r lunlor K. G.
1. Chubby Cheeks





(27. Jack And Jill 28. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 29. Hot Cross Buns! 30. Baa, Baa, B.lack Sheep 31. Little Jack Horner

27 28 29 30 31

5 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 22 23
I \


2. Me 3. What I Can Do 4. Ten Little Fingers 5. Lollipop 6. Johnny! Johnny! 7. Mary Had A Little Lamb 8. Pussy Cat 9. Hickory, Dickory, Dock 10. Humpty Dumpty 11. To Market, To Market 12. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 13. Bow-Wow, Says The Dog 14. Two Little Ducks 15. A Little Bird And I 16. Ding, Dong, Bell 17. Little Tommy Tucker 18. Our Band

Rhvm~s For Senior K. C.

32. Just Me 33. Hop A Little 34. Finger Rhyme 35. Number Rhyme 36. I Am A Big Engine 37. My Kite 38. Wee Willie Winkie 39. Days Of The Week 40. Mickey Mouse 41. School Days 42. Home From School 43. Ten Little Firemen 44. Acting 45. A Bear And A Bunny 46. Mango Trees 47. The Grocer's Shop

32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 49 50 50 51




19. Knock At The Door

20. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe 21. I Can See 22. Rain, Rain, Go Away



48. A Tailor, A Cobbler, A Policeman 49. Pat-A-Cake 50. Rat- Tat- Tat 51. Two Little Dicky Birds 52. The Clock 53. There Was An Old Woman



SOn2:~ I=llr lunior K. C.
23. Morning Song 24. I Am Special 25. Bits Of Paper ~6. My Red Balloon 24 25 25 26


54. Father 55. Clap Your Hands 56. Three Blind Mice 57. Out In The Garden 58. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush 59. I Swallowed A Peanut 60. Five Currant Buns 61. Where, Oh! Where 62. A Hunting We Will Go

1. RHYMES & SONGS FOR JUNIOR (1) Rhymes For Junior K.G.


Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, Rosy lips, . teeth within. Curly hair, very fair, Eyes are blue, lovely too, Teacher's pet, is that you? Yes ! Yes ! Yes!



1. The Greedy Dog 2. The Th irsty Crow 3. The Fox And The Grapes 4. The Cats And The Monkey 5. The Lion And The Mouse 6. Two Wise Goats 7. The Fox And The Crow 8. The Cap-Seller And The Monkeys 9. The Camel And The Jackal

(Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Animals (Domestic), Animals (Wild), Birds) Cleanliness And Good Manners Nature Study Conversation 69 to 74 75 77 79

2. ME
I have a Iittle nose, And I have a little ch in, And I have a Iittle mouth, Just to put my dinner in.

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TEN LITTLE FINGERS Ten little fi ngers. tap. WHAT I CAN DO Two Iittle hands to clap. Two little eyes that shine so bright. . Two little eyes are open wide. clap. ~-~ ~ ~~ :::--- 4.3. One Iittle head goes side to side. One Iittle mouth to kiss mother 'Good Night'. tap. and one Iittle nose. clap. Two little ears . Two little legs go tap. and ten Iittle toes.

"Telling lies? No. .5. Papa. JeHN'S SCf1 6. Papa. Papa. St. It followed her to school one day. Its fleece was white as snow. Which was against the rule. To buy my sweet lollipop. LOLLIPOP I took a hop To the shop. I'll put it in my mouth. See the big stick And the red top. And eat it plop! plop! plop! 7. Ha! Ha! Ha! . Yes. It made the children laugh and play To see a lamb at school. And everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go. JOHNNY! JOHNNY! Johnny! Johnny! . Open your mouth. MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB Mary had a little lamb. Eating sugar? No.

Hickory. dickory. The mouse ran down. HICKOR . The mouse ran up the clock. where have you been? I've been to London to look at the Queen. dock.\ 8.. DICKO . pussy cat. pussy cat. OCK . --~ .Pussy cat. dock. dickory. The clock struck one. PUSSY AT 9. what did you there? I frightened a Iittle mouse under the chair. Hickory. Pussy cat.

HUMPTY DOMPlY I. TO MARKET. Humpty Dumpty had a great faiL All the King' s horses . Home again. Home again. To market. to market. I 11. jiggety-jig. jiggety-jog. to market. to buy a fat chick. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. TO MARKET To market. home again. home again.10. . And all the King' s men Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty Together again. to buy a fat dog.

Teddy bear. Tu-whu. Teddy bear. says the dog. l'l Bow-wow. caw. Polish your shoes. quack. : Touch the ground. Teddy bear. Quack. says the owl. I I I Teddy I bear. ~Teddy bear. grunt. Grunt. Turn around. Caw.T T Teddy bear. says the cat. says the duck.~. And squeak goes the rat. Off to school. goes the bear. Mew. And what cuckoos say you know. says the crow. mew. Teddy bear. . Teddy bear.

Over the hills. back. TWO LITTLE DUCKS Two little ducks Went out one day. quack. Mother duck said." But only one little duck Came back. Wi II you stop. stop. "Quack.14. . hop. And far away. little bi rd. stop? I was going to the window To say. And I cried. Once I saw a little bi rd Come hop. quack. back. But he shook his tail And ~way he flew. hop. How do you do.

Pussy's in the well. LITTLE TOMMY TUCKER Little Tommy Tucker Sings for his Supper. dong. . BELL 17. Who pu lied her out? Little Tommy Stout. What shall he eat? Wh ite bread and butter.16. --. DONG. What a naughty boy was'that To drown poor pussy cat! ?-" . bell. fat wife. DING.-': ==:A Ding. Who shall he share with? With his big. Whq put her in? // Little Tommy Thin. How shall he cut it? With a big knife.

sit down there. bang. Listen to our triangle. shoo. Pull the latch and walk in. tang. tang. toot. . bang. Knock at the door. tang. toot.18. Take a chair. shoo. OUR BAND 19. Listen to our tambourine. KNOCK AT THE DOOR Listen to our big drum. Listen to our trumpet. Say good-morn ing. Teddy bear. toot. shoo. peep in. bang.

ONE. . Good-bye. go away. Five. Come agai n another day.20. eight. Good-bye. RAIN. ten. Buckle my shoe. Rain. two. go away. little bird. Hello to you! Hello to you! I look at the ground. I can see right. Lay them straight. 22. rai n. rain. BUCKLE MY SHOE One. Rain. I look at the sky. six. Three. GO AWAY 21. Seven. RAIN. Nine. four. Fly off. I CAN SEE I can see left. A big fat hen. Shut the door. Pick up sticks. Little Johnny wants to play. TWO.

This is what they say. Bits of paper. If you look. cheep. I am special. Make the place untidy. They always say good morning. cheep. I am special. 24 Bits of paper. . Bow-wow. I AM SPECIAL When birds get up in the morning. Pick them UPJ Pick them up. Lying on the floor. When dogs get up in the morning. wow. Lying on the floor. Because it's me. wow. cheep. Someone very special. cheep. Make the place untidy. you wi II see. Someone very special. This is what they say: Bow-wow. BITS OF PAPER When dogs get up in the morning. cheep. When birds get up in the morning. . .24. cheep. wow. cheep. wow. They always say good morning. This is what they say: Cheep. 25. wow. When birds get up in the morning. When dogs get up in the morning. cheep. This is what they say. wow. Cheep. Because it's me.

. MY RED BALLOON" 27. 26. ~ Flies up. ( My red balloon.. But cou Id not reach it. My red ballo~n. to the sky. Jack and JiII 1\ Went up the hill "'4J To fetch a pai I of water. . Flies up. JACK AND JILL My red balloon. up.~26 L . why? My red balloon. . up. Jack fell down And broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after. to the sky . To reach the sky. I I jumped up high.

LITTLE STAR 29.28. One a penny. TWINKLE. Hot cross buns! Twinkle. HOT CROSS BUNS! Hot Hot One Hot cross bu ns! cross bu ns! a penny. TWINKLE. two a penny. Like a diamond in the sky! . Give them to your sons. How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high. cross bu ns! If you have no daughters. little star. twinkle. two a penny.

Three bags full. sir. BLACK SHEEP 31. what a good boy am I! . Eating a Christmas pie. black sheep. ~ And one for the Iittle boy /' Who lives down the lane.:--':~ One for his dame. BAA. LITTLE JACK HORNER Baa. -. And said.30. One for my master. Have you any wool? Yes. BAA. yes. sir. Little Jack Horner Sat in a corner. He put in his thumb. And pulled out a plum. baa.7.

Two little feet to stamp the ground. Bend a Iittle. What fun it is to be just me. sleep a little in your bed. one. ski p a little. Colourful Rhy~cs f~r K.G. JUST ME Two Ten One Ten Iittle ears to hear mother call. pink fingers standing up tall. jump a little.G. Yawn a Iittle. 32. nod you r head. 32 5/Vikas Hop a little. tap one knee. three. two. 33 . Hands to clap. tap. stretch a little. little toes all in a row. Run a Iittle. Iittle nose that I can blow. Two little thumbs to wiggle up and down.(1) Rhymes For Senior K. eyes to see.

Which finger did it bite? The Ii'ttle finger on the right. @ . Make them climb a hill. Make them do a Iittle dance. Give them a clap for being good. One. Six. And poi nt them to you r toes. FINGER RHYME 35. eight. five. nine. And put them where they're sti II. Then I let it go again. Why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so. NUMBER RHYME Put a fi nger on you r cheek. Then put it on you r nose. Once I caught a fish alive. seven. two. Turn your fingers round and round. four. ten. three.34.

puff. The station bell is ringing now. flap! Goes my kite. MY KITE -. Waiting to set off Chuff.. Sometimes to my left. chuff. toot. Flip.: I am a big engine Puff. High and high above It fills me with delight. And sometimes to my right. flap! Flip. flap! Flip. chuff. I I blow my whistle Toot. Ding.. Flip. I AM A BIG ENGINE ~ 37.. toot. flap! Flip.. puff. Flip. That is so blue and bright. Up and up in the sky. d~ng! Ding dong! Soon my wheels will turn around And I'll be homeward bound.. flap! Risesmy kite.36. .. flap! Flies my kite.

Upstairs and downstairs. ~ Wednesday we walk When it's fine weather. for it's past eight o'clock?" Monday alone. Tuesday together. Thursday we laugh. "Are the children all in bed. cryi ng through the lock. . the best day of all. tapping at the window. We will call Sunday the rest day. But of all the days. Satu rday' s hou rs Seem almost to fly.Wee Willie Winkie ·runs through the town. Friday we pray. in his night gown.

Picking up stones. And play and pray as well. Down c~me an engine. SCHOOL DAYS June comes and back to school Go all the boys and gir1s. ~fi- Mickey on a railway. We learn to sing. "I don't care!" .. /. ~ It's fun to read." "Gh!" said the engine-driver.. And broke Mickey's bones. "That's not fair. penci Is.----:: We learn to act.41. We learn Ito dance. "Ah?" said Mickey. It's fun to write. It's fun to count. With paper. pretty books Singing like merry birds. It's fun to draw and spell.

Ding. Home they go. HOME FROM SCHOOL Knock. () Off. As I knock. knock. to the engine. The front door is open. knock. ho. knock. "Come in. Upon the big front door. goes the bell. You're just in time for tea. ho! Using the big pipe so. In a wink they go. And Mother smiles at me. knock. ho. my child. . All in a row. One. three. Back to bed. two. come in. so." 43. knock. four. so! When the fi re' 5 out.42. Sleeping In a row. TEN LITTLE FIREMEN Ten little firemen. dong.

A BEAR AND A BUNNY / ~::. 44 . "Where is your money?" How strange and fu nny They really nad money! And that is how they bought Thei r carrots and honey. swim like a fish.- It's fun to be this. It's fun to be that. trot like a horse. To leap like a lamb. c::: •• When the bear and the bunny Asked. "Carrots and honey!" The man in the shop cried. To To To To hop like a frog. fly like a bird... To climb like a cat. But none of them Can copy me at all.45. They went to the store For carrots and honey. I can act And copy them all. A bear and a bunny Had plenty of money.

THE GROCER'S SHOP Where are you goi ng? To the grocer~s shop. Little bi rdie brown. And throw some mangoes down? ) I .r 46. I Mango trees with mangoes sweet. . Grow high along our street. May I come with you? Yes. (Would you look around. if you please. MANGO TREES 47. How will you get there? With a skip and a hop. I can't reach them at all For I am small. What will you buy there? A piece of cheese. And mango trees are tall.

Rat . PAT-A-CAKE Pat-a-cake. A COBBLER. 49 . three. Bake me a cake as fast as you can-. stitch My needle goes. 1 Telling cars to stop. stitch. 48 JoLt CI. I am a tai lor. and prick it.48. A TAilOR. I am a cobbler. Here is a postman Knocki ng at the door. And put it in the oven for teacher and me. two. Telling cars to go. RAT-TAT-TAT Rat-tat-tat! Rat-tat-tat! Who can it be? Rat-tat-tat! Let's go and see. I am a policeman. Stitch. baker's man. Have you any letters? One.tat And it's just like new. Maki ng clothes. A POLICEMAN 49. four. Who that can be.tat . pat-a-cake. 50. Pat it. Mending a shoe. I stand just so. and mark it with T.

. Peter! Flyaway.51. And send them to school. She could make them a stew. In pretty jackets of blue. Flyaway. The other named Pau I. Without any bread. Pau I ! There was an old woman. And put them to bed. Paul! Come back. THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN ~ ~ Two little dicky birds Sat upon a wall. She didn't know what to do. Then whipped them soundly. If she had just two. Who lived in a shoe. TWO LITTLE DICKY BIRDS 53. Peter! Come back. She gave them some broth. She had so many children. • One named Peter.

Stamp your feet. we thank Thee for the night. ~ ! Turn around.(2) Songs For Senior K. CLAP YOUR HANDS Clap your hands. Jump up high. Listen to the music And jump up high. Listen to the music And clap your hands. Clap your hands.G. Help us to do the things we should. Clap your hands. In all we do. FATHER 55. Listen to the music And clap your hands. Turn around. And for the pleasant morning light. Clap your hands. And all that makes the world so fai r. Jump up and lovi ng care. at work or play. ~ . ~ Listen to the music And turn around. (/( \ ( ~ Listen to the music And stamp you r feet. Father. To grow more loving every day. Iff Stamp your feet. To be to others ki nd and good. For rest and. 54.

I bou nced it right. Out in the garden. With my ball I went to play. With my kite I went to play. They all run after the farmer's wife Who cut off thei r tai Is With a carving knife. As three blind mice? j -- Out in the garden. I flew it left. Have you ever seen Such a thing in your life. I bounced it well on one fine day.56. one fine day. I flew it right. I bou nced it left. I flew it high on one fine day. Three blind mice. one fine day. . THREE BLIND MICE-~ 57. OUT IN THE GARDEN Three blind mice. See how they ru n ! See how they ru n ! c a <:To c:r ~.

(3) just now. HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH 59.. the mulberry bush. Child (The doctor comes and examines the child. (3) just now. Child : Bye-bye. Child : I swallowed a peanut. Mother: Thank you. doctor. Call the doctor. 6 5 Case is serious. Here's the peanut. (3) just now. (3) just now. (3) just now.) Here we go round the mulberry bush. On a cold and frosty morn ing. (3) just now. Mother: What's the matter? (3) just now. (3) just now. doctor. (3) just now.58. Doctor: . (3) for now. I SWALLOWED A PEANUT : My stomach is paining. Operation. The mulberry bush. . Here we go round the mu Iberry bush. No more peanuts.

One.HUNTING WE Will GO . · Bought a currant bun. WHERE. No cherry bun-she cried and went aw~ 58 62.60. a baker's shop.with a cherry on the top. FIVE CURRANT BUNS 61. And put him in a box. And his ears cut long. OH! WHERE I Where. . No currant bun. Four currant buns. Two. Big and round. We'll catch a fox. Big and round-with a cherry on the top. Big and round-with a cherry on the top. A-hunting we will go. oh! Where can he be? With his tail cut short. .and went away. And never let him go. A little boy came-with a rupee one day. oh! where is he? I I Five currant buns. A-hunting we will the baker's shop. oh! Where has my Iittle dog gone? a baker's shop. A. Where. Bought a currant bun-and went away. A little girl came-with a rupee one day. A little boy came-with a rupee one day.

"How can I get the water? It is at the bottom of the pot. . STORIES 1." Jhe bone fell from his mouth into the water. .booe. 2.I was greedy. bow-wow. plop! Down went the stones and up came the water. He dropped them into the pot one by one-plop. He wanted to have the other . He flew to it. He looked into the pot and saw only a little water.3." he said to himself and went away sadly. THE GREEDY DOG A dog was once standing on a bridge over a river. He looked around and saw some stones. He had a bone in his mouth. He thought that there was another dog with a bone in his mouth. "Alas! I have' lost my bone because'. He looked into the water below. He opened his mouth to say: "bowwow. He saw his own image in the water. too. plop. THE THIRSTY CROW Once a thirsty crow saw a pot of water. The crow drank the water and flew away happily." he said.

Ben took a bite here and a bite there. "What a lovely bunch of grapes! A nice supper they will make. They broke it into two pieces. "Those grapes are sour." said the fox and walked away. I don't want them. He offered to settle the matter. Monkey Ben saw them fighting. and jumped and jumped. Tabby took one piece and 5aby took another. he ate it all up. yours is bigger. He went and stood under the grapes. he stretched and stretched. "You have a bigger piece." said the fox. But he could not reach the grapes. "No. Once they found a piece of cake. Tabby and 5aby did not get any cake at all. .Once a hungry fox came trotting-trot. no." mewed Tabby." 5aby mewed back. 50. trot trot! He saw a bunch of grapes hanging from a vi ne. l Tabby and 5aby were two cats. In the end.

He roared. both the goats crossed the bridge safely. Two goats were crossing a narrow bridge. they started quarrelling. The mouse said to the I ion. Each wanted to cross the bridge first. the lion was caught in a hunter's net. "I can't get out. So. "It is useless quarrelling on this narrow bridge. "I will kill you. Only one could get across at a time." Then she. too. please let me go. It cut the ropes of the net with h is sharp teeth. The mouse heard the lion's voice and ran to his help. "You have seen now that even a little mouse can help a mighty lion. got up and crossed the bridge. THE LION AND THE MOUSE Once a small mouse ran over the body of a sleeping lion. "0 King of the jungle. They met in the middle of the bridge. A few days later. The lion woke up and caught it. . but could not free himself." The mouse cried in fear. After some time.5. one goat thought. In this way. The I ion was free at last." The lion took pity on the small mouse and let it go. what shall I do now?" roared the lion. He tried hard. Some day I will be useful to you. One came from the north and the other came from the south." She lay down and allowed the other goat to step over her and cross the bridge happily.

He had a cap on his head. what beautiful feathers you have! Surely. They saw the cap-seller and the caps. Whoop." called the monkeys. "Caw. Once a crow was sitting on the branch of a tree. 66 The cap-seller knew that monkeys copied . caw. There were monkeys on the tree. Please let me hear it. The cap-seller collected all the caps and went away. others.8. When he looked up. "Whoop. A box of caps was lying beside him. he saw the monkeys with' his caps on their heads. They climbed down the tree. your voice is sweet. "Madam crow. he found the . A fox saw the crow and wanted the cheese. caw. She had a piece of cheese in her beak. He thought of a plan and said. THE CAP-SELLER AND THE MONKEYS One day a cap-seller was sleeping under a tree. He took off his cap and threw it on the ground. caps were missing." The si Ily crow felt happy and proud. All the monkeys took off the caps and threw them on the ground. too. They took the caps and put them on thei r heads. When the cap-seller woke up." The cheese fell down and the fox ate it up. . She opened her mouth to sing.

::)~ '~ "/ I I /y:f( I \ wfl:". the camel took a dip into the water. the jackal said to the camel. I . So the camel carried him on his back and crossed the river.J'IIl~ I (A Apple ~vM The farmers came running./I Pineapple /" . Both of them lived on the bank of a river. When they reached the middle of the river.V'/. He was sorry for tricking h. "."" /. the jackal howled loudly and hid himself in the field./I But the jackal did not know swimming. THE CAMEL AND THE JACKAL A camel and a jackal were friends. Custard-apple . Now the camel and the jackal had to cross the river again. The jackal laughed at the camel. Let us go to the sugar cane farm on the other side of the river.M ~~A1~.9. They saw the camel eatir:'g the sugar cane and gave him a good beating. After the n:eal. The jackal fell into the friend. One day.

Cabbage Bottle gourd .

(4) ANIMAL~ (Domestic) (5) ANIMALS (Wild) Dog Sheep 72 .

3. Clean Personal Habits : 1. Keep your things in the proper place. . .before eating. 4. 2. Drink boiled water. 4. 4. Cover all the food. Wash your hands . 2.1. Throw the rubbish in the dust bin. Brush your teeth twice a.after usi ng the toi Take a bath daily. Cleanliness of the Classroom : 1. Cut your nails once a week. 2. 3. .after eating. Do not eat in the classroom. Do not throw bits of paper on the floor. 2. Do not write on the desks. Cleanliness of the Home: 1. 3. Sweep and dustthe house every day. 3.

We 6. We 5. our legs. Close the taps after use. Wish mummy Head ---Ear Mouth Chin shoulder Chest --Arm 5. Take good care of your books and toys. 3. Hang your clothes in the cupboard. our hands. Chew your food well and eat slowly. 2. 2. We hear with our ears.4. Don't spi" food on the table. We see with our eyes. We smell with taste with write with walk with our nose. 3. We 4.u classmates. 77 . -roe . ~O 4. 6. Wish the teacher when you enter the class. Speak politely to the school helpers. 4. The Body : Hair 1. Good Manners at-Home: and daddy good morning. 1. 5. Good Manners at the Table : 1. Good Manners at School: 1. 2. NATURE STUDY 1. Wish mummy and daddy good night. Don't waste food. 4. Say 'please' and l'l 'thank you' to your ~¥fl. 3. Listen to the teacher when she talks.. 2. 6. ) -Heel . Don't talk while eating. our tongue. 3.

sky is dark at night. K. I live with my father. Water is necessary for plants and animals. 4. Water 1. The 4. 2. Water is used for drinking and cooking. 4. 4. The 2. I rest and play at home. . My mother cooks and looks after me. .1. I am years old. 2. 5. My Family: 1. I have black hair and brown eyes. My father's name is 6.G. 1. brothers and sisters. shape of the sun is round. 1. Myself: . The 3. . We get water from rain. My name is 2. mother. 3. I am in . My surname is 3. see the moon and stars at night. Water is God's gift to us. Water is used for bathing and washing. 2. We sun shines in the sky by day. 3. 79 . I love and respect my parents. I live in 5.' 7. 3.

The teacher teaches us to read and write. She also teaches us to sing. Sunday (2) Monday (3)'Tuesday (4) Wednesday (. Days of the Week: There are seven days in a week: (1) . . 3. 4. 2. 5... 5. 8. 5 is my teacher..3. The school building has 4 is our headmistress. Say 'please' and 'thank you' to people who work for us. 4. I s~udy and play in the school. The postman bri ngs letters.. floors.. --:. The tailor stitches clothes.5) Thursday (6) Friday (7) Saturday. Months of the Year : There are 12 months in a year: (1) January (5) May (9) .(2) February (6) June (10) (3) March (7) July (11) (4) April (8) August (12) September October November December 6. The milkman brings milk.:::::::: 3. 7.... The baker bakes bread.and dance. The name of my school is 2. People who work for us : 1. My School : 1. It is in . 6. . The cobbler mends shoes.