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Chapter One The Introduction You Are Born to Seduce Chapter Two Seduction Techniques The Innocent Young Man The Matured Person Chapter Three The Science and Art of Seduction Getting to Know A Woman's Profile Be Serious Mock Seduction Chapter Four The Ultimate Mistake Men Make With Women Chapter Five Flirting Tips Initiating The First Moves Chapter Six Making A First Impression That Lasts Chapter Seven How to Make A Woman Trust You Completely How to Create Trust Chapter Eight Seduction Tips Chapter Nine Conversation and Body Language Chapter Ten How to Satisfy Your Lady in Bed How to Get Your First Kiss Learning the Most Intoxicating Kiss of All Cunnilingus Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Bed The Ten Commandments of Great Lovemaking Chapter Eleven

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Chapter One
The Introduction
How to seduce a woman presents an interesting challenge to many men while at the same time it is a daunting task to others especially of the inexperienced age groups. The term seduction itself is an arbitrary concept that carries with it varied and diverse connotations which are interpreted differently in different situations, different circumstances, and by different people. At times, the suggestion on how to seduce a woman may carry a sinister connotation of evil, deceit and trickery, a means to justify an end, a tool to satisfy the lust. Even then, the word evil, sinister, deceit and trickery themselves are vague terms when pitted against a background of the different motivating factors behind each act of seduction. It would then be best just to put judgments aside. There are many reasons why a man would want to seduce a woman. It is not as simple as wanting to be accepted in the company of women alone or to be very close, affectionate and perhaps intimate with the woman. If we care to look into the various reasons why a man would want to seduce the woman, we will be baffled by the variety and the complexity of those reasons themselves, let alone the different techniques employed in the pursuit of those objectives. To make a mountain out of a mole hill, we can exploit the issue and start talking with an air of authority and start laying out the ground rules of the science and art of seduction and then exaggerate it by engaging in discourses as if it is something magical and out of this world and as if there is only one gospel way of doing it right. Actually, any method devised that brings results is a correct method. As it is, many men will be frozen to death after reading volumes of materials and superficial guides on how to seduce a woman, available on the market. Because of the many things they have to remember; what to do and what not to do, they get lost in the maze of guidelines on how to seduce a woman. Add to this, claims of exceptional success made by these gurus frighten the novice even more and make them fearful of entering the mysterious jungle of the game of seduction. By saying this, I am not discounting the relevance of proper sound techniques of the art of seduction, scientifically designed from close observations of social phenomena; from observations of what are right and what are wrong, what works and what doesn’t. These guidelines are a valuable asset and would push success rates higher than usual. The fear here is in the over

reliance on set and dogmatic techniques that will stifle the human inborn ingenuity and creativity to exercise individual flair to assess and use individual discretion to try out and experiment with different styles of his own design. As I said, any method or technique of seduction that brings the desired results is a good technique. To give value added to those techniques and push the success rate even higher, scientific guidelines designed out of close observations of social phenomena and social interactions are a valuable asset. Using those guidelines, you are not prone to make many mistakes, especially gross blunders that would keep you staring at empty ceilings. While it is true that no one can determine and ensure a positive outcome each and every time he embarks on his mission to seduce a woman, we can surely influence those outcomes by being intelligent enough to design a plan of action towards the desired end. It goes without arguments that we can successfully cultivate thousands of hectares of rice fields using the traditional manual methods but using the plow and modern machinery would lighten the burden, cut time costs and lead to high productivity. Man have built The Great Wall of China using manual labor but surely we do not want to build modern skyscrapers using the same methods. Thus in this sophisticated world of ours where men and women have long buried the naive past, a new approach to seduction need to be designed and followed. We need the modern plow to work our fields and we need sophisticated machinery to build skyscrapers. We have to discard the old paradigms and replace them with new ones if we expect to register a commendable degree of success. Why do men really want to seduce a woman? Is it necessary or is just attracting them to you for casual conversations as a start to developing a lasting mutual relationship not enough? To answer this we have to understand the motives behind these seduction exercises. Broadly speaking, there are four main reasons why a man would want to seduce a woman. One is for short term relationships just for the fun of the company or to appreciate the charming woman at close quarters. Nowadays there are so many beautiful and captivating women around and many men feel just admiring their beauty and charm alone is not enough. They would like to get close to the woman and try their luck if by any chance they could develop a mutually interesting relationship with no strings attached. On a jovial note men would say that it would just be sheer waste for the many charming and irresistible women to move around unappreciated and not approached. We will not question the correctness of this observation. But as true and clear as the midday sun, there is an awareness that just as there are men out there who seek temporary relationship, there are also women who desire the same end. In an open society, this has become more of a rule than the exception.

Nowadays the game of seduction has taken a new turn. It is no more interpreted as something undesirable and ugly but has been accepted as a part of the changing ways of life; of changing social cultures and changing paradigms. Puritan principles have given way to quantum leaps in social thinking. Thus the concept of seduction itself has shed its manipulative cloak and now seen as a necessary move to win over a lady, even for the best of reasons. From another angle, we view the man’s ego as the motivating factor that drives him to design the seduction of the woman. A man feels good and macho if he succeeds in seducing a woman not for sexual intimacy or anything of the sort but just for the sake of seducing and the exhilarating euphoria of success. Sometimes the blending of motives of the man out to seduce and the woman who seeks seduction makes the process much easier. As stated earlier, it is not only the men who are busy trying to seduce the women; the women themselves are also busy planning strategies to seduce the men. When these two people from opposite ends happen to meet each other on the same social platform, their parallel motives blend and you will see the sparks. There is yet another motive for why man wants to seduce a woman. There are women who are over conscious of their charm and beauty and as a result become so cocky and arrogant that sometimes goes to the extent of insulting the would be suitor or admirer. This is another strong motivating factor that drives the man to seek reprisal and seduce the woman, more like in The Taming of the Shrew. This form of seduction often happens in traditional societies where traditional values are highly revered and an insult taken very seriously. The fourth main reason for seduction is to ensure a life long relationship leading to marriage. Irrespective of for whatever reason the seduction exercise is carried out, the strategies and tactics are almost identical, but for slight variations executed in different societies and different social circles.

You Are Born to Seduce
Do not get confused or scared when it comes to seducing a woman because everyone of us is naturally endowed with the basic skills of the art of seduction. This is to ensure the propagation of the generations. The art and skills on how to seduce a woman is inborn in the blood of every man. All it needs now is a refinement of the strategies and tactics that may be employed in the attempt to seduce a woman, to suit the changing times and the changing social paradigms. Just remember, you already have what it takes to seduce a woman and all you need now is to upgrade and refine the techniques and add and sharpen the tools that you need to carry out the seduction exercise. We can provide you with a value-added knowledge on the subject and also some guidelines on how to refine the raw materials to make it more sophisticated and workable to improve your success rate with women.

you can do it every time the opportunity surfaces and you feel perhaps you would just like to find out about the woman you find attractive. and. you will have no difficulty seducing her. Since you have nothing at stake every time you carry out a mock seduction exercise. you will be at ease with women and when the woman you really like comes along.Every man born knows how to go about seducing a woman when it comes to doing it for special reasons of their own. . you can carry out mock seduction exercises. do not hesitate to learn the art and styles of seducing the woman. If you aim to be more successful with women. to sharpen your skills. It is actually not the ignorance of the art of seduction that we are talking about but the different styles of seducing a woman. but at the same time you do not want to have a perpetual relationship with her. As you become familiar with the art of seduction. They would not cost much but whatever the outcome it should be interesting and fun. Keep on learning.

You may be surprised to know that a woman can be seduced by just making an appearance in front of them. We shall tread on grounds closely related to the employment of tactics to win over the woman for good and decent intentions. it is not actually what you do or don’t do that attracts the attention of the woman towards you but the invisible vibrations you unconsciously send that blends with the vibrations of hers that influences her reactions towards you. Try on a few women and one will click. The degree of difficulty of executing the exercise of seducing a woman also ranges from very straight forward and simple to subtle and mysterious. There are men who marry a woman to get hold of the family property and yet others do so for political leverage. . How strange it may seem. You can try this one and see what happens.Chapter Two Seduction Techniques There is no one right and standard way of seducing a woman. Some ways are sophisticated while some others seem to look crude. We will simply ignore the connotations of trickery and deceit because of the difficulty of defining the arbitrary concepts accurately. However. He will employ a different strategy and different tactics to achieve his objective. Look for another one. Then there are those bent on sincerely looking for a life partner. If it doesn’t work. it is the result. Sometimes. move around and say nothing. Men who seduce the woman for economical or political leverage will employ a different strategy and tactics from the man who wants to take revenge on the woman for being arrogant and insulting. That is all to it. Thus one simple way to seduce a woman is to appear in front of her. Concentrate on these emotions and imagine that these feelings are being transmitted to her through invisible vibrations that will send the message to her. For different reasons and under different circumstances man will resort to different ways of doing it. it is not the method that counts. Different strategies and tactics are employed for different reasons and under different circumstances. focus your attention on her and set your mind in motion that you want to possess her and want her to pay attention to you. Put the full force of your visualization and concentration into the exercise and don’t be surprised if it works like magic. it simply means that the woman is not interested in you and therefore there is no point pursuing the matter.

let alone attempt to seduce the woman. This need not be so because there is always a science and an art on how to seduce a woman without having to feel overwhelmed with the task at hand. As a result of over rating the woman and sometimes even competitors. To seduce a woman. At the same time he feels that he gets smaller and suddenly begins to shrink in self confidence. This stigma carries well into his adult life. When a person starts to take a fancy for the opposite sex. Almost every one in his life time experiences this strange and overwhelming feeling. you must be confident and cool. Many young men simply do not have the self image and self esteem to give him enough confidence to encounter and engage the opposite sex. Sometimes it is the act of over fantasizing the impending relationships that freezes him in his tracks especially when suddenly he feels himself not good enough to fill in the slot of the hero of his own fantasy. I am hereby putting aside the parental pre arranged engagements and marriages out of this discussion although such circumstances too have their problems. and is entering the life of early manhood and suddenly realized that he needs to find someone to share his life. He is suddenly thrown into the arena of modern society where seducing a woman has become a sophisticated science and an art. For the young man who is too green to know how to seduce a woman. remember that is not the you that you are referring to. He will be at sixes and sevens when he comes into contact with the opposite sex especially the one that he has taken a great fancy to. The more a person takes a fancy for the woman that he would like to win over. Whether the woman he fancies is the right choice for him or whether the feeling is born out of true love for the woman or just an infatuation is immaterial. . You need to be an alpha man. It would be the more difficult for him if he has had frustrating social relationship experiences during his earlier days at college or high school. If you suddenly feel that you are not worthy of the woman and there are others out there better than you. suddenly to him things get bigger than they usually are. relaxed and take a realistic view of yourself. It is actually the result of ‘over worshipping’ the woman coupled with the fear of failure to win her over that is the root of the paralyzing experiences. the more things get out of proportions every time the thought that he has to seduce the woman enters his mind or well before that itself. he would feel very uneasy with the thought.The Innocent Young Man Let us examine the budding young man who has just passed the age of the gullible and innocent adolescent. This presents him with the most insurmountable task to overcome. You may start by sitting back. most dare not even attempt to take the first step to get introduced. some men experience a low self esteem and this drives him into the back seat. It is the idea that would bother him.

the chances are that you have been wrongly programmed by others to feel that way. At the same time read carefully the guidelines I am giving you in this book and you will be ready and equipped to seduce any woman of your choice with flying colors. you will be well prepared socially and mentally. learn and master them well. Be the ideal man at par if not better than anyone else. Seducing a woman is really fun if you know how and are well prepared for the eventualities.You are worth more than you think you are. It takes planning. For a good start. All you have to do now is to dig into the fine secrets of seduction. You will improve your self image and boost your self esteem. Soon you will find that seducing a woman is nothing mysterious as has been made to be. . Improve your self image and go out into the world with confidence. Be open to the good things of life and face each new day with confidence. At this stage you will be able to possess a realistic view of the business of seducing a woman and when the time comes for you to embark on seducing the woman of your dreams. An unrealistic low self image of yourself will guarantee failure even before you start. You may be the unsuspecting victim of such social ills and have been living in the abyss of self under-assessment. This is the fertile ground to work on. It is just an extra step beyond just being a good friend or a passing acquaintance. rewrite your own life’s script. Everyone has an equal chance of success once he is committed to seduce a woman. It would simply be another episode in your life that will bring sound and color to an otherwise dull and boring days. You can change your programming. I have good news for you. You will be a new man and your confidence with women will soar. Don’t play second fiddle to anybody. patience and perseverance. Cancel all feelings of inferiority and negativity and build a new and real you by rewriting your life’s script. ensuring you have the role of the hero or the main character. If you think that you can never succeed in seducing a woman. either of success or failure. This improve your chances of success. If you feel you are not good enough to excel in life. please confide in the fact that you have it already in you the basics to seduction and with the proper approach you can be just as successful as anyone else. The first area to look into and establish is a strong self image and a powerful self esteem. Everyone is born special but the environment he is raised in and the negative scripts written by other people about him makes him feel he is most of the time inferior to others.

Why is it so and what are the secrets behind their successes with women. do not separate strategy from tactics. For true success. An encounter with a woman that you specially want to win over will give different signals to different people. . Mysterious or daunting as it might look to seduce a woman. but without a proper and sound strategy. Yet many matured and experienced adults also fumble when trying to seduce a woman.The Matured Person To the more matured and experienced men. But rushing like the devil where angels fear to tread has never been the viable solution. no tactics in the world will succeed. I had an even worse problem with the opposite sex. some people are able to just walk in and out of relationships as if it is just another morning breakfast. Are there some prescribed magical formula that can be learned and practiced to ensure success each time and every time you seduce a woman? I remember. The recklessness will ruin the desired intentions. You don’t go about trying to seduce the woman without a carefully planned strategy and workable tactics. when I was young. The sudden rush of endorphins affects different individuals differently. please remember that the feelings are congruent with the other side. It is too amateurish and only provokes silent giggles of the opposite sex. With good strategy coupled with sound tactics even the Indians could wipe the whole Custer regiment. This accounts for the many failures to initiate a social relationship or in many cases initiatives are just abandoned for fear of failure and disappointment. with weapons and tactics alone in the absence of a proper strategy. It is the sudden rush of endorphins that is cluttering reality and makes you see things bigger than they are. The reality is that. Don’t fall for that gimmick and believe the empty talk. Many potential ideal relationships are just stranded on the shores of indecision. I also remember one my friends telling me that the secret is to go for it. thus making you feel that you are smaller than you actually are. We read and sometimes hear exaggerated statements of tactics that work every time you use them in your attempt to seduce a woman. you may have cooked up all kinds of so called ‘magical’ tactics. They must work in tandem to ensure a reasonable degree of success when you attempt t seduce a woman . You don’t go to war without proper strategy and sound tactics. Like going to war. If you should feel overwhelmed and scared stiff to initiate a social relationship with the woman. self-doubt and self sabotage. There is a magic aura that activates new vibrations that affects the endorphins to rise to an euphoric level that starts to confuse feelings and emotions. seducing a woman should be just another piece of cake. you will all be massacred like soldiers of the Light Brigade.

you may group the art and science of seduction to the art and science of war. Seducing a woman is a two sided affair and must be approached as such. You must know exactly what kind of woman you are dealing with . a lopsided view of the situation also contributes to its sloppy assessment. Good strategies without the backing up of effective tactics will render the effort fruitless. The strategies are a science while the tactics are an art. Seducing a woman is serious business and not to be taken lightly for granted. you need to examine the terrain carefully and meticulously. Apart from taking things for granted. The judgments and ensuing action of the man is always guided by his assessment of himself. her final objective in life. you will surely be caught on the wrong foot and the unsuccessful encounter will deal a more lethal blow to your self image and self esteem. You have to execute these two in tandem. why should she choose you above all others. Their strategies and tactics are like Siamese twins. It may sound crude to group the science and art of seducing a woman to marketing and selling. his feelings and emotions. Many people may not be aware of that. sounds tactics executed without proper strategies will leave you stranded in the desert of indecisions and failure. her hobbies. Do not rush in unprepared for the intricacies of the actual encounter. her likes and dislikes and most important of all. first of all you must know exactly what the customer needs and you go about fulfilling those needs. You have to know what she admires and needs in a man and then move in that direction. If you do that. If you want to seduce women. the level of society she lives in. Please remember that there are days when the sun doesn’t appear especially when there are thunderstorms and heavy rain. Find out what she admires in a man and above all.Chapter Three The Science and Art of Seduction There is a science and an art in seducing a woman. The difficulties in seducing a woman arises from the fact that it has always been taken for granted that getting to know a woman and winning her over to your side is so natural a process like the rising sun on the eastern horizon. If you like. A careful observation and study of the woman in question is invaluable to the eventual success of the operation. It is easier to push a round stick into a round hole rather than laboriously trying to . In marketing. In the light of the same argument. you may experience great difficulties to remove the new dent on your personality. That being said. It is just the same with women.

it would be best for you to have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter to enable you to flow gracefully with her conversation. What type of personality attracts and fascinates her? 4. it is not as simple as that. Seducing a woman is not an overnight job. What is it that she is looking for in a man? 3. the following observations and first lines of action should be in order. the better adapted you will be to your approaches and her a square peg into it. it would be out of order and it will work to your disadvantage if in an effort to impress her. What are her hobbies. Here are a few things you should take note of: 1. Thus knowing the terrain you are operating in thoroughly and your strengths and weaknesses is vital if you expect to have a reasonable measure of success in your attempt to seduce a woman. and you can then intelligently put in a relevant phrase or two to impress her during the conversation. You will need a bag of tools to start seducing a woman. A hammer alone is not adequate as all challenges you will be facing are not nails. You'll need to study the woman. seducing a woman too is a gradual process based on sound strategies and tactics which fit the personality of the woman you are trying to seduce. What previous experiences and encounters has she had with men? 7. This will keep her engrossed in the topic and feel joyful to talk to you and would surely look forward to another encounter. throwing a captivating smile (if you know what I mean). What is her ultimate objective in life. why should she prefer you above others? You will have to do some homework to gather this information and more because the more you know about the woman you are going to seduce. No. Just like Rome was not built in a day. likes and dislikes? 5. It is not just meeting a woman. and then you've got her. You may even look into her birthday and see what sign of the zodiac influences her positively and what influences her negatively. Getting to Know A Woman’s Profile If you are interested in a woman and plan to seduce her. Surely. saying a few nice words and acting superficially to attract her attention. What are her favorite topics of conversation? 6. All the above information will help you plan a strategy on how to go about seducing the woman. If you know beforehand what topic of conversation fascinates her. you go all out to exhibit your knowledge of the Bush blunder in Iraq. Above all. You will need an arsenal of tactics to activate to adjust and suit to different situations. if what fascinates her is knowledge on the latest cuisines or flower . her aspirations and ambitions? 2.

do not see everything as a nail. In the light of the same argument. appearing superficially in corporate uniform may make you look awful if she appears in a simple evening dress. Occasional chance meetings at the gym or while jogging is totally a different affair altogether compared to the first date. You might accidentally hammer your own thumb. you would know her style and would be able to adapt accordingly. You will not have much success either. please remember that it is not a platform for you to show off what you know about world politics or philosophy but simply a light encounter to make the meeting and the conversation joyful. Take the cue from her and listen carefully to the key words in her conversation. To seduce a woman needs a sincere projection of respect on your part for her. If you do not take it seriously and transmit the wrong message. chances are you may not be able to arrange another date if the woman interprets your actions as an insult and sheer lack of interest and appreciation for the date. Tag along joyfully without appearing naive or stupid and you have the formula on how to engage in a conversation with the woman you want to seduce. Don’t appear in t-shirts and toilet slippers especially on your first date even if you are already familiar with the woman that you might have always met in the gym or park while doing your morning jogging. On the other hand. If you only carry around a hammer. Talking about fishing techniques and good fishing grounds would bore her to death if her interests are in fashion designing. if you appear too sophisticated in your dress and talk with an air of egoism. When you are privileged to engage her in a conversation. You may want to appear informal and relaxed but don’t overdo it. If you have done your homework. You see. To seduce a woman is serious business. and you'll see that I'll repeat this for emphasis. You may want to impress the lady with your stoicism about discipline and attire but should the woman be a simple woman who hates the air of superficiality. it is vital for you to know what subjects would keep her engrossed and glued to the conversation. As a rule of thumb. Dress appropriately to blend with the occasion. you will just be wasting your time and energy trying to impress and win her that way. That would give you a good guide on how to dress. .arrangements or Ikebana which is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. do not dress sloppily when the occasion demands otherwise. make prior note of the time and place you will be going to take her out.

But this does not mean that you can’t make adjustments to move in parallel. If you like the woman and aim to seduce her for a long term relationship. Be Serious Do not take women for granted just because society tries to label them as the weaker sex. Women are mysterious and strange creatures that move like shadows. with feelings and emotions. If you know well ahead the type of relationship that is on the line. You never know if suddenly the relationship will bloom into a life long one. especially where social relationships are concerned. Always remember that social relationships between a man and a woman. Give it the due care. Relationships of that nature are common nowadays and would be advantageous to both sides. you may go full steam ahead to build the desired relationship. Even the best psychological minds of the world’s renowned neuroscientists are baffled by the unpredictable moves that women may make in negotiating the nooks and . This is even the more so in your effort to seduce the woman. irrespective for what they are. it would keep you relaxed and easy. There are times it is easier to fly solo around the world in a light aircraft or to climb to the peaks of Mount Everest than to win the heart of a woman. attention and respect it needs.Adjusting Wavelengths Maybe there are no two people who think alike. When it comes to feelings. short pants and toilet sandals on your part. However if you have identified that the woman is desirous of knitting a temporary relationship and you happen to be in the same predicament. That is highly debatable. do not take things for granted. There may not be much of a seduction to be done. Whatever it is your homework in this area would again prove invaluable. Otherwise. act the same way and converse on the same wave lengths on topics which equally fascinates both. but again this does not give you the ticket to take the woman for granted and appear arrogantly in sleeveless shirt. are always sensitive and delicate because it deals with the heart. the very idea of attempting to seduce the woman is sheer madness unless you are one who revels in manipulating the fragile human heart to satisfy your ego. Knitting such relationships would not present much of an ordeal either as a lot of defenses have been dropped on both sides. then it is only appropriate that you study her in and out and see if you can work towards a desired compatibility.

Mock Seduction One of the workable strategies of seducing a woman is to move among women and learn about their common strengths and weaknesses. Above all else. it will not affect you adversely. The next moment you will only find empty air in your grasp. You will learn to be at ease in the company of women and gauge your own strengths and weaknesses before it is too late. In this mock exercise. it would enrich you with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Frustrations in life are more often than not the result of a lack of knowledge of the task at hand and the lackadaisical attitude that usually accompany the execution of such tasks. requires knowledge and experiences about them. it would prepare you well for the real encounter.corners of their love lives. they will move away just as fast as the speed you keep chasing them but will chase you in return with the same speed you are trying to escape. Rather. One instant you may be flattered by your seemingly successful encounter. You may try out some mock approaches with some women with no real intention of seducing her. It requires great tact. No one can ever guess correctly their feelings and intentions as they move like vague shadows in the evening sun. if you fail. To seduce a woman truly. studying the woman that interests you will pay off handsomely in the long run. Try out a few simple gestures and note the response. Like shadows. perseverance and skills. If you have the privilege to do that. . The experience you have will be invaluable to you in the real encounter to seduce a woman.

dead. And he continues to do this to extremes and he believes that it is the only way to win over the woman and have her always by his side. He will go all out to please the woman even in the outrageous of circumstances and situations. beautiful and captivating heroine and he is the irresistible hero of the script. He is always fearful that a slight disobedience would make him lose the woman. . These men are self-styled slaves of the woman he admires and they are ready to go to great lengths to do whatever the woman wants him to do. These type of men usually commit the ultimate blunders with women. He is fearful that this wonderful dream would disappear. It will be disguised by his eagerness to please the woman and his wrong attitude based on faulty assumptions about women and their natural tendencies of judgment. is normally absent. They move in circles of men and view social interactions with women as taboo. He believes what he is doing is the right thing to do. Thus he is totally committed to do whatever there is to be done as long as he can keep the woman by his side or so he believes. Perhaps that is the first time he learns to feel the thrill of being close to a woman and his fantasies are playing tricks on him. As I just mentioned. He views the woman in his fantasies as the extraordinary charming. a pitiful man who succumbs to every wish and command of the woman he worships. He is at the same time fearful of competition. one of the biggest blunders that a man can commit when trying to seduce a woman is to be a self-styled slave of the woman. He showers the woman with gifts and compliments even in the most awkward of situations. Little did he know that something contrary is working to his disadvantage. He revels in his fantasy and would cling like a leech to it. He feels strongly that it is the magic formula to keep the woman glued to him. where the opposite sex other than their own family members. are prone to commit blunders and mistakes that he may not realize. In an effort to do this he turns into a WUSSY. This can happen to people whose life has been regimented by dogmatic cultural doctrines that separated them from the company of the opposite sex earlier on in life. that someone else might attract the woman and leave him standing. This upbringing is dangerous and such people wouldn't have a proper clue on how to be in the company of women.Chapter Four The Ultimate Mistake Men Make With Woman Men who are not used to the game of seducing a woman or who are doing it for the first time because of disturbed feelings of infatuation. The social circle is limited to that of family or close friends. let alone seduce them.

Drop the role and learn to be really fascinating. Be mysterious and keep on playing the disappearing act on and off. Be confident and do not enslave yourself to the whims and bidding of the woman you are seducing. They will take advantage of you at every opportunity and use you to their advantage. this strategy often misfires and you will find the woman slowly drawn away from you and finally disappear before you can blink an eye. we will definitely win her heart. No woman alive would want to be with such a sissy. she is simply being an opportunist to take advantage of such stupidity. she is actually even more afraid of losing you. you don’t have to be a wussy. suspense and mystery coming from a macho. she will disappear. especially if you are not a wussy. she is marking time to wait for someone more mature and fascinating to appear. If you see that the woman entertains this stupid behavior it is simply because she may have affirmed to herself. as dull and boring. If you have been acting the role of a wussy or “Yes ma’am” you can surely do something about that. Actually while moving away gradually from the man. The woman has a built in radar in her DNA to sense the superficiality of the man’s behavior. it is an act of marking time for the man of her dreams to come along. if I can get something for free why not take it. The woman can easily notice it. If she seems to stick to him. the woman herself is no different. while enjoying the opportunity to dominate.The woman. When that happens. Even when he notices a signal that the women is moving away even an inch. Don’t call her as you want to keep her guessing of what is coming next. why walk”. the man is so engrossed in his “Yes ma’am “episodes that he does not even realize when the woman is gradually moving away from him. devoid of the element of thrills and excitement that can only be the outcome of challenges. Poor soul. After each encounter that you can plan. Don’t perpetually shower the woman with gifts and compliments. Just be gracious and gentlemanly without going overboard in your efforts to please her. The sad thing is. If I can ride a mule. is actually not attracted at all to the man. immediately get lost and disappear from her sight for a number of days. If she obliges and is constantly available for dates or intermittent outings. Generally speaking. “Why be so stupid. The stupid and embarrassing behavior of the man arises from the wrong notion that if we go all out to please the woman. and mysterious in your relationship with the woman you are seducing. You can start by realizing that just as you want the woman to cling to you. Take note of this and never commit this ultimate mistake with women. confident and fascinating man that every woman desires. . If you realize this and do your mathematics well. Just as you are afraid of failure that would cause you to lose her. he would intensify his succumbing “Yes ma’am” acts. An occasional red rose would do and once in a while offer to take her to an interesting place or two.

Never make the blunder of getting into a long conversation and indulge in an unromantic episode on the phone. however strong it may initially be. It is just to indicate to her that you are still available. Such men will do just about anything to please the woman believing that the woman will be more sympathetic to him. Should the relationship develop. telling her how you miss her and wish you were there together with her. perhaps in the late evening. it is just because they are marking time for the right man to come along or are just justifying their actions by saying if you can get something for free. are you there” to let her feel deeply your absence that will make her grow fonder of you. . Build your relationships on equal terms and not on a lop-sided basis greatly in favor of the woman you want to seduce. why walk? I am not despising the man who plays wussy and who is totally manipulated by women who seize the opportunity to do so. Remember it is just a feeling. where women are available in abundance and the choice is always open to the men who are not narrow-minded and too judgmental to choose. even if you feel she is irreplaceable. make a call and just say “Hi. There are men who are addicted to this behavior not so much as a strategy to woo the woman but as a habit which develops from an attempt to cover up personal weaknesses and insecurity in the company of women. why not. women are never attracted to such men and if they should accept invitations for a date. In the process. Little did he realize he is just being the “Yes ma'am that women hate”. In our modern society. Remember that if you are looking for fascination and fun. Be a man who stands tall and dignified without being arrogant. I am just stating that this is the ultimate mistake that men can make with women. By all means.Then at the most unlikely of times. almost anyone can be a wussy especially if they never had any experience with a woman before and primarily when he really feels that the woman is made for him. Don’t let any woman take you for a ride. so does the woman. seek her company but seduce her on your terms. choose a woman. How are you doing?” Make the call short. This will constitute a gross blunder that will snuff the flames of longing and suspense. Stop being a wussy and woman slave. If you can ride the mule. so does the woman. While indicating to her that you are available through a simple “Hi. Sometimes he feels he is Sir Lancelot or Don Juan called upon to save the lady in distress. not hers. if you are afraid that the woman might disappear. never fear of losing any woman. In the process he becomes overly generous and accommodating. you will be delivered from the agony and humiliation of being a “Yes ma’am” all your life. This will intensify the suspense and she will be thinking of you even more and you will become more irresistible. Honestly. On the contrary. Be accommodating and generous without having to stoop so low as to succumb to the whims and fancies of women.

They are amateurs of the seduction game that work not on their strengths but on trying to weaken the opponent’s defenses. rather than keep on being tortured by his negativity. It is simply preposterous to even imagine that the modern woman would fall for such an obviously stupid ploy. lame horse. even more so to the woman you are trying to seduce. Little did he know that the boredom arising from the monotonous droning sounds of perpetual complaints and dissatisfaction is slowly killing the bored woman who would prefer to stick a half-boiled rotten egg into his blabbering mouth. If you think so. then you are grossly wrong. His previous two girl friends have left him for someone else. This gross blunder on the part of the man would definitely cause the woman to disappear at the first opportunity to go to the ladies washroom. You have no right in the first place to exhibit your ego or show off your class to influence or force the woman’s decision. He will complain that the whole world and everybody and everything in it has been unfair to him and is forever conspiring against him. he is now abusively drawn to enter the stable of ‘the lame sick horse’. He showers her with all the negativity imaginable in order to strengthen his case. Immediately the man lowers himself into the gutters of survival and seek salvation from the woman he is supposed to champion. Perhaps at the end of the day he may succeed in arousing a deep feeling of sympathy in the woman. In a relationship with women. He might even cook up a story that even the government if starving him to death by failing to issue him a hawker’s license to sell peanuts. Contrary to her expectations to see a powerful stallion. You may think that you are being forceful. Don’t be a fascist in the area of social relationships. In an attempt to gain sympathy he complains that life has been cruel to him. brimming with confidence. . and run for the hills. The third one has eloped with his best friend. In reality this kind of behavior is utterly repulsive and the woman will reject you outright as being arrogant and superficial. this strategy has never been recorded as successful. Between these extremes there is a group of men I would refer to as the sick.On the other hand. Since he lacks the necessary powerful skills of seduction and cannot think of one. It's not a genuine and honest way to develop and share good relationships but to gain leverage by seeking sympathy. She has every right then to be sorry for herself to be conned into the company of a social beggar without a backbone. appearing arrogant and demanding is just as bad. His wife has left him and he will drone on with a perpetual stream of unfortunate incidents that is leaving him almost only in underwear. he resorts to the childish appeal for sympathy. The man playacts to extremes to project himself as a thoroughly victimized person who is in urgent need of help. The only unfortunate thing is that the sympathy is not for his supposedly pathetic state of affairs but for the woman for having agreed to have the date. It is simply unimaginable to what great lengths he would go to put his case forward and win the sympathy from the woman he is supposed to champion. irresistible and a class above the rest.

I like you so much”. But to execute it with precision you must be relaxed and cool and . “After a short pause. Ask yourself why you would like to seduce the woman. It would be just like playing soccer with small children on a boring evening. I am planning to watch the sun set by the beach this evening. In strange circumstances and with unpredictable people. It can be for anything only known to you but make sure it is compelling. say hello and straight away say ‘You are so beautiful. you will not be able to carry out the assignment with the passion it deserves. but normally it is just not done that way. In the absence of a passion to perform and succeed. In a sophisticated society. “Hello. Seducing a woman is serious business.Chapter Five Flirting Tips In preparing your strategy to seduce a woman. shake hands. coupled with patience and perseverance and backed by a compelling reason. but it can be seen as rather crude and awkward. This is practiced by a few men. how are you. a lackadaisical attitude would creep in and take over and the slightest hitch will throw you off balance and you'll give up. and some women may consider it unethical. do not employ such an approach if you are not yet a professional seducer. Personally I have seen this outright approach taking place right in front of me. It was not so much the lady but it was I who was caught on the wrong foot by this seemingly outrageous approach. I can’t argue about that. Plan a good strategy and draw up the tactics to blend with the different phases of the strategy execution. What about we go together to witness if what they say about the sunset is just as equally true. With a good strategy as a guide and sound tactics to execute the plan. I came across a man who met a woman for the first time at a social gathering and straight away approach her and said. look inwards into yourself. it’s all set okay?” With a smile and a nod the lady agreed. the probability of success will be high. Anyway. If you are curious about it. I am not saying you will be rejected outright if you use such an approach. just try during your mock seduction exercise that way and see what happens. Unless you have a genuine motive on your part.” Well. the approach may be viewed as romantic and would work very well but by and large. he continued. The strange encounter led to a lifelong relationship and now they are a happy family with four children. I see that they are right when they say that you are a very attractive woman. Make sure you have a valid and compelling reason to want to seduce the woman. You don’t simply walk up to the woman. it is just not the standard ethical approach.

then plan your strategy accordingly. Any sign of awkwardness will only lead to embarrassment. Ultimately your efforts will lead you to the woman you are looking for. Once you have established that the choice is right. the first thing you will have to consider before embarking seriously on this seducing affair is to determine whether you really want the woman. There is nothing wrong in trying it out. Seducing different types of women requires different strategies. There is no one standard strategy that will work on all women. You are dealing with live human beings with feelings and emotions. Be serious and be patient. mentally and psychologically before trying to seduce a woman. Do you really want the woman as a life long partner to share your life. This will give you a chance to determine if she is the woman you really are looking for. On a more serious note. That is simply because women are different in their social. the impact of failure may be devastating to the unprepared. your miseries and joy? Have you really met the woman you would like to live with for the rest of your life or it is just a fancy for someone because you are instantly attracted to her for reasons other than for life long relationships? This kind of attraction is very common and comes on and off. Initiating The First Moves Once you feel that you have found the woman that you really want to build a long term relationship with.let the seduction flow smoothly and naturally. However the attraction is temporary and there are times when the ugly side of it surfaces and you begin thanking your stars that you have not entangled yourself with the woman. then start initiating a move that will enable you to get closer to the woman. Although the euphoria of success is great. Otherwise it would bring much unpleasantness in the affair and you will wish you had not created the relationship. So. be adequately prepared socially. Move around and look around and study the prospects carefully. Life is an illusion where sometimes you see what you want to see and at another time it disappears. In a mock seduction exercise you don’t stand to lose anything if you are rejected. Being patient. persistent and serious. Ask yourself why you want to seduce the woman. From time to time women come into your life and just as frequently you feel a strange attraction to each one of them. The gentleman I talked about carried out the seduction like a true professional and made the encounter as natural as breathing. emotional . Carry out some light mock seduction exercises on your other women friends and watch the women in their true colors. From the start please realize that going about seducing a woman is not a video game you play on the computer screen.

you will have a hard time trying to seduce the woman. You may pretend that you have it but once the cat is out of the bag. Don’t feel dejected and rejected because it is not the end of the world for you. Or you may not have known the woman at all but notice her among your circle of friends or you have just been introduced to the woman for the first time. The first thing to do here is to do your homework. The Formal Blunders You may have known the woman for quite some time but never indicated your intentions towards her. Collect all the information that would be helpful to you in your effort to seduce her. Once you have identified the woman. and even if you succeed in seducing the woman. You may invite her to an afternoon lunch and from there ask for the first date. Here again your homework will be invaluable. Look for another one that fits. If you do. By all means go after the woman. you find that the woman possess all the ideal characteristics that you are looking for. the first encounter may not necessarily be the final and successful encounter.and psychological makeup and therefore requires different approaches to handle them. then go for it with the enthusiasm and fervor that knows no bounds. in the process never sell yourself short. Pursue your cause with a passion but again not to the point of surrendering your total life’s commitments to the cause of your social mission. However. Above all find out what are her prime needs in life to see if you have what it takes to fulfill those needs. it is only wise to abandon the idea of seducing the woman in question. In the . and seriously want her to be yours for life. These are three different situations that require totally different approaches in your move to seduce the woman. that would be a feather in your cap. The next step is to plan your seduction approach. Even then. Before you key in on a target make sure it is not an illusion or a mirage. The woman may be ideal but there is nothing you can do if she is not ready to have any close social relationship with you or anyone else. You will know whether to proceed with the relationship after your first serious one-to-one date. Let’s assume that after careful scrutiny. Find out all there is to know about the woman. Make sure it is solid. If you don’t. just don’t buy it. The best line of action is if the shoe doesn’t fit you. that would only be temporary until she finds out that you do not have what she wants. you may still find out later that you may have missed a point or two. After all the homework you have done. For you she may be a dream woman but for her tying the nuptial knot is still too heavy a commitment. Maybe you can just be friends until you find your ideal woman that is compatible to you. who has the potential to make you happy throughout your life and would be the right choice for a partner. you will be in for a miserable life. Let us take the first case. Moreover. in the absence of compatibility of a relationship. Seduce her but in the process do not bulldoze against a brick wall.

During dinner. be comfortable and enjoy the evening while at the same time look for clues that speak for her personality. Not to feel out of place you may bring along a male friend. This will be a good start for you to assess whether to proceed and seduce the woman. . you can get a couple of friends to come along to have lunch and find your way out to invite her to a quiet dinner together for the first date. The third case may be a bit tricky. maybe your lady friends can bring along their male partners as well. You may invite her and a few close friends to have dinner together. Watch her conversation and from there you should have a good idea about the woman. Don’t rush into things but get to know the woman a bit better. This will guide you with whether or not to proceed further and seduce the woman. This is best done if one of your lady friends can arrange the dinner and invite the woman.second case.

Ensure you give respect as it should be required of you.Chapter Six Making A First Impression That Lasts If you are successful in getting the first date. Appear smart with . and walk the fine line of being funny and knowing when to be serious. Study the route from your home to the woman’s residence to ensure that you will not be unnecessarily caught in a traffic jam. To project responsibility does not mean you should turn into a wussy but it does mean that you should act the way a responsible man would act. You will have to project a high degree of responsibility and a sense of respect for the woman you are dating without going overboard to please her to the extent that all you succeed in projecting is the character of the man who is grasping the last straw. It works both ways. but would you rather take a test drive. Remember also that this first date will also give the woman a good chance to assess you in return. You appear on time for the date and that very action will speak volumes for you and will show your integrity in the future. Be attentive. A lackadaisical attitude or a lack of commitment and concern for what is going on will not work in your favor in this first date encounter. than be 30 minutes late for your date based on not knowing how to get there? Think about it :) You don’t want and don’t need to give any excuses for not appearing on time because especially for this first date. be courteous. Actually this is the best platform for you to create a long lasting positive impression on the woman you are seducing. If you have agreed to meet the woman at 8. You may think this is going too far. This is the initial stage of seducing the woman and you surely wouldn’t want to project a clumsy start. You can project a high degree of responsibility and a respect for the woman by being right on time for the date. make sure you are not late even by one minute. You need to be irresistible to her. On the day of the appointment. this will give you yet another opportunity to study the woman.00 pm sharp. while at the same time refrain from making blunders on your part that may transmit negative vibrations to her. all excuses are bad excuses. You need to create a positive impression that lasts and make her want to meet you again. During the first date you can start the machinery of seduction rolling cautiously. appear comfortably well dressed as a presentable gentleman that will not embarrass her in a crowd.

Keep her amused and at ease with you. Do not take the date lightly and do not dress in a way that can be interpreted as your lack of seriousness for the occasion and a lack of respect for the woman. I may have said earlier that . use your good judgments based on where you are taking the lady at the time of the date. By listening it does not mean that you keep dumb. Don’t be dumb. You may say that in your eagerness and excitement to meet her for the evening. By now you would be able to know what to wear and how to dress for the occasion. There is no harm in opening the door of the car for her. One mistake you can make if you have decided to take her to dinner is to order a lavish dish that is not only expensive but serve no purpose other than to show off. well that's unless you're really rich :). The other blunder is to belittle the woman and engage her in a debate that exert your superiority. You may not intend it to be that way but it invites such interpretations if you are not dressed properly for the occasion. especially if it can draw a broad smile on her face. Do not make the blunder by turning it into an eating contest to show how good and thoroughly conversant you are with food and alcohol. or perhaps even allergic to certain foods. Exchange a few friendly words with the woman as you drive away to the rendezvous where you have decided to take her. Give her the benefit of choosing the menu and you accompany her meal with a perhaps a very slight variation. That would kill the evening. So why make it difficult for her. When you are out to seduce the woman take care of your conversation of the evening. Keep your hands off cigarettes no matter how much you have heard that cigarettes make a man manly. The biggest blunder you can make in this first serious encounter is to exhibit an air of arrogance and know it all. but didn't even realize. Initiate the conversation based on what you know about the woman. Do not force the menu on her because it's possible she may be dieting. as there many women who do not like smokers. Make her feel comfortable and fully welcome. watch what you say and make sure you do the listening most of the time. It is all rubbish. you spent quite some time frantically searching for the car key which you had always been holding in your hand. You need not dress superficially in expensive clothes because you will not be able to keep up with this trend if you do. She will silently appreciate it and that would spell more meetings with her in the future. and meet her there. Talking about a little funny incident that occurs on the way to her house will be in order. Otherwise the silence would give an air of military discipline and make the woman uneasy. You may have the prior privilege of determining what to wear for the occasion. Just remember. be naturally gracious and thank her for waiting.well groomed hair and attire that matches hers for the evening. To dress properly again does not mean you must appear as if you are going to a royal wedding but appear as a smart gentleman that will not embarrass the woman. this dinner date is a social get to know each other and not an eating contest. In the absence of that privilege. When you arrive at the woman’s house.

The date is a social meeting of joy and not a contest in political knowledge or philosophy. If she takes to you. So be careful of what you say. By now you would already know what they are. Do not exhibit your expertise about the Palestinian debacle or the Bush blunder in Iraq when all she wants to talk about beautiful the landscape of the hotel and the delicious food they serve. on your first date. She may appreciate your gentlemanly gesture and look forward to another evening with you and see what happens next. . The popular trend is to criticize the government for the many things that you judge as being wrongly handled. you will find yourself deep freezing in the cold with no chance of salvation. You will have a further chance to seduce the woman then.the best way to carry out a conversation is to watch for key words she uses and let the conversation move in her direction. However avoid the blunder of dishing out comments or praise that would sound superficial. you stop the show almost at the climax to get viewers guessing and come to see what happens next. Just carry out a light conversation on simple topics. Do not be too engrossed in the beauty and serenity of the night and the special feelings of the evening. Should the ice break. and when the suspense of the evening is building close to the climax. Keep track of the time and graciously offer to take the woman home even when the night is still young. Film directors do that to increase the ratings. I'm repeating this for emphasis. Like a good TV drama. Just be relaxed and comfortable and make the evening a memorable and enjoyable one. Leave some of the best for later and keep the woman in suspense and guessing what comes next. As for the present. Get yourself lost in light conversation on topics of common interest. So why don’t you do that too. After the dinner you can invite her to take a stroll in the hotel garden or public park. Leave the praise and comments to a later appropriate day and date. If you have nothing interesting to talk about that may excite the woman. the least you say about anything the better. Nevertheless. Just savor the exhilarating feelings of closeness and affections and enjoy the fresh air of the night. do not entertain any silly ideas that may lead to a blunder. Do not even try to give everything on this first date. If you do that you are walking on thin ice because the woman may be a staunch supporter of the government and immediately see you as a repulsive foe. Do not make silly blunders whereby in an attempt to create jokes you appear stupid and childish. rather than say the wrong things and end up without reprieve. This will backfire your attempt to seduce the woman and make you fall back a few points in her eyes. The romantic environment would send encouraging vibrations of closeness and would work positively in your favor. you are only weaving the delicate web of relationship that may or may not withstand the unsuspecting gust of strong wind. she would graciously agree to the suggestion.

you may need to know the salient traits that attract women and make good first impressions and also the repulsive traits that make a very poor first impression. To add flavor to this successful first encounter. Maybe this time not to take her to dinner but to some interesting resort where you can spend the evening casually together. especially when the woman feels guilty of her suspicions. Both of you should be able to find a happy match to blend with the environment. Then at the least expected of times. As an added asset to add to your arsenal of tactics of seducing a woman. It would have a bigger impact. That in essence is the culmination of the beautiful art of seducing a woman. Inform her before hand when you will be taking her for a date the following weekend. This will help create a beautiful first impression that lasts. she may have had certain ideas about you and your intentions and after the date found she had been grossly wrong. you will have to use a lot of tact. They are by nature common failings of almost every human being and strengths developed by many to remedy those inborn weaknesses. Ensure that the seduction flows beautifully like the flow of the mountain stream on the plains before the rapids that culminates in the beautiful and awe inspiring waterfall. reappear and work up for another date.In accepting the invitation to a date. In the art of how to seduce a woman. Seducing a woman is truly a magnificent art embodied in the science of human relationships. These traits appear consistently over time among failures of the art and among those who achieve resounding success. It is what gives meaning to life that will burst into a rainbow of colors and music. let the first impression linger on her mind for some time. These strengths and weaknesses projects themselves in every social interactions. an evening gown will be out of order just as bad as a sleeveless t-shirt and toilet slippers would be for you. an effort worth pursuing and an objective worth homing on. perhaps after three or four days. so you can have her imagining being there with you. discretion and good timely judgment on your part in your effort to seduce the woman to succumb to you like a sheep to slaughter. Learn the science of human relationships well so that you may ultimately be able to paint a masterpiece of the process. Disappear for a couple of days and let the woman keep guessing. The vital thing to remember is not to appear superficial and awkward. This is to get her excited about the date. If you are taking her to spend an evening at a seaside resort. Perhaps you could get hold of catalogs to show the beauty of the place. . Don’t ask for a second date immediately because that would weaken the beautiful and fascinating memory of the first date. The exhilarating feelings of success is beyond reproach. This will enable her and you to discuss of what appropriate dress to wear to save the trouble of embarrassment.

fit. as many women will be skeptical and you will have to earn their trust. fascinating and irresistible. . it would pay handsomely if you start to cultivate the traits in you. for the simple reason that we do not know exactly what the woman wants and looks for in a relationship. being too materialistic and the tendency to resort to manipulation as a means to an end. creativity and pleasant conversational abilities never fail to attract and fascinate women and even men for that matter. People who complain perpetually of almost everything will naturally repel everyone from having any social connections with them except birds of the same feather. power and transmission of positive attitudes through the unerring signals of body language. The woman can act one way today and tomorrow be totally different. successful and full of confidence in facing whatever comes. Women are most unpredictable and baffling. They will agree to something today and change their mind tomorrow. kindness. Those with a poor self image make poor conversation partners. Positive first impressions are also created by the traits of individuality. Their immature and negative attitudes towards life will be boring to any woman and will never succeed to create any positive first impression other than that of a lifeless creature. it's all based on their moods. The only thing a man can do is to ensure he creates a good first impression to influence the outcome of the encounter. Women will find you impressive every time. People with aspirations. by doing homework observing and studying. No one can predict what the outcome of every encounter will be.People never fail to respond favorable to a warm personality. closeminded and judgmental. Do not get carried away that you will be successful with a woman every time you act like the perfect gentleman. It would be strange if any would appreciate people who are self-centered. Another repulsive trait that needs to be discarded and replaced is a lack of integrity. We may start as I mentioned before. Lack of manners is without doubt a repulsive behavior. To be attractive. full of a sense of humor. full of confidence. great imagination.

before a man entertains any notion of seducing a woman. She may meet you and oblige you to go for outings or dinner dates. If you cancel it or are unable to keep the promise. you see. A woman will do anything for the man she trusts. So. No. It is as simple as that. This will continue until she is convinced that she can trust you. Integrity and trust can be inculcated should it be almost absent in a man. Trust is a vital element of social relationship that is revered by all women. She may be attracted to you for many other reasons but until she trusts you. all other efforts at relationship building will be reduced to zero. In the first place no one forces you to make any promises at all. but when it comes to the serious business of knitting a lifelong relationship she will be evasive and give you all kinds of excuses. The first thing to remember is not to say anything that you don’t mean and in your eagerness or excitement to please her. Until then whatever moves you make to seduce her will end up in frustration. So. In the absence of these assets. The biggest blunder is to be everything to the woman and do anything to . It is the element that draws a woman to a man and sticks with him. must be kept to the letter. you will lose a few points in her eyes. Even if you are late for a date it will work against you. just don’t promise anything. he has to ensure that he is in possession of these all important assets. Nothing of the sort.Chapter Seven How to Make A Woman Trust You Completely Trust is closely interwoven with integrity and responsibility. A man without integrity cannot be trusted. it is vital that you built trust in the woman before even thinking of seducing her. If this element is missing. by volunteering stupidly to bow to all the wishes of the woman and ardently do your best to please her each time and every time. She will let you chase shadows. How do you go about building trust in the woman for you. This is in no way to suggest that you must start your relationship on a wrong note. Don’t practice the habit of making promises you can’t keep. A simple promise to have lunch at a certain time. So also is a man who fashions an indifferent and impertinent attitude towards the seriousness of life. he will only melt in the company of women who holds these commendable characteristics dearly. you can’t expect anything from her. She must be thoroughly convinced that the man is trustworthy for her to have any respect for him. It simply means that if you can’t keep a promise. do not promise the moon because there is no way you can deliver.

Make a strong commitment not to do anything that would hurt the trust she has for you. The stigma will drag on to mar whatever relationship you may be able to build at a later date if by some miracle you ever have the chance at all. Artificial maneuvers may work but like all fakes. ‘I don’t trust men’ says it loud and clear. In the first vital step on how to seduce a woman. that is if you have decided to be serious about seducing a woman for life long relationships. they do not last. be it among casual friends and acquaintances. Many take pride in their ability to lie and cheat on women. So if you are in this game of hide and seek. there are points you can draw from these conversations. You may have forgotten but the woman doesn’t and she surely expects it. as it is widely practiced in open and sophisticated societies of today. Of course there are many ways in which you can make a woman trust you but I do not recommend you to make artificial maneuvers to manipulate the woman’s feelings and expectations to your advantage. Admittedly. The cliché. If you were the woman how would you like to be treated to gain your trust? Treat the woman the way you would like to be treated and you will not go wrong. In all these relationships the element of trust is predominant. lovers or even among husbands and wives. That would be a better approach on how to seduce a woman. How to Create Trust How do you treat a woman so that she will trust you? The best logical answer would be to put yourself in the shoes of the woman. You can learn from that to avoid committing blunders in your relationships. As a result women are more suspicious of men and the slightest ripple of gossip would create a storm. There are no holds barred if you are only indulging in temporary relationships to weather a passing storm. This is what leads to unfulfilled promises because they are too many and made too close to one another. it is about time you shift your paradigm for something solid and constructive. Men like to talk about their exploits of women.please her. in a man-woman relationship. the game of trust and deceit has been more like a game of hide and seek. be it social political or entrepreneurial. She would be so much the happier if you do not promise her anything and just hand it to her as a surprise. you will have a very hard time to get the woman to trust you ever. not so much to please the woman but for yourself to carry you into life that is interwoven with all kinds of relationships. Never blunder on this because if you do. Although these stories or exploits have not much truth or substance. In the process sometimes you lose track of things and forget them altogether. Relevant to your case is the different ways women are lied to or cheated. Discipline yourself in this area. I recommend you go for the real solid actions . you must build a strong foundation of trust which incidentally is also a strong foundation for the ensuing relationship that may follow.

thinking of the possibility of it being stuck. I am not referring to the parallel action of a self-styled woman slave or the pathetic sick lame horse that cries for sympathy. Again. then perhaps she is not the right woman for you. If she should trust you. Now to be clear. If you let the woman into one of the secrets of your weaknesses and she senses that you are telling the truth. use this technique with caution and use it only when it is authentic. She will instantly be drawn to you and trust you. “ I've never told anyone this. and you'll form that connection. I just feel extremely uneasy being in one. reach for her hand. Yes. but I have a serious fear of elevators. You can say something like this for example. And be honest to yourself right from the outset on the type of relationship you desire and move steadily in that direction. elevators. After saying this you can gain more trust the next time the two of you go into an elevator. then make sure that you are really a person that can be trusted. If it is fake. I repeat. This will provide a very strong foundation for life-long relationships. Here it is not the sympathy you are after but just to let into a little secret about yourself. Once you have gained the trust of the woman. some women may see this as a weakness. However. there is one element that never fails to touch the soft spot in her heart. get to know more about the real woman you are with and plan your moves in the direction you desire. Be sincere and it will show loud and clear in your actions and words. When it comes to trusting a man. It must be the real you she is seeing and assessing and not the artificial man implementing deceitful theories to manipulate the poor woman. fervor and persistence. Make sure what you say is real. passion. and being in such tight quarters.” If a man is bold enough to reveal his weakness or fears. it must be real. and it is. it would be easier for you to get close to her. So. as odd as it sounds. but it's also displaying honesty and building trust. The sound of your voice will otherwise give you away. there is no reason to doubt his other words. chances are good that you will .which is the real you that talks and moves in ways that will make the woman trust you. If the woman thinks you're a wimp and a sissy for this fear. she will trust you because there are not many men who will expose their weaknesses to a woman by telling her the secret and not many men dare do that for fear of losing the woman or of fear of appearing inferior. But in order to use this technique. I would like to repeat that if you have done your homework well and carried out your intentions with honesty. You use this and she will melt like ice in a boiling pot. the woman will know because she has an in-built radar to scan and almost know when the man is telling the truth or when he is not. As I said and I am saying again. please be warned before hand that it must be real and not something cooked up just to fill an empty assertion.

The element of confidence must not leave our side at any moment and must be present to drive us on to face whatever comes our way. We do not have the power to change the outcome of the relationship but surely we have the ability to influence it.succeed in your mission in seducing the woman. A wise man once said that there are things that we can change and there are things that we simply cannot change and we must be wise to know which we can change and which we cannot change. Only then will we find victory in defeat. Cement your moves by honoring the trust the woman has for you. and you will not go wrong in your quest for blissful life-long relationships. The key word here is to do your very best. . If we are fearful of failure or are striving in the doldrums of mediocrity. we can change that and be confident of success and move to take massive action to realize our dreams. enlightenment in moments of frustrations and hope even in the dimming lights of the twilight zone.

not for the screen but for real life situations. these definitions are arbitrary and what one woman sees as attractive another sees as just normal. through sports activities. As you do this you will find that all along you have what it takes to be attractive and fascinating But these traits lay dormant through lack of the necessity for exposure. let alone know. Make note of the things you like about them and what makes you like to join their company again. Look for role models and study their actions and the way their carry themselves about. Men and women also move around in big numbers in political organizations. To attract the attention of the woman. These attributes can be inculcated into the personality with the right social formula. You can’t seduce something or someone you do not see. What is fascinating to one may not be so to another. so also you can inculcate and develop qualities and traits that women admire. If you opt for that. Your take off the film or TV cloaks you will find them nursing scabies on their rickety legs. you must create a good first impression. It is common knowledge that the best acting stars are not in the films but out there in the open where the illusions of make believe is totally absent. what makes their conversations fascinating and make them attractive to women. To seduce a woman you need not be superficially attractive with all the thick make up of film stars. you will look like clowns and be a . Maybe you can watch other interesting people and study what makes them interesting. These characteristics are developed as you mature and as your circles of social interactions widen. Keep gathering an arsenal of knowledge you can learn from and study the character that you can blend with yours to give an added value. Don’t worry if you feel you do not have these attributes. so therefore you have to put yourself in a position to be seen. The TV stars for example are just ordinary people but by virtue of their being film stars or TV stars they are seen as attractive and fascinating.Chapter Eight Seduction Tips Need some more tips? Get close to the woman and move around among women and make yourself visible most of the time by getting involved in activities that are taking place in the organization. Just as film stars are trained to act a life of make-belief. Listen to their conversations. There are plenty of opportunities for this. You must appear attractive. There is a way for you to be attractive. clubs and charity organizations where men and women move hand in hand to carry out various activities together. interesting and fascinating. Again. presentable fascinating. their jokes and style of putting arguments forward.

including the one you are silently trying to attract and seduce. talk less and listen more. Maybe you will be able to enlighten at another time. Don’t be too gullible and take the conversation platform all to yourself in a show of know it all attitude. If you want to be attractive and fascinating. If you want to have a high success rate in how to seduce a woman. Nothing can be more repulsive and boring than to have an evening with a person who always talk about himself. his exploits. If you are asked about the things or events that you do not have any clue about. To be attractive and fascinating does not lie in how loud and how much you talk during a conversation. relaxed and natural.laughing stock. you will have to be aware that there are certain positive traits or characteristics or behaviors that you will have to cultivate if you do not have them yet. be sure that you have the facts right. Do not reinforce the emptiness of scandalous gossip neither should you initiate one. Join in the jokes and fun but do not overdo it by chipping in cheap vulgar jokes to attract the crowd. You will be viewed as repulsive instead of attractive. apologize and say you cannot offer any comments yet as you are not exposed to the information. just join the crowd and the fun. To look attractive and charming. just be honest. adventures. If you should contribute to the conversation. smartly dressed and well groomed hair. as stupid rather than intelligent because it is always true that empty drums make the most noise. cool. It is not only women but people on the whole abhor negative behaviors of selfcenteredness. Otherwise just sit relaxed occasionally. There is cliché that says “If you do not know anything. It lies in the sophistication in the way you handle and blend yourself in a social setting. smile and shut up. send positive vibrations around the room and the aura will bounce back and enhance your personality. Likewise there are certain negative characteristics or behaviors that you will have to shed. Only a man of shallow intelligence engage in baseless gossip that belittles others and envelope cloaks of guilt on other people’s personalities. successes and feats of high performances in almost all fields. Remember what you do and talk is being watched and scrutinized as a basis of assessing the person you are. irrespective of whether he really knows slightly or pretend to know something which he actually hasn’t a . You will stand out in the crowd and be noticed by the women present. An honest admission that you do not know of what is being asked is many thousand times better than to appear stupid trying to talk about things you don’t have a clue to. Never be the person who monopolies the conversational platform for almost the whole evening talking almost non stop to show off his knowledge about topics of conversation. close-mindedness and judgmental attitudes. People are not stupid and trying to make them so will only expose your stupidity. Be an alpha man. once in while just smile when the jokes are good and offer opinions intelligently when asked for. do not reveal your ignorance by talking”. It might offend the ladies present and you will be looked upon as vulgar instead of being attractive and fascinating.

clue to. Without a doubt. he might also suggest how Adam should have reacted to the Devil in the Garden of Eden. you are the only one who is right in all things and on all counts. being close minded. Otherwise you will have to have the skill of a squirrel when forced to jump from tree to tree. giving little chance to others to join in and enjoy the conversation are people who are bugged by a high degree of inferiority complex. Psychologically people who blabber all evening. negative towards life and are always complaining. you will be counted out as fast as you come in. how do you think anyone will react in your presence? If you realize the seriousness of the matter. you never make this fatal blunder of being self-centered and close-minded. As mentioned earlier. Should anyone touch on the subject. It is always the “I” aspect of the conversation that you will hear all evening. these characteristics will not only repel women but are also repulsive to just anyone except maybe to people who are just as repulsive. Surely this is another gross blunder you can make should you have included this in your arsenal of how to seduce a woman. never make this fatal blunder in your relationship. little realizing that by doing so he not only reveals some glaring weaknesses and inadequacy of knowledge but also becomes more and more repulsive to the crowd. where you are the only one who knows everything from plumbing to how to build the pyramid and maybe on how to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa . It would be interesting to watch from the sidelines how a group of such people play a game of conversational tug-of-war. If you display this trait with women. I can imagine how you try to find an excuse to go somewhere else and leave the know it all immersed in his repulsive and boring blabbering. each attempting to outdo the others in his haste to blabber all the junk that he knows or have heard about. Such people will also blabber about weaknesses in other people’s characters and all that is wrong with the world and all its contents. I am sure you must have had the experience of being in the company of such people. irrespective of whether there is an iota of truth or not. close-minded and judgmental usually display a lack of good manners because these traits come in a package. self-centered and judgmental does not blend with the technique of how to seduce a woman. People who are self-centered. To these repulsive people it is not the authentic content of the subject matter that counts but their primary concern is their ability to take the limelight or “repulsive light”. They wouldn’t care a dime if it affects the ladies present negatively. They are crude. . In an effort to cover up his weaknesses. You will be disqualified even before you hear the starter’s gunshot. in this case from group to group or from woman to woman who will disappear the moment they see you. Imagine yourself in his place. They indulge in vulgar jokes irrespective of how it affects those present in the crowd. Please remember that if you want to be successful with women. he displays and acts the knows-all script.

creativity has never fail to astound man to gaze in wonder and awe at the beauty of the masterpiece. respect people and their opinions for what they are. We must be openminded and in the process. Show individuality. The dying flames of the film industry is powerfully rekindled on the platform of creativity. you will be reduced to dust and crushed into nothingness before the evening is over. Learn to develop good conversational ability and display a high respect for others by not being judgmental on them. and fit individual able to take the steering wheel of life and tough to overcome any adversity.If you want to be successful in your attempt to seduce a woman. In your relations with women. Otherwise it is just an ordinary plant. Socrates and Aristotle) where there is only one right and when one is right. The woman will find you fascinating and irresistible and you can assure yourself that she will be looking forward to meet you again. She appreciates a powerful shoulder to lean on. Creativity gives life even to the simplest of things. Acknowledge that there is no absolute in what is right and what is wrong. The arrangement of painted bricks in a small backyard garden can be a source of attraction if it smacks a touch of creativity. Man has made tremendous quantum leaps in development of science and technology through creativity and creative thinking. Out of creativity we find all kinds of toys for children in the market. be mature and display maturity. indecisiveness and a habit of always complaining even about the most trivial things. Another aspect of your personality that will make the woman disappear as fast as they come is a display of immaturity. Against this background of expectations. Over these past 2500 years the world has changed and opinions too change. If you take one step . Creativity never fails to attract attention and fascinate people of all ages from young children to adults. decisiveness and confidence. you can put this element of creativity to great advantage. The woman expects a confident. Welcome ideas in parallel and abandon the fascist doctrine of the Gang of Three (Plato. Throughout history. kind and creative and who knows his way in this challenging and turbulent world. She will appreciate that and it would create a good positive impact on your relationship. Out of creativity the fashion industry rake in billions of dollars annually. if you display the character of the pathetic paralyzed beggar without a backbone. warmth and a good sense of humor. then the others are all wrong. Do not commit this blunder if you want to be successful in the company of ladies especially if you are studying the techniques on how to seduce a woman. To be close-minded and grossly judgmental would put off the flames of good social interactions and relationships. You can exhibit these traits subtly in your conversations and your body language. The bonsai fetches a high price just because of its creative design. Sales people know that and designers know that even better. The woman wants the company of a true man. If you want to be successful in seducing the woman. not a sissy. To be creative you don’t have to be Beethoven or Michaelangelo or Alexander the Great. conversational ability and kindness. you must learn to cultivate the positive traits of confidence.

She would be grateful and you have nothing to lose. It is natural and you will not have to go constantly into a manipulation mode every time you want to seduce the woman. Like all good things. Use it wisely and you will win appreciation all round. If you don’t have it in you to be creative. It is unnatural. They hate it and will bear a perpetual grudge against the manipulator. It would be a welcome suggestion and the thought of becoming creative would be fascinating. culturing and developing because almost everyone is fascinated by the uniqueness and artistry of creativity. If you have a lady friend and you would like to have her for a life partner. In fact creativity is one of the lethal weapons of seduction which you cannot afford to omit from your arsenal of how to seduce a woman. You will never fail to attract the attention of the woman you are seducing. Above all you will not have the subconscious feelings of guilt constantly hammering in your mind. This is an asset worth possessing. you will find that vast opportunities are available where you can be creative. Your relationship with the woman you want to seduce poses an even bigger risk if you are not cautious in your footsteps. Use creativity as a platform to gain friends to share and it will go a long way to boost your self image and self esteem. Do not put yourself in the shoes of the manipulator especially if you want the woman for keeps. If you already have some creative talents. if you use it wrongly it will work to your disadvantage. avoid the temptation to resort to manipulation. A woman wants to flow naturally into a relationship be it temporarily or for life-long partnership. In any human relationship. Display and share your creative skills if you happen to have one and learn to be creative if you do not possess one. Transfer the skills and knowledge to her. it would be wise to discuss with her. learn to handle things delicately and avoid blunders that would be very difficult to amend once committed. Creativity creates things of beauty that brings timeless joy to the human heart. take up a course in Ikebana (flower arrangement). Be creative and appear creative both in your thinking and your actions. about courses and hobbies that both of you can be creative. unreal. landscaping and gardening. A smooth flow of relationship without the trickery of manipulation radiates the warmth that nurtures the relationship with joy and appreciation. In your quest on how to seduce the woman. In fact your generous gesture would draw her closer to you. It would also relieve you from the . People do not like to be manipulated. painting or whatever it is that you have an affinity to and would be able to exhibit your creative prowess. and despicable and will give birth to a lot of disappointments and hatred once the cat is out of the bag. music.ahead and look at the things around you. you can share that with the woman especially if she is fascinated by your skills.

You will have to be prepared physically. To top up all these. discard the old script and write a new one where you play the hero and not the extra. Some islanders require that the young man is required to jump from a high platform with a rope tied to his ankle. Men just go for the woman he likes and get married and that is all. . It is a delicate matter as women are very evasive and unpredictable. For those who do not make proper and solid preparation. In order to seduce a woman. If you have a low self image and low self esteem and you try to seduce a woman. then only is he admitted into the society as an adult man. who is only then qualified to take a wife. Everything is settled. a male is not acknowledged as a man until he goes through a very dangerous ritual which is not practiced by our modern society. If you are to make headway in your effort to seduce a woman.nagging ordeal of guessing whether the woman is attracted to you for who you are or has been wrongly manipulated into the relationship. If he passed the severe death defying test of manhood. If you have been living a poor self image. you had better have an arsenal of weapons on hand to suit the different circumstances. If you are low on self image. mentally. Do not get swallowed alive. acted out of the script of others. she will swallow you alive or chew you like chewing gum. They are very mysterious and no one knows for sure what they would do next. You will have to be flexible in your tactics and change strategies when necessary. You will have to look into your self image and change it first. It is not for the weak heart. A healthy self image boosts a powerful self esteem and that will put you in good stead when face to face with the formidable woman. Their actions always keep men guessing and at times in total suspense. You can’t simply just join in the fray and expect positive results because winning the attention of a woman is not as easy as you would like to think. you must learn the art of seducing the woman. You may be wondering why all the fuss just to seduce a woman. You might say that this has never happened before in the old days. You are wrong there. the causalities are high. just postpone the idea of doing any seducing at all. It is not a job for boys either. No strategies and tactics are needed to win over a woman. In certain primitive societies. emotionally and spiritually to face and overcome all eventualities. Maybe that is their strong weapon of attraction and their natural irresistibility that gets men seduced instead in the process. Build a healthy self image and a high degree of self confidence. you must prepare yourself internally as well as outwardly. Check your self image rating. You will never find out. perhaps until it is too late to make amends.

. a careful and intelligent approach is necessary. To seduce the woman. there must be a woman to seduce. What then is logic number three? If there is a woman to be seduced and you are to go about seducing the woman. Don’t be hasty. That is logic number two. In order to seduce a woman. One wrong move and you may not have a second chance. in equally great numbers are women out to seduce men. The first encounter is the most important. Doing this would give you the right signals when to key in and when not to. you will only be offering yourself for dinner to the lioness. then go ahead and seduce. We have been all along talking about seducing women. We have discussed earlier on some strategies and tactics of seduction. Surely you would not want that to happen. The proper techniques of how to seduce a woman will have to be carefully studied and the plan executed with pin point precision if you expect to notch a reasonable degree of success. Get familiar and in constant contact without giving yourself away in the process. If you are not aware of this. the sayembara ( contest ) is carried out to win a woman’s hand in marriage. Be mysterious with the woman you are trying to seduce and throw a line or two while at the same time keep her guessing. If there is a woman to be seduced. Thus the necessity to be well prepared emotionally and spiritually for whatever eventualities that may arise as a result of the excursion into this seduction process. The danger of over expectation of resounding success and the resulting rejection by the woman is no less emotionally devastating.The Watusi requires their young men to go lion hunting and the primitive tribes of Borneo requires the horn of a wild boar as proof of manhood. What we have to go through today is nothing compared to the ordeals of the past in terms of physical risk. Reread the chapters and get yourself fully and totally acquainted with the guidelines. you are now mine. then you can make your move. Don’t be too hasty and reckless to experiment and test the theories of how to seduce the woman before you have made the necessary preparation to do so. In ancient India. Thus apart from having the woman to seduce and the decision to seduce. That is logic number one. make sure you are prepared for the excursion. you will lose track of who is trying to seduce whom. Instead of capturing the lioness. Do not forget that out there. Be well knowledgeable and be very careful as you tread the gamut of this delicate game of how to seduce the woman.” It is not that simple. what to do and what not to do and what gross blunders you can commit in the seduction process and why you must avoid them. but that does not in any way suggest that today we only need to walk up to the woman and say “I like you. When the coast is clear. you must be visible to the woman and stay as close to her as possible. What the modern seduction techniques lacks in physical risks is accordingly compensated by a high degree of emotional risks.

This can be followed by the generous act of asking for a simple afternoon lunch in a group or on a one-to-one basis. Have lots of fun while you silently and subtly activate your moves like a chess maestro moving towards checkmate. And at another time be outgoing and attractive displaying some degree of creativity. Don’t jumble it up and try to do everything in one go. activate your seduction techniques at intervals and in sequence. At times appear courteous and gracious. .As you move along. at another time be a little bit mysterious.

These are the common blunders committed by many people who are easily carried by the slightest provocation that suddenly and unexpectedly arises. you may have also joined in a conversation and are very anxious to get out of it as the topics become dull and boring. That being said. I am sure you must have the experience of engaging in an interesting conversation for hours on end and yet you do not realize it has taken that long. if you want people to pay attention to you and keep them glued to their seats. You are so engrossed in the conversation that you sometimes even forget an important appointment. That is the main reason why we hear crude and vulgar language being often used in conversation. Right from the outset. a mastery of the art of conversation is a must if you want your partner glued to her seat paying attention to every word you say. . It is a two way process if you are alone with the woman. Many people just ignore the necessity of developing the fine art of conversation and take it for granted that it doesn’t matter how you carry it out as long as the others involved in the conversation understand what you are saying. and a multi-involvement process if you are among friends. irrespective of where it takes place and who are present. Conversation is an art that must be mastered if you want to be successful with your audience. Likewise. Nevertheless. so much so for the woman you are seducing. to speak less and listen more. It should project a high respect for the others involved. your basic style and the way you exhibit your involvement through words and positive body language.Chapter Nine Conversation and Body Language This chapter is included to examine closely the various occasions where you will meet the woman alone or in the company of your other friends. It is not strictly confined to the private dates you will have with the woman alone. you must refrain yourself from turning the conversation into a Sunday sermon or a debating platform or a political arena. It is also true that most conversations are just empty gossip without constructive content. God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason. In this seduction exercise. I am also now sure that you know the reasons why in one instance you are so engrossed while at another you want to leave at the first opportunity. It may be all right if you are just passing your time over a cup of coffee in a coffee shop with some friends who wouldn’t care a dime of what is happening and where it happens. that a social conversation is a conversation and nothing more. Remember the rule. The first rule is to respect the woman. depending on where it takes place and who are present. As such the topics of the conversation will vary accordingly. should be the same.

Take the cue from there and flow with the conversation. everybody wants to feel good and would be annoyed if you drive them into the back seat. taking the cue from the key words she includes in her conversation. Stay cool and calm. other people too have their points of view. You may be carried away by the wrong notion that people will highly admire you for your high intelligence. exhibiting your knowledge at the wrong time and at the wrong place is highly uncalled for. In a conversation. you can graciously apologize to her and ask for the meaning. there is a very strong tendency to step on the toes of others. just engage in light conversation. their assessments and judgments of the various phenomena around. It would not be an exhibition of ignorance but you will be passing to her a powerful message that you are paying attention to what she is saying. If you do that you will definitely break the camel’s back and they will disappear one by one from the scene until you are left alone talking to the wall like a lunatic. Do not respond negatively to that. This will not irritate them and soon they will be ever welcome to your presence. unlike in a debate. Should you come to terms that she uses and you are not sure what they mean. Do not react. Learn to see other people’s view in parallel and do not impose a stoic and purely judgmental standard of ‘there is one right’ and all others are therefore wrong. sometimes sensitive issues arise that challenge your ego. you will know what interests her and what topics of conversation is natural to her. Be proactive. Be gracious and accept their points of view proactively and in parallel to yours. and make them feel inferior in the eyes of others. Just like you. not from the usual antagonistic side. Please be warned that. Show that in your body language. When with the woman. If you pay attention closely. She will appreciate that and come to a conclusion that you are a good conversation . view the situation and suggestions or provocations from the other side of the coin. in your eagerness to show. become fidgety and nervous or unduly provoked and anxious to fight back. Do not be over anxious to display your knowledge and show that you are more knowledgeable in all subjects well above and over the rest. There is also a tendency to highlight their stupidity through your tone of voice and body language. Smile occasionally when something interesting is being said but do not be eager to interrupt and chip in your piece in the subject. You may see some arguments that you can agree to. During the course of every conversation display the relaxed and comfortable stance of the alpha man. To add insult to injury. The attitude will look too childish and amateurish and will not speak much of your personality.During the course of the conversation. You must know when you are welcome to chip in to the conversation.

make the conversation as natural and interesting as possible. Be cool. These should be the motto to observe for a successful and entertaining conversational encounter with the woman you are seducing or with whoever is your conversation partner or partners. debate or Sunday sermon. during your fishing trip. calm and collected without being dumb and uninteresting. why act as if you are guilty of doing otherwise. It might draw a few giggles and light laughter. If she shows eagerness to relate similar incidents of her own experience. I had on a number of occasions been in the company of such a person who intermittently interject his own conversant with the phrase. just listen to you and enjoy your fascinating company. By show of body language show your attentiveness and excitement about the phenomena while comparing its similarity to the one you experienced. if the incident is similar to the ones she had experienced at one time or another before. Now when it is your turn to chip in. If you have made a lasting impact and handle your conversation expertly. Be gracious without being superficial or unnatural. If your presence adds color to many a dull conversation and if your contributions make it interesting and joyous. You can narrate incidents that have a funny twist that happened maybe. what are the suitable topics that you can bring in to make it interesting to the woman? It need not be of things that interest women and be about topics of conversations they have among themselves. you can bet your last dollar that people will always look forward to having you in their conversational encounters. To certain people it has become a habit and hard to erase.partner. You can chip in with a similar joke if you like. Indulging in a conversion about topics of common interests or common experience is always exciting and fun. know it all or undue show of superiority is definitely and strongly out of order. people will find that something is missing without you at the table or in the room. don’t hold back. devoid of all the trappings of an argument. Chances are she might want to hear more. It would make the encounter even more interesting. Whichever it is. . or visit to an island or during your stay at an island resort. There are people who interject their own conversation by the phase. By all means laugh. It simply does not add up.” Over the course of the evening’s conversation you can notice he will use the phrase at least a dozen times until you cannot but notice it. If she was the one who create the joke. There is one fatal conversational blunder you can commit and this is inexcusable. she would be flattered. “I am not lying …. take the opportunity to pass the helm to her. I am telling you the truth. “Believe me. Turn the conversation into an occasion of joy. They might even invite you to join them for lunch. An air of arrogance.” If you are telling the truth. If that were to happen.

For one thing people hearing you will not have a clue to what you are saying. not only sounds awkward but is not in line with good conversational practice. In another you insult the sincerity of the audience. . Even if they do. Both ways will never work in your favor and people will think twice before volunteering to sit with you for another conversation. Statements presented in a jumbled up manner and a nervous stance are seldom taken seriously. why does he have to say so?” What prompts him to repeat the phrase over and over again unless he wants to camouflage his lying spree? Whether you want to drive home a point strongly or cover your lying or the inaccuracy of your statement. your voice and body language quickly gives you away as some moron who does not know what he is talking about and is juggling unfounded gossip to make it sound real. The truth is usually related in a relaxed. expressed in stance of self confidence. Once stated it is not repeated unless requested. For another. they will be impertinent to what you say. your body language speaks volumes about you and the sincerity of your statements. Be sensitive to this habit and never get hooked to the “I am not lying” bad habit because if you do people will quickly brand you as a big liar and quickly exit before you enter. In one way you give away your doubts about your own statement. In a conversation. when you are saying something or are trying to put forward a point.” If he is not lying. the use of the phrase alone even for once.As one of my friends remarked. The statements are rather casual yet convincing. non fidgety way.

to give and receive intimacy and affection is integral to every successful relationship. The way you made her feel in bed makes the whole world of difference between a fulfilling and joyous relationship and one that is heading towards the rocks! We sometimes hear of women who choose to run away with another lover in spite of having everything else she needs. If she doesn’t flinch or pull away. Whether you are in a relationship in search of true meaningful love or merely for fun. The best way to get your first kiss with your woman is to watch her body language. a true gentleman knows how to please his lady between the sheets. this time kiss her deeply and longer. you should know by now that all women crave to be with a real man whom she can admire and look up to. Often you can see from her gestures what she really has in mind and wants.Chapter Ten How to Satisfy Your Lady in Bed Sexuality is an important part of our lives. Women do not want to be around little boys who whimper up and stutter. Now you are ready to explore further and take the relationship to the next level! . chances are she wants to be kissed! Lean towards her and give her soft gentle kiss on the lips and pull back. Often enough it has everything to do with her dissatisfaction with the way her man makes her feel in bed. the ability to satisfy your lady is an indispensable tool in the creation of the true gentleman. Make eye contact and watch her reaction. Thus never disregard the ability to satisfy your lady as an important element to create a long lasting and enduring relationship. Every man desires to be the alpha male who can win a woman’s adoration and respect on and off the bed! When you talk about sex life. Try to be as close as possible to her. How to Get Your First Kiss If you have been paying attention. The lips are the most erroneous zone and kissing her in the right way can drive her wild with passion. The desire to love. If she smiles and has a dreamy look in her eyes.

It creates a thrilling and amazing sensation that will drive you and your partner wild with passion. Tongue technique involves flicking. The key is to keep your tongue moving inside her and do not stay still. If she is doing something. Tongue Technique Get your tongue inside your partners mouth an inch or two. Before you start kissing your lady make sure you have this checklist with you and ensure that you do not forget anything. women have two areas of erogenous zones which can be referred to as a primary and secondary zone. • • • Make sure you have a clean mouth and clean white teeth. Circle it around the tip of your lady’s tongue. Get into a good position. At this point your lady should be ready to let you do your explorations further. Respond to her tongue movements. A rigid body will give you away as an inept novice who is just learning to have the first kiss! Open your lips to kiss her.Learning the Most Intoxicating Kiss of All French kisses are probably the most sensuous form of kissing in the world. move it to one side so that your lips can reach each other comfortably. If you place your face directly in front of her. your noses will bump into each other. exploring and light touching. No one wants to be kissed by a bad breath male with unsightly teeth! Make regular visits to the dentist and floss your teeth on a regular basis. Here is the list of the primary erogenous zones that you want to access to turn her “buttons” on! • • • • Mouth Nipples Breasts Buttocks . Ideally. A French kiss is where both partners use the tongues to explore the insides of your partner’s mouth. Remember to relax when kissing your partner. you can follow her gesture and do accordingly. The Primary Erogenous Zones Basically.

Do it slowly and steadily and this will bring about a powerful orgasm. this is the perfect way to get her laid without exerting pressure on her for sex.Secondary Erogenous Zones • • • • • • • the nape of the neck the small of the back inside wrists inside elbows back of knees thigh feet The way to turn her buttons is to start with her SECONDARY erogenous zones. Kiss and fondle her breasts. Cunnilingus lets her enjoy the soft caress of your mouth without having to go all the way. Alternate and move very slowly. Moist Her private part consists of millions of nerve endings that are highly sensitive. Most women love to be teased so shower her with praises and tease her while you are at it. When you see all the signs that are favorable move your caress to her primary erogenous zones. Tweak those nipples. If initially. Use your own saliva or hers. your lady is reluctant to have intercourse. Soft touches and caressing of her secondary erogenous zones can do miracles to make her ready for more. Kiss her nipples then her breasts. Before you start your explorations. Any dry will pull on her skin and will be extremely uncomfortable for her. Cunnilingus Cunnilingus is a form of foreplay that can bring a lady to levels of pleasure unknown before! In fact cunnilingus can be considered sex without penetration. When you finally reach her genitals place you lips on her clitoris and suck on it steadily. If you plan to insert any fingers into her. so be sure to keep them moist before you start dabbling on them with your tongue. Use your tongue to freely lick around the clitoris in a circular motion. Play with all her primary erogenous zones. . there are some facts that you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey. Kiss and fondle buttocks. be sure those moist as well.

One or twice is considered normal. Take it Slow Women love to be pampered and caressed so do remember to take it real slow. Premature Ejaculation This is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen when you are making love to your lady. so be sure to caress her and whisper a soft loving word even AFTER sex so she will feel appreciated. The more response you get. Too Much of a Good Thing If you have heard of multiple orgasms. Sometimes. the worse thing you can do is to roll over and snore! Women hate the idea of being used just for their body. After all. visit your doctor and get yourself some help. the more your attempts to arouse her should continue. and you can explain it away by your amazement at your lady’s beauty and sex appeal. Biggest Mistakes Men Make in Bed Snore after Sex After you’ve popped your cork. However. she may gasp for air or hold her breath. Verbal Commands Probably the most welcomed command that every gentleman wants to hear is the wonderful command not to stop! It means you are doing the right thing and you should not stop whatever you are doing! When done correctly cunnilingus can give your lady a new form of enjoyment that will bring you closer together and share new heights of pleasure never known before. or heave about. if you fail to satisfy HER. then you are in for some trouble. and she will stick with you long after those lovemaking sessions are over.Breathing and Body Movement Her breathing and body movements can let you know her state of arousal at the moment. if this happens every time. why should she continue to have sex with you? If this occurrence occurs too many times. Make her feel loved and wanted. She may lie still. do not misuse this to think that you have to make your lady orgasm for ten to fifteen times! If you make this your primary .

Women do not relish the thought of a man who is out there solely for his own purpose. but for women there is pleasure all the while during the making of the course. Seriously prolonged sexual intercourse can cause a woman’s delicate private parts to become irritated. chances are she will be so burnt out and you will never have a chance to touch her again for the next two weeks. Be responsive If you think going at it like a jackhammer is going to score you points with your lady. Take time to share your desires and intimacies. The Ten Commandments of Great Lovemaking Take it Slow Guys. then it is going to be difficult for you to figure out what to do to please her in bed. . So forget about the finishing fast if you really want to impress her. Talk about what turns you on and what turns you off. Get her to open up and tell her about her own hot buttons as well. So it takes a lot of yummy foreplay on your part. Her Likes If your lady doesn’t know what she likes. Learn to be responsive and sensitive to the lady’s needs. The big 'O' Very rarely do a woman orgasm through the penetration of the man’s penis into her vagina. Emotional Intimacy Emotional intimacy is the essence to great lovemaking.the bump located at the top of her vagina.goal. you are damn mistaken. Ideally encourage her to explore on her own and find out what are her own likes and dislikes. remember that good sex isn’t a race to see who finish first. A woman’s orgasm is more likely to come from stimulation to her most sensitive parts such as the clitoris . The biggest pleasure for you may be the climax at the end.

It helps you to gain that extra energy without being burnt out prematurely. Get hold of a good sex guide books that will introduce you to a whole world of sexual positions that can amaze your partner. Don’t Leave your Stomach Empty Sex is undoubtedly a strenuous physical routine. If your lady is having a bad day or is tired after a hard days work. Change positions Forget the missionary position as the only form of lovemaking. Both diet and exercise have a big influence on how you will perform in bed. Exercise Always make the effort to stay in shape. flowers and thoughtful gifts. don’t expect her to have a energetic time on the bed. Get yourself a nice supply of energy supplying carbohydrates such as pasta. find a nice time to get into the mood for love.Find the Right Moment To have a great lovemaking session. If you want to make impression between the sheets. A little surprise here and there can do wonders to spice up your erotic journey. Vary the place and the time too. Women love romantic men who know how to treat a lady. so your body will need to draw upon its reserves of energy. You will reap the rewards when you hit the sack. rice bread and such before you engage in such activities. take the steps to inculcate a good exercise routine and maintain a healthy diet. Bring romance This is the magic word that can light up your lady’s heart and mind. Surprise her with love notes. Maintain a good exercise routine. .

unless he is a moron. Perhaps. is not of much use today. every man will have to be armed with the right tools of social relationship if he wants to succeed with women. There were not much stories of jilted lovers to tell. which was adequate in the society of yesterday. Even a school child knows how to seduce the opposite sex by offering ice-cream or comic books. especially with reference to women. Another reason perhaps was the calm and socially controlled society that helps to subdue situations where it was necessary to seduce woman in order to possess her. Perhaps the common practice or parental arranged marriages had widely contributed to this or perhaps childhood friendship bonds carried through to adulthood and landed in marriage. She now carries an air of self confidence and high self esteem that she cannot be taken for granted any more. Men and women did mingle together and in the process entangled with one another but it was considered taboo to upset the social order. be prepared and be knowledgeable about them.Chapter Eleven Final Thoughts As society makes a quantum leap in development and social cultures take on a new face. In the past it was not obviously felt that in order to woo a woman. should you entertain any notion of getting close to them for any kind of relationship whatsoever. With the changing social paradigms of today. In situations where the man and woman had grown up together and had known each other and had taken to each . With women of today. every man born. folkways and norms were by and large well observed. The woman of today demands that she be unequivocally noticed and respected. is equipped with a built-in skill of seduction. Gone are the days where the naive country girl can be conned into agreeing with anything sweet men say to her. There is no argument on this but what we are inborn with. folkways and norms and also in their responses to social upsets. You can’t take them for granted anymore. society has become very open both in their approach and interpretations of social mores. By and large the woman of today are educated and well informed of the world around. Social mores. you will have to serious. In the light of these new developments in social relations. we need elaborate techniques of seduction to master and practice. everyone must be prepared to make positive and effective paradigm shifts in the direction and speed parallel to the advances made in social thinking and social demands of our current society and in preparation for the ever changing social paradigms of the future.

Self-styled woman slaves are another group of men not versed in the art of seduction. Men who have no prior preparation. every move of the opponent and your replies must be calculated with pin-point accuracy until it culminates in checkmate. understand and apply the techniques of the art of seducing a woman. power and money alone would bring women to their knees begging to be seduced. the woman interprets. If you want to win the game. You will not last ten yards. it may look effective. Go for it with the weapons in your hands and the passion and drive of Alexander the Great in your quest to conquer and overcome the woman. Using their inborn tendency to seduce women. These men may look to be all right outwardly but in reality they are being manipulated and used by women for their opportunistic ends. It may just be a test to find out what metal you are made of. Don’t go to the modern war carrying a musket. Granted. the woman reads. Nothing could be better. Handling and seducing women is not much different from the game of chess itself. Learn. Women are definitely not attracted to such wussies but they definitely enjoy riding the mule rather than walking the mile. you must learn to seduce the woman. make it mysterious and difficult to predict like the moves of an experienced chess maestro. Implement them with pin point precision and accuracy when the time comes for your encounter with a woman that you want to seduce. In every step you make. we do keep on hearing stories of failure with women but those pathetic episodes are only the exception to the rule. absorb. you need a careful designed art of seduction. the woman watches. Only pathetic men emerge pathetically from encounters with women. With every twitch of your body language. For new encounters between strangers you need a much more sophisticated weapon than that belonging to the simple country Joe. With every word you utter. and who are in the habit of assuming that seducing women is a piece of cake. There are also the arrogant who thinks that position. but because there is no shadow at all in the dark of the night. not because the shadow has blended in the high noon sun. If you want to have any chance at all with women. Contrary to their assumption that women will chase them like the forenoon shadows. Look up the appropriate weapons to carry in the light of your adversary’s strong defenses. they make wrong assumptions that women can be seduced by stooping low by succumbing to all their demands. Sounds odd huh? To be successful in your endeavor to win over the attention and eventual submission of the woman. among them is the cold shoulder. will end up as discarded pieces of cake themselves. These men are in for many surprises. . They will find no shadow at all to chase. Be confident of success every time and don’t take the first ‘no’ from the woman as final. be cautious with your moves. whims and desires.other since childhood or since school days or college days for that matter. To seduce a woman.

The woman will swallow you alive. but have a low self image and self esteem that keep burying your self confidence. in the long run women admire the man for being candid. Truck loads of knowledge alone is not good enough just as a fantastic array of modern sophisticated weapons alone will not win a war. The knowledge and weapons require men of equal sophistication and will power to handle it. Stay close to him. It is imperative that you inculcate. It will take you a long way in your relationship. develop and nurture those characteristics if you want to be revered and always sought after by women. you must have a powerful self image with a high self esteem that goes with it. the modern knowledgeable and outgoing woman. A vital character you must develop is one of high integrity and honesty. A man of integrity is honest in his dealings and says in no uncertain terms the purpose of his relationship and plays his role accordingly. go an extra mile to inculcate. even if it is not to his advantage. if you play this role well. If you do not have that trait in you. For all you know. gracious without being over accommodating and irresistible without being repulsive. Those are the characters that women look for in a man. It will also make you walk tall without being arrogant. . Watch his every move and maneuvers. it is high time you look for a role model. He is more concerned in revealing the truth and makes forward moves to avoid unnecessary misinterpretations and misunderstandings. you must thoroughly learn the art of how to seduce a woman. Although the truth sometimes does lead to disappointments. they may make you their role model. who will be spell bound by the candidness of your actions. a man who is very comfortable in the company of women and to whom women are prepared to cling like a king crab. If all you have is a collection of techniques of how to seduce a woman. I am not referring to the terms integrity and honesty per say but arbitrary concepts that may be interpreted relevant to the purpose of the seduction itself and the circumstances that provoke the interpretation. very much divorced in character as compared to the naive country girl of yesterday. He is honest and will not hide behind a veil of lies and deceit to reveal a point. Once you have mastered the art. nurture and develop this beautiful character in you. you had better stay at home worshiping ceilings than go out to seduce the woman. how he approaches and entertains women and what he usually talks about in the company of women and above all what is that extra magic and charm that he displays to make women madly attracted to him.To be successful in the exercise. This will give you a strong unwavering stance in the eventualities of whatever onslaught that may be coming. Thus a powerful self image and high self esteem to boost your confidence is vital to possess. women might even vote you as the woman’s man of the year. If you are lost in this respect and just haven’t a clue on how to carry yourself with integrity and honesty. Nowadays men generally play games of hide and seek with women.

In going all out to seduce a woman. you later find out that she was doing it only for the fun of the game. as expected and the relationship warm and pleasant. the outcome is always easy. Be a natural and not over reactive about anything. whatever it is because he has nothing to lose and is also not fearful of losing his admirers to you. While others play the game for fun. I am not discouraging you on this score but warn you to be careful. There are many who are serious. While you are going for a life long relationship with a lady you admire. it has become more of a hobby than anything serious. You will be able to pick up a couple of valuable tips in the process and become the wiser in the art of seducing a woman by gradually. While you really think that the fish is already in the net. you are on good grounds. By all means go out into the crowd. where men and women move freely in clubs. As long as you are not the succumbing wussy or the pathetic sick. charity groups or social organizations of whatever nature. seduction and counter seduction has become a game and to some. with nothing serious in mind. Politics is also not out of the reckoning. I am also not saying that there is no one seeking real life relationships. what you later find is that it was only a drift wood. and do not become over emotional with your relationships. There is no way he will look down upon you or insult you. Mingle and experience the warmth of everyone. Be honest with him. be aware of these phenomena so that you will not be caught on the wrong foot and trip on the slippery floor of seduction and counter seduction.Talk to him and learn the secret from him. Why not? You will increase your circle of women friends and have the best opportunity to learn more about them. Where you find men and women mingling around freely. When two people of the opposite sex play this game in congruence. it becomes simple like a game of bowling or tennis to enjoy as a pastime. He might say. lame horse. it would also help if you are aware that there is a game of seduction and counter seduction going on out there. associations. you are dead serious and ultimately end up frustrated and disappointed. adjust yourself to the dictates of the game and follow closely the rules of the playing field. As no strings are involved and nobody expects anything more than mere companionship. you have nothing to lose. and there is no shame to say you are a novice in this art of seduction. As you enter the fray.” One thing is sure. He will tell you the secret. If you are handed a pair of slippers that are slightly too small or slightly . “I can’t promise you anything. Identify your target accurately and home in with all the weapons in your arsenal. Even if you end up being seduced yourself by women looking for the fun of the game. The moment you find that out. At most he might smile and say you are being modest and add that he would not know if what he does suits you. You will like the fun and privilege yourself. confidently and surely exhibiting the traits of integrity and honesty yourself. whether it will work for you or not but let’s try this for a start. he will respect you for thinking highly of him and would volunteer a lot of his time talking about women.

Watch and be aware of you body language as you speak. they can become your best allies. Speak naturally. Don’t fling your arms around or rolls your tongue or shake your head as you speak. You look awful with that kind of body language. Lies are easily detected irrespective of how you put them forward. This would be very embarrassing. the more loud and clear they are revealed. start learning now. Just rely solely on the proper intonation of your voice and the power of the words spoken to put forward an idea or to drive home a point. keep those eyes on normal stance. For sure she knows that you are nervous.too big. Remember you are not on a political campaign platform and you are not leading a demonstration to ask for a pay rise or to topple a government either. jittery and lack self confidence. Neither are you frantically selling snake oil on the footpaths of a busy marker place. When in the company of women. your words and your body language speaks volumes about you and who you are. Be careful with your hands because you might inadvertently hit someone around or knock some glasses off the table. it will reveal your uneasiness with the situation. I once noticed a man stand up with arms flinging and eyes bulging to drive home a point. Don’t stand up as you speak. Be realistic and enjoy yourself. Your body language will easily give you away and reveal whether you are a confident person or are nervous or jittery in the present of women. If you keep bulging your eyes when you want to be forceful. you should also realize that your silence. while they are watching your every move. Some men. it reveals that you are nervous and have a lack of self control and self confidence. Even Hitler spoke sitting down while on a normal conversation. Women never respect a man without a backbone because she can predict that he would fall to the ground the very instant she leans on him. If you keep shuffling your legs and move your hands and fingers around fidgeting with key chains or headphones. Wear them until you find a pair that fits. There is no sense in this. your movements. He is so excited and attempts to convince people that he is telling the gospel truth. Your hands and legs are the biggest culprits but if you know how to tame them. It would be inexcusable and intolerable if you do that while another person is talking. If you interspersed your conversations by intermittently looking at the time on your watch. If you do all this in the presence of a woman. in an effort to drive home a point. when actually he is telling his usual lies. don’t discard them. . Do not be too fussy about trivialities. she will interpret them as a sign of a lack of interest in her company or sheer impertinence. If you do not know how to take control of your body language. Remember that you can fool some of the people all the time or all of the people some of the times but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Your self esteem is at low ebb. not so much for you if you are so attuned to this negative body language but it would be definitely embarrassing to the woman. bulge their eyes when they speak and keep flinging their hands around. The more unnatural the way they are being related. On all counts you are out. Life is short.

He doesn’t even invite her on a oneon-date or outings. Although he doesn’t mention he is interested in the woman. If by acting that way a man can feel that they are manly and powerful. Watch your body language. invisible and evasive technique. who are soft spoken but convincing and who have a high respect for the company he is with and take every step to ensure that he does not embarrass the woman he is seducing. Some people are so repulsive with their body language. he subtly exhibits it through his actions and simple statements he makes during light conversations. it is good for you to know. Don’t make a fool of yourself and above all don’t embarrass the very woman you are out to seduce. learn and perhaps experiment with. Women will not fall for such characters at the conversation table. However. Otherwise they can be useful to look after lions at the zoo. throughout the interlude. This is not the only technique you can use. we can fill volumes of literature on seduction that qualify Stanford University to start a department in the field of study and offer it as an option and for post graduates to do further research and develop new creative and interesting strategies and tactics of seduction. Such men perhaps are in demand in the war against terrorism. The silent demands for good manners and adherence to acceptable social etiquettes are high. with insulting mimics of the face and twisted chins that you feel like wanting to spray machine gun bullets at them perpetually. I call it the subtle. What they want are men who are subtly strong and powerful. If you can’t tolerate such people. The subject of seduction is very fascinating and opens up great opportunities for everyone to be creative. These are the attributes that you must inculcate and culture. the man does not mention by word of mouth that he is interested in the woman. then they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. unethical and repulsive. . how do you think the woman will? Some people feel that they are playing the Rambo role by being aggressive and abusive or perhaps they feel they are Genghis Khan or both. Such people are not welcome in friendly joyful conversations. He moves with a group but never leaving the woman out of the company. He makes the woman somehow feel that he is interested in her and wants to have her but keeps good distance to make her keep on guessing. you must be prepared to stare at empty walls. In this technique. What they want and admire are men who are forceful and assertive but not uncultured. If you are not careful and do that. The methods of seduction are endless and if we care to examine the techniques used through the ages. It is vital for your success not only with the woman you are seducing but also with friends and society as a whole.You are simply engaged in a friendly social conversation among friends and perhaps with a lady or two in your presence. Women will never forgive you. Never act the way they do and subject yourself and the woman you are seducing to embarrassment. Let me show you a technique you can use to seduce a woman.

The strength of this technique is in the suspense and guessing about what is coming next. Although she may have got the message. but is not sure whether you have the reciprocal feelings. no direct effort is made to make it obvious that the woman is being silently and gradually seduced. Never mind the outcome of the game. If she hits a score. pouring tea into her cup while doing the same to others so as not to make it obvious. Play on her emotions and keep her guessing for some time until you see the cue that she is ready to be . like sitting next to the woman. When the climax is building and you see it is obvious she is beginning to find you fascinating and like your company.” before you drive off. prove it wrong by making a detour to send the woman last. Remember to turn off your cell phone too so that nobody can contact you. By activating all the other seduction techniques short of telling her that you would like to be with her alone. Perhaps it is time you visit a relative in a remote area which you have not visited for a long time. Do not reveal to anyone where you are going because it will cause your ploy to lose impact once they know where you are and for how many days you will be missing. Through invitations to evenings with friends. Make the disappearance mysterious. Here the power of seduction lies in the use of subtle body language. you can disappear for a number of days. In fact the technique will work like a hand in glove. it was not so loud and clear. In the subtle invisible. By not being obvious like inviting her to a date on one-to-one basis even though you have the opportunity to do so. An occasional nod of approval at what she says and a couple of glances and smiles are used to transmit silent invisible vibrations to send subconscious messages to her. If her residence is the nearest it should not be a problem. During conversations over lunch. her company is solicited. That would further send additional positive vibrations in your favor. you are just being subtle in your seduction approach. you will be effectively sending invisible vibrations to make her feel attracted to you. the woman is not approached outright. It is just enough to maintain the suspense if you take good care not to do or say anything more than ‘Good night and thank you for the evening. Just disappear and go somewhere none of your friends can trace you. Once in a while invite her and a group of friends to play caroms or go bowling. Be sure to send the woman last and send the others home first. At these group encounters keep activating your techniques of seduction that will make her more and more attracted to you. The opportunity of implementing this technique is again wide open in the process of sending the group home. The very act of sending her home last speaks volumes about you. compliment and congratulate. There is a silent and powerful message in this. Since she naturally expect to be the first to be sent home. Laugh and have fun. Just by taking her home last and by saying good bye and thanks for the evening is satisfactory enough to create an impact. On another day you can all also go for a boat ride.

You can’t seem to leave these people stranded to the extent that if you talk about the pyramid. The know it all are people who always exhibit a repulsive attitude of claiming they know everything about a subject. The appalling thing is that these people become more articulate in the presence of the opposite sex. You change the topic to the Iranian nuclear dilemma. No one likes a smart Alec or know it all. to show off that there is nothing in this world that they do not know. You change the topic to the new education policy. they will be there. The assertion is always true. they move on to join another group. observe these people and assess the repulsiveness of their actions. You talk about prawn fishing. They will always want to dominate and exert themselves in any conversation. this technique is a super killer. These people actually have a high degree of inferiority complex. If you aim to be successful in the art of seducing a woman. they will be there hot on your conversation trail. . They will perpetually dominate the stage with all kinds of talk and claim they are experts on the subjects. they will cook up some imaginary names and say these are the main people responsible in the initial stages of the design. These types of professors are the most irritating around and people will quietly pull themselves away the moment they catch a glimpse of their shadow.seduced outright. they will tell you the latest development that they pretend to know. what is strange is that. They claim to know everything. as repulsive as the attitudes are. it will only be you who think you are superb and are a woman’s man. Those of different feathers will fall out as victims of this social conversational abuse. No one likes a smart Alec or knows-all. If you do. The trouble is that these people never give up. Then move in for the kill. These people may have a big circle of friends in the beginning but slowly the size will dwindle as people see their true colors. they are there. They feel they are great and people look up to them as an authority figures. Empty drums make the most noise. You may want to evade with a topic like the latest technique of accelerated learning. so that you will not yourself be guilty of committing this unacceptable act with women. you are finished. They will always jump ahead on any topic from catching fireflies to the latest Alien grammar. These people will stay long if they find that the new group consists of people donning the same feathers as theirs. Little will you realize that at the same time the woman will be designing ways of disappearing from around you. many people seem to have inculcated the trait either in part or as a whole. Once the original circle of friends disappears. they expose their ignorance and repulsiveness. Yet. Once they take the stage. People who know very little about anything will always resort to cover their weaknesses by belittling others and in the process they feel good. and in their attempt to show off. If you do it right.

Treat her with respect and never belittle her in all your interactions with her. except at occasional bouts of “knows-all and smart Alecs” gatherings. then you bid farewell to your chances of success with her. What is so special about this formula? It is special because it is based on simple common sense yet grossly overlooked by the majority of people. Never make these people your role models. Let me ask you a question. Treat her the way you would like to be treated if you were in her place. If you carry a smart Alec attitude in your interactions with the woman you are seducing and happen to belittle her in your vain attempt to show off. I am sure you know your own feelings about these people. this formula will work like magic and you will come out victorious every time.You may have come across these people in the course of your social encounters with all kinds of people. If anything at all. what kind of a man would fascinate and attract you? How would you like the man to treat you? Answer these two questions truthfully and you will know the secret. And if you persist in this indulgence. The discourses in the art of how to seduce a woman will be incomplete if this common sense of human relationship is omitted or ignored. avoid this blunder. If you want to be successful with the woman you are seducing. Let me share with you a little secret in the art of successful social relationship. strong. Be a woman’s man. It is applicable in every sphere of life just as it is applicable in your relationships with women. you will soon have only walls to talk to. . be the man you yourself would like to be with if you were in the woman’s place. dignified. even in the most unimaginable of circumstances. If you are the woman that is being seduced. This is something serious that you should take note earlier in the day to avoid making stupid blunders with women. especially the woman you are seducing. If you can carry this out in your relationships with women. you are opening up the doorways to seduce a woman successfully. honest and trustworthy with a large spray of creativity and ingenuity. especially the woman you are seducing. By being this man. Do not forget this point I am sharing with you and always design your approaches along these lines. Treat the woman the way you would have liked to be treated.

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