Pandora´s box and the Jabberwock By Brazdolph

Long Lost Thoughts and Yearnings Have Been Materialized A Crude, Nude Reality With Fatality Playing its Part In a Haze of Colorful Glitter All Exquisite Sometimes Bitter I Find Myself in the Garden of Eden With an Adam and Me, Eve Naïve Pandora´s Box is Also There And So is the Jabberwock In a 3D Garden I Am Lost Without My Glasses Pictures Blurred is What I See As I Try to Let it Be Let it Go Adrift in the Flow Whilst Waiting for Snow to Fall Past Traumas Still Lingering in My Soul As My Present is Slow Fearing My Future Will Take its Time to Come Like a Frigid Numbed-Soul Nun Under Dogmas That are Dumb I Am All Heart Now Mellow, Romantic

Yet Sexually Frantic Yellow Like the Autumn With its Pale Sun, Falling Leaves, Cool Breeze Sends Shivers Down My Spine Gives Me Goosebumps And Yet, I Smile Nevertheless It´s In My Face Pandora´s Box and That Horrid Monster The Jabberwock I See Them Through My Blurred View Right There, in the Middle of this Place This Distorted Garden of Eden Where Truths are All Hidden No Pain, No Gain It Would Be All then , In Vain So I Must Fear Them Not Mustn´t Stay Stuck in Such Spot But Rather Go and Continue to Sow Some Seeds of Wonder Both Here and Yonder

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