseer uses his powers to bend light. Misdirection The Shadowseer reaches into the minds of the enemy. A ShadowSeer can only use one power per turn. A Harlequin within 12" of the Great Harlequin unit can choose to withdraw from an assault at the end of any assault phase (after all results have been worked out and any morale checks have been taken).3rd ed Psychic Powers All powers in the section work as described in the Psychic Powers section on page 74 of the Warhammer 40000 rulebook. The enemy unit that the Harlequins have withdrawn from may make a consolidate move. Any enemy unit wishing to charge the Shadowseer or unit they are with must first pass a Leadership test on 3D6. The Masque of the Laughing God has no effect against Greater Daemons possessing models (see Codex: Chaos). If the Harlequins are using Hallucinogen grenades they are counted as outnumbering their opponents 2:1. saves their souls from Chaos. Masque of the Red Death The Harlequins converge on a single point. they create protective auras of energy around themselves. just basic S. The Masque of the Laughing God means that a Chaos player who is summoning daemons to the battlefield cannot place any part of the template within 12" of a Harlequin model (before rolling the scatter dice). then the Shadowseer can only be seen at half the normal range (for example if a unit can see 20" then they can only target the Shadowseer if they are within 10"). disrupting the magicks that bind daemons to the real world.

even if the mission does not normally use the Reserves rule. The power is used as a Shooting-attack. ELITES WARLOCK GROUP The Shadowseer often gathers a group of students around himself. Mime or Warlock Troupe unit without Flight-belts or jetbikes within 18" at the start of the Movement-phase.3rd ed PointsWS BS S T W I A Ld Save Master Mime 70 6 5 3 3 2 7 3 10 * Options: The Master Mime may be given any equipment allowed by the Harlequins Armoury. Master Infiltrator: The Master Mime can be placed in Reserve at the start of the battle. Some of those he trains delves deep into the studies of the Laughing God. Apprentice Warlock 6 PointsWS BS S T W I A Ld Save 30 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 9 * +12 6 4 3 3 1 6 2 9 * 0-1 SOLITAIRE See Citadel Journal #39 page 8 . the Master Mime assumes wildly daemonic roles. making them think that the air and shadows themselves are attacking them. These Warlocks and Apprentices become the Warlock group.000 rulebook. If a Master Mime leads a squad of Mimes. only to find ’calling-cards’ of the Master Mime and his student. If the ShadowSeer passes his psychic test the unit is affected. this squad may re-roll any failed cover-saves and any fleet of foot-rolls that they make. teaching them the way of illusions and training them to become Shadowseers in other Harlequin bands. This power has no effect on vehicles or units immune to psychology.Impetuousness of Youth The Shadowseer fills his troupes with the laughter of Ancient Deities. it may be placed anywhere on the battlefield. The unit affected may move an extra D6" in their next movement-phase and is also allowed to roll 2 dice and pick the highest if the unit wishes to Fleet of Foot in their next Shooting-phase. Codex: Harlequin Revision: EO 40k . SPECIAL RULES Independent Character: The Master Mime is an Independent Character and follows the independent character special rules in the Warhammer 40. This power also affects any character which has joined the unit. HARLEQUIN ARMY LIST HQ 0-1 GREAT HARLEQUIN See Citadel Journal #39 page 7 0-1 SHADOWSEER See Citadel Journal #39 page 7 Points: 50 SPECIAL RULES Psychic powers: A ShadowSeer must choose between 1 and 4 psychic powers for the points listed in the Harlequin Armoury. The ShadowSeer picks a Harlequin. seeking out and destroying any sign of Chaos they can find. he can infiltrate just as the Mimes can. who is a true master of infiltration and disguise. and if is is successfully used all enemy units within 12" must pass a Pinning Test or be Pinned as per the normal rules. Mime Instructor: The Master Mime is the instructor of the Mimes. learning his ways in order to better fight his enemies. When the Master Mime becomes available. MASTER MIME The Mimes are instructed in their studies to become Harlequins by a Master Mime. Many enemy commanders have woken late at night by a whispering laughter in the shadows of their rooms. A Mime-troupe lead by a Master Mime may roll 3 dice and pick the highest if it decides to fleet of foot. The Hunt The Shadowseer weaves and casts psychic impressions much like a net across the path of the enemy. undermining enemy morale by showing them how completely without protection they are. and can move and fight normally in the turn it arrives. Superb infiltrator: If the Master Mime is not kept in Reserve as per the Master Infiltrator-rule above. changing and altering his shape and movements to suit whatever creature he wants to mimic. When the Harlequins perform. making them fly across the battlefield.

This upgrdade only affects models still armed with shuriken pistol. Eldar Allies may not be chosen as Harlequin Elites for the purpose of inclusion in any Dark Eldar or Craftworld Eldar army. using all the special rules that they have. 5 Vengeance of Lileath . The group can be armed with hallucinogen grenades for +2 pts per model. so may the other Eldar be part of the Harlequin army. As an Elite-choice you may pick one of the following units from their respective Codex. they all suffer. Revision: EO 40k . You may however include several units of Craftworld Eldars. If they succeed. They can then elect to use this at the beginning of each of their turns. not just one of them. Exodite Eldar or Dark Eldar force. D6 Power 1 Gift of Asuryan . plasma grenades for +2 pts per model. and roll a psychic test for it as usual. Any model may get a plasma pistol at +5 pts per model or a fusion pistol at +8 pts per model.+1 A 3 Gift of Khaine . Options: Any models in the squad may exchange their close combat weapon for a Harlequin’s Kiss at +5 pts per model.+1 BS 0-2 ELDAR ALLIES (Variable points) Codex: Harlequin Just as Harlequins may be part of another Craftworld Eldar. These hopefuls are either seeking to prove themselves to their comrades. Also. Most other Eldar look down upon the warriors who seek to join the Harlequins in battle. SPECIAL RULES Psychic power: The group rolls D6 before the battle start to determine which psychic power they possess as a group. Character: One model in the squad may be upgraded to a Warlock for +12 pts. Craftworld Eldar Defender Guardians Storm Guardians Rangers Dire Avengers -Aspect Warriors Howling Banshees -Aspect Warriors Striking Scorpions -Aspect Warriors Fire Dragons -Aspect Warriors Warp Spiders -Aspect Warriors Swooping Hawks -Aspect Warriors Shining Spears -Aspect Warriors Dark Reapers -Aspect Warriors Dark Eldars Warrior squad Raider squad Wyches 0-1 Hellions Reaver Jetbikes SPECIAL RULES Each to her own: To prevent fighting between Eldar factions (Craftworld vs Dark Kin) you may never include units from both Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar as Eldar Allies in the same Harlequin army.Re-roll any misses in close combat 4 Vengeance of Khaine . and may then Deep Strike if the scenario allows it. Note that only one test is made for the entire group.+1 S 6 Vengeance of Asuryan . Weapons: Shuriken pistol and close combat weapon. tanglefoot grenades for +4 pts per model and haywire grenades for +3 pts per model.+1 WS 2 Gift of Lileath . the power lasts until the end of their opponents turn. He may not take ShadowSeer Psychic powers. or several units of Dark Eldars in the same Harlequin army but you can never mix the two. Transport: Unless equipped with flight belts the Warlock group may get a Venom transport for +45 pts.Re-roll any misses in the shooting phase. Each unit counts as one Elite-choice.Squad: The group consists of between 3 and 5 Warlock Apprentices. or for power weapon for +6 pts per model. or are trying to accepted into the ranks of the Harlequins themselves. The group can also get bio-explosive ammunition for +5 pts per model. The power does not affect any character that joins them. A Warlock has the improved profile above and may take additional equipment allowed by the Harlequin armoury. since the Harlequins are so unpredictable and often seen as foolhardy. not those with plasma or fusion pistol. If "Perils of the Warp" befalls the Warlocks.3rd ed 7 . not one per individual member. Few are ever allowed to enter into the trials of the Ritual. Flight belts: The Warlock group may be equipped with flight belts and pack grenade launchers for +12 pts per model.

The Harlequins can be armed with hallucinogen grenades for +2 pts per model. tanglefoot grenades for +4 pts per model and haywire grenades for +3 pts per model. or a power weapon for +6 pts per model. Weapons: Shuriken pistol and close combat weapon. Deep Strike: The squad may Deep Strike as per the rules on page 132 of the Warhammer 40000 rulebook if the scenario allows it. If lead by a Master Mime they do get the special Mime Disruption outlined among the special rules.may not have an Exarch and may never be mounted in Transport of any kind Warrior and Raider squad . Special Rules: Mimes are not fully trained Harlequins. The entire squad may be equipped with pack grenade launchers for +2 pts per model. Codex: Harlequin Revision: EO 40k . SPECIAL RULES Flight belts: All the models in the squad are equipped with Flight belts. Up to two models may exchange their shuriken pistol for either a plasma pistol at +5 pts. negative-gravity devices that lets them soar above the battlefield.Sneaking off to join the circus: Some of the Eldar Allies-units are not allowed full options as presented in their Codex. and instead adapt an even more soaring method of battle. Options: Up to 2 models in the squad may exchange their close combat weapon for a Harlequin’s Kiss at +5 pts per model. and therefore do not benefit from their special equipment. Character: One model in the squad may be upgraded to a Troupe Leader for +12 pts. See the Harlequin Armoury for more details. Guardians . may not be mounted on Transport Hellions and Reaver Jetbike . A Troupe Leader has the improved profile above and may take additional equipment allowed by the Harlequin armoury.may not have a Syrabite Wyches . These are equipped with flight belts. and descend on unsuspecting enemies.may not have a Succubus. They do not get the advantages of Holo-suit.may not have a Succubus HARLEQUIN FLIGHT-BELT TROUPE Some Harlequins are not satisfied with the leaping and fleet running on the ground. Mime Mimic Points 10 +12 Squad: The troupe consists of between 5 and 10 Harlequins. but can not get a Warlock Aspect Warriors . Flip belts or Mask of Fear. plasma grenades for +2 pts per model. The limitations are presented in the table below.all available options and can be mounted in a Transport as per normal.3rd ed PointsWSBS S T W I A Ld Save Harlequin 35 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 9 * Troupe Leader +12 6 4 3 3 1 6 2 9 * TROUPES HARLEQUIN TROUPE See Citadel Journal #39 page 9 MIMES TROUPE See Citadel Journal #44 page 37 Please note that Mimes are not 0-1. TROUPE TRANSPORT VENOM See Citadel Journal #39 page 10 VENOM See Citadel Journal #39 page 10 FAST ATTACK HARLEQUIN JETBIKE SQUAD See Citadel Journal #39 page 9 8 . or a fusion pistol for +8 pts.

Predator. they must roll two dice and apply the lowest result. Many a hero or villain found he was part of some jest of the gods by seeing a Mockingbird watching them throughout their adventures. or at least that is how the stories were told. not a squadron. in ancient Eldar lore. With the mobility of the Vyper as a platform the Mockingbird follows the tenets of the Harlequins as a quick. HEAVY SUPPORT DEATH JESTERS See Citadel Journal #39 page 8 9 . and another is found in its place. now it is crewed by Harlequins with a BS of 3 and loses any special abilities (such as Machine spirit). nor Hit and fade. You may only have a looted vehicle if you have at least one squad of Mimes in the army. whimsical sounds of early Eldar paradises to the cacophony of the maddening chaos cultists from the time of the Fall. Griffon. painting them and decorating them to fit their style. Hell hound. Ravager Ork: Buggies. Armour Points Front Side Rear Mockingbird 105 10 10 10 BS 3 0-1 HARLEQUIN SPIRITWALKER Codex: Harlequin See Harlequin Wraithlord on Citadel Journal #44 page 38 In order to take a Harlequin Spiritwalker you must include a ShadowSeer in your army. The Mockingbird can upgrade its twin-linked shuriken catapults to a single shuriken cannon at a cost of +15 pts. You can only get a single vehicle. In time of battle. unpredictable and disruptive unit to the enemy. Options: The looted vehicle may be given any weapons options permitted from the parent army list. they must roll two dice and apply the lowest result. Whenever your opponent rolls on the damage table for the vehicle. One of these vehicles is the Mockingbird. was a sign of the Laughing God. Type: A looted vehicle may be chosen from one of the following army list entries: Space Marines: Rhino. Where applicable. Razorback. Disperserd formation or Fleet of Foot. The Harlequins use the intricate Sonic Cannon of the Mockingbird to create some of the soft. all variants of a vehicle are possible as looted (Predator-variants. Open-topped Crew: Harlequins Weapons: The Mockingbird is armed with twin-linked shuriken catapults and a Vibrocannon. Revision: EO 40k . however. Leman Russ. When the vehicle is too badly damaged or destroyed it is simply abandoned. Note that the Harlequin Spiritwalker does not gain the benefits from the Flip-belt. Basilisk Craftworld Eldar: Vyper. the machine can be manipulated to create the same energies of the Eldar Vibro cannon. Options: The Mockingbird may be protected by a holo-field for +20 pts that distorts its shape and prevents the enemy from targeting its most vulnerable locations. Skimmer. The vehicle may be fitted with a holo-field at +25 pts. for example). Falcon Dark Eldar: Raider. even if the original vehicle can be bought in squadrons.MOCKINGBIRD The Harlequins use many light and fast moving vehicles to travel to the most remote places of the WebWay. Type: Fast.3rd ed 0-1 LOOTED VEHICLE (Variable points) As the Webway does not allow the Harlequins to have large vehicles of their own they usually steal or salvage enemy vehicles. Please also note that the model must be suitably converted and/or painted to show Harlequins are using it. The mockingbird. but not wargear. Demolisher. Trukk The vehicle is the same cost in points as in its parent army list. Land Raider Imperial Guard: Chimera. The mockingbird was the calling card of the God of Eternal Laughter. Whenever your opponent rolls on the damage table for the vehicle. This distorts its shape and prevents the enemy from targeting its most vulnerable locations. and then riding them into battle as if it was theirs.

all in it are affected by the effects of a D-field and Veil of Tears without any test. This means that once Nightshade joins a squad. It follows closely to the original web-released version as well as the one in Citadel Journal 39. The vehicle may make no further moves this turn. You can therefore not include a Craftworld Eldar vehicle and a Dark Eldar ally squad. Sweden. teaching them things no other Master Mime could. as well as some of the constructive ideas I have read at the newsgroups RuneSight. SPECIAL RULES Make a break down test at the start of each turn. etc as if the vehicle were moving normally. feel free to tell me at my email (rasmus@eldaronline. As such he gets to roll 2D6 for penetration and pick the highest see if the the blow with the powerfist penetrates the armour.The shroud is a device given to the Nightshade by the guardians of the Black library to further aid him in his travels and missions against the enemies of the Eldar. Make dangerous terrain. Feedback is better to get than whining.Nightshade ----------------------------------------------------------------The Nightshade is a legend among the Harlequin Troupes as one of the most proficient Master Mimes in memory. Thanks guys. WarpMatrix and the Harlequin Webway as well as at EldarOnline. Roll a D6. Helpful comments have also contributed to this revision. and additionally takes up one "Eldar Allies" slot. He cannot do this with other weapons. Special Rules Codex: Harlequin • Independent character • Mime instructor • Master Infiltrator • Superp infiltrator • Mime-trainer . you know who you are. 2-3 May not move this turn 4-6 "Filthy Mon-Keigh contraption aaaah!" The vehicle lurches forward 2D6" straight ahead. the Nightshade has learned enough about enemy technology to direct blows effective enough to cripple any enemy so that I may correct any mistakes I have made. It works as a D-field with the addidional effect of Veil of Tears to Nightshade and any squad he joins.If the vehicle is of Craftworld Eldar or Dark Eldar origin it can be repaired and crewed by their original crew. No character may be part of the Mime-squad except for a Master Mime. Executioner. If you have any comments. He constantly keeps his apprentices close to him. Nightshade PointsWSBS S T W I A Ld Save 150 7 5 3 3 3 7 4 10 * This is the community-driven revised Harlequin List. He is fearless. • Death-shroud .3rd ed Special Character . Roll on this table again next turn. Mockingbird was submitted by Wes. on the roll of a 1 roll D6 and consult the table below. Shuriken pistol with bio-ammo 10 . As the principal author I have also added some of the changes from Citadel Journal 44. and taking them on mission deep into the webway to strike at the heart of the fortresses of Chaos.May only join a squad of Mimes. Powerfist. A vehicle crewed by its original crew does not suffer from the Break-down rules that it would normally suffer from. He has snuck into places without doors or openings. or vice versa. D6 Result 1 May not move.Apart from the usual effects of this weapon. • Powerfist and secret knowledge . but then the vehicle occupies a slot for Elite as well as Heavy Support. tank shock tests. Dark Eldar vehicles crewed by their original crew also benefit from their Dark Eldar crew with an increased BS to BS 4. and returned after killing a man in a locked room surrounded by armed guards. / Rasmus Hansson Borås. always well-armed and constantly training groups of Mimes. and we are all very thankful. and never another squad. Nightshade is an HQ-choice and you may only take Nightshade if you have a Master Mime and a Mime-squad with a Mimic in your Masque. Powerblades. Revision: EO 40k . Plasma grenades. 030723 Wargear: Death-shroud.

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