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Te following questions are representative of those on the Salesforce.com Certifed Administrator exam. Tese
questions are not designed to test your readiness to successfully complete the certifcation exam, but should be
used to become familiar with the types of questions on the exam. Te actual exam questions may be more or
less difcult than this set of questions.

Salesforce.com Certified administrator – Study guide (Summer ‘10)

training & CertifiCation


1. Which feature does Salesforce CRM provide for restricting login access to the application?
(Tere are three correct answers.)

A. Profle-based IP restrictions
B. Organization-wide IP restrictions
C. Profle-based login hour restrictions
D. Organization-wide login hour restrictions

2. An administrator changed the organization’s default language from English to Spanish. What must
end users do to see this change?

A. Logout, then log in again.
B. Nothing—they’ll see the application in Spanish immediately.
C. Change their language personal preference to Spanish.
D. Refresh their browser.

3. Which profle is a standard Profle?
(Select all that apply.)

A. Sales User
B. Marketing User
C. Invoice Manager
D. Contract Manager

4. Time-dependent workfow will not work with which type of workfow evaluation criteria?

A. Only when a Record is created
B. Every time a Record is created or edited
C. Every kind of workfow evaluation criteria
D. When a Record is edited and it didn’t previously meet the rule criteria

5. What must an Administrator do to enable Advanced Currency Management for an organization?

A. Purchase Unlimited Edition licenses
B. Request a feature license from salesforce.com
C. Enable Customizable Forecasting
D. Enable Multiple Currencies

6. Who may be assigned a workfow task?
(Tere are fve correct answers.)

A. A single user
B. Multiple users
C. Te record owner
D. Te record creator
E. A Sales team role
F. An Account team role

Salesforce.com Certified administrator – Study guide (Summer ‘10)

training & CertifiCation


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