Halloween Spooky Skull Nests

Ingredients: 1.Cornflakes 2.Cooking Chocolate 3.Jellies (eyeballs, snakes, skulls) Equipment: 1.Bun tray 2.Bun cases 3.Spatula 4.Bowl - microwaveable 5.Spoon 6.Microwave Method: 1. Break up bits of cooking chocolate into bowl. 2. Put in microwave for 1 minute and remove to stir. Continue until chocolate is fully melted. 3. Add cornflakes gradually until all the chocolate is used. 4. Add bun cases to bun tray and spoon in mixture into each case. 5. Hollow out a space in the middle of each bun to make a “nest”. 6. Scrape out last bit of mixture from bowl with a spatula. 7. Place jelly of choice into “nest” and leave for 20 minutes to set. 8. Enjoy your ghoulish treat!

from Ms. Leydon!

Happy Halloween