Never find the meaning of all this

I feel what you feel. when you cry and be sad. in my heart scream. shout, all the scratch wound. I remove the doubt in ourselves. inside my heart said. stop all, end the pain that you feel. the tears that fall, would not be able to return the situation.,, the dreams of hope became real. sleepy hollow illusion and delusion. I passed my days without self you. di where I need you now,, reaching a dream with you,, fly, all hope that there is,, with me, when you're gone for good, and probably never again,,, leave me killed lonely, alone ,,, leaving a lasting wound,,, I remember the good times with you,, memory is never lost in my memory, always shadowing me lonely,, every step, time and day are always lonely without you,,, I remember always yourself, I need you by my side, I hope all ends just as the dream after me, and all be like before when you were in my life ... do not leave me here and killed my own ..... lonely dream

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