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Student Essay Contest

Pearson Education wants to show you how rewarding it is to write.

That’s why Pearson is honoured to sponsor the
Writing Rewards Student Essay Contest
This is an exciting opportunity for you to be rewarded for your
writing and to have your work appear in future Pearson publications.

500 350 200

1st Place Winner: 2nd Place Winner: 3rd Place Winner:

$ $ $

Submission Guidelines The contest is open to all students enrolled in an English course
Please choose a topic from the following six essay topics and write your essay. at the time of submission.
Submission deadline is April 15, 2011.

1. Make a comparison between high school and 5. Write an essay explaining the steps people should
college/university. What are the differences? take when choosing a career. Use illustrations and Submissions must be post-marked or emailed on or before
What are the similarities? Write an essay observations to support your views.
comparing your experience(s) with both. April 15, 2011. Winners will be announced in May 2011.
6. Write an essay listing the ways in which your
2. Write an essay describing an experience that efforts to reduce your carbon footprint have
changed your life. What happened? Why is the affected your daily life. Please be specific.
experience significant and special? Include vivid
details to support your views.
Submissions may be mailed to: For official rules and entry form please visit:
3. Write an essay classifying different types of
challenges faced by today’s college students.
Ensure that each category is distinct. Use
Loula March - Pearson Canada
26 Prince Andrew Place, Toronto, ON M3C 2T8
illustrations and examples to define each category. or emailed via
4. Compare two attitudes towards global warming.
Think about the reasons people feel it’s a natural
occurrence and other feel it’s man-made. In your
essay, illustrate your points with specific examples.
Do some research and include quotations from

reputable sources.