What is a DD Form 214

A DD Form 214 is issued for: Any Soldier that will spend 90 days or more on active duty Any Soldier that receives a new MOS because of this tour, REGARDLESS of time spent on Active Duty. Purpose: The DD Form 214 displays active federal service, prior reserve and active duty time, MOS and slot time, awards, education and at the bottom of the form, why you left the service and under what conditions. The DD Form 214 turns on and off all State and Federal benefits (if you qualify for the benefit). Without your DD Form 214, you cannot prove Veteran Benefits. RECORDS REVIEW AND DD FORM 214 PREPARATION: Record review appointments will be made prior to your departure date. This appointment is based on your departure date. At this one-on-one records review appointment, the Transition Point will prepare your DD Form 214. It would be advisable for you to audit your records prior to the record review to make certain that your Personnel Record is accurate. Attempting to locate documentation this late in the transitioning cycle will cause delays in your processing. Reserve Soldiers MUST bring their R-PAS (Retired Point Accounting System) Form to compute their retirement time.